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Apr 16

Apr 16

Super Time Force Ultra: Journey & The Order Characters Revealed

Nathan Vella's Avatar Posted by

Co-founder and President, Capybara Games

Hey everyone in PlayStation land, it’s Nathan from Capy here! You might remember us from such titles as Critter Crunch, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes or Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. As some of you may already know, our latest game Super Time Force Ultra (STFU for short, and yes its intentional) is headed your way soon, landing on both the PS4 and Vita as a cross-buy title!

STFU is all kinds of crazy: a time-travelling, bullet-spraying, rocket-launching, dinosaur-skateboarding (huh?), kaleidoscopic orgy of explosions, jokes, and pixelated madness. Its a game we’re crazy proud of and crazy excited to bring to you guys.

Half the fun of STFU comes from controlling a cast of powerful, kooky, and sometimes downright bizarre playable characters (19 playable characters if anybody’s counting!) With the jump to PS4 & Vita we thought it only fitting to add a few new faces to the mix. Check it out…

Last december at PlayStation Experience we announced that none other than President of Sony Worldwide Studios himself, Shuhei Yoshida was joining the Super Time Force Ultra squad as a playable character! With a weaponized smartphone, Shuhei Yoshida kills with kindness–blasting through enemies with heart emoticons and relentlessly positive tweet rockets!

Super Time Force Ultra: Shuhei Yoshida
Super Time Force Ultra on PS4 & PS Vita

But Shu didn’t come alone – in fact, he brought a couple very close friends.

Everyone’s favourite nameless, berobed figure from the PlayStation hit Journey is coming along for the ride! Using grace, agility, and of course, scarves the Journey traveler offers an entirely unique way to encounter the carnage-fuelled levels of STFU.

Having rid London of beastly ghouls in the Order: 1886, Knight of the Round Table, Sir Galahad will also be suiting up with the Super Time Force. Wielding a Luger pistol and a chaotic arc rifle, Sir Galahad provides players with an electrifying jolt of action.

Super Time Force Ultra: JourneySuper Time Force Ultra: Sir Galahad

Super Time Force Ultra on PS4 & PS VitaSuper Time Force Ultra on PS4 & PS Vita

We’ve also created special Trophy challenges for many of the characters in STFU, including our new PlayStation recruits. You’ll have to get all of them, and more, if you want to unlock STFU’s Platinum!

That’s all for today, crew. We hope you find the… TIME… to play STFU when it drops on PS4 and PS Vita very soon!

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Mercenary09 said:

April 16th, 7:16 am

Wow this is pretty awesome. This game keeps getting better and better.

XxTigerheartxX said:

April 16th, 7:21 am

the pixel graphics are amazing in this title. Look at those particle effects and glows. Gorgeous.

santrellos said:

April 16th, 7:23 am

Wow. This is radness++!

l3uddha_0ne said:

April 16th, 7:40 am

YES! Day 1 , take my money

FlashDrivePrime said:

April 16th, 7:47 am

Journey’s main character seems really out of place in a game about shooting…

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 7:55 am

    That juxtaposition is exactly why we wanted to do it… and exactly why it was so fun for us to do. Building a character in STFU about movement & traversal (rather than about explodiness) was tough, but I think it turned out awesomely.

    We’re really thankful to thatgamecompany & Santa Monica Studio for trusting we could make it rad.

LongTallnUgly said:

April 16th, 7:48 am

That was the best thing I’ve ever seen!

yowzagabowza said:

April 16th, 8:09 am

It looks pretty good. Ill have to see a lot more before i consider buying it. Im sure it wil be out of my indie price range ($10), so I’ll be waiting anyway.
Is there a reasin all you indies arent making games that both look AND play good? The retro thing is way past getting old…


April 16th, 8:24 am

A few questions I have a a you and please answer:
1. Will game also be Cross-Play?
2. Will more PS characters be added in the future?
3. How much longer do we have to wait for the game? The suspense is killing me!

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 9:02 am

    1. The game is single player so cross-play can’t happen. It will be cross-buy though.
    2. These are all the PlayStation exclusive characters for now.
    3. You won’t be waiting too much longer. Sorry for the painful suspense!

    Hope these answer all your questions. If you have more, just ask and I’ll do my best to respond.

fonefoo said:

April 16th, 8:56 am

to many people complaining about “graphics” lately… I personally love this style. It’s not so much retro when you compare it to an actual 8 or 16 bit game. Sure there were sprites but nothing as beautiful as this.

the same game with 3D rendered models wouldn’t have the same charm, and the overall mechanics would change as well since you would expect 3D characters to move more realistically.

I for one really appreciate the look of these type of games.

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 9:00 am

    Thanks for saying so.

    Really though, art is subjective and we don’t take someone disagreeing with our style/taste as an insult. People like what they like :)

Corn-Pillow said:

April 16th, 9:02 am

Cant wait to take Shu with me everywhere in my vita!

theredeyedronin said:

April 16th, 9:03 am

AAAAHHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Can’t wait! Someone time travel to the future and get this game for me!

megacarlos said:

April 16th, 9:31 am

All indie devs need to learn from this adding ps exclusive characters instantly got me interested. Hopefully the price is right will get on my vita. Will it be cross save with ps4?

ModeSelektor said:

April 16th, 9:35 am

Love it
Platinum Trophy ?????

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 10:26 am

    Yep, there will be a platinum in STFU

thekillermiller said:

April 16th, 9:46 am

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I’m screaming like a little girl!

hyutsume said:

April 16th, 10:01 am

The game will have something like level, skill or upgrades ? and please, put blood borne character now :D

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 10:34 am

    It has new characters unlocked throughout the game – 19 in total. You start with 3 characters, and either inside of levels or by completing goals you add new characters (including Shuehi, the character from Journey & Galahad) to your team.

tusunami said:

April 16th, 10:26 am

It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎮🎮🎮🎮

L2K7 said:

April 16th, 11:08 am

Will the Vita version be compatible with the PlayStation TV?


April 16th, 11:13 am

This is rad,

Coheno said:

April 16th, 11:59 am

You’ve long ago sold me on STFU, but you just sold me on The Order 1886 with that image! Holy crap it looks amazing!

Heavyman99 said:

April 16th, 12:18 pm

Sir Gallahad never really finished ridding London of beasts, since he was thwarted with a sequel hook.

nYcFrEeWiLL82 said:

April 16th, 12:28 pm

If this game would’ve took the game design style from SHANK I would be all over it. I cant do 8-bit games anymore. That retro stuff hurts my eyes. *____*…I cant wait till SHANK or Bionic Commando make another game. I had a blast with them. I really wish I could play them on my PSVITA that would be a huge plus!. This game looks like its a lot of fun but visually I just cant.

Ethereal said:

April 16th, 12:32 pm

Loved what I got to play at PSX last year and it was greeting meeting with the devs and talking about the game mechanics. I have been looking forward to it since and this just ups the ante! Love the inclusion of PS franchises and Shu! More games should do this! Consider a copy sold. Keep up the awesome work guys.

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 3:39 pm

    Thanks so much for the awesome words. I was one of the Capy crew at PSX so we likely chatted ;)

rabidninjamonky said:

April 16th, 12:32 pm

This is looking great, I can’t wait to play this on vita! Is this going to be a ps4/vita simultaneous release, or is the ps4 version going to be released alone with a “sorry the vita version will be released at a later date”, only to be never heard of again, like every other vita game recently?

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 12:40 pm

    PS4 & PSVITA will be released simultaneously :)

Symbiotx said:

April 16th, 12:35 pm

Oh man, I was hoping this would eventually come to PS4. So pumped about it. Very cool that extra characters were added!

madness3030 said:

April 16th, 12:37 pm


    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 12:42 pm

    We’re hoping to get our release date locked pretty darn soon. We’ll share it as soon as we know… but you won’t be waiting too much longer for it to release!

MakoSoul said:

April 16th, 12:45 pm

LOL. Ratchet would have been SO much better than Galahad, but whatever, can’t wait for STFU!

madness3030 said:

April 16th, 12:47 pm

Awesome Nathan!!! Throwing my monies at the screen as I type!

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 3:40 pm

    Just don’t throw coins, they’ll scratch your screen.

rabidninjamonky said:

April 16th, 12:59 pm

Thanks for the response Nathan, I can’t wait to play this! Also, I loved Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, and would love to see a vita port or sequel.

    Nathan Vella's Avatar

    Nathan Vella said:

    April 16th, 3:41 pm

    We still love Clash of Heroes. Very proud of it. PSVITA ports and/or sequels would be entirely up to Ubisoft… so let them know you want to see one!


April 16th, 1:03 pm

Thanks for the reply Nathan. I didn’t know this game was single player only. I thought it had co-op also. Still buying the game when it comes out. Thanks for bringing the game on the PS consoles. Can’t wait to see what you guys at Capy have next. Please don’t make it time exclusive, if you do, bring it to Sony first this time ;)

Amnalehu said:

April 16th, 1:47 pm

ENOUGH with all the great PS4 games! We have to eat at some point! Seriously, I can’t wait to play this and I am SOOOOOO glad it’s also coming to the VIta. Love your games!

xClayMeow said:

April 16th, 1:49 pm

Coming soon…I smell May IGC!

Fingers crossed

bray4ever8 said:

April 16th, 1:53 pm

Nice, I thought this looked fun on XB1 last year. Looking forward to picking it up on PS4 now.

PhoenixML21 said:

April 16th, 1:54 pm

Is the game cross-save and is it cross trophies?

Bad_Brains said:

April 16th, 2:25 pm


That is the sound of me trying to resist the PC version while I wait for the PS4 version to release.

MakaiOokami said:

April 16th, 2:40 pm

Hey Capy, you may remember me from that time last week or so I went crazy and started asking questions about other games you guys have worked on, and while the answers weren’t happy answers, I’m grateful you guys answered me.

Well all of that was born out by seeing the Xbox getting STFU while I had nothing from you guys to buy!

I do really think you need to talk to someone about porting Critter Crunch to PS4 and VIta.

But this will be fine for now.

Might just have to postpone The Handsome Collection till a sale, so I can grab this.

So… I guess all I really have to say is that I love Capybara Games on Playstation and here’s to (hopefully) a long and fruitful campaign.

Usually I’m mad after reading the comments on the PS Blog but this one has been refreshingly positive. So glad that REAL gamers and not just graphics ________ (word that can’t be used in polite company) are making posts. I didn’t buy Legend of Zelda Windwaker or it’s spin offs because I couldn’t handle the art style. I don’t go to Nintendo and cry to them about it. I just accept it’s nto my thing.

Astroking112 said:

April 16th, 4:01 pm

Seeing Galahad made me realize how much I want Ratchet and Clank to make an appearance with some of the iconic weaponry (Pyro Blaster and Sonic Eruptor, or perhaps the Razor Claws and Mr. Zurkon?) from the series. But, I guess I understand the urge to push The Order forward, especially seeing as a sequel’s inevitably coming.

Seeing the Journeyer made me wonder why thatgamecompany didn’t want him to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Perhaps Superbot didn’t emphasize a more unique, non-shooting style enough?

Smashbro29 said:

April 16th, 7:51 pm

So let me get this straight, you got the president of the company in the game and decided he should use a generic smart phone rather than say… a walkman? Or a PSP? Or a Vita? Or anything Sony has actually made?

spacemonkeyham said:

April 16th, 8:54 pm

I swore I’d stop buying games because I like the art, but I can’t resist this one.

bbswarrior_11 said:

April 16th, 11:40 pm

This looks pretty sweet… cool that´s gonna be cross-buy. Loving the fact that the traveller from Journey is gonna be in the game, cause I thoroughly enjoyed that game.

Macello said:

April 17th, 6:03 am

THANK YOU for the simultaneous Vita release! THANK YOU for the platinum! I hope Below’s Xbox exclusivity is not very long. Please bring Super Brothers to Vita.

Qu3st39 said:

April 17th, 6:48 am

STFU and take my money

plaztiksyke said:

April 17th, 11:19 am

looks fantastic!

Clash of Heroes port to Vita may be up to Ubisoft, but Critter Crunch on Vita should be within your control ;)

what about cross-save?

sfbsfb said:

April 17th, 12:39 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this game on another platform. It really was a blast. It was very satisfying to gradually bring more firepower and different characters to the situation, and finally overcome the opposition. So much action. Recommended for people who enjoy games along the lines of Gunstar Heroes – although this one plays differently, I feel it has a similar spirit to it.

Great job Capy.

I likely will get the PS4/PS Vita versions for the portability & the new characters.

Welmosca said:

April 17th, 12:53 pm

Damn this game looks great and a lot of fun…what a great idea you guys had and I’m loling at the acronym for Super Time Force Ultra…STFU…LOL.

Figboy said:

April 17th, 4:02 pm

This game looks so fantastic. I cannot wait to play it on the bus rides to and from work on my Vita!

Crazymanwalking1 said:

April 17th, 5:22 pm

After watching the video i have to say “HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN OR HEARD ABOUT THIS!?” ……..i mean the music and the visuals is just amaze-balls! SO MUCH CHAOS, I LOVE IT. Kudos for adding Shuhei and those other PS Characters in the game (if they weren’t already there…)

I must have this ASAP Day 1 Buy

Knightfyre said:

April 18th, 7:06 am

You can easily access your preferred power options.

reson8er said:

April 18th, 8:55 am

Love it, buying the second it becomes available. Thanks for bringing this to PS gamers.

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