The Castle Game Coming to PS4

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The Castle Game Coming to PS4
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Do you remember the good ol’ days when you built castles and fortresses? Then imagining your castle’s defenses attacked by the armies of darkness in the ultimate battle of good versus evil?

That’s exactly what inspired us to create The Castle Game, a new single-player strategy defense game for PS4. We are Neptune Interactive Inc., a small, Toronto-based studio comprised of a programmer, an artist, and an audio wizard, and we want to give you the experience of the medieval times.

In the Castle Game you build your fortress using a variety of medieval weaponry. Archers, knights, sorceresses, catapults, traps, and more are at your service in your fight against the minions of evil. You can create elaborate mazes with walls and traps, or build an impenetrable fortress of spiked walls and burning oil, backed up by archers with flaming arrows, knights at choke points, and long-range catapults that rain stony death.

Like what you see? You’ll love what we have in store for you. We’re huge fans of Warcraft, the Lord of the Rings, and the Game of Thrones. The Castle Game’s environments and designs are hugely inspired by these awesome works of art.

The Castle GameThe Castle Game

One of the most important things we wanted to achieve with The Castle Game was to make the DualShock 4 controls feel slick and natural. RTS game controls can be quite complex, especially on a controller. So we focused a lot of our time streamlining the control scheme. Here are a few of the things we targeted:

  • Quickly moving through battlefield using FPS style controls, with a bird’s eye view of the action.
  • Auto-selecting defenses and reducing constant button presses for building, upgrading, selling, and repairing.
  • Focusing and directing the attack of nearby defenders at the press of a button.
  • Unleashing powerful spells with tactical precision.
  • Having every attacker class have his own audio danger cue, giving you warning of where and when they attack even if they are out of view.

The Castle Game

As an example of an audio danger cue, we have a pesky little Barrel Bomber who screams “incooooming” as he wheels his bomb straight at your walls. Once you hear his scream, you’ll only have moments to blast him with your Lightning spell before he gets too close and takes an explosive chunk out of your defenses.

We are planning for a launch sometime in the next few months.

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6 Author Replies

  • wolverine81

    Looks good! Any plans for a release on PS Vita?

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva
      Ayngaran Vamatheva

      No plans at this time. We’re a small team focusing on PS4 first, but we might think about Vita later.

  • After watching the full video the gameplay does look really good.

    I second the request for Vita. It’s a game I would buy for Vita for sure.

  • This would be great on PS Vita!

  • PureInvasion

    Definitely looks like a game I’d enjoy. Looking forward to more info down the line

  • Looks great!

  • Sharingan_itachi

    And no Vita?

  • VinsanityV21

    I love the style. It’s cute & Colorful – it just looks FUN. I think I’ll be game for this kind of thing. :D

    I can’t believe this is the work of 3 people! I’m an artist – right now I’m procrastinating from animating one model and rigging another – and I could not fathom making all the assets to a game single-handedly. Bravo!

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva
      Ayngaran Vamatheva

      Thanks. It’s a small team and a lot of work, but we love working on it.

  • Demo_The_Great

    Looks fun! love the RTS genre.

  • bestscreenname

    I was wondering about this game. I played it at PSX and it was pretty neat.

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva
      Ayngaran Vamatheva

      Thanks. It felt so good to see gamers like yourself and others at PSX enjoy it and get the controls right away.

  • LukeinDeidre

    Looks like a Vita game. Smells like a Vita game. Sounds like a Vita game.

    Not a Vita game.


  • + Ayngaran Vamatheva on February 25th, 2015 at 9:08 am said:
    No plans at this time. We’re a small team focusing on PS4 first, but we might think about Vita later.

    Oh, PLEASE do a Vita version after. Local play on Vita would be so perfect for this game! Make sure to map R2 and L2 to Vita’s R1 and R2 and I like having my other buttons on the FRONT touch, instead of the rear =) But wow, imagine if you actually made front touch work for interacting with the buildings and such?! This game would probably work super well with added touch controls!

  • rabidninjamonky

    How did you guys come up with such a creative name for this game?

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva
      Ayngaran Vamatheva

      The name was intentionally chosen to stir discussion, which is always a good thing for us indies. Usually people either love it or hate it, and some will say so. It was a codename that stuck with us as it fit what we wanted to do: make a game about castles with all the things we love about castle building.

  • This looks right up my alley. I love the Castle Crashers / Torchlight aesthetic. I just hope I remember to look for this in the coming months… Do you have any reminder system or anything?

  • Plz post the PS+ March Preview!

  • PanTheMan16

    Terrible, placeholder-sounding title always = lack of creativity and passion = terrible game not worth supporting.

  • the castle game coming to ps4 and….. no ps vita

  • Looks fun. It screams local multiplayer!! Any plans on possible adding it?

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva
      Ayngaran Vamatheva

      No plans at this time, but it is an idea we have tossed around. I agree it would be pretty cool. There are a few days to do it, and we might revisit it later on. If we do something, we’ll post about it here.

  • tigerprincess2

    Sounds like a good game! l might try it :)

  • NuM_Brrr_WoN

    I’m not usually a fan of many indie PSN games but this looks really awesome. Hope to play it soon!

  • Looks good but no VITA ?

  • DarkCool33111

    How much will it cost or is it free to play?

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