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Jun 04

Jun 04

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Out October 9th on PS4

Arne Meyer's Avatar Posted by Director of Communications, Naughty Dog

You’ve asked for it and we listened. Today we finally get to announce that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception are being released for the PS4 in the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, available October 9, 2015!

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Since the launch of the PS4, we’ve seen plenty of requests across our Twitter, Facebook, and message boards all over the internet to provide remastered releases for the first three games in the Uncharted series, which sold an amazing 21+ million copies and garnered an average 92 Metacritic rating. We couldn’t agree more. What better way to prepare for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End than to revisit – or play for the first time – the first three games that launched the fortune hunting icon that is Nathan Drake?

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Early last month, Eric and I took a trip to Austin on the down low to visit the incredible team at Bluepoint Games to check out Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection in person and get ready for this announcement. What we’ve seen of the game so far looks fantastic!

The team at Bluepoint Games is incomparable regarding their portfolio of ports and remastered releases, and we’ve been working closely with them to bring over our engine to make Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection an exemplary game. That means not only delivering the single-player campaigns of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in 1080p and 60fps with better lighting, textures, and models, but also adding a range of improvements and additions across all three games including Photo Mode and new trophies. We put together the list of these improvements and additions based on countless forum posts, messages, Tweets, and even through personal conversations we’ve had with a number of you over the years. More on these specifics in future updates.

By pre-ordering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection today, you can receive the Nathan Drake Pack which includes single player skins of iconic Drake outfits as well as everyone’s favorite weapons: the Golden AK-47 and Golden 92FS guns. If you pre-order the digital download via the PlayStation Store, you will also get an Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection PS4 dynamic theme as an immediate download.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on PS4

Pre-order The Nathan Drake Collection

Oh, and one other important note, buying the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection grants you exclusive access to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer Beta version (while the Beta is available, of course.)

With the release a scant four months away, we’re looking forward to getting you ready for Drake’s next adventure with the remastered versions of these first three Uncharted titles. With luck we’ll be able to put together some opportunities for our fans to see and play parts of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection prior to its release. We’ll keep you posted here in the upcoming months.

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paulogy said:

June 4th, 7:01 am

NATE?! YEEEEEEEeeeeeesssss…

OneNudeBanana said:

June 4th, 7:04 am

Hello Colin and Greg from Kinda Funny! I am super excite for this.

MolotovMan1263 said:

June 4th, 7:04 am

Ah man, Paulogy beat me! I tried I really did?

KindaFunnyGames: What does a new collection of great games mean for our favorite family?

OneNudeBanana said:

June 4th, 7:06 am

I shall now shadowbox in anticipation.

TomasFodor said:

June 4th, 7:07 am

I’m super excited!
P.S.: Love you Colin & Greg!

janusfilmsfan said:

June 4th, 7:08 am

Great stuff. Love that Bluepoint is handling the port. But, I confess to be a bit bummed that the multiplayer isn’t included in this. I guess there’s no plans to release at least the Uncharted 2 multiplayer portion of the game is there? Thanks and can’t wait to dive back in.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 9:13 am

    No plans to release MP again. There’s access to the U4 beta so you’ll get your multiplayer fix.

Blackmagic316 said:

June 4th, 7:09 am

Multiplayer for Uncharted 2 & 3?

GaMeCuBeFLOP said:

June 4th, 7:11 am

More Elena for Uncharted 4 Please!

cannanpaj said:

June 4th, 7:11 am

Will definitely be buying this.

Hi Kinda Funny Games! You guys called it!

ossiecastro5 said:

June 4th, 7:13 am

Will online multiplayer be included? It would be nice to get some Uncharted game nights up and running.

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 10:03 am

    No online MP for the game in the collection. Access to the U4 multiplayer beta will be included tho!

AncLEoniX said:

June 4th, 7:14 am

Pretty sweet idea you all had hope the price isn’t too high. Have played all of them and love of if ya haven’t played them then this is a must buy for ya. On my hand tho I hope the price is about $40 for the set.
$60 is just too much

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 10:04 am

    If you do the math that’s only $20 per game AND you get the U4 MP beta. Not a bad deal.

Billy_The_Puppet said:

June 4th, 7:14 am

No Golden Abyss :(

paulogy said:

June 4th, 7:14 am

For those concerned about these being the single-player campaigns only, I suspect ND may have a plan to bring U2 & U3 multiplayer characters, weapons, and maps into Uncharted 4 multiplayer. If not initially perhaps as DLC down the line. At least, that’s what I think they should do…

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 11:07 am

    We don’t want to split up our awesome U2 and U3 MP communities that we have right now either. Everyone who buys collection will get U4 MP Beta access and it’ll be a fun way to get ready for U4!

StalkerD said:

June 4th, 7:14 am

Sad to see that the Multiplayer is not included. Wasted opportunity to really make a fantastic package.

StalkerD said:

June 4th, 7:15 am

Specially considering that Uncharted was one of the best multiplayers of the last gen

GrafUlrich88 said:

June 4th, 7:16 am

Hey Arne,

This is awesome news!!! So excited! I will be pre ordering this!

I wanted to ask if you guys and gals at Naughty Dog would please make tons of “Avatar Pictures” and also several “Dynamic Themes” for the PS4 based on all your games as well.


Rob aka Graf

DanteAMT said:

June 4th, 7:16 am

WOW Naughty Dog I LOVE YOU. I have asked for this in like 10 of your posts and you deliver, THANK YOU !
After October 3 more Platinum trophys for me on Naughty Dog`s games :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Oh again THANK YOU !

dukenukemserious said:

June 4th, 7:17 am

Very excited to play these again I really hope the new trophies are fun.
What’s up Colin & Greg

MajorSkilog said:

June 4th, 7:17 am

Will the games support stereoscopic 3D ? Playing U3 in 3D was a amazing :)

SoulEaterNiku said:

June 4th, 7:17 am

No multiplayer…?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 12:23 pm

    Yes, access to the Uncharted 4 beta! No MP from the first three games. We didn’t want to fracture the current player pool and community.

SegaSaturn617 said:

June 4th, 7:18 am

Hopefully you’ll do a good job transferring this to the PS4 mainly because Ultra Street Fighter 4 was an ultimate lazy port. There is still input lag btw and as a SF fan that was looking forward to it, you guys really messed up big time. Glad Evo gave you the middle finger and went with the 360 port. If you’re going to get an exclusive, make sure that exclusive is a good port. Not a fan of wishing that someone gets fired from their jobs but whoever the team that worked on it, they’re terrible.

Stringer2355 said:

June 4th, 7:20 am

Will there still be 3D support for Uncharted 3 ?

    Arne Meyer's Avatar

    Eric Monacelli said:

    June 4th, 1:42 pm

    No 3D support, no.

    Bigbadwolfe143 said:

    June 12th, 12:44 am

    Boooooo…I can see why no 3D on the first two but being it was on the 3rd I can’t imagine it being to hard to add it or should I say keep it. Please look into adding it even if it’s post launch. Pleaseeeeeeeee!

    billyboone said:

    June 18th, 12:36 pm

    Mr. Monacelli, PLEASE make Uncharted 4 with stereoscopic 3D! Uncharted 3 was THE GREATEST 3D experience I’ve ever had, way better than any 3D movie so far!. PLEASE, I’m begging you, on behalf of millions of players who enjoy your unparalleled immersive gameplay (especially with 3D). Thank you!

TobiHarrison said:

June 4th, 7:20 am

There better be an Uncharted HD collection for VITA too, because its not even funny anymore, the way the VITA is being treated. And It better not be poorly done or half-a**ed like most HD collections were done on VITA.

This is Sony’s chance to actually make the VITA famous in the west, an exclusive God of war game for VITA wont hurt either.

I love sony but somethimes, they give up too easily without trying, like they almost did with the PSP.

Wes_Bray said:

June 4th, 7:20 am


sonuyos_rox said:

June 4th, 7:20 am

Why does it says Single Player campaign for all three games?

Wont there be multiplayer?

That would be bad :O

haldalish said:

June 4th, 7:21 am

Really no multiplayer? Welp looks like a pass for me and many others. Great decision making there guys.

JDSSLP said:

June 4th, 7:21 am

This is cool. Additional things I would hope for:

– consistent controls across the three games
– add “throw grenades back” to all three games
– gyro fine-tune aiming from Golden Abyss (best mechanics of the entire series IMO)
– inject randomness in some U3 encounters (some were too whack-a-mole with obvious patterns)
– Tweak the “crashed plane” and “counting house” areas of U1 so that they offer more gameplay variety
– Tweak the endgame of U2 so that it offers more gameplay variety
– Consistent Elena look across all three games
– Golden Abyss HD (this was a good game on its own, and a very underrated soundtrack)

Chidori_93 said:

June 4th, 7:23 am

So no Multiplayer Trophies that’s a PLUS for me Day One Buy.

Hamood07 said:

June 4th, 7:23 am

no Multiplayer?

cubbielovr said:

June 4th, 7:24 am

While I will miss the multiplayer, I like the idea of getting a polished version of all three single player campaigns. Can we please get a pre-order link that works?

Ninevolts said:

June 4th, 7:24 am

Will finish all three of them on my Vita via Remote Play. Thanks, Sony, I mean it.

FreshRevenge said:

June 4th, 7:25 am

Here’s a question, what is the price?

Bluepoint did a crappy job on the first God of War game. All the cinematic were still in SD mode which rendered it crappy looking during the cutscenes on a HD television.

RySly said:

June 4th, 7:25 am

What’s Tommy Timmy going to do now, he can’t afford Fallout 4 AND Uncharted…

Dimidium said:

June 4th, 7:26 am

Hopefully Crushing will be unlocked from the get go similar to what was done with TLOU Remastered.

JosephDUDEhola1 said:

June 4th, 7:27 am

Yesssssssssss Nate! Time to dip and dip and dip :D #NaughtyDog4TW!

Hayades said:

June 4th, 7:28 am

I am very exited to replay and re-plat those games. Can’t wait to see uncharted 1 looking better. And no online trophies is awesome news to me.

bigz5253 said:

June 4th, 7:28 am

Uncharted my ps4 is waiting for you!

saiyanknight87 said:

June 4th, 7:30 am

Please have the multiplayer included i’ll uc2,3 anything please please please!!!!

xobter said:

June 4th, 7:30 am

YES! Oh, man I wish this was coming this summer.

Anyway, I needed an excuse to play these games again, and this is it!

Mayoubaz2 said:

June 4th, 7:31 am

It’s great news ;-)
Collection and beta multiplayer for uncharted 4

Patchingko said:

June 4th, 7:33 am

Hmm I’ve got them on PS3 from PS Plus, but I haven’t played them yet… Probably worth waiting for the prettier versions!

MarinoBrea said:

June 4th, 7:34 am

Kitty got wet

GoPens35 said:

June 4th, 7:34 am

It only plays Ps3 games.(If you buy them again)

W1ck3d_p said:

June 4th, 7:35 am

Oh man. This is fantastic. Huge Uncharted fan and I recently had my ps3 games stolen. This is perfect timing. I can get my uncharted games back on my PS4.

CEK111 said:

June 4th, 7:35 am

Thank you Naughty Dog and Bluepoint! This was above and beyond what I was expecting! And with my PS3 having just died, this is a perfect timing!
Best of luck with the new few months guys, then take a break, okay? :}

DanteAMT said:

June 4th, 7:36 am

Naughty Dog I do not know if you will read this, BUT THANK YOU AGAIN. October will be an amazing month for me because of YOU. I can’t wait to see the trophy lists for the collection. I hope there will be 3 Platinum trophies like in Jak & Daxter Collection. Can’t wait to get em :) :) I hope you will not overdo with too many multiplayer Trophies. My best enjoyed platinum on your games were Jak III & Uncharted 1.


Butters360 said:

June 4th, 7:36 am

Really hope that we get an updated PS4 1080p 60fps version of UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss as a DLC add-on to fully complete the Nathan Drake Collection.

bigkurz said:

June 4th, 7:36 am

Please unlock Crushing difficulty from the start. I wanna try earning those platinums!


you probably won’t see this since it’s not the top…but I’ve got mad love for Colin, Greg, Nick, Tim, Kevin (I guess) and of course the Timmy family.

CEK111 said:

June 4th, 7:37 am

Also, is this a joint project? Is some of the ND team taking time to work on this, or is it all Bluepoint? :)

BRA_Spectro said:

June 4th, 7:38 am


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