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May 22

May 22

Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 Tuesday, New Enhancements Detailed

Gio Corsi's Avatar Posted by Director, Third Party Production for SCEA

Update, July 6th: Today, a new update rolled out in North America. See below for the full list of updates.

  • “Skip” function mapped to Cross button during cinematics
  • Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
  • Anisotropic filtering improved on all stages and characters
  • Antialiasing added on all stages and characters
  • Reduced pixilation on various UI elements
  • Multiple audio balancing fixes
  • Addressed multi-hit audio issues
  • Increased resolution of visual effects
  • Sonic Boom graphical fix
  • Fixed multiple localization and font issues
  • Improved save functionality performance
  • “Press Start” replaced with “Press Options”*

* Note that “Press Start” isn’t a bug — it was originally left in intentionally as a tribute to Street Fighter IV’s arcade roots, but due to players’ requests, we have changed it to “Press Options.”

Update, June 11th: Today, a new update is rolling out for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 in North America – see below for details.

  • Reduced input latency
  • Addressed matching not working correctly within the Replay Channel
  • Fixed bug where character movement SFX are replaced by ambient stage sounds
  • Improved online match performance
  • Fixed localization issue in Spanish for the control customization UI
  • Fixed bug where grey box appeared around OPTIONS in MY LIST
  • Fixed resolution “snap” between menu transitions
  • Fixed crash bug where leaving the game in Trials for extended period
  • Addressed Juri pinwheel graphical corruption
  • Added Special Titles (from Prize Codes). Note: There are no more Prize Codes, which is why the input is disabled
  • Fixed bug where Title/Icon Scroll speeds were sluggish
  • Adjusted volume of announcer compared to other sound levels
  • Overall audio balancing to correct volume levels; several corrected audio bugs

Update, June 3rd: Today, an update for Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 is rolling out in North America. Today’s update addresses the following issues.

  • Reduce interface lag within menus
  • Addressed disappearing projectiles
  • Fixed Decapre’s teleport animation
  • Fixed Rolento’s audio glitch (during victory screen)
  • Fixed missing SFX for Red Focus attack
  • Fixed Akuma’s stomp SFX not playing
  • Addressed bottom portion of the ON/OFF text being cutoff under the graphics settings in the Options menu
  • Removed extra character ¦ that was sometimes displayed in Leaderboards at the end of a player’s name even if they have not set it to be there
  • Fixed issue when seeking an Arcade match-up with LAN cabled disconnected and then starting up training results in a message ID being displayed
  • Addressed Online IDs not appearing correctly
  • Addresses issue when changing the HP bar’s HUD position in Options, the Online ID HUD position does not move with it and is displayed at the default position
  • Anisotropic Filtering (AF) changes to decrease blur
  • Fixed appearance of white box after backing out of a command list menu
  • Addressed Fight Request issue in Arcade Mode

Hey crew! Gio Corsi here, Director of Third Party Production, and I wanted to give you all a quick “great news” update on Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 with less than a week before its digital launch on May 26th!

The big update: Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS4 FightSticks, of course. But we’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well. For more details on how this will work, please check the Capcom Unity or Lab Zero sites after the game launches on May 26.

Other reminders:

  • Ultra SFIV on PS4 will be running at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second for all your fighting glory.
  • The PS4 version of USFIV will also include all DLC launched up to this point, including the most recent Vacation and Wild costume packs.
  • A few of you hardcore Street Fighters out there said that there was minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3. Well, don’t worry: We’ve eliminated it to make the PS4 edition the ultimate version on any platform!
  • The price is $24.99.

We’ll see you online next week! In the meantime, check out Capcom’s brand-spanking-new trailer above celebrating the upcoming launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4. Enjoy!

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paulogy said:

May 22nd, 7:03 am

Very cool. Good prep for SFV, too. Gio, will we get to see you on the E3 stage this year?

[ Dxe’p jnzfnsn Tnkgh’v zfnv. ]

Mercenary09 said:

May 22nd, 7:05 am

Thanks for doing this Gio. Hope to see you on stage at E3 announcing more Third Party Relations games =)

MisterAxle said:

May 22nd, 7:06 am

This is comically ridiculous. How many prefixes and re-releases are we going to have for the same game and call it something “new” every time? Stop screwing around with Street Fighter IV. Get over it. Move on.

    EsperKazumi said:

    June 13th, 1:52 pm

    I don;t think anyone HAS called it new?

    Alot of people HAVE moved on… to another console and would still liek to retain their skills.
    Everyone plays fighting games differently. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but fighting games are now a sport where people like to hone their skills while staying social with like minded gamers.

Xbox1_Sign_Out said:

May 22nd, 7:06 am

I’d rather have Street Fighter 3 on PS4.

Vilens said:

May 22nd, 7:07 am

Video doesn’t work…

    Gio Corsi's Avatar

    Gio Corsi said:

    May 22nd, 10:45 am

    Fixed now – apologies!

MaNiiaC- said:

May 22nd, 7:08 am

This is great prep for SF V and at a good price. I’ll pick it up.

werewolfgold said:

May 22nd, 7:09 am

The video is set to private, sillies.

    Gio Corsi's Avatar

    Gio Corsi said:

    May 22nd, 10:46 am

    Thanks – updated! Apologies!

Thiagots85 said:

May 22nd, 7:10 am

Cant wait to get rekt online.

c_my_art_j said:

May 22nd, 7:14 am

I’m looking forward to this but wish I could pre-order this, and hope ALL the online issues have been fixed.

spacedelete2 said:

May 22nd, 7:17 am

i would rather have Street Fighter 2 or 3 on PS4. i played Ultra Street Fighter 5 on PS Now and the game is awful. at the very least i’ll wait until the PS4 version goes free on PS Plus.

saiyanknight87 said:

May 22nd, 7:46 am

can we please get a PS4 theme for Street Fighter 4/5 please! @Gio lol

saiyanknight87 said:

May 22nd, 7:47 am

Also it sucks this wasn’t up for pre-order! we needed this for preloading!!!

JumpMan33 said:

May 22nd, 7:49 am

PS3 stick support makes this a day one buy :) thank you Capcom

RyuZX said:

May 22nd, 7:52 am

What’s with the “all the DLC released up to this point” crap? Retire this game, Capcom. Geez. That makes me less likely to buy this game since you have more DLC, which has so far been absurdly overpriced, waiting to be released.

Goodacre0081 said:

May 22nd, 7:54 am

this is great news. thanks for listening to us and doing the right thing with using Lab Zero drivers. keep doing things like this instead of going for quick cash or marketing agreements and you’ll win this generation handily.

langdon said:

May 22nd, 7:56 am

This is really tempting… it will be the something like the 10th iteration/version of the game I will have purchased.

HOJU99 said:

May 22nd, 7:56 am

Hopefully they give us a retail release for those of us who still prefer games in our display collections.Come on Sony dont let us down.

Blind-Lunacy said:

May 22nd, 8:01 am

I’m really looking forward to this. I always loved Street fighter, bought every version and i’m not going to stop now. I fight in local tournaments so it’s good to keep the fighting games fresh and this ps4 version will be awesome. woooo

@14 and no one was forcing you to buy the DLC, this time you get all the DLC for one price including the game. That in my book is a Great Value.

Dark_Tooth69 said:

May 22nd, 8:07 am

@MisterAxle This port isn’t targeted towards casual fighting game players. The competitive community is still alive and it’s actually getting bigger. As of now the Xbox 360 version is the tournament standard for USF4, but since Sony and Capcom are partnering for SFV they’re changing this to the Ps4 version. All SFV tournaments are going to run on Ps4, and they’re making the switch now so all the players can start buying a Ps4, and a fightstick/pad to prepare for it’s release.

RyuZX said:

May 22nd, 8:12 am

@18 No, just no.

alexRSBR said:

May 22nd, 8:24 am

Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this since I’ve bought my PS4: day-1 buy! I don’t get the complains: if you don’t want, don’t buy it. I had it for PS3, my only console now is the PS4 (and I think many people are in the same situation).

Dreology619 said:

May 22nd, 8:37 am

@14 What are you talking about? There is no more DLC coming, they’re giving you all the DLC that’s been released with the full game.

LeMatster said:

May 22nd, 8:43 am

Sad to see so many people *****ing here, if you don’t want USF4 just don’t buy it!! Problem solved!

KazeEternal said:

May 22nd, 8:51 am

PS3 Arcade Stick support?

KazeEternal said:

May 22nd, 8:56 am

NM I’m sorry I missed this. Should bullet point this with the enhancements. It’s an important feature and I consider it an enhancement for any PS4 fighting game I get (also a deciding factor to buy it).

” But we’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well.”

Airiaen said:

May 22nd, 9:03 am

Idk if I’ll buy it the third time, nothing really major or different

DeathKiller49 said:

May 22nd, 9:06 am

Fantastic work with the stick support team and port in general (hopefully I won’t be disappointed), I play with the controller but this is great news for others nonetheless. I second #11 and 12’s comments. It would’ve been a lot better if we had the option to pre-load the game so I can play it when I get home instead of waiting for a surely long download. I also wouldn’t mind a USF4 Poison team or SFV team. c:

DeathKiller49 said:

May 22nd, 9:07 am

theme* not team

rafael_martines said:

May 22nd, 9:09 am

SONY plz Help Namco to bring Tekken Tag 2 to PS4 too… plz plz plz

Viewtiful_Gene said:

May 22nd, 9:21 am

This will have enhanced DLC, isn’t it?

RyuZX said:

May 22nd, 9:40 am

@22, I specifically quoted the wording. Or look at the asterisk at 33 seconds in the video above.

modern_soul said:

May 22nd, 9:44 am

Add me to those asking for Street Fighter 2 and SF3: Third Strike. Capcom is rereleasing those games and Darkstalkers 3 and SF Alpha 2 to Taito Nesica arcades in Japan so it’d be easy to do. The version of SF2 they’re rereleasing is really cool because it’s the anniversary edition that has every edition of SF2 included that had ever been made. Please look into this. PS4 will be the definitive console for fighting games this gen so please bring these classic games here.

MapleStory said:

May 22nd, 9:50 am

Great to know that I can continue to use my Street Fighter X Sanrio fightstick on the PS4! LOL I’ll be honest, I wasn’t crazy about Street Fighter IV (have always been a hardcore SF3 fanboy) but I think having the game in all its glory on the PS4 may change my feelings towards it.

Now how about porting SF3 or Ultra SF4 to the Vita, Capcom? We’d all love you for it!

robhorine711 said:

May 22nd, 9:59 am

Is there going to be a sale on plus in the first week.

Snow_King8 said:

May 22nd, 10:03 am

Hmph Ok thats one reason to get Ultra Street fighter IV anything else coming along with the fighting Game ??

Dreology619 said:

May 22nd, 10:11 am

@31 Yea but It seems that you misunderstood the the quote. Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but I’m assuming you thought there would be more DLCs coming after the game is launch but that’s not the case.

Guy-Sensei said:

May 22nd, 10:15 am

Will we be able to transfer ANY of our progress to the PS4 version if we’re coming from PS3?
Save Data?
Network rank?

Monterossa said:

May 22nd, 10:27 am

Y U No Marvel vs. Capcom 4?

Hakumen__ said:

May 22nd, 10:29 am

Hi Gio, any news on PS Vita games?

Do you think that with your current relationship with Capcom it could be possible to also port the first Resident Evil Revelations (preferably the HD console version) to the PS Vita? At the time it was the only console handheld that didn’t get the game (it was released on PS3, 360, Wii U and 3DS).

Also, could you please also check with Capcom what happened to their attempts to get Breath of Fire 3 and Mega Man Powered Up on the NA PSN?

Finally, have there been any talks with Inti Creates in regards to bringing Azure Striker Gunvolt to PS Vita (and perhaps to PS3 and PS4 as well)?


May 22nd, 10:48 am

Are my eyes deceiving me?? I have to ask now because someone came at me on twitter when I stated that the price is $24.99. Is this the actual price of the game or something else?

Nacthenud said:

May 22nd, 10:54 am

I can use my PS3 Fightstick? $24.99? Ok, I’m in on day one now. Thanks!

siriusbee said:

May 22nd, 11:03 am

Great job on including the Lab Zero drivers.

evilgambit said:

May 22nd, 11:04 am

The PS3 Madcatz Fight Pad will work?

ClamperBR said:

May 22nd, 11:09 am

Great news! This sold the game for me!

But please don’t make the same mistake NRS did requiring two DS4 controllers because of profile settings.

BlaqMagiq24 said:

May 22nd, 11:13 am

@38 Monterossa

You can thank Disney for that.

While ANY progress transfer over from the PS3 version to the PS4 version?

videoman190 said:

May 22nd, 11:14 am

Will it have an option to turn off the in game commentary but keep the announcer on? Also will the new version to have story mode?


May 22nd, 11:19 am

Can we start pre-order the game??

NinjaMicWZ said:

May 22nd, 11:27 am

I’d always hoped for Street Fighter IV to come to Vita since Street Fighter x Tekken turned out so amazing on it.

Tomoprime said:

May 22nd, 11:45 am

What about x arcade dual stick? I have the USB version which used to support PS3 until a firmware update.

I know they sell a separate 2 in 1 PS3 / original Xbox adaptor but I already own the original xbox adaptor which allowed PS3 support through USB of the x arcade stick. They are working to sell a dedicated PS4 adaptor too. I just don’t want to buy something that will be obsolete again. Having both PS3 PS4 support would be cool in an all in one.

Thanks for the heads up on the fighting sticks.

xeno3d said:

May 22nd, 11:58 am

Is this being released digitally only or will there be a retail release too?

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