PlayStation Blogcast 161: Set the Stage for Broken Age

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PlayStation Blogcast 161: Set the Stage for Broken Age

Listen up, friends: not only do we have an amazing show this week, but we have a series of amazing shows in the weeks to come! But first: renowned developer and director Tim Schafer stops by to talk about Broken Age (and tell some jokes). Plus, a bonus interview on the upcoming PS4 shooter Alienation. Is this the blogcast you’ve been waiting for? Probably not! But enjoy!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Broken Age
  • Alienation
  • Super Time Force Ultra
  • Pasta… no, wait

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The Cast

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  • Ryan Clements
    Ryan Clements
    Ryan Clements

    Enjoy the show!

  • Gamerzlimited

    Why are Nick and Justin crossed out? Did something happen to them?

    And to Ryan, you’re awesome as always.

    • Justin Massongill
      Justin Massongill

      We got lost in the internet! (I’m out of town covering Star Wars Celebration.)

  • jgrizzle358

    Sid Hunter Shuman. Heh.

    Mine is Christoper.

    Justin Christoper Grove

    don’t ask me why I’m telling you that I just for some reason feel obligated to tell people my middle name when I hear thiers lol

  • Mercenary09

    Thanks for another episode guys! Looking forward to what you guys have planned. Best Playstation Podcast on the internet in my opinion.

  • jgrizzle358

    Sid and Tim have great chemistry. I love how Tim plays off of Sid’s quirky mouth phrases and makes a savory joke.

  • Not the Blogcast we deserved but the one we needed. Great show you two!!

  • jgrizzle358

    Well crap. Now I’m competition with BBSWarrior. Thanks guys. >_<

  • bbswarrior_11

    We´ll fight to the death, jgrizzle. XP

    I´m really excited for Alienation since Housemarque does nothing but awesome games. I Love going back to Resogun now and then, Dead Nation was pretty rad and this looks like it will be crazier and bigger.

    Would have liked to listen more of you guys but I always appreciate your talks with developers. Great job on the interviews, Sid! Looking forward to the packed episodes you´ve hinted at.

  • You can easily access your preferred power options.

  • Can’t wait to play broken age, it’s one of my most anticipated games of this years and it’s going to be amazing on ps4! ?

  • darkworld2153

    Broken Age was failure game for pc. Why Sony want this ****** game?

  • BlueBl1zzard

    hahaha I love the episode description Ryan! Anxious to give this week’s episode a listen!

  • please fix the spotify app because there is a bug that does not allow at times to recognize the entire playlist.

  • BlueBl1zzard

    Hey guys, I have my own mystery theme of the week. In the blogcast opening theme, does ANYBODY know what the guy says at the 0:07 second mark? It sounds kind of like “chunk” or something like that. I’ve been wondering what it is he says for years (I’m pretty sure it used to be in the older playstation commercials as well?)

  • Great interview! That was fun.

  • ColonelOCorn

    Dang J. You were Tom Gilmore, then Jason? Now the commenter forgot your name?


    Goodness gracious.

    Enjoyed the show. Ryan’s voice cracks are hilarious.

  • lol Ryan was kind of bogus for the ending but you know what they say Sid… Karma is a swift mistress. :p

    great episode. Short sweet and to the point

  • Ryan, you missed a great opportunity to abuse your Resssident Eeeevil voice this show as it was just you and Sid. Next time..

  • On that note, whenever Nick puts on his Batman voice I literally think Christian Bale just stepped in the room and joined the ‘cast, it is PERFECT! You gotta milk it way more Nick, seriously, it’s amazeballs.

  • LydiaWeston

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  • Despair_Of_Ice

    So Justin D. Clements?
    Are you in some way related to Monkey D. Luffy?
    jajaja, now seriusly whats your middle name? i get curious since sou said it was a secret.
    Sid your middle name rules by the way.
    note: In case you don’t get the joke i was talking of luffy from one piece.

  • petethepanda


    I backed on PC, but I’ll definitely be double dipping for PS4/PSV. Can’t wait!

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