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Feb 19

Feb 19

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Coming to PS Vita on March 3rd

Yulie Yoshimura's Avatar Posted by

Producer, SCEA

It’s been a long time since we’ve brought you any news on Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, but I’m excited to announce that this unique JRPG will be available as a digital download on PS Vita via PlayStation Store for $19.99 starting on March 3rd!

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

So what does Oreshika bring to fans of the genre? Well, first of all there’s the striking graphic style. Set in ancient Japan, the game art delivers a rich world inspired by traditional brush paintings of the Heian era. You’ll be exploring a beautiful, watercolor world filled with weird and wonderful creatures based on Japanese mythology. Oh, and we’ve kept the fantastic Japanese voiceover which fits in with the atmosphere perfectly.

The gameplay is quite unique, too. In Oreshika, you’ll take control of a clan whose bloodlines have been struck with two terrible curses — a Curse of Ephemerality, and a Curse of Broken Lineage.

Oreshika: Tainted BloodlinesOreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

The Curse of Ephemerality means that your clan members age rapidly with a maximum lifespan of around 2 years. As you explore labyrinths, defeat demons, and find treasures, the clock of in-game time is always ticking so it’s important to plan your moves strategically. In Oreshika, no matter how skilled you are in battle or how strong your equipment is, your characters will face death and so it’s your job to make sure your clan’s family tree grows new members to step up to the ranks.

But therein lies the catch as the Curse of Broken Lineage means that your clan members can no longer procreate… Luckily you can turn to the gods for help. By performing the Rite of Divine Union with a god, a new clan member will be created. It’s important to choose carefully which gods you perform the Rite with as the genetic makeup will be a combination of the ‘parent’ clan member and the chosen god which affects stats as well as appearance. And with well over 100 gods to meet in game, there are a lot of deities to discover!

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

And while we’re on the topic of gods, I should mention that for a period of two weeks from launch, you’ll receive the gods Kiri no Mashū and Tonkararin as a special bonus when you purchase the game! So make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to bag these two rare gods that can’t otherwise be unlocked through gameplay.

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Zepherj said:

February 19th, 7:04 am

Sounds great! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Gorvi said:

February 19th, 7:06 am

I’ve been wondering what the heck happened to this game. Digital only, right? How much will it be? Is there any new footage?

AgumonDX said:

February 19th, 7:06 am

No physical release? Not cool :( What about Europe?

Thiagots85 said:

February 19th, 7:09 am

Sounds interesting. The art looks beautiful.

Thiagots85 said:

February 19th, 7:10 am

@ 19,99us… It says right there.

RyanSaotome said:

February 19th, 7:10 am

It sucks that its digital only, but I guess thats to be expected from a SoA niche title. At least its half price.

Elvick_ said:

February 19th, 7:12 am

1. No physical release, even a limited one is stupid. No matter how unsurprising it is.

2. This relatively stealth release is also annoying.

3. March? Are you serious? Do you want it to sell as little as possible? Do you know how much gaming content is releasing in March? Not just western games, but Japanese games as well. A lot of which have Collector’s Editions.

Stop being a lame Vita publisher Sony. It’s embarrassing.

TheWintendoHii said:

February 19th, 7:14 am

Ugh. .. A physical copy should always be an option. Hating this digital only nonsense. It wouldn’t be a big deal if we were provided with enough storage without paying an arm and a leg for them, but that is not the case.

Typetm012 said:

February 19th, 7:17 am

>Digital only
All this time for digital only this is a big vita game guys
Do a physical release

thecontroller92 said:

February 19th, 7:18 am

even though i have a 64gb card, i have gotta ask. what is the size of the game?

    Yulie Yoshimura's Avatar

    Yulie Yoshimura said:

    February 19th, 9:58 am

    With the 2 special bonus gods you’ll receive during the first 2 weeks after launch, you’re looking at a little under 3gb

fullmy4gbnow said:

February 19th, 7:19 am

If Sony wants to price the memory cards so high they should at least provide us with physical copies of their games. It’s sad to see them forget about such a basic concept. Might still buy it, but would have prefered a cartridge really.

Sprxify said:

February 19th, 7:24 am

Not even a physical limited edition, Senran Kagura style? How disappointing…

RyanSaotome said:

February 19th, 7:24 am

Sony doesn’t care about niche gamers, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that its digital only. At this point I’m sure they regretted even greenlighting a localization and just want to get it out of their hair so they can stop supporting Vita.

SaberX85 said:

February 19th, 7:26 am

Day one. been watching this game since announced.

Do you know the size of this game?

TheExiled12894 said:

February 19th, 7:27 am

Glad to see a release date finally. Was buying day one reguardless but that $20 price tag makes me and my wallet happy.

xCWExDammage said:

February 19th, 7:33 am

T-thanks Sony for digital only… Games like Senran Kagura and PDf 2nd can get physical releases but your own titles can’t? That’s pretty shameful, I would gladly pay $30 like for Freedom Wars to get a physical copy

Figboy said:

February 19th, 7:36 am

Awesome, really looking forward to it. The price is fantastic. I don’t care if it’s digital or physical, it’s nice to get these games at all. I’d absolutely love for more JRPGs that maybe wouldn’t otherwise see a release here in the States get a digital release for fair prices. Some people are just never happy, I guess.

Sayaka-sama said:

February 19th, 7:37 am

Sony really hates the Vita, huh?

TomHoang said:

February 19th, 7:38 am

I’ll be getting this game day 1, but no physical release is extremely disappointing. If tiny niche publishers like Aksys, NIS, and XSeed can do physical and limited edition releases, then why can’t Sony? I thought they learned their lesson with Freedom Wars.

Ninevolts said:

February 19th, 7:40 am

Is this the last first party Vita release, Sony? Seems like it is.

Dinoegg_96 said:

February 19th, 7:44 am

Well, I’m saving those $20 to buy Toukiden or maybe Operation Abyss.

Not even a limited physical release??? Thanks for nothing, sony ;)

EndRant said:

February 19th, 7:50 am

Finally!! Day one buy for me, specially at that price. Really should’ve done a limited physical release but at that price I can’t complain.

TeamGreen615 said:

February 19th, 7:55 am

I guess I will buy this down the road when it’s on sale since its digital only.

Souledge94 said:

February 19th, 7:56 am

So were going the cheap route and no dub right?

Rawrwrwr said:

February 19th, 7:56 am

DAMN this people STOP complaining bout the digital only atleast theres a good game coming to vita and u nver know if they wil consider later a physical copy.


February 19th, 8:01 am

No physical? :(
My poor 16GB memory card :(

At least a limited physical release would’ve been nice… I would gladly pay $39.99-$49.99 for a physical limited edition or something.


Dinoegg_96 said:

February 19th, 8:05 am

@25 Stop complaining??? It’s their own damn game and they can’t even bring a limited physical edition.

Companies like NISA, Aksys or XSEED have brought us their own games as a physical release, even if those games are extra niche like senran kagura sv or Criminal Girls.

Baust528 said:

February 19th, 8:09 am

Looking forward to it!

I doubt it will ever happen, but I would still love to play the original game in English.


February 19th, 8:11 am

How big is the game? I need to make some space.

I’m sorry Hatsune Miku, but you might be on the chopping block depending on Oreshika’s size. T^T

Shadow_Kamui said:

February 19th, 8:11 am

I am glad to see this games coming to America ^.^

crewking said:

February 19th, 8:12 am

Very happy it is coming over. Shame about no physical release, but $20 helps with that. How big is the file size as my Vita card is getting full.

Souledge94 said:

February 19th, 8:14 am

“Oh, and we’ve kept the fantastic Japanese voiceover which fits in with the atmosphere perfectly.”

Tranlation: We here at sony are to cheap and lazy with the translation process.

Sweet jesus sony its sad that smaller companies like Nis,xseed and IF can offer an english dub but a big company like you are to cheap to give one. I remember when you announced all these cool jpn games coming over for vita I said “awesome. This is great” yet you just keep disappointing me over and over.

Sharingan_itachi said:

February 19th, 8:14 am

Same way as Soul Sacrifice Delta.

YoraiDragon said:

February 19th, 8:18 am

I kinda expect this with Oreshika, wish the memory cards were cheaper though, my 32gig is pretty full. I do hope that Digimon: Cyber Sleuth is dubbed though. That is the next AAA game coming to Vita.

dkarlowicz10 said:

February 19th, 8:20 am

That is a really good price. This has been on my radar. I will be checking it out.

oni_spawn said:

February 19th, 8:22 am

physical release Guys PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

Archacus said:

February 19th, 8:25 am

Forget about me buying digital-only game.

I’ve been waiting for Oreshika, it was one of the game for which I bought my Vita. But I’m not buying digital games anymore.

Digital games work slower than retail – that’s a fact not opinion (google it if you don’t believe)
Memory cards are overpriced
Library is a mess
Download speed is a disaster

I’d rather spend my money on buying 3DS. This whole year was one disapointment after another disapointment. How come you guys are so incompetent that you can’t even sell a marvelous device such as VITA?! It has barely got enough good games that would justify buying it! Either indies (released year earlier on PC), multiports or ports. I feel so mad at myself that I even bother with buying Vita… I LOVE IT… but clearly SCEA/SCEE don’t.

Guys… you are one big disapointment. Where the hell is a company from PSX and PS2 times? Company which I highly respected?! You can insert this PS4 where the sun won’t ever reached, you clearly showed me that you don’t care about your customers.

Lovely-san said:

February 19th, 8:30 am

Woah! That’s an attractive price! I was planning on skpping on this game since it didn’t really seem like it was “for me”, but at that price point…. Eh, maybe I’ll look into it a bit more!

KKAtan said:

February 19th, 8:30 am

I’m happy that you kept the original japanese voices. But it’s sad that we can’t get physical release.

Regardless, the price is pretty cheap so I will get it. I wouldn’t mind paying 40 dollars for a physical cartridge though.

d-velazqlamela said:

February 19th, 8:31 am

Really? No physical release? May I ask a couple of questions? Does SCEA hate the vita? Do you not even want to bother trying to make something out of it? Why won’t first party games to get physical releases on it, do you want to appear worse than third party developers who bother localizing games physically? Are the heads of this branch filled with morons?

UltimateI911 said:

February 19th, 8:32 am

This is disappointing. Count me out.

I’ve bought Soul Sacrifice retail on Day 1, loved it, but still haven’t bought SSD because it’s digital and hasn’t hit around $5-$10 range yet. Also bought Freedom Wars on Day 1, retail.

There are a lot of games coming out in March, and good deal of them with physical copies. Digital to me, isn’t worth much. I’m really not a fan of constantly deleting stuff off my memory stick either, and I have a 32gb.

RyanSaotome said:

February 19th, 8:33 am


Some people simply don’t do digital. This was a must buy to me before but now I’m not even sure if I’ll get it since I’m an old school gamer who likes to build up collections. Just having a file I don’t actually own doesn’t do it for me.

VXBoss said:

February 19th, 8:35 am

Another fantastic Vita game I will never buy because there is no physical distribution. For me it’s not even a matter of memory but that I want to actually own a library that I’ve paid for. I’ve only paid for one digital game in 2006 and I will never do it again. That game was Counter-Strike: Source.

We haven’t even seen a BEST OF PLAYSTATION: VOL. 2 for the PS3, PS4, or the Vita.

RuneFactoryAnna said:

February 19th, 8:41 am

Yes! I’m so excited!

Kaznasty- said:

February 19th, 8:45 am

Looks amazing, the art is fantastic. Like previously stated above though, lack of a retail copy of a huge turn-off.

Sony: Lower the absurdly inflated price of memory cards if you keep releasing digital-only titles.

elarrastre said:

February 19th, 9:03 am

Why not physical release?This game is great besides the stupids reviews from japan.Any way,your job to localize this game is much apreciated.

oversevethousand said:

February 19th, 9:04 am

I’m happy that you guys are pricing it at $20 to compensate for the lack of a physical version, but this is really telling. Almost all of your first party titles this past year have been digital only here (including already classics like the Ratchet collection), you’re cutting support to multiple apps on the console, you still refuse to give us the Vita themes Japan has been getting since the update has launched, instead telling us we should make do with those cheap looking overpriced ones that don’t even go through ten pages (seriously, one of the dragon ones stops having dragon backgrounds after four pages – what the heck?), and even the digital releases like this are treated to stealth releases with no warning.

oversevethousand said:

February 19th, 9:04 am

This, Freedom Wars, and Soul Sacrifice Delta were announced last year and were supposed to be big hits for the Vita. The only one you guys actually gave some real attention to was Freedom Wars, and the results of that attention are undeniable. People talk about Freedom Wars, Freedom Wars charted, Freedom Wars is going to be remembered – and it’s not because of the quality of the game. It’s because people were made aware of it and people were given a reason to want it. That wasn’t done for Delta, a far better game than Freedom Wars, and it’s not being done for this.

oversevethousand said:

February 19th, 9:04 am

The Vita’s biggest problem in this region is and always has been the lack of support from you guys and third parties here, and if not for great localization companies and indies willing to give it a chance, it probably really would be dead. If this console is going to stick around as long as it should, then something has to change. It’s got so much potential, and its three year anniversary is coming up. I know you guys at Sony can do something to turn this around, you just have to be willing to take some risks.

Souledge94 said:

February 19th, 9:09 am

I wish they would actually dub their games like those localization companies you’ve mentioned.

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