PS4 System Update 2.50 Available Tomorrow, Features Detailed

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PS4 System Update 2.50 Available Tomorrow, Features Detailed

Tomorrow, PlayStation 4 will get an update to system software version 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura,” which will bring an onslaught of features: some you’ve been anticipating, many you’ve requested, and others that might surprise you. This update will make significant improvements to your PS4 experience, making it even more streamlined and enjoyable.

Following the update, you’ll be able to smoothly pick games up right where you left off, find and connect with friends quicker, customize your experience and share your most epic moments in a more meaningful way.


PlayStation 4 v2.50 Update

Features coming to PS4 with “Yukimura” include:

  • Suspend/Resume* — Supported by nearly all of your PS4 games, you can jump in and out of your games with just the press of the PS button. Quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Back-Up and Restore HDD to USB — Back-up and restore your hard disc drive data associated with users on your PS4, including settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data, to and from an external USB drive.
  • Find and Connect with Friends — “Yukimura” adds to an already robust set of social tools, bringing several updates to continue making PS4 the best place to play with your friends, including:
    • Facebook Friend Finder — Using your linked account, you can expand your network by searching and connecting with your Facebook friends.
    • Improved Friend requests — Friend requests and Real Name requests can be sent together in one step when adding a friend on PS4.
    • Streamlined Party process — The process to create a Party has been streamlined with a reduction in the number of steps required.
    • Find Friends who play your games — Easily view what friends are playing on each game detail page with a real-time “Friends Who Play This” section, which also highlights which friends are currently online and playing it, and if you own the game, allows you to jump directly into the game.
    • Join Friends directly from news feed — A new tile will be added on your What’s New feed where you can see what your friends are currently playing, enabling you to join in the game if you own it.
  • Share Earned Trophies and Optimize Your Trophy List — We know that Trophies are important to many gamers, so we’re bringing more control with how you show them off:
    • Automatic Trophy Screenshots — A screenshot will automatically be captured when a Trophy is earned, preserving the moment to share with friends.
    • SHARE Trophies — Players can share Trophy information to Facebook, Twitter or via Message by pressing the SHARE button.
    • Additional Trophy sorting options — Sort your Trophy list by Earned Date, Not Earned and Grade.
    • Delete 0% Trophies — Remove games from your Trophy list that have zero percent completion.
  • Improved and Expanded Accessibility Options — New options added to customize the user experience include:
    • Customized button assignments for DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.
    • Zoom for displayed pictures and inverted colors for all system functions, apps and in-game.
    • Text-to-speech is available only for Message and Party, and is only performed in English.**
    • Enlarged text for all graphical user interface, including Message and Party, as well as the system’s browser.
    • Bolder fonts and higher contrast UI for all system applications (but will not apply to games or third-party applications).
  • Remote Play and Share Play — For games that support 60 fps, users will be able to automatically enjoy those games with 60 fps for both Remote Play and Share Play*** on supported devices.
  • Automatic Installation for System Software Updates — Enable automatic installation for future system software updates.
  • Sub-Account Upgrade — Enable users 18 years of age or older with sub-accounts to upgrade to a master account directly on PS4, removing restrictions on chat and enabling users to add funds to their Wallet, purchase content and more.
  • Verified Accounts — Select game developers, producers, designers and community managers will be verified with a badge.
  • Dailymotion — Upload video clips directly to Dailymotion via the SHARE button.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets will also receive system software updates tonight, adding complementary features to those added to PS4. PS Vita update version 3.50 and PlayStation App update version 2.50 will add new accessibility options, including enlarged text, increased contrast and more. This update also enables PS Vita to support 60 fps streaming for Remote Play***.

We’re excited for you to get your hands on these new features and experience them for yourselves. You have all been such a big part of our successes, and we have carefully listened to your requests to make your PlayStation experiences even better. We’re happy to be delivering many of them with “Yukimura.” Please keep the feedback flowing, so we can continue making PlayStation 4 the best place to play.

*Suspend/Resume is not fully supported by some software titles.
**The wording of this list item has been updated for clarity.
***A sufficiently robust wi-fi connection is required.

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  • Thank you once again for crap no one needs..we have all been asking for DLNA and the ability to actually watch our legally obtained mp4 files and pictures from our phones..ARE YOU LISTENING SONY..

  • Most of the added features I appreciate. Thank you. However, there are two things I would rather be undone, based solely on preference: 1. Return the “Playstation Store” icon back to the upper row where it originally was, rather than on the main crossbar that it is now. I don’t see any reason for that to have been moved. 2. Place “Turn Off PS4” and “Restart PS4” back in the “Quick Menu” when pressing the Playstation Button, rather than having the options under “Power Options.” You added another step for me to turn the console completely off. It was good how it was. Separate them back again. Aside from that, thank you.

  • So, are we EVER going to see support for bluetooth headsets? I bought a high end Jawbone headset, and now it’s only useful on my phone.

  • mrfurious545

    Why the heck don’t they explain you can’t upgrade your hard drive until the release a new re initialize file for 2.5, I tried to upgrade after I backed up all my games and it won’t let me and all the live chat has to say is that they are aware but don’t know when they will have the new file, I wasted hours backing up my drive just to have to do it again whenever they fix this!

  • Hey Sony will there be a update to improve BlueTooth compatibility?

  • Thank you for the features, especially the auto-update feature. Really missed that feature from the PS3.
    Also missing the personal music feature, but in due time right.

  • Sony can you please add the option to DISABLE the automatic screenshots from happening when I get a trophy, this is very upsetting that it’s not even an option.

  • Still no Bluetooth patch for the turtle beach PX4’s how hard is it. Turtle beach are a well known and trusted company and yet Sony still haven’t come to patching in a profile for them! Shocking

  • XxSweetRevengexX

    Can we please have the PS store back on the top row!?!?

  • Seriously cant change my user ID yet??????? WTF PSN

    no game saves on external usb storage??

  • Feedback: Please move the store icon back to where it was. I’m not sure why you felt the need to move it in the first place, but now it’s less convenient to access than before.

  • All of this is great guys. A lot of the community wants the ability to change our name. Some of us have had the same name since we where first able to have a psn id when it first came out. It is a simple feature to add plus you get is a win win

  • Automatic Trophy Screenshots – Why oh why does Sony force these types of features on users without our ability to turn them off!?!

    Features such as screenshots and auto-capturing gameplay expend resources that can be otherwise used to provide an excellent gameplay experience such as no dips in framerate and less strain on the processors. And don’t get me started on that annoying, battery-draining light on the front of the controller. I know, we can dim it, but can we turn it off? No!

  • DUDE finally 0% trophy deletion…?!?

    …now all I need is changing gamertag and ill be set!!!

  • Ps4 needs an appear offline mode

  • Caio_Shadowman

    Please multi User on PSVita like PS3 and PS4… more attention on Vita/PSTV too, add “PS4 System” (Offline view) for Trophies like Vita and PS3 too.

  • do we have a estimated time that the files required to upgrade the HDD become avaliable for this update?

    i would really like to upgrade my HDD and its really annoying that i cant right now.

  • TYLER-_-444

    I hope they add a feature to let you know your friends have become online soon. I was hoping for something like it since launch

  • TYLER-_-444

    An appear offline option would be good as well

  • More Feedback: I went to turn my console off and was met with “power options” instead of the option to turn off. Why make me go through this extra step now? The first option in power options is rest mode, which is also in the menu I just came from above power options. This makes no sense. Change power options to power off, and then put restart under it. No need to dig into a menu to access two things when they should have just added restart to the menu that was already there.

  • Finally, the total backup, awesome.

  • What??? I thought Yukimura is supposed to have Video Files playback feature from USB drives…??? I read it somewhere that Yukimura will have Video playback feature…!!!

  • iCAMp_and_iPUSs-

    After receiving this 2.50 update, I can’t play my Call of Duty: Ghost on my PS4 anymore. I have the PLAYSTATION 3 disc for my PS4 and this update seems not to read it. Please take care of this issue soon.

  • I like the new features, but I don’t like how backing up requires the PS4 to reboot without warning. I was hoping to be able to backup while playing games or something, especially since it takes so long.

  • SoulOfTheHunter

    Why only delete %0 trophy games? Chances are you played enough of some game to earn one trophy, but you can’t delete it it if it is above 0% :(

  • Why is the trophy deleting PS4 only? Please put this on PS3 please…
    Seriously though.. what the f***

  • del_diablo182

    I updated but now I can’t log In psn,
    It says error (su-30696-4)
    How can I fix it does anyone knows?

  • Clearly whoever put this update together listened to what we were saying, but obviously didn’t comprehend it. Nothing seems right. Not being able to organize my trophies really pisses me off.

  • Decent update but where is playing movies MP4/AVI files from USB to the PS4 like they promised a year and half ago? “shrugs”

  • Brandon_ATL_678

    For some reason, they’re is no option for me to sort my trophies, little help?

  • I cant get the backup feature to work on my external hard drive, it has 650gigs of free space and i get a message that says something along the lines of my USB being full.

  • DLNA support? Bueller, Bueller?

  • greatballsofgunz

    I did the update the other
    Day and when I click to play a game it shuts my system off completely and now I’m having problems turning the system on wtf?!?

  • Please add offline trophy support and the ability to save music, pictures and videos onto the ps4 console harddrive and play them both online and offline

  • Somehom i cannot share screenshots, stays blanck so i cannot select it, and somehow when i try to upload a youtube movie it just says, cannot upload, but when i go see to notifications to try to reupload, it is not there…. IS there a fix?

  • luvertsky13

    Where do we find instructions on how to format external USB drive and what type of external USB drive we can use? Are we talking thumb drives or hard drives?

  • Again, how do you use/enable/find text to speech in the 2.50 update?
    Oh…..DLNA please please!

  • PoloSwag1000

    Dear Sony,

    First of all, thank you Sony for this new update to the PS4, I love how we have gone from not being able to do anything with our trophies in PS3 to being able to hide them and now to delete 0%. However, Sony need to implement a password inquiry protection screen before you can delete the trophy list and also give us the customers full control over any percentage trophy lists as we all see in comments some trophies unlock just going through a tutorial and also in my case my little brothers have gone in account and got games to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90% and even Platinum that I will not ever play and would like them off my list and as you see is even platinums so you see that I am not trying to do his to show 100% but more so I can accurately see the games that should be there or games that I did play and earned a trophy during tutorial and now I cannot delete because they are at 1%. To be continued below…

  • PoloSwag1000

    These are our accounts we created, these are the games we bought and played, and this is the system we have chosen over the others Sony, we even have paid for the online privileges even though they used to be free so the few people with or without a PS Plus Subscription and still active in their profiles are loyal customers like me since I have been with you all since the PlayStation one since 1995 and they are our games trophy lists under our Accounts that we created Sony. We have come so far let us move one step closer to being higher above than Microsoft and their Xbox line of products and introduce the two features I mentioned:

    1- Complete deletion access to any percentage trophy lists.

    2- Protect this access with a PSN Password Entry Inquiry Screen Dialogue that pops up after pressing delete for any percentage trophy list rather than a simple Yes or No Dialogue Inquiry Screen.

    Thank you for your time, dedication and consideration Sony,


  • robertonycr88

    Just about a perfect patch. Very happy about everything I’ve read and good riddance on maps for Vita, you will not be missed. One of my only gripes, besides the inability to change your user ID, is that you can not do any bulk transfers and deletions of your saved game data. The backup is a great tool but I do not want to have to turn my device off every single time.

  • Yellowrider22

    Still no dlna?? Wow I am not a xbone fan at all, but they have it, ps3 have it, what is taking you all so long to add this feature to the ps4?? I do not understand…. DLNA NEXT UPDATE PLEASE…..

  • @406 – NatalyasRevenge

    The PS4 and PS3 use FAT32 format and hard drives usually are in NTFS format.

    You’ll have to reformat it to FAT32 to get the PS4 to recognize it.

    This is also mentioned in the Playstation knowledge center:

    ‘ few things to note before getting started:

    You can only restore your data to the original console that created the back up.
    You’ll need a FAT32 or exFAT-formatted USB device with plenty of free space. If you don’t have enough room to back up everything on your drive, you can choose to not back up Application Data.’

  • bbyinatrenchcoat

    So I downloaded the update and got to the point where my ps4 had to restart, and then it just shut down and won’t start up again. I called Sony and they said they could fix it for $150. How good of them…

  • Can someone tell me how to use this new speech to text feature in messages? There’s no sign of it anywhere when trying to type a message. The only thing I see is to leave a recording which isn’t speech to text.

  • HAving some problems, i cannot share any screenshots, and i can’t upload to youtube anymore… Any help?

  • Buck_GD_Jones

    Ps4 won’t start up after 2.50 update.

  • cegliatricolor

    Sony thinks we consumers are stupid. We are not. We will not buy this Plex softwares. This is outrageous.
    To play online now we have to pay… to play PC videos we have to buy Plex. Do you think we are stupid?
    I´m not gonna buy to play online, i´ve buyed the console and the game already. I´m gonna use my PC again, you are starting to **** with Playstation.

    This is my protest, WE NEED DNLA! Don´t give empty answers to that. We are sick of it.

  • Sony please, like I am begging you…please add sidetone (aka. mic monitoring) to the ps4. It is non existent and I’m not too sure why. The ps3 had it fine, and even the Sony Gold headset has the ability to change the level of sidetone, but it does NOTHING. I feel this would be a relatively easy fix and I’m not sure how to get this around for more people to see and support. So if you see this, please look into it.

  • The only thing people have been asking for – and expected since launch – is DLNA – it’s like the entire system and these ridiculous social features are trying to emulate the Driveclub experience.

    The PS4 has essentially become Driveclub – which is to say its completely useless.

  • Best update EVER. Now I can enjoy GTA V. For years Rockstar has stuck with the idiotic control scheme where you have to hold X to run, tap it to sprint, and you can’t control the camera with your right thumb because it’s on the dang X button. Ridiculous. You’re forced into only seeing straight ahead in the direction you’re going and can’t pan the camera.

    Most other games have advanced with the times and made use of the analog stick: you barely move it you walk, full forward you run. Then you’re not mashing or tapping the X button and can pan the camera.

    Why Rockstar kept the same crappy button mashing scheme for so long is beyond me. Now it’s solved. I just remapped my L1, which pulls up the weapon wheel, and made it the X button. Friggen excellent. Plays like it should now. Now I can jog around and pan the camera, or I can mash it like crazy and run while panning the camera as well. It’s the way it should have been all along.

    Awesome update, Sony, whoever did this. I couldn’t even enjoy GTA:V because of this annoyance. Now it’s awesome and controls like other modern third person games. Kudos for helping the disabled, too. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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