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Jun 18

Jun 18

New Tearaway Unfolded Trailer and Companion App Details

Rex Crowle's Avatar Posted by Creative Lead, Media Molecule

What a week it’s been! After all the excitement and fanfare of E3, we wanted to take a moment to show you our fantastic new trailer for Tearaway Unfolded, and tell you a bit more about our brand new companion app which will be launching with the game on 8th September!

As you might have heard, a small group of Molecules packed up their papercraft suitcases and headed to LA this week to show off Tearaway Unfolded to the E3 crowds. To celebrate, we’ve made a brand spanking new trailer for E3, to highlight some of the beautiful, papery worlds you’ll be journeying through, the exciting new ‘thrown-forth’ features you’ll be using and of course, the exciting new companion app! Feast your eyes on our trailer above!

Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 14Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 13

The Tearaway Unfolded Companion App is an all new way to experience Tearaway Unfolded on the PS4. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to experience atoi’s delivery adventure with your friends and family through a second player experience! Using the app, you can access the cutting mat to cut out new creations, customise your characters, re-texture the world with photos and collaborate on creative challenges! Everything you create using the app is sent directly into the game, instantly appearing in whatever scene you’re currently playing, it’s awesome!

Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 15
We hope you guys enjoy watching the trailer! For more things Tearaway Unfolded, head on over to our blog where we’re sharing lots of behinds the scenes footage and extras from E3, as well as all our exciting news in the run-up to release – so stay tuned folks! It’s gonna be a rippin’ good time!

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rafael_martines said:

June 18th, 8:03 am

Any smartphone with android?

    KBG29 said:

    June 19th, 1:21 am

    Hope this is coming to Vita as well. Tablets and Smartphones are good in a pinch, but games and companion apps for GAMES belong on GAME devices.

    Astroking112 said:

    June 19th, 8:09 am

    The Vita would be a great place for this to launch, especially considering how many fans may have originally played the game on that system.

    I’m still annoyed that the Second Screen feature isn’t compatible with the Playroom’s AR Studio. It’s Sony’s own device, and they don’t even update it to work with their games.

paulogy said:

June 18th, 8:07 am

Hi Rex! I’ve said it many times before, but once again just want to add how great it is that more people will get to experience the world of Tearaway. And this second screen experience seems like a great way for someone who is either very young or simply not as experienced with games to still participate alongside someone playing the main campaign. This asymmetric co-op is something I loved in games like LittleBigPlanet, Mario Galaxy, and de Blob 2, so I’m glad to see you add it here :-)

elchorno said:

June 18th, 8:24 am

Vita companion app hopefully?

    sciteach said:

    June 18th, 1:36 pm

    please. something for the Vita with it!

HobanKnight said:

June 18th, 8:35 am

C’mon Sony. Why have you given up so much on the Vita? The first Tearaway was MADE for the Vita and now the “companion app” wont even be available on the Vita? YOu are seriously alienating a huge chunk of your fanbase by not supporting the Vita.

There was literally ONE game at e3 for Vita. ONE. C’mon. I love ny ps4, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a much more mobile gamer. But I absolutely ABHOR “mobile” games. C’mon, oplease, step up the support for Vita or you may lose a customer.

thefoxymoron said:

June 18th, 9:03 am

Loved this game on my Vita and am really looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful, creative ways Media Molecule is able to push the boundaries of the Dualshock 4 controller. The idea of this compilation app is terrific news as well. Bravo all around, I’m glad to see this isn’t merely a “port” as much as it is tailoring the experience for the PS4 crowd. Those players who never got the chance to play the portable version are in for such a treat!

Felldoh23 said:

June 18th, 9:32 am

Thank you Media Molecule for creating Tearaway Unfolded, I had such a blast playing the original the first time around myself and later on with my two nieces on my PS Vita! We’re so excited to get back into the world of Tearaway this fall!

Here’s to hoping that you add a PS Vita companion app as well :D

viciousmoth said:

June 18th, 9:51 am

Vita games keep coming to PS4. I feel tricked to buy one. And nothing really at E3 for Vita… Rest in peace, Vita.

    HeavyToka said:

    June 18th, 10:00 am

    There are a ton of Vita games at E3, just not many that made it into the press conference.

plaztiksyke said:

June 18th, 12:38 pm

Is it just for iOS devices, or also Vita?

Loved the game on Vita, and am excited to see all the creative uses of the DualShock 4 and improved rendering engine.

I’m still hoping for stereo 3D TV support, but I’ve learned when my questions aren’t answered at all that it really means ‘not a chance’

Hakumen__ said:

June 18th, 1:52 pm

Where are the PS Vita games? :(

ProdijusX said:

June 18th, 2:51 pm

Why isnt the companion app for the vita?

ProdijusX said:

June 18th, 2:54 pm

Glad to see so many asking for vita support

gerneric123 said:

June 18th, 3:46 pm

Last year Media Molecule said that a hypothetical Tearaway 2 would be on Vita. I think this makes it clear that was definitely a lie.

    a_striped_lombax said:

    June 22nd, 4:26 pm

    this isnt tearaway 2. its tearaway ps4 edition

TJF588 said:

June 18th, 5:36 pm

Add me in for those who insist on the companion app for Vita as well. If it was just tablets, I could understand, since the Vita’s only phone-sized, but there’s no excuse! I mean, if even Ninty can get a companion app for SSB4 onto 3DS (the same company who couldn’t make it clear their latest home console wasn’t a peripheral), then “confusion” doesn’t count, so just do it.

PrairieSky said:

June 18th, 8:27 pm

Please add the companion app to the PS Vita.

MilliePage said:

June 19th, 2:45 am

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ariasjosegames said:

June 19th, 7:52 am

I just came to post my loving to Vita too… Its sad the way they are killing it, I mean, it’s ok, it’s a PS4 title, but c’mon! was it so hard to make at least a Companion App for Vita?

Sad… really sad!

B91212- said:

June 19th, 9:44 am

I’m happy that more people get to experience this great title. One of the most innovative game I can remember, think the Vita would have done better overall if more people had tried it (maybe should have had better marketing Sony?).

Although it perhaps doesn’t look everyone’s usual type of game I can’t advise people enough to give it a try.

CaitlinKennedy9 said:

June 20th, 2:54 am

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cusman said:

June 21st, 10:54 am

I hope the Kindle Fire is supported. That’s the only Tablet thingy I got in the household.

alx681 said:

June 22nd, 7:57 pm

im also here to support my beloved vita. its such an awesome system. i carry it with me everywhere even though i have nothing to play. i wish we would get some good games.i think i read somewhere that shuei yoshida said, not to expect many more big games like killzone, uncharted GA, as we will be getting small downloadable titles more than anything.

alx681 said:

June 22nd, 7:58 pm

anyway tearaway was loads of fun and i will play it again on my PS4.

Burmecian_Rat said:

June 23rd, 1:15 am

Sony is sure great at promoting/selling other company’s products while leaving their OWN devices completely unsupported.

No wonder Sony is slowly going bankrupt. The mind boggles at their decisions.

VN_Soul-Magnet said:

June 27th, 12:03 pm

Don’t you forget vita sony? You are now focus on PS4. But how about vita? Where are Locoroco, patapon and tons of psp good game?

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