PS Plus: Free Games for March 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for March 2015

Another collection of excellent games joins PlayStation Plus this month, and you’ve come to the right place for details!

Starting things off on PS4 is Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee — New ‘n’ Tasty! This side-scrolling adventure reboots the PlayStation classic with new visuals, new sound, enhanced controls, and even more dark humor than before. Also coming to the PS4 lineup is Valiant Hearts: The Great War. This colorful puzzle game carries with it a heavy subject matter, as it follows four intersecting lives (and a loyal canine companion) during the first World War.

On PS3, gamers with PS Plus can download the critically-acclaimed Papo & Yo, alongside the wit-inducing Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. And on PS Vita, watch out for OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood and CounterSpy.

These games will be available for Plus members when PlayStation Store updates later today.

March’s PlayStation Plus Preview
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee — New ‘n’ Tasty! (PS4)

Free for PS Plus Members
It’s the return of a PlayStation classic! Join Abe in this rebooted platformer that has enhanced visuals, sound, and controls. Help him free his people from a dastardly meat processing facility, and see why gamers fell in love with good ol’ Abe in the first place!

Valiant Hearts: The Great War (PS4)

Free for PS Plus Members
The story of intersecting lives that suffer under the impossible duress of the first World War. Inspired by actual WWI tokens from the friends and family of the development team, this game may be colorful, but tells a dark and devastating story. Bring a box of tissues!

PS Plus March 2015
Papo & Yo (PS3)

Free for PS Plus Members
Papo & Yo is the story of a young boy, Quico, and his best friend, Monster. Monster is a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth, but that doesn’t scare Quico away from playing with him. Build your friendship with Monster by solving puzzles together and adventuring through a magical, surrealist world.

PS Plus: March 2015
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (PS3)

Free for PS Plus Members
You are the legendary detective. Use your powers of wit and deduction to piece together several grisly cases and pass judgement on the accused. Will you live up to the legacy embodied in the name “Holmes?”

PS Plus: March 2015
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (PS Vita | PS4)

Free for PS Plus Members
Grind, kick, jump, and trick your way to a high score in the “skate-em-up” sequel to OlliOlli. Players can push their skills to the limit with a refined combo system, new modes, and more. Don’t fall!

PS Plus: March 2015
CounterSpy (PS Vita | PS4 | PS3)

Free for PS Plus Members
Inspired by the Cold War, this stylish adventure tasks you with keeping the world’s superpowers in balance, all while blending covert operations and high-intensity gunplay into a colorful pastiche of gaming subterfuge.

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4 Author Replies

  • Indie lovers need to stop bashing AAA lovers. You like what you like we like our taste. I like AAA games like Last of Us , NFS , and others and would like them to be offered for free. You may like the games I view as cheap NES games. Either way we should respect each other taste. When a AAA love like myself complains its is our distaste for those type of games offered to us as free and we aren’t getting value for our paid subscriptions. A game like Knack a GREAT launch title still is $30 in most stores even the PS Plus stores. Why? It’s over 14 months old now. When I see XBox getting great AAA titles I think why couldn’t Sony Match with at least 1? Sure I loved Outlast ,Resogun, and Sportsfriends. However I would love a great game like Last of Us for free as well or even Tomb Raider. I am greatful for things but I believe out of 15 months which is min of 2 games only 2 been AAA titles which is like less than 10%. (PS4) Heck even a game like MGS would be nice even though it is a demo with MGS coming out a lot of people didn’t buy it because they viewed it as a demo but free is better than paying $20-30. However you indie lovers need to stop bashing the AAA lovers because we don’t bash you for your tastes.

  • Best month? Are you guys *****ing me? I buy a beast of a console to play 2D cartoon looking games? If it wasn’t for multiplayer I’d never sign up for this. Back to the order

  • Worth the wait, NOT!!!!!!!

  • I hate to bring this down, but I have to jump on board with all the negative comments. This month was most definitely not worth the wait. Between my shiny new PS4 and my heavily played Vita, none of these have been fun. On the brightside, it makes me glad I never purchased OlliOlli (1) or Counter Spy!

    Of the 4 I downloaded, CS is the best but still wouldn’t have gotten it had it not been free.

  • Great indie selection, my money was well spent 10/10 Sony..
    As if.

  • Very Good choice this month, excited about all of them especially the come back of Abe :)

  • I bought a next gen console for next gen games! Not old indie games!

  • Four free games!!! Several i’ve never heard of which is cool. I don’t understand why its been so terrible for some that we didn’t get advanced notice. Thanks Sony!!!!!

  • My complaints about this late update are thus: It’s not late. All 6 games were made available for download, for free, on the first Tuesday of the month, as promised. The announcement came leter than usual, but Sony never gave us any kind of guarantee that the announcement would come before the games are released (if at all). Now, for the games:

    Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee – New n’ Tasty: I’ve wanted this game since it was announced, but haven’t bought it. +1

    Valiant Hearts: The Great War: Another game I’ve wanted but hadn’t jumped on yet. +1

    Papo & Yo: I haven’t heard anything about this game since it’s announcement, good or bad. 0

    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments: I’ve played a bit of this before, and I enjoyed it. +1

    OlliOlli 2: Never played the first one, it wasn’t really on my radar at all until I saw the announcement of the sequel. Played a bit, this game surprised me. +1

    Counterspy: I haven’t seen much of this game beyond a few positive reviews, so I’ll give it a try on my PS4. +1

    All told, +5 for the month, which is the best I’ve seen in a while.

  • Out of all the games given away I only have got Resogun, Outlast, Sportsfriends, and injustice downloaded. The rest of the titles aren’t worth the harddrive space. I am tired of 2d crappy indies… I paid $400 for a system $50 to play online and included in this membership is free games cool. However I am pretty sure my half blind sister could make better indie games. I mean this is sad. You been giving away indies since the system game out. The next two months need to be AAA titles ONLY for the PS4. Especially since you guys can’t even keep your servers from being hacked/overloaded.

    Why do we have a next gen system when all the games are 1980 NES 2D graphic side scrollers orpuzzle games…. like for all that we can blow the dust off the NES and play duck hunt. You have showed the INDIE LOVERS love for 15 months now…


  • Wow! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Looking forward to playing “New N Tasty”. “CounterSpy” and “Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments”!

  • @mattitude2323

    You need to calm down a little bit. You’ve brought up some good points, but people won’t pay attention to them seeing big blocks of text all in caps. I’ve read your posts, and there are a few points I agree with, and some I don’t. Won’t say which, because they’re your opinions, and you’re entitled to them. But getting overexcited isn’t going to help.

  • Great games! Finally!

  • I really don’t know why people are complaining. I really appreciate Sony for giving everyone such a good opportunity each month. I guess everyone can’t be pleased, though. I was so glad to find out about the free PSN games each month last year. Honestly, I feel like there are barely any decent AAA titles out right now so I’m happy Sony is doing this for its subscribers. For the past year it seems like every game I’ve been looking forward for the release comes out and gets a 60/100 on metacritic. I’m glad we have the option to play some fun mini games until better AAA games are released. Never really been into the AAA games myself until now, but this is awesome. Once again, thank you Sony. I look forward to playing these games once I finish with February’s lineup.


  • @Kai_Shenlong Agreed. He does have a good point but that’s not the way to go about it. Maybe PSN is releasing indie games because most of the AAA games on the market right now are trash, ya know? Can’t please everybody I suppose.

  • I have been a psn+ member for a long time now. Pretty much since the initial launch of the service. I have rarely had cause to question it’s inherent value, but this constantly disappointing monthly line up – combined with the dismal record of over-promising and under delivering (I am looking at you drive club) – is finally making me consider letting my subscription lapse. Sure there are okay games here, but it’s not enough to justify a premium service when you consider it a glorified rental service. Before the trollish fanboys leap in with “don’t complain about free stuff” – these games are anything but free. The only real value from psn+ are the games. If I want to play multiplayer games I have a PC far better suited to the task (for free – as part of the game I might add). The discounts aren’t enticing.

    So, no, as a paying customer I am anything but happy with the service as it currently stands. I am the only remaining plus member in this social group – the other ps owners in my circle quit subscribing and spent that cash on the steam sale instead.

  • @614: You said it yourself: 1) You’re NOT a “AAA games’ guy”… and… 2) YOU DON’T KNOW HOW COOL PS+ WAS. You’ve only been a subscriber for A YEAR…and guess what: you got THE WORST PS+ YEAR. Ever. -_-
    So of course you’re entitled to your own opinion…but you need to know all the facts before expressing it, you know?

    @615: No, that’s NOT why the service went to the crapper. The only reason they’re releasing 99% indies and (maybe) 1% AAA…is just that indies are CHEAPER and since PS+ is mandatory now Sony doesn’t need to “seduce” subscribers anymore.
    Don’t be so naive…Sony is a company. They’re NOT your friends nor they “like” you and do cool stuff for you. They only care about their profits. Don’t fall for that “We Listen. We Care” crap because it’s a flagrant LIE. >_>

  • Papo and yo isn’t showing up in the ps+ section of the store so until I came here and read this I thought this month really sucked for PS3 owners. Still seems lame but I’ve been wrong about games before. I’ll try them all.

  • Games suck, when you compare XBOX 1 free games. If we had to pay more money for better games, I would do it in a heartneat. Last month sucked, this month ZZZzzzzz

  • So, I don’t use multiplayer, means I dont have to pay for Playstation Plus? Its a waste of money. PS4 and they want us to play indie games? I say time to put some good games, with good graphics. Or put one month for indie players next month for AAA games

  • They’re good indie games but like others have said this isn’t what I got a ps4 for. Like, where’s planetside 2?? Or will this be another promise that gets forgotten about?

  • Six sidescrollers… ugh.

  • Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey is free? Sweet! Why are people complaining about that? It’s a classic game from the PS1 era.

  • I am so happy with this month’s line up. Because without it, I wouldn’t get to be entertained with all the whiners. Stay classy everyone!

  • @mattitude2323

    There has been a lot more than 2 AAA titles released for PS+ and you have to remember sony doesnt get to just go to their PSN store and make games free it involves the publishers too and if they dont want to have their games free then there is nothing sony can do about it. AAA publishers are much less likely to be willing to release their game on the IGC because they want to recoup their budget and turn a decent profit while an indie developer will likely get some kickback from sony where sure they only get 20% of what their game was listed for but take a $8 loss vs a $50 loss. As for the titles I can think of 20+ AAA titles in the last year on PS+ IGC

    While yes maybe the PS4 games are a bit lacking its more likely that publishers care more about holding on to those so that people who buy the new console will be more likely to pay full price for the spiffy version of a game.

    I am not saying you are not allowed to want AAA titles on PS+ but be realistic with your expectations and understand that the publishers that make your AAA games are more money hungry than those who are trying to merely eke out a living for a small team of 1-5 people

  • and to those clamoring on about games with gold getting, 2 of the 3 AAA titles, bioshock infinite and tomb raider (and its the 360 version of tomb raider not the definitive edition) please take note we got these like… a year ago on PS+ (pretty sure it was march 2014 or earlier these game out on PS+) so they are getting 2 games a year after we did.

  • I’m usually not one to complain but I have to agree with most of the comments. I’ve tried my best to enjoy indie games this past year since I was forced to get ps+ If I wanted to access the online part of my games but just can’t get into a 2-D side scroller after finishing something like DA: Inquisition,I have sonic 2 and Contra on my phone for when I do want that. Of course they can’t all be great games but hopefully now that the ps4 has a little age to it there will be a few more games like the ones I see were on the IGC a couple years ago

  • Guess I won’t be renewing my PS+ subscription. Already have Oddworld and Valiant Hearts on PC and bought Papa and Yo last year.

    Starting to think it’s time to buy an X1 and get EA early access.

  • I didn’t spend a load of money a ps4 to play games that a 7 year old mobile phone could play. The people who are praising this terrible selection of games are the biggest collection of lollipops I’ve ever seen.

  • Im sorry, but Sony has to be kidding with these free games. I bought PS4 due to its AAA exclusives (i had a Xbox-that’s why the name) and every month i except a AAA game, there´s no need to be a release, but i’ve had it with indie games! I’m sure that no one here bought a ps4 to play 2D games. Where is Infamous (not counting that Secon Sun DLC they’ve sent us, that was bull****, i mean, in a month that they are suposed to give us free games, they give a DLC??), Killzone, Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo? Thats why i switched consoles. While Sony stuffs us with indie games, microsoft is giving in this month Bioshock Infinite (360) Tomb Raider (360) and Rayman Legends (one). And to those who will say “so switch back”, i dont shit money, but if i could go back in time, i definitly would buy Xbox One instead ps4.
    Sory about the english, im brazilian.

  • Man I was looking forward to valiant hearts and been meaning to try it out for a long time and glad it was free. But after playing for the first couple of chapters…I’m bored as hell. Story is pretty good, I like that it’s informative, but they could certainly do better to move the game along instead of all these finding items and giving it to one guy to get another item to give it to another guy and so on and so on.

  • Thanks sony!!! thanks for Valiant Hearts: The Great War, this game is awesome, one of the best game in the story… thanks, thanks and thanks!!! :D

  • @ALL
    To be honest, those games are really boring, i tried them and deleted them after 10 seconds.
    Why couldnt they give us Sherlock Holmes for PS4, i think everyone want to try that out.
    Sony just a small advice, the PS4 is now your primary console and not the Vita or the PS3. PS4 Customers are buying the most and should be your primary target to make happy.
    as one guy said, 15 month indiegames and zero month aaa titels, its about time.
    xbox getting far better games then we get and THEIR SERVICE IS NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last PS+ month was far better with Apotheon, but this games are really boring, i dont even want them to play.
    Why isnt their Thief for PS4 or Sherlock Holmes, i would love to try them out. that is something that i will never understand.
    There are a lot of Retail games out, to be honest, should i create a list? More Retailgames then Indiegames and we get only Indies.
    Look please at the numbers, 20 million Ps4 owners, 12 million PS+ subsribers, 2 Mio indielovers.

    You want to know what games to put in?
    I can easily say it.

  • Yeah sure there are 76 AAA GAmes out there! Even if they start to give every month 2 AAA GAmes, it will work.
    but we dont need every month an aaa game, just give us really every 2 or 3 month something good like a retail game.

    76 AAA Games and you want me to say that they cant even give one game out?? Only Indiegames?
    What are they waiting for?
    Even Xbox One is giving RAyman Legends, are you serious? They are getting more money then Xbox ever dreamed about and we get only boring indiegames. Come on!
    You guys want that we only buy games but never get something good, only if it was a million times on sale and nobody wants it.
    you should better start to give retail games out.

  • i got 3month ps plus but it wont let me see anything or download anything with ps plus members only idk whats going on i really need help i try calling sony network but they off today and sunday this has been going on for about a month :/ i think its a waste of money if i cant get on ps plus after i bought it :/

  • Jeez… All the hate at this months selection. Oddworld was a childhood favorite of mine, so I was ecstatic when i saw it on here. Abe’s odyssee is an awesome original game, this is what spawned all the oddworld inhabitants games. It is definately worth the experience if you have never played it.

  • Please ps4 games. Ps4 gamers dont want retro games… For these we have got emulators.

    Olli olli is a good game for psp 3000
    Valiant anda oddworld, good games for children’s ps vita

    I preffer 1 real game in april. Firts light was good

  • Yay more side scrollers and knock offs…can’t wait to never play these games just like the last 7 months

  • None of the games really interest me this month. Tried Sherlock and counter spy. didn’t get far in either. Don’t have a PS4 so i can’t say much about their tittles. feel like the ball was dropped this month. but im not complaining i still enjoy the free games we sub for.

  • I don’t know why everyone is hating, I just beat Valiant Hearts and my god is it awesome! CiunterSPy is super fun and don’t get me started on Olli Olli 2. Great Lineup, so stop yapping and get crackin :P

  • CounterSpy*

  • Dear Sid,
    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is not available to download in my country(Turkey). Would you please solve this problem?

  • I’m not really feeling it this month…didn’t really like February selection. I’m hoping next month (my Birthday month :D) could be Infamous 2

  • Not gonna complain because, meh, free is free, but I won’t be playing any of these either.

  • im not very happy with this line up. Maybe if Crime and Punishment was on the PS4 and we didn’t get counterspy for I think the 3rd time in the past couple months. Im not trying to sound ungrateful but we did have to wait a little longer to get these games and the PS4 line up is kind of weak. Just my opinon.

  • Can anyone tell me which games on the Instant Collection will be expiring this rotation?

  • I have to say it’s a pretty good line-up valiant hearts was pretty fun so is counterspy had fun with both of them thinking aboutgetting papa and yo

  • I just wanted to say that I love my ps4 as it’s first console ever, but I just wanted to ask you sony. Why do you guys have free awesome games for the ps3 and only free almost indie games for the ps4? Please give us at least one free premium game. Thanks in advance for building an awesome machine!

  • Still no news on DriveClub for PS+ ????

  • Erm… where is Papo & Yo? It doesn’t seem to be available for download at all.

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