Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

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Project Skylight: New Bloodborne & PS Symbols PS4 Faceplates

Hello PlayStation Nation! Today I’m very happy to introduce our next set of Limited Edition PS4 faceplates from our Project SkyLight Beta program. Our goal is to help you customize your console with some great designs, and we have two more to help you do just that!

Bloodborne PS4 Faceplate

I hope you’re just as excited as we are for From Software’s PS4 exclusive Action RPG, and to help you hold out to March 24th you can bide your time by staring lovingly at this awesome faceplate.

PS4 Bloodborne Faceplate

PlayStation Symbols PS4 Faceplate

For those of you looking to express your Circle/Square/Cross/Triangle love, we also have this great PlayStation Symbols design.

PS4 PS Symbols Faceplate

You can get both of these faceplates right here (and we even made a few extra LittleBigPlanet 3 faceplates that you can grab if you move fast enough).

We plan to have even more great options for you to choose from when the program fully launches in the future. Until then, let us know in the poll below what you would be most interested in seeing for future faceplate designs:

I’m excited to be able to introduce even more great designs in the future, so if there is anything specific you’d like us to make, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • dragonvskira

    –(DRAGON)–(DRAGON)–(DRAGON)–(DRAGON)–Please And Thank You!!!!
    –(J-Stars Victory Vs+ )–(J-Stars Victory Vs+ )–(J-Stars Victory Vs+ )–Please And Thank You!!!!
    –(Dragon Quest Heroes )–(Dragon Quest Heroes ))–(Dragon Quest Heroes )–Please And Thank You!!!!
    –(The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt )–(The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt )–(The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt )–Please And Thank You!!!!

  • StarsGazing

    The Playstation symbols ones are gone already!

  • Graye_Penumbra

    Don’t forget us glacier white owners!

  • WyrmHero1945

    I like the ones like the PS symbols one. The Bloodborne and the other games ones are kinda lazy design, and doesn’t look artistic at all. Can you release more of Bloodborne like perhaps this picture?

    PS Symbols sold out already? Wow. I was looking forward to buying that one. Any chance they start selling in Gamestop?

  • Would love if these designs also came in white.

  • Can you please sale the other version of the Bloodborne faceplate that would look perfect on a white PS4. Also if you can make a TLOU one that would be sick!!!

  • Please start making playstation 4 theme based faceplates that are white. I would have bought the order 1886 and I would buy Bloodborne faceplate but they are black and they don’t match well with my white ps4? And I want The last of us faceplate that goes with white ps4.

  • I would love to get these, but I’m in Canada.

    And they’re pricey.

  • A No Man’s Sky faceplate would be awesome :D

  • This is a pretty brilliant idea. I didn’t even know this was an easy thing to do. I say keep coming up with designs and putting these out. I’m sure one will come along that I really like and will have to pick it up. This is not to say I don’t like the current designs, I do, but I’ll wait for one that really grabs me.

  • ADVANCED WARFARE one please :)

  • BlueBl1zzard

    Aww man I really like the simplistic look of the Playstation Symbols faceplate, but it’s already sold out. Any idea if/when you’ll be making more?

  • Seriously this? Only will release Limited Edition? Few units? Sony, seriously, if you really want to earn $$$ knock it of Limited Editions! Sell like a common product and earn $$$! People love to customize their electronic, look at smartphones and their covers!
    Be launching only Limited Editions only disturbs who really like the games and just failing to buy to have a few units and end up paying a fortune on ebay other people who bought only for resale!
    Open your eyes and stop being silly.

  • The Bloodborne plate doesn’t say “Sold Out”, but when you click on Buy Now, it says out of stock. LAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • White FFXV plate… ;-)

  • AmericanPinko

    Second the white option. Destiny for my destiny ps4?

  • NanoNekomata

    A FFXIV faceplate would be awesome. Also, if you guys made a Persona or Disgaea faceplates I would be sold on the spot. *hint hint, nudge nudge*

  • KillerCanoly

    A Mortal Kombat X Faceplate would be awesome!!

  • Loving the symbol faceplate. I’m wishing for personalize custom faceplates, but you’re on the right track!

  • These faceplates are all fantastic, but It would be nice to see a new faceplate based on Ratchet & Clank.

  • the_patriots_30

    Hello Mr. Koller! I’m a huge Playstation gamer from the Philippines. I hope Project Skylights reach Asia, because Playstation is big here and I’d love to buy these because my HDD cover is already having a lot of scratches!

  • When are we going to get those sleek, classy, gold-engraved faceplates that are everywhere in Japan? The Ground Zeroes set is just gorgeous. These Skylight plates look like something an amateur bootlegger could pump out. Stock graphics and cheap-looking full color? No thanks.

  • LockeCole42

    Yakuza and Persona faceplates please.

  • AVFCspydamonkey

    Any chance of ever having these faceplates released in the UK/EU?

  • Considering the Bloodborne one is the one I wanted and just found out about it yesterday and it’s already sold out after 3 days I could care less about these faceplates. Unless they get more Bloodborne ones in stock I refuse to support a project that only benefits scalpers and not people that actually want the product. They are already marking them up to 200 dollars on ebay.

  • Spyroluver88

    I already have the LBP faceplate and I love it. For those who say it looks just like a sticker, it absolutely does not. The background image is matte and the characters are shiny. It’s a beautiful thing and the entire faceplate cover comes in the box.. I missed out on the one for The Order, sadly. But I’m hoping you will make more.
    I would LOVE a TLOU faceplate! A game as decorated and awesome as that deserves a faceplate. Please consider it. I know I’d buy it.
    I would also have picked more than one answer in the poll, if it had been allowed. New games and classics.

  • I just found out about the Bloodborne faceplate today, and I’d like to echo the frustration of it already being sold out. This is the only plate I’ve had any interest in, and it seems like there was very little stock made.

  • Goodacre0081

    I would love to see these faceplates used as pre-order incentives. that would be much better than the current practice of removing in-game content instead.

  • AwesomeIsAdam

    The Last of Us! The Last of Us! THE LAST OF US! Please.

  • A one piece face plate, doesn’t necessarily have to be the one being released in japan. I’d prefer them to be a matte finish like the rest of the ps4, always gotta be cautious with the shiny face plate seems like it would easily be scratched.
    It’d be great if there were someway to create our own designs as well, not be limited. choose matte or shiny finish, add a design and order. though that would obviously be of higher cost.

  • I would like more solid colors (ex. shiny black faceplate on white PS4) and textured designs (ex. wood grains to match furniture, stainless steel, etc)

  • ShadowStar83x

    Release the Dragon Quest one that was released in Japan!

  • It would be great if they made a ffxiv one.

  • Demon-Lavoie

    I would love to see a bioshock 1 and bioshock inifite faceplate.
    you’d have my money day one!


    Hyperdimension Neptunia Faceplates Please!!!!! I don’t really care for other faceplates for games everyone else is hyped on and especially games I don’t play.

  • Be chill fam. Let us get some Hyperdimension Neptunia faceplates. Like come on… please… pretty please… I beg of you….

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