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May 29

May 29

Summer School Starts Tuesday: Class of Heroes 2G Comes to PS3

Ryan Olsen's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, MoneyPaw Games

Just when you thought it was time to ditch the books and kick back for some lazy summer days, school will be starting right back up. The digital version of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3 will be accepting new students June 2, 2015. This is one grid-based, dungeon crawling RPG master’s program you won’t want to miss because we have a launch trailer you get the exclusive first-look at:

Starting summer school at Crostini Academy of Adventuring Arts, your school in Class of Heroes 2G, you’ll realize this isn’t your typical place. You’re tests are epic boss monsters, your teachers will get you geared for a life-or-death battle in the labyrinth and your friends stick right by your side to level up.

In Class of Heroes 2G, there is a significant amount of brand-new content that RPG fans should be excited to start studying up on. Weather effects can alter the flow of battle, new maps are ripe to explore, HD graphics and bigger bosses to take down.

Class of Heroes 2G on PS3

Class of Heroes 2G on PS3Class of Heroes 2G on PS3

One new addition that is cooler than a neon colored trapper keeper (depending on your generation, you might need to look that up) is the North American exclusive feature that allows your PlayStation Vita to become a second screen and control most of the action. The constant access to menus, statuses and maps will put some adventurers at the top of their class.

This digital release marks the wide release of Class of Heroes 2G. A few months earlier, we fulfilled a very small request for physical printed boxed copies of the game that were marked with serialized holograms. It’s the only batch of physical games created so if you see one in the wild, it’s a rare sight indeed.

The digital version will be available to download on your PS3 via PlayStation Store for $44.99.

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paulogy said:

May 29th, 8:03 am

 ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄

[ To KF: Hope you guys have a smooth Colin & Greg Live on Friday :-) #KindaFunny #MomoCon #MouthGuy ]

BretBaber said:

May 29th, 8:08 am

This isn’t related to this post, but any rough idea when Final Fantasy VII HD might release? I’m hoping for a release date reveal in advance so I can ask for a couple days off. Maybe I already missed the reveal?

ScutumMagister said:

May 29th, 8:09 am

Cool, I’ve really been looking forward to this and hadn’t gotten around to ordering a physical copy yet.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 8:18 am

    They physical boxes of the game aren’t being sold anymore (there might be one small retailer who has a few left, I can’t be entirely sure). There was only one printing of the game so it’s a very rare sight to see the game in the wild! Hope you enjoy the digital release :)

perrandy said:

May 29th, 8:19 am

not a huge fan of dungeon crawlers to be honest.but why dont you guys make the psp/vita ver.of this playable on the vita tv.i already bought that game and due to limited resources i cant double dip

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 8:22 am

    You can play Class of Heroes 2 on the PlayStation TV thanks to the emulation feature. Just recently made that available in the game. If you’ve bought it from the PSN, you should be able to play on the PS TV. If you have troubles, hit us up on Twitter @MonkeyPawGames

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 8:27 am

    Just to clarify, Class of Heroes 2 (the PSP release) works on the PS TV :) You’ll need a PS3 for Class of Heroes 2G.

perrandy said:

May 29th, 8:31 am

nope, i just tried it and it says this app cannot be used with this system

Hakumen__ said:

May 29th, 9:03 am

Got my physical copy already, but I’m glad it is now available for everyone else.

On a somewhat unrelated note, can you share what other localization projects are Monkeypaw Games working on?

I also want to know if there’s any chance at all that you might be able to bring some PSP gems such as Fate/Extra CCC and Valkyria Chronicles 3, which unfortunately haven’t come to the west so far.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 9:04 am

    We announced Class of Heroes 3 for the PSP as our next localization effort. The games you’ve mentioned are incredible and I’ll bring them up to the team in Japan as a request from the fans!

MegaRayIII said:

May 29th, 9:40 am

What happened to Tomba 2 English release? I bought it a year ago and haven’t download it ever since I dont know Japanese. I thought it’ll come eventually. But one year later and it didnt come.
Really disappointed.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 9:57 am

    The issues that were present in the Tomba 2 release that prevented us from releasing the English in North America haven’t been resolved. We haven’t forgotten about it and we’ll continue to try and make it possible!

Monterossa said:

May 29th, 9:40 am

so the game is coming to the dust collector? why not PS4?

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 9:54 am

    The game was originally made for the PS3 and the localization efforts take time. If you need to factor in the work to port it to a new system, then it would take much, much longer to release.

SeanStrange said:

May 29th, 10:45 am

Wait, 45$ for a 5 year old port from the PSP to the PS3? Something doesn’t seem right here.

MegaRayIII said:

May 29th, 10:49 am

Be honest. Is Tomba 2 is still coming or should I just gave up and play it Japanese?
And what kind of “issue” are you dealing with?

EndRant said:

May 29th, 11:05 am

I completely forgot about this, wish I could’ve gotten a physical version ( ._.).

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 12:19 pm

    You still might be a few (seriously, like only a handful) at boutique retailers but the digital release has all the same content as the box – we’ve even included the full-color instruction manual to access in the digital game.

Welmosca said:

May 29th, 11:34 am

Saw this in the home page and thought it was a fighting game…how disappointing.
You guys are Monkey Paw or Money Paw?…in the video says Monkey but in the side of your name says Money lol.

@ 9 Monterossa – They say ignorance is a blessing.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 12:22 pm

    Haha! Good catch! We’re MonkeyPaw :)

    What kind of fighting games are you into? We have some fun arcade retro ones, but would love to give you some other recommendations if those aren’t your jam.

boomstickbhg said:

May 29th, 1:02 pm

thanks very much for finally getting this up on PSN.

Gotta love the PS3, still getting fun games/RPGs and for under 50$

Wasn’t sure if I was going to buy this right away due to other recent and upcoming releases, but in the end I really want to play it ASAP so I’ll be grabbing it digital day one.

For those looking for physical copies of the game, Videogamesplus . ca is still selling copies for 69.99 Canadian. After tax/shipping it’s about twice the price of Digital, but it’s still out there if you check the right places.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 1:50 pm

    Thanks for being a fan and planning on getting the game Day 1! Means a lot to us and just confirms the dedication we see for these types of games :)

    Good spotting on the retailer! I couldn’t remember their name :)

Nerroth said:

May 29th, 1:05 pm

Hello Ryan,

To follow up on #7’s request for Fate/Extra CCC: might it be more difficult to get a grasp of that title now that its publisher Imageepoch is no more; or would the negotiations for the game instead go through Marvelous Japan (the game’s Japanese publishers) and/or Type-Moon (the creators of the various Fate/ IPs)?

Speaking of all things Fate/ related, I wonder if T-M might consider porting the upcoming iOS/Android RPG Fate/Grand Order game to PS Vita. (Probably not, but you never know…)

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 1:56 pm

    IPs and who owns them (and in what regions) is one of the trickiest parts of the localization process. But that’s the fun, chasing down some fantastic Japanese games and talking about possibilities can lead to all kinds of cool stuff happening :)

Nerroth said:

May 29th, 2:07 pm


Thanks for the reply. Tricky as they may be, I hope your team at MonkeyPaw succeed in navigating those challenges and bringing more Japanese handheld titles to the West.

Speaking of which, are there any Vita titles in Japan which you yourself are keeping an eye out for? There’s quite a growing list being posted about on sites like Gematsu and Siliconera, though it remains to be seen how many of these games will end up making it over to Western shores.

Kishnabe said:

May 29th, 3:33 pm

Been waiting months…..missed the physical release by a week or two. By that time the price jacked up a bit.

Looking forward to trying this. Heard it one of good DRPG besides Etrian Oddysey.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 4:19 pm

    Thanks for following the game! Sorry you missed out on the physical release! We’ll keep offering them for future special releases like this, so hopefully you’ll catch the next one :)

EndRant said:

May 29th, 5:06 pm

I’ll try to get a physical copy but if I can’t I’ll get digital. Can you guys look into localizing vita games, there’s demand for a lot of jp games that a lot of times don’t make it west.

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 29th, 5:57 pm

    Good luck on your physical box hunt! The good news is the digital version will always be there for you if it doesn’t work out :)

    Localizing games from Japan is something we love to do! What games are you personally interested in seeing coming over to the west?

Poopookakabumbum said:

May 29th, 5:53 pm

No physical release, no sale.

sic2291 said:

May 30th, 4:43 am

I will definitely buy this but not day one. I’ve spent a lot on games lately and tbh I’m more interested in Operation Abyss(loved Demon Gaze, CoH not so much but still interested in the sequel since I hear it’s better) which is coming out in less than two weeks.

MapleStory said:

May 30th, 1:16 pm

Finally! I’ve kept my physical copy sealed, waiting patiently for the digital release to finally come out. Was starting to lose hope and ALMOST considered opening the game because I’ve been dying to play a dungeon crawler as of late! Do you guys have any other games in store for PS4/PS3/Vita release down the line? Keep up the great work!

    Ryan Olsen's Avatar

    Ryan Olsen said:

    May 30th, 7:40 pm

    Thanks for being a fan! Fans like you are why we keep doing what we do. Seriously, from everyone at MonkeyPaw, thanks! :)

    The next game we announced was Class of Heroes 3 for the PSP. Once we get 2G launched, our cannons will be pointing towards that new effort :)

EndRant said:

May 30th, 8:26 pm

The vita has found it’s niche and it’s Indies and Japanese games. Games like yoru no nai Kuni, utawarerumono: false mask are just two of the many I’m excited about that will probably never make it to the states. Games by companies like aquaplus and landmass games would sell well in the states.

I realize that you have to do research as to which ones would be a better fit according to what people want the most but please try, really looking forward to whatever you guys bring next.

EndRant said:

May 30th, 8:35 pm

Aquaplus and kadokawa games*

TheCraZyCloWn said:

June 1st, 7:22 am

Must be a bunch of competition trolls around here….rating posts downwards. I say, disable the rating system.

ShadowStar83x said:

June 1st, 3:29 pm

Took long enough, but at least it’s here now.

Holyangel94 said:

June 2nd, 9:48 am

Hope that I get on of those physicals, otherwise I must pass on this game, sorry!

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