GUNS UP! Private Access Opens Today – Join the Fight!

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GUNS UP! Private Access Opens Today – Join the Fight!

Today, Valkyrie Entertainment and San Diego Studios are happy to announce the launch of our new Private Access for GUNS UP! exclusively on PlayStation 4.

“What is a Private Access?” you ask. Private Access is your invitation-only pass to play GUNS UP! before anyone else. The purpose of the private access program is to employ the help of you, the community, to make a good game event better.

Guns Up!

How to Join GUNS UP! Private Access

If you’re interested in joining the private access program, go to to sign up. When your number is called, you will receive a voucher code on to download the free game on your PS4. Just playing the game helps, but if you really want to help shape the game, get on the forums and let us know what is and isn’t working for you.

GUNS UP! is in beta as we continue to work on and roll out new features, so please keep in mind that there will be unfinished portions as well as a few glitches here and there. Also, don’t worry if you don’t get called up right away as we plan on adding new batches of users throughout the Private Access period.

Guns Up!

We are excited to create a free-to-play service title that we plan on continuing to refine based on your feedback all the way up to and well beyond launch.

What’s New?

Lots of new features and refinements have been added to GUNS UP! since our public demos at E3, Gamescom, PlayStation Experience, and PAX. If you missed out on what was shown back then, check out our latest trailer to see the game in action.

With our current Private Access release, not only have we added the ability to build your own base and attack other players, but we have added customizable units, upgradable structures, and many other improvements. The core gameplay loop of attacking and defending is now all there and we think it is quite fun and very addicting. We hope you agree when you try it… for free.

We are avid gamers ourselves, so we take the challenge of designing a fair, free-to-play PVP game seriously and are focused on delivering a fun experience where skill and strategy matter. As we are continuing to put the final touches on the game, we invite you to play along with us and voice your opinions on our forums at as we march from Private Access to launch for all PS4 players!

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  • Mercenary09

    I really want to try this one out. Hope I get picked.

  • Downloading now. I look forward to playing! Long live Playstation!

  • Do we get an email when our number is called?

  • Dang, we can’t record gameplay :(

  • Looks terribly fun. Hope I get that email…!

  • Sweet looking forward to this game!

  • Awesome I got in! I singed up a long time ago. Glad that paid off. DLing it now, hope it’s good :)

  • You have to go to to sign up and see if you are in. There isn’t an email. This is what it looks like when you get in.

  • I was really looking forward to the PS Vita version :(

  • Jeremy Ray

    You have to go to to sign up and see if you are in. There isn’t an email. This is what it looks like when you get in.

  • Vita too?

  • perfectly_human

    Why didn’t Ether One go through this “Private Access” pre-released testing process first so that PS+ subscribers weren’t turned into de facto beta testers without being told that’s what they were getting into?

  • @11 Superstone:

    Unfortunately, the PS Vita version got cancelled.

  • Yey!!, I got in. Will try it out soon where can I leave feedback for the game?

  • AThreePercenter

    Looks great! Hope it comes to the Vita someday *wink wink nudge nudge*!

  • Lame to cancel the vita version, this game fits it more than PS4.


    Sweet!!! Another AAA game for my PS4.

  • For those that don’t get in, myself and other PlayStation MVPs will be streaming the game. I’ll be on tonight @

  • Any chance you guys go back to doing a Vita version after the PS4 version releases?
    Even though I have a PS4 my interest in this was for the Vita :/

    • I don’t think there will ever be native Vita support, but I wouldn’t say it will never happen as I’m usually not a believer in absolutes. I know this isn’t native Vita support, but Remote Play on Vita does look cool though.

  • No Vita, No buy!

  • mdhairul77AS

    damn .. have reeive the code but when redeem in PS Store said invalid.. how to fix this issue try submit bug report but failed.. how come like this.. have waitted so long

  • Looks great!
    “Please stay tuned”

  • WenartLiang

    for ps4 only??? I waited this game on VITA for so Long and you guys just cancel it? shame on you!!

  • Another perfect Game for Ps Vita but Only ps4…?

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I Got In This Games Access Last Week :)

  • Astroking112

    I’ll try it anyway since it’s free, but I was really only looking forward to this on Vita. It’s a shame that that got cancelled.

    I know that the chances are grim, but I’d love to see this game there. Personally, I think it makes much more sense and would be more likely to get noticed and retain players, given the competition.

    But maybe it’s just me that would rather sit down to play Bloodborne, and take stuff like this on the go. It looks great, but it looks great to take with me, not to take myself to it.

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