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Feb 25

Feb 25

Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to PS4 in 2015

Dan Seto's Avatar Posted by SEJ West Community Manager, Square Enix

Hi there, PlayStation.Blog readers! Dragon Quest Heroes launches in Japan tomorrow, so I thought now would be a good time to share an exciting announcement with you all — Dragon Quest Heroes is officially coming to the West!

That’s right! You read that correctly, the announcement is real — Dragon Quest Heroes will be coming out in North America in 2015, exclusively for PS4, and will be available as both a boxed retail release and digital download via PlayStation Store.

Dragon Quest Heroes marks the first time the series will be a full scale action-RPG, and it’s a ton of fun.

Dragon Quest Heroes

So here’s a little bit about the game itself. In Dragon Quest Heroes, the protagonists must rise up against insurmountable odds, challenging swarms of enemies and conquering gigantic monsters in an exhilarating action game. Filled with characters and monsters designed by world-renowned artist Akira Toriyama, Dragon Quest Heroes is brought to PS4 in beautiful HD.

Both Yuji Horii, the general director and creator of Dragon Quest, and Koichi Sugiyama, the composer closely tied to the series since its first installment, are closely involved in bringing this title to life.

Furthermore, ω-Force (Omega Force) from KOEI TECMO, the team that has created numerous popular action game series, is taking part in its development.
Dragon Quest Heroes is a game that Dragon Quest fans and gamers with all kinds of interests will enjoy.

We’ll have loads more details in the coming months, so be on the lookout for those updates. We hope you guys are as happy and hyped about this as we are!

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paulogy said:

February 25th, 6:04 am


Sangetsu-II said:

February 25th, 6:05 am

Thank you Square, buying this day one!. Now gives us a real Dragon Quest next!!! :)

Seluhir said:

February 25th, 6:06 am

Thank you for reminding me how badly Square trolled Playstation fans over the past year…. I got much comedy from watching peoples’ reactions to both this game and the FF7 PS4 release.

It’s been a good past several months for comedy.

But seriously, I’m actually kind of looking forward to this game, hopefully it turns out to be a ton of fun.

FifthDream said:

February 25th, 6:07 am

This is AWESOME news! I was hoping for this. Can’t wait!

ChazzyChazX said:

February 25th, 6:07 am

getting japanese version ~ 2/26/2015 ~!

mixedkidbx said:

February 25th, 6:09 am

are we going to get that Metal Slime PS4 too? I soo wanted it but then you said only released in Japan. Now that its coming this way please bring with it the Metal Slime PS4

joaryche said:

February 25th, 6:12 am

thanks SE, It is a must-have game for sure. Dragon Quest/Warrior games have been a staple of fondest memories. I remember getting that first Dragon Warrior game free with a Nintendo Power subscription way back in the day and loving that game for a long time. i hope this doesn’t disappoint.

saiyanknight87 said:

February 25th, 6:13 am

Lawd thank thank you Japanese baby Jesus. I’ve been thirsty for this game like a mug thank you!

SeanStrange said:

February 25th, 6:14 am

Wow, this was unexpected. I’m a huge Dragon Quest fan and I can’t wait to finally get back into the series (even though it isn’t a traditional Dragon Quest game).

Elvick_ said:

February 25th, 6:16 am

Absolutely thrilled. :D

Thank you SE! My PS4 is ready.

wilfareus said:

February 25th, 6:20 am

very excited for this :D can’t wait to play this on my Vita (via RemotePlay)
I love my Vita (it is not dead)

bring up the pre-order on PSN!

AvengerXCII said:

February 25th, 6:24 am


Excellent decision. Day one buy for me!

yin69yang said:

February 25th, 6:26 am

Are you going to give us the limited edition slime PS4? What about the Red Final Fantasy Type-0 PS4? I am waiting to get a PS4 so i can get a limited edition one and i am not paying $2000 for the anniversary one on ebay.

Sikachuu said:

February 25th, 6:34 am

Please bring in the limited edition PS4 as well!

Kazesama said:

February 25th, 6:39 am

Awesome!!! I am still hoping for a western port of Dragon Quest X :)

fbutron said:

February 25th, 6:48 am

Awesome news Dan!!! Day 1 for sure!!! was thinking of importing it

Keep coming with the good news, I almost forgive ypu for the death of the Tomb Raider (not your fault its CD fault)

Just add DQVIII remake for PS4 and all is forgiven

fbutron said:

February 25th, 6:49 am

As #14 said bring the limited editios Ps4 as well and you have another PS4 sale (my second one)

dragonmagician said:

February 25th, 6:51 am

At least bring the limited edition metal slime controller…

Trendy_Kid said:

February 25th, 6:56 am

Weird that they are bringing this to the West. It must be due to the success of Hyrule Warriors. They think we love Dynasty Warriors-style games.

BlaqMagiq24 said:

February 25th, 7:05 am

Uh oh! On my radar now!

imjoelim said:

February 25th, 7:07 am


JumpMan33 said:

February 25th, 7:07 am

glad this is making it over =)

somberfox said:

February 25th, 7:08 am

So we don’t get the PS3 version? Major disappointment.

boxmyth said:

February 25th, 7:09 am

YES! I was really hoping Square Enix would bring this to North America. Can never get enough of that Dragon Quest!

ShadowStar83x said:

February 25th, 7:16 am


OnTheBus666 said:

February 25th, 7:17 am

Awesome more Japanese games please! I really wish you would bring the epic Gundam games like seed destiny and breaker 2 over to the west!

TeamGreen615 said:

February 25th, 7:23 am

Fantastic News! Thanks for bringing this to NA. The retail version will be the one for me. :)

cusman said:

February 25th, 7:24 am

Wonder why they didn’t just call it Dragon Quest Warriors. Someone told me this is a similar collaboration between IP and Warriors game developers as the Hyrule Warriors game was Zelda IP in Warriors game template for Wii U.

I myself have very negative outlook on any Warriors template game, so this news not as cool as an actual Dragon’s Quest main series game making over to west would be.

Elranzer said:

February 25th, 7:28 am

Don’t most Dynasty Warriors spin-offs include the word “Warriors” in the title?

You guys should have named this game: Dragon Quest Warriors… a nod to the original “Dragon Warrior” US title as well as Dynasty Warriors.

(Remember when TSR was a separate company from Wizards of the Coast, and held the trademark to “Dragon Quest” in the US, briefly? Those were good times…)

I consider it a missed opportunity.

fbutron said:

February 25th, 7:29 am

#28 I also want a mainline DQ in the west (DQXI exclusive to PS4) but for that first you have to demostrate as consumer that you want the brand in the west by supporting this game..

But also the game looks very fun and have great graphics

duke301 said:

February 25th, 7:35 am

This is great news. Definitely a day one purchase for me, and I basically stopped buying games on day one! Speaking of Dragon Quest, how about bringing Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King to the PS3 as a PS2 classic? If I had to pick one game out of everything on the PS2, that would be it.

Duck_Turkin said:

February 25th, 7:48 am

Day 1 purchase. Please don’t make us wait too long for it!

Now how about releasing the DQVII remake in the West?

JakeJoe85 said:

February 25th, 7:50 am

Please keep the original Japanese audio. Please announce what audio you’ll have and limited edition like the hard drive cover

ISEMAN said:

February 25th, 7:54 am

Will be buying Day 1, but please make another regular RPG from this series as well. Dragon Warrior VIII on the PS2 was one of my most favorite RPGs ever, a close second to Final Fantasy VII on PS1…

HitmanRebornEX said:

February 25th, 7:54 am

Wow keep the jrpgs coming sony =D

LTSwordmastre360 said:

February 25th, 7:55 am

I don’t like that “exclusively” wording. I’d grab a digital/disc copy of the PS3 version on day one, but I have no desire to get a PS4 only just to play DQ Heroes (I WOULD if it was Dragon Quest X) – much less get a new game console when I’m perfectly happy with what I currently have.

Glad it’s actually coming west, but not-releasing it on PS3 as well makes no sense when I imagine that would mean a ton of extra sales while tons of people still own PS3s. Hopefully the announcement only means the PS4 version comes in 2015 & the PS3 one will follow in early 2016.

monkeycan8 said:

February 25th, 8:15 am

YESSS!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!! <3

asudee said:

February 25th, 8:18 am

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! 😀

Shadow_Enz said:

February 25th, 8:24 am

Retail physical release? Sold. Please let us know ASAP when it’s available for pre-order and if there will be a Collector’s Edition or Limited Edition of sorts so I can pre-order the right one (CE/LE of course!)

Thank you for this :D

Trendy_Kid said:

February 25th, 8:24 am

@36 Square has previously stated that they are pushing people towards next-gen (current gen) consoles in preparation of Type-0 HD and FFXV. I HIGHLY doubt they are going to make a PS3 version after knowing that.

AlisZigg said:

February 25th, 8:32 am

While I’m excited for this game coming over to the west doesn’t it seem a bit odd and even anti-consumer if the PS3 isn’t coming over? It’s like what happened to the OG Xbox, M$ just dumped it. I’m hoping the PS3 version will come out here.

KyoJbox said:

February 25th, 8:37 am

Only PS4? Disapointed. Well, I’ll import the Japanese PS3 version.

Spectrum said:

February 25th, 8:42 am

As long as I know the Silver Slime Edition PS4 will follow I will be thrilled beyond belief.

Krillinfan said:

February 25th, 8:54 am

Oh my God thank you!

Now if we could just get a mainline DQ game on PS4… or any of the classics on PSN… :D

SliK6SiK said:

February 25th, 9:01 am

That’s one more game out of a handful, still need more worthy exclusives, especially 3rd party.

FearMonkey said:

February 25th, 9:01 am

Great news. Thank you. I await this title with much excitement. :)

ShadowStar83x said:

February 25th, 9:02 am

Also release the metal slime PS4 in the west, too!

johnstalvern1 said:

February 25th, 9:04 am

Dan, I don’t know if you personally have any control or input in the project, but could you consider asking SE to drop the accents, dialects, and puns added into the DQ localizations that weren’t in the original Japanese scripts? It has gone on record ( to mention that they only cause more time to be taken up in bringing the games over, and if DQH is the start of something more regarding any other future games and localizations, I don’t see what would be the point in not bringing the games over in a timely manner.

Even if this doesn’t amount to anything, I just wanted to throw in my two cents, since I’m not the only one who feels this way amongst those playing Dragon Quest games.

Kishnabe said:

February 25th, 9:08 am

Finally, a Dragon Quest game for Sony since DQVIII.

DQHeroes, Persona 5, MGS 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 will help my decision for a PS4.

MarinoBrea said:

February 25th, 9:25 am

THANKS SO MUCH! Now get Level 5 to make Dragon Quest XI for PS4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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