Death’s Gambit Coming to PS4

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Death’s Gambit Coming to PS4

Hello everyone! Alex Kubodera here from White Rabbit with some exciting news to share! Death’s Gambit will be coming to PS4 in 2016!

Death’s Gambit Coming to PS4

Become the agent of Death, and rid this world of immortals.

Death’s Gambit is a challenging 2D action RPG, where you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors. It’s a nonlinear open world game, gated by epic bosses that test your mettle and force you to think outside the box. Several bosses and roaming creatures require you to climb them and fight while on the shoulder of giants.

Death's Gambit on PS4Death's Gambit on PS4

Expect a deep combat system that makes you feel like there is always room for improvement. With multiple weapon types offering unique attacks and effects, becoming familiar with your weapon of choice is essential to overcoming your foes.

The story so far…

Death's Gambit on PS4

The central conflict of Death’s Gambit begins with your character on the verge of his own demise at the hands of an immortal. You come face to face with Death, who extends a bony finger and offers you a deal. Undeath, in exchange for destroying the source of immortality that plagues this world. A deal swiftly struck, for you are not yet ready to wander the afterlife.

There is still much to be revealed, so stay tuned! We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into the world of Death’s Gambit, and we look forward to seeing what you think in the comments!

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  • califoreigner

    this looks amazing! please consider bringing it to the Vita

  • Looks great! Please put it on the Vita aswell, it would be an incredible handheld game :)

  • This looks pretty sweet. Just sucks that we have to wait until next year for it.

  • Looks really nice. Getting some Castlevania meets Shadow of the Colossus vibes which is awesome. Good luck with the game!

  • So 2d souls(demon/dark) series?

  • Wow! Can see clear influences from Castlevania and Shadow of the Colossus. What’s up Colin and Greg!

  • Looks awesome. Definitely Symphony of the Night influenced.

  • Day 1 purchase, that trailer was all the convincing I needed! Can’t wait to see more in the future.

  • This looks like an interesting mix of Shadow of the Colossus, the Souls games and the wonderful 2D platformers from yesteryear. Really liking the art style, but even moreso the sense of action. Looking forward to it!

  • This looks like an interesting mix of the Souls games, Shadow of the Colossus and the classic 2D platformers from yesteryear. I really like the art style, but moreso the sense of action & motion. Looking forward to it!


    no vita

  • The game looks fantastic.I had zero knowledge about it before this post but now I can’t wait to purchase it and start playing it.

  • Great!! I hoped it would be coming to PS4, amazing news! Looks like an interesting mix of Metroidvania, Souls and SOTC…

  • Come on Sony why show us a game not exclusive? I don’t wanna see PC games.. Console exclusive don’t count…

  • I was surprised that this adult swim game is coming to console.

  • Looks great, but I’m not sure about the scarf animation, a bit stiff.

  • Robbie_G_lrish

    Whew… This looks genuinely frickin’ awesome. I’m writing it down haha.

  • gerneric123

    No Vita, no interest. Sorry.

  • yowzagabowza

    Interesting, but the trailer looked kinda clunky. It seems less fluid than necessary. I’ll keep an eye on it. If its more than $10, theres no chance ill buy it, though.

  • OnTheBus666

    Yes I saw this game a while ago and am so excited for this one. Please bring it to VITA

  • I was going to say that I’m starting to get tired of the pixelated style, and then the giant bosses showed up. We need more of those in games which makes me wonder why I never finished Shadow of the Colossus.

    • Also the protagonist looks a lot like the protagonist from Hyper Light Drifter. It might just be the scarf, but the helmet closely resembles it too.

  • Bring to Vita.

  • Wow, I would sure love this game if it was a world so heavily influenced by medieval tropes.

  • ElektroDragon

    Looks like an Amiga game! I’ll buy it sure, as long as its nothing like Rogue Legacy…. blechhh.

  • stilbocarpa

    Finally a game to look forward to! Loved the Castlevania meets Shadow of the Colossus vibes. Day 1 buy for me.

  • TomatoDragon

    This looks pretty darn cool.

  • HomessaHomem


  • So basically this is like Shadow of Colossus then but a 2D game.

  • yup, i’ll echo all the other comments on here. would LOVE to see this on Vita!

  • Looks good. Now the question is will this get a physical retail or will I be playing on PC?

  • Looks great. Would love to see this on Vita. Looks like it’d be the perfect fit.

  • This pleases me immensely.

  • Pancito_1979

    I want to play for first time with my ps vita

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