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Feb 06

Feb 06

Investigate the Origins of The Order: 1886, Get a Free PS4 Theme

Chuck Lacson's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, SCEA

I suppose I should mention up front, by visiting and completing our new online investigative experience for The Order: 1886, you will earn an exclusive dynamic The Order: 1886 theme for your PlayStation 4. Oh, and you can do all of this right in your PS4 browser. So genius, Tesla himself must have come up with it!

So, what really happened in 1886? The history books tell us one thing, but what happens in The Order: 1886 is an alternate history that is as familiar as it is unexpected.

To get you primed deeper into the world and historical revelations discovered in The Order: 1886, we’ve created an investigative online experience to shed more light on the mystery of history’s darkest secret. This is for the fans. If you plan to play The Order: 1886, you’re ordered to visit this experience, no pun intended.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886The Order: 1886

This online historical experience will not only allow you to quickly understand The Order’s story and key characters; it will help you connect historical references and parallels with the Arthurian legend, the science, the setting, the folklore, the history of Victorian London – all of which collide in the rich alternate universe of The Order: 1886.

What are the origins of the Order?
Are the Knights Immortal?
Who are the half-breeds?
What was London like in 1886?

That’s just a taste of what you’ll explore through history, art, videos, a web of connected stories and more when you visit The Order: 1886’s historic discovery experience. This is the ultimate primer before you play the game. And don’t forget: you can earn a free exclusive dynamic theme for your PS4. Thank Nikola for that one, not me.

History’s darkest secret continues at, where a man has been attempting to expose the secrets behind the Order of Her Majesty’s Royal Knights, unearthing incredible futuristic technology from Nikola Tesla’s underground lab and a mysterious substance known as Blackwater, a mystical antidote that heals the Knights of The Order. Leaving nothing to chance, he recently pushed the boundaries of our belief in The Order by shooting himself with Tesla’s Crossbow, to prove Blackwater would heal him.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886The Order: 1886

Something happened in 1886 — something that changed the course of history forever. You’ll discover exactly what that is when you play The Order: 1886. February 20th can’t come soon enough.

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FireGuy13 said:

February 6th, 12:26 pm

I already have my code for the theme. Now just to wait until the 17th for it to go live, and the 20th for the game!

Sharingan_itachi said:

February 6th, 12:41 pm


Tomoprime said:

February 6th, 12:42 pm

More Art and Lore, really? We know there is a major story element to the game. Thank you for that.

Otherwise as it’s been said before we’ve seen very little about the actual gameplay. It’s kinda scary with the game coming out in just a couple of weeks please do more to sell me. Seeing live actors playing ‘make believe’ makes me worry even more.

Don’t get me wrong I want this game to rock! Not lie under one.

Xbox1_Sign_Out said:

February 6th, 12:46 pm

I don’t understand why they can’t just give away the theme. Instead of navigating through this terrible browser game…

Xbox1_Sign_Out said:

February 6th, 12:52 pm

Also, don’t even bother with this. You can’t redeem the code until 2/17. Waste of time.

Illegal_Ideas said:

February 6th, 12:52 pm

It’s not working at all for me. Is anyone else having this problem. There is nothing for me to click on or interact with.

Dramlek said:

February 6th, 12:57 pm

I’ve completed it like 4 or 5 times now with 2 different browsers and I still don’t see where I get the code for the theme. At the end, in the rewards area all I see is the button to share my face and the one to pre-order the game.

jdizzle0420 said:

February 6th, 1:03 pm

I was iffy on this game but after watching those videos I think Ill end up getting this at some point. @ #4/5 its to promote the game obviously. If they just give it away then no one watches the trailers and decides to try it out. @ #7 when I finished (on Fire Fox) there was a box with a PS4 picture that said I earned an exclusive theme and had a box that said click to get code…

CrownedLion said:

February 6th, 1:14 pm

I really like ‘alternate history’ or ‘secret history’ stories, and this game has some of my favorite elements of mythology and fiction in it, so I’m pretty intrigued. Arthurian lore, plus a mysterious secret order, plus alternate history, plus knights, plus Nikola Tesla — all brought together in a beautiful, cinematic experience on my PS4! It’s like my dream game, and it sounds too good to be true…

But I’m a little confused… You’re presenting this web site as *lost* history, with these hidden artifacts found underneath the streets of London, etc., but I thought the story was supposed to be about an *alternate* history – a “what if” scenario. So why would we be finding out about this stuff in our own timeline? Unless there’s some time travel going on in the story…

MGR_Raiden4 said:

February 6th, 1:15 pm

Got my code.

Krillinfan said:

February 6th, 1:19 pm

This is actually pretty fascinating.

BigBossAlemannia said:

February 6th, 1:36 pm

Where is the code? I completed everything on three browsers and nothing happens.

Daeloki said:

February 6th, 1:37 pm

So how exactly do I get the code? I did the tedious click-and-watch-clips part, is there anything else?

CrusaderForever said:

February 6th, 1:41 pm

Got my code and can’t wait for the game!

jdizzle0420 said:

February 6th, 1:41 pm

@ #s 12 & 13 after watching all 10 clips when you click continue exploring there should be a box with a picture of a PS4 saying “youve earned an exclusive theme, click here to get a code”…

NX_Nytrux said:

February 6th, 1:56 pm

Where is the code? In the “SEE YOUR REWARDS” button, shows “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE EXPLORER THE ORDER: 1886 PINBOARD” and two buttons: “Share yor face” and “Pre-order”, where is the code?????

Ricen-Beans said:

February 6th, 2:06 pm

Does this contain any spoilers?

BigBossAlemannia said:

February 6th, 2:07 pm

@# 15 there is no box, just the normal overview

Kin_Mordeth said:

February 6th, 2:08 pm

Yeah so what is this about a code? Done all of the stuff watched all videos and read everything in all sections…… No code no nothing except be a Knight and pre-order. Not a good sign for the running of the game if this can’t even work correctly.

jdizzle0420 said:

February 6th, 3:10 pm

When you click “See Rewards” it should look like this:

BigBossAlemannia said:

February 6th, 3:29 pm

@# 20 no that box on the right is missing on the reward site.

jdizzle0420 said:

February 6th, 3:44 pm

Weird. That sucks man. I was using Fire Fox if that makes any difference…

Mobius2525 said:

February 6th, 3:50 pm

@#20 i use firefox and internet explorer and no luck, i took a look at the screen shot you take and i don’t see the image of a ps4 and get you theme. I complete every and still nothing……..WTH!!

DinerenBlanc said:

February 6th, 3:55 pm

Look, we all know you’re making us wait till the 17th to redeem the code because it’s closer to the release date. Think of it as a reminder to order the game. Regardless, it’s an annoying idea.

Mobius2525 said:

February 6th, 3:56 pm

I live in the US and still nothing even went out of my way and use my VPN to spoof a US location, it gave me the same message just a share my face and a preorder…..that’s all!!

Dramlek said:

February 6th, 4:03 pm

It’s the location. I’m in Puerto Rico and had to use a proxy with a USA IP to finally see the option to get the code.

Mobius2525 said:

February 6th, 4:54 pm

Got my code………….YESSSS!!!! The things people do for a free theme:)

djsaiyan said:

February 6th, 5:33 pm

So is The Order Exposed finished now? Cause it seemed like it was really just starting to get good, and then it ended.

medenko1975 said:

February 7th, 12:03 am

i DIDN’T GET anyhing…..bollocks.

medenko1975 said:

February 7th, 12:28 am

use usa ip fixed :)

ZigDust said:

February 7th, 12:36 am

Didn’t get the code! :(

ZxStarRaptor0180 said:

February 7th, 1:51 am

The code is suppose to look like this when you finish exploring the pinboard i don’t know if this code differs in the browser you use but try doing it on google chrome that’s what i used to get my code.

EliRoth said:

February 7th, 5:09 am

Amazing visuals and good characters.

iamskeletonboi said:

February 7th, 5:30 am

yeah I’ve done the investigation a few times. read everything and watched every video still no code…

Kid_Grim said:

February 7th, 7:39 am

Anyone know the run time of this game. It looks very cool, but I hate to spend the money on just a 10hr campaign play through.

Daeloki said:

February 7th, 10:37 am

Pretty ****** if I have to use a US ip for it to work :/

HerrBorja said:

February 7th, 10:10 pm

cool! I get the code right now! thanks for the info about the game, looks great!

Nemicon said:

February 8th, 12:11 am

@3 there has been plenty of gameplay shown already.In fact too much.It’s a third person shooter with stealth,melee and some puzzle elements.What more exactly do you need to see,the whole game? LOL!Gamers really are ridiculous these days with all of the complaining.If what was shown has not impressed or interested you than it is not meant for you to buy it.

Lirion said:

February 8th, 3:31 am

So no code for none US people… that’s nice.

Catfish715 said:

February 8th, 1:29 pm

This is how infamous SS shouldve been when getting that vest, PS4 browser friendly. Anyway got my code, cant wait!

FaTaL_CutThRoaT said:

February 8th, 2:22 pm

i did the experience…got the code but when i redeem it the code dont work

FaTaL_CutThRoaT said:

February 8th, 2:24 pm

nevermind…it says that the code will be active on february 17th

MATCHBen said:

February 8th, 5:12 pm

I got my code. I honestly found these videos vary interesting. Can’t wait to find out what happens.

ABeardedViking said:

February 9th, 2:35 am

Can’t wait! One of the reasons I made the switch from Xbox 360 to PS4

BirdmanHB said:

February 10th, 11:22 am

Not sure what people are finding so challenging about this. There is even a counter in the top left corner of your screen that tells you how many out of 10 you have watch and they put check marks over the ones you have watched. “It’s not f***** rocket appliances.”

samrise666 said:

February 13th, 8:19 pm

we need explanation why can’t we get the code. I did everything and yet cant see it just for US users?

Erics_Progeny said:

February 17th, 12:46 am

Just tried the code I was given about five times, and it says it’s either incorrect or may no longer be valid… Should I try again later in the day?

NanoGuidingStar said:

February 17th, 3:05 am

I tried over and over again. But the code is still not available to use…

renanvitor12 said:

February 17th, 5:54 am

My code for the theme issn’t working

Iamsparticus_74 said:

February 17th, 6:45 am

Is there a certain time that the theme goes live? Igot the code but get a error saying no longer valid

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