10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today

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10% Discount Weekend for PS Store Purchases Starts Today
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Surprise! Just in time for tax refund season, PlayStation Store is holding a 10% off PlayStation Store discount starting today for this weekend only in the US, Canada, and Latin America. Pick up tons of new games, including even deeper discounts on Spring Fever content. See below for the full details:

10 Percent Off Code

Receive 10% off one transaction made on PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or the online store ( between 3/26/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT and 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT. Does not apply to transactions made on PlayStation Store on PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP or in-game. Some exclusions apply, including PS Plus memberships, subscriptions, game pre-orders, PS Now content and rental video content. Code must be redeemed at checkout and discounted transaction completed before 3/30/2015 at 12:00 noon PDT.

Use the discount code on the above image or find it proudly emblazoned on your local PlayStation Store (web, PS3, or PS4). What are you waiting for? Head over and cash in. What are you picking up?

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4 Author Replies

  • tamagoyorokobi

    Sweet! Thanks Sony!

  • Wish I would have known this before the Tuesday store update.

  • ShadowStar83x

    Sometimes waiting to buy stuff on the store pays off. Thanks, Sony!

  • Tribalwarsnorge

    So we get the 10% off even on the games that are on sale :D!!??

  • How about Tuesday evening? :)


    Awesome Sony good job!!!!!


    I wish you guys would allow the 10% go to preorders.

  • I wish this could be applied to pre-orders. I totally would put this towards Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but it’s likely going towards The Handsome Collection.

  • Night_Rose_94

    Just when i bought something yesterday haha, wel… i’m going to use this! Thanks Sony!

  • soviet_linux

    Awesome deal. Thanks Sony. The accessibility options on the vita are cool. Now can you add the ability to map the analog stick to the dpad

  • ShadowStar83x

    @7 That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But hopefully there’s something else you can use it for.

  • SticKy_IckY0122

    Wow wish you sent this yesterday,,,, Just digitally bought Bloodborne from the PS Store last night. Any way to still get the discount?

  • Just purchased Bloodborne an hour ago! Wish I knew about this before I bought it!! haha

  • I quite literally just bought Bloodborne minutes ago. Anyone know if Sony will apply this 10% discount if I phone/chat with them?

  • Dragonchasers

    Aww, not valid on pre-orders. Oh well….

  • No Vita allowed ? Vita is dead.

    • Sid Shuman

      Vita games yes; but you’ll need to buy via the web store (

  • I literally just bought borderlands the handsome collection a hour ago & did not know about this

  • Sweet! This 10% discount stacked with the $25 for participating in the PS Vue beta (huge thanks for that, by the way!) will make Bloodborne a really sweet deal!

  • Thanks!

  • Please, allow PS+ and pre-orders to get this kind of discount. It would be very useful.


  • BahumatIsBack

    Wow……a whole 10% off…….so……..generous…….

  • awesome, thx sony

  • “Wish I would have known this before the Tuesday store update.”

    In which case everyone would have complained that the discount didn’t apply to the games on sale last week.

  • Mega-Sackman

    Had 10.90$ in wallet… 10.79$ for the Bloodborne Soundtrack with discount, perfect!! I was needing this, It’s like a divine intervention.

  • I have yet to receive my $15 promo code for spending $103.00 in February during the ‘Spend $100 get $15’ promo. What’s up with that?!

  • @21: 10% they didn’t have to give… Entitlement is a cancer on society.

  • All we need now is a flash sale.

  • baltazar_glez

    Please enter a complete Prepaid Card or Promotion ….. its not working

  • @27 – I think this *IS* the flash sale.

  • I literally just purchased Bloodborne from the PSN store before I saw this.. Can a PS admin/mod tell me whether or not I could still get this discount applied to that purchase??

  • Thanks Sid !!!!!! ;)

  • KostasTrooperGr

    what’s wrong with you sony?why we have no discount here in europe?

  • You guys should use this opportunity to get into Helldivers at a discounted rate :)

  • FriedConsole

    Great. Now Sony gives this out after I just bought $2000 worth of games over the last 5 years. Way to screw me over Sony.

  • @ 16, it doesn’t apply to purchases made on PSN Store via the VITA – only if you buy on PSN Store via PS3 or PC so you should still be able to get VITA titles at the discount.

  • Thank goodness i waited to buy some games

  • BlueBl1zzard

    Wow, unexpected, but sweet nonetheless! I’m thinking of picking up the God of War collection for Vita and maybe Slender: The Arrival for PS4. Thanks Sony!

  • @32. KostasTrooperGr: Rather than complain on a U.S. blog, please refer to and place your complaint here:

    Thanks, Sony! =)

  • @16: I could be wrong but isn’t it just that you won’t get the discount if you purchase directly on the Vita itself but if you purchase Vita content through the Playstation Store online then you should be able to claim the discount when you check out?

    That’s how I’ve managed to use these codes in the past when I purchased content over different consoles and claimed the discount over the entire transaction.

  • Spitfire_Zero_

    Guys don’t use this code prematurely. I have a feeling there is gonna be another flash sale this weekend. Wait for it….

  • Ohhh come on… Not for Europe? That’s very sad!

  • @38 You are correct. I just got a vita game with it by using the online store. You just can’t use the code on the Vita or PSP stores themselves you have to use the PS3 or web store.

  • ARK_swaggyj

    Thanks Sony ur the best

  • darknight_2012

    @Comment 39: LOL yeah guys do not pre-ejaculate. hold your damn wallets tight… wait for it…. wait for it….

  • WaveLightning777

    Agh. Wish this was up last night; I JUST bought Armored Core and the ME pack in Minecraft yesterday, and if I had seen this then I would have held off.

  • islam_4_life786

    my code it did not work tried to ged saints row gat out of heel but did not work

  • FJ1100_rider

    thatnks but think I;ll wait until at least Saturday before I use the code and buy anything , last time you guys had this 10% offer code I used it right away and on friday night . after a ton of people had used the code already if you go by the number of complaints afterwards , suddenly they accounce a flash sale and lots of psn users miss out on getting even better prices on the same games they just bought

  • True_Gamer-27

    Great, together with InFamous First Light discount ill get my first bought (not ps plus free game) for my less than a week old PS4!

  • Looks good at first but consider this

    Plus memberships were just on ebay from a legit seller for $40 found it from ign deals

    Most older games are overpriced on psn and can be found for a much deeper discount
    GTA V is $40 on amazon
    AC Unity is $20 on amazon
    The order is $40 on amazon

    Lastly we can’t use this to pre order upcoming games no MK X no ESO no Uncharted

    This discount is only great for indies which I love and dlc or season passes.

  • Thanks Sony! This was totally unexpected.

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