Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 May 26th

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 May 26th

Hello, fight fans! Are you ready to get your game on with Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4? The amazing team at Other Ocean Interactive is putting the final touches on this fantastic version of the Capcom classic. I’d love to get it to you sooner, but honestly, we’re playing it too much, so you’ll just have to wait!

Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4

All the characters, all the levels, and all of the DLC that have been launched so far will be included in the PS4 version of the game. Also, a few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: we’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform, so it’ll be good to go for all your tournament needs!

We are aiming for the digital release of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4 on May 26th, 2015 at a price of $24.99. This would launch simultaneously in the Americas and Europe. There is no physical version planned for this time.

Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4

I’m really excited to share the PS4 version of this classic with you, and if you want to fight me online, I’m usually the guy playing as E Honda and getting my butt royally kicked!

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  • Woop, woop!

  • Sonicfan11589

    YES FINALLY! My PS3 copy won’t work for some reason. Also the day I start my Karate class for my gym credit.

  • OnesOwnGrief

    Woah, $25 for everything?!

  • Sonicfan11589

    And it’s $24.99 for the digital or both digital/retail?! Either way, I’m going digital. $25 is a STEAL!

  • OnesOwnGrief

    Does this game work with PS3 Fight Sticks, specifically the licensed Street Fighter sticks from MadCatz?

  • slambert215

    Will definitely double dip! Will there be a physical release?

  • Target-4012

    Can I still use my PS3 matcatz street fighter tournament fight stick for this? Apparently the devs at skullgirls can do it.

  • XxTigerheartxX

    that’s pretty cheap, also support for PS3 arcade sticks please. Skullgirls is going to implement it, and Mk has it too.

  • Dat price point… Man… I’m so there. I mean, I was anyway, but… Damn…

  • $24.99? This is an excellent price. So good I had to log in just to comment this. That is perfect. I can sell my PS3 copy for the PS4 copy now.

  • TenaciousTaco45

    This and MKX…I am so happy :)

  • rafael_martines

    I’m really curious about the trophy list, mainly the trials and C-to-C ones

  • LilTortillaMan

    $25!?!?! That’s a good deal!!!! Is it going to run at 60fps?

  • That price is perfect thank you I can’t wait to play this again :$ ??

  • What about those of us that have it from PS3? Do we get a free upgrade to PS4? Or something?

  • saiyanknight87

    Thank you baby jesus!!! lawd lawd lawd! i’m so hyped i been waiting for this!


    Sweet!! Will this be a free or heavily discounted for people who purchased the digital version on PS3?

    (Dead or Alive:LR gave people the PS4 game free if they purchased it on PS3).

  • Wait Wait Wait. All of that content for $25….You sure Capcom did this!!! What a great deal! I’m in there for sure.

  • Support for PS3 fight sticks/pads please.

  • ChazzyChazX

    I was hoping these for 14.99, I had bought too many version including the PC

  • Blitzkrieg_exe

    This is my most hyped game of 2015!
    $25!? That’s amazing.
    I’m buzzing with excitement.
    Will there be a digital pre-order/pre-load feature?

  • Wow, talk about nailing that debut digital price. Good job!

  • theAdamCurtis

    No physical and no stick support = no buy.

  • saiyanknight87

    wait will there be a physical retail version? please i would appreciate it if so! or at least give us the option to preorder it digitally too.

  • That’s how you bring a beloved game to this gen. Great package, great content, great deal. Definitely buying it.

  • Will it be in 1080p?

  • Also, now I need to buy a second controller.

  • Finally, I’m glad I skipped it.

  • What about transporting saves?

  • Ummm..about that PS3 Stick compatibility …

  • Infinity_GemsX

    Awesome!, Not really feeling MK X too much so this would help me give it a break.

  • Digital only? No Thanks

  • It’s a great price but I already have everything on the PS3. If there was some sort of limited time upgrade/PS Plus discount launch day/week I’d definitely jump on it day one, but otherwise I might be patient. It depends.

    Just curious, since you guys are doing all these great definitive editions, how about an Asura’s Wrath PS4 Definitive Edition? I think it could benefit from one. And Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo needs a good 3DS and Vita port (yes, for both, and yes I’d buy both day one— that game is my weakness) and new life on the PS4 (I’d buy it too).

  • KazeEternal

    I’ve been enjoying arcade stick support on Mortal Kombat X for my old PS3 Arcade Sticks. Can I expect the same or will I be passing this purchase up so I can save for an arcade stick to replace my old ones?

  • Hi there, thanks for the update :D but… is it gonna be Digital only? no retail love? T____T also, mi very common question this days is: Will my PS3 madcatz Tournament edition 2 work on this game? thanks :D

  • This should be only 9.99 for people who already bought Ultra SFIV on PS3….. 24.99 is not bad but we already PAID full price for it on PS3 so 9.99 for us is best option here…

  • WOOOW!! I’m playing the handheld version of the game every day and wanted to play it on console and now it’s $25?!?! I’m feeling stolen ;) I Love You Sony Playstation!!! I hope it will be €25 to in europe! Thank you sony! Already waiting 5 months and now my dream comes true! Love you!!

  • Mr-Android-

    @35 – If you have the PS3 Madcatz TE 2, then yes it will work, as the TE 2 has a switch for both PS3 and PS4. If your stick is not a TE 2, then I don’t know.

  • Abra versión física

  • BlaqMagiq24

    If there’s a physical version for 24.99 I’ll be all in. But if it’s digital only I’ll be holding off.

  • BlaqMagiq24

    Oh forgot to ask. This is probably a long shot but will we be able to transfer our data from PS3 to PS4 or are we starting from scratch?

  • eljuamposo94

    $25? is something wrong with Capcom? day 1 then :D

  • there will be some kind of pre order?

  • Finchtastic9

    Avengers and now this. May is looking awesome!

  • AriesWarlock

    Good to know there are improvements.

    @Gio Corsi

    Is the building the list thing still on?

  • Now THIS is an announcement I’ve been waiting for. I CAN’T WAIT!!

  • n_duncanson

    I was completely prepared to ***** about another re-release of an older gen game for full retail. But $25? I’ll triple dip I guess. Please tell me this uses the labzero ps3 stick driver though.

  • saintdragon666

    Why no physical? It is possible to change this?

  • PiccoroDaimaoh

    Will it be compatible with PS3 Arcade Sticks, just like Mortal Kombat X?

  • Caio_Shadowman

    No Retail copy? please… and Vita needs USFIV too

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