Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

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Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

Hello PlayStation Nation! Today I’m very happy to introduce our next set of Limited Edition PS4 faceplates from our Project SkyLight Beta program. Our goal is to help you customize your console with some great designs, and we have two more to help you do just that!

Bloodborne PS4 Faceplate

I hope you’re just as excited as we are for From Software’s PS4 exclusive Action RPG, and to help you hold out to March 24th you can bide your time by staring lovingly at this awesome faceplate.

PS4 Bloodborne Faceplate

PlayStation Symbols PS4 Faceplate

For those of you looking to express your Circle/Square/Cross/Triangle love, we also have this great PlayStation Symbols design.

PS4 PS Symbols Faceplate

You can get both of these faceplates right here (and we even made a few extra LittleBigPlanet 3 faceplates that you can grab if you move fast enough).

We plan to have even more great options for you to choose from when the program fully launches in the future. Until then, let us know in the poll below what you would be most interested in seeing for future faceplate designs:

I’m excited to be able to introduce even more great designs in the future, so if there is anything specific you’d like us to make, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • I can’t find the link to buy it in the post. Where are they available?

  • Hero_of_Lgnd

    I love that you guys are making faceplates for the PS4, but honestly the designs are pretty terrible. Just sticking a piece of art from the game doesn’t look good. I would love to see more actual art, and minimalistic stuff.

  • KazeEternal

    Mmmm faceplates. I love my Faceplate for The Order 1886.

  • These faceplates all look great, I just wish they were oriented so that they face straight when the PS4 is positioned flat, since very few people actually stand their consoles vertically. I would also like to order a faceplate for The Order 1886.

  • FFXIV face plate PLEASE

  • PSN ID change Faceplate please loooool

  • PintSizedPurple

    I’d like to see a Senran Kagura, Hatsune Miku, or a Persona one!

  • CheCorchete

    There’s white version of this? For my white PS4 :D

  • Would be cool to see a Persona 5 faceplate for its launch in NA, or even better a Persona 5 PS4.

  • These are great. Price point seems a bit high though.

  • Winscar_Shinobi

    Are these gonna be on the new site?

    Also sucks you can only pick one option for voting. Id love to see classic playstation games and upcoming ones on faceplates.

    But uh yeah >.> make a mag faceplate and youd get tons of sales.

  • TheLukasGamer

    Heavy Rain and Ape Escape face plate!
    And remastered versions for PS4! Pleaseee!

  • playstation(dot)com/en-us/explore/ps4/project-skylight-ps4-faceplate/

  • I’d love a Destiny, Bloodborne or inFamous themed one for the white PS4…

  • Persona 5 PS4 bundle. With a faceplate.

  • Love the faceplates. To bad they don’t update the Sony Rewards catalog more often so I can spend the point and get these.

  • God of War, Final Fantasy, Syphon Filter and Gran Turismo please.

  • Pricing does seem a bit too high for these. I’d have loved the Playstation symbols one but only if they were in a more neutral color, or grey/silver.. the blue just stands out too much, I think.

  • And can I trade in my Order 1886 face plate for one of the new ones? lol

  • I second what @Vyprstryke said. I have a White Destiny PS4, so any white faceplates would be welcomed.

  • I’d love to see a Persona faceplate too. That is ny #1 Vote.

  • Plz make white faceplate for the white ps4

  • The Disgaea 5 and Toro Station plates please.

  • BlindsideDork

    How about faceplates for the Gold headset like you guys advertised?

  • spiderhendrix

    I would love the one piece Faceplate that’s releasing in japan bundled with the one piece pirate warriors 3

  • Tried to buy two of these, but it doesn’t seem possible if you’re a Canadian resident. Am I wrong?

  • What about the localization of the Persona 4 Dancing All Night Vita.

  • That PlayStation Symbols faceplate is something I’d buy if I saw in a store. More artsy stuff like this one place. Also: a faceplate that has the colored PS symbol.

  • Faceplate from games like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid would be awesome. I might import one of Biohazard from JP as i love the Resident Evil games.

    @7 Agreed with the Senran Kagura faceplate suggestion!

  • Will these and future faceplates be available in “glacier” white as well?

  • bestscreenname

    Finally! I’ve been waiting on the Symbols one since I saw it in an article a couple months back.

  • Honestly I just want a matte faceplate that matches the rest of the system. Hate having the glossy fingerprint magnet just on the left of the console looks awful and inconsistent.

  • BlindsideDork on March 20th, 2015 at 8:55 am said:
    “How about faceplates for the Gold headset like you guys advertised?”

    This, for both white and black versions.

  • Kimmeh-Chan

    White faceplates would be super nice, considering the white PS4 is a thing. The black plates don’t mesh very well.

  • Oh and forgot to mention, why are these only limited availability?

  • I like the look of this :) Do they ship to the UK? Also, would love to see a Ratchet and Clank faceplate!

  • One with the classic colored PS logo. In fact, I’d like to see it replace the new, and boring, white on black logo used for marketing period.

  • I would LIKE To see a New Syphon Filter GAME now that you mention it…. JUST SAYING

  • No Man’s Sky please!

  • Please bring these custom faceplates for the UK I would love that bloodborne one. Also please make one of the PS4 bound indie title Gang Beasts

  • It looks interesting but the designs aren’t that creative. Do something like being able to customize your own.

  • Hey John!

    These are amazing, really excited for them ever since I saw the Metal Gear ones… But those Bloodborne and Playstation Symbols ones are beautiful…

    Please hurry! The plain black is looking boring now.

  • Nightmare142

    The PlayStation symbols faceplate looks awesome!

  • I don’t want game designs, I just want a matte black faceplate so that it matches the rest and won’t get smudged up like the glossy faceplate.

  • I like the PS symbol one But can we get something a bit more classy for the game specific ones? As of now it is just printed game licensing art on a face plate. I hate to be harsh but it just looks like a sticker was slapped on the PS4. It works against the sleek design of the console.
    Take a look at the face plates from Japan. They are simple, look great and fit with the aesthetics of the PS4.
    I really appreciate all the effort you guys are putting in to this an can not wait to see what other designs you come up with.

    P.S. is there any chance we can get the Metal Gear Solid face plates here in the west or the ?

  • So when are Canadians gonna start being allowed to buy these?

  • These need to be available everywhere and not just in the US. I’d love to just go to a store and pick one up like any game accessory. Not sure why that’s not happening. I don’t even understand why selling plastic faceplates needs a “Beta”.

    I got legitimately excited and went to buy the Bloodborne one immediately. Looks like I can’t get one though because I live in Canada. Disappointment is a poor way to start a weekend.

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