The Spanish Ninja Returns! Vega Claws His Way Into Street Fighter V

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The Spanish Ninja Returns! Vega Claws His Way Into Street Fighter V

Hey everyone!

Street Fighter V is about to get a lot more “beautiful” with the latest character reveal of the Spanish Ninja himself: Vega!

A mainstay in the franchise since his introduction in Street Fighter II, Vega believes that beauty is the truest form of strength and that he alone is the epitome of perfection. The mask he wears serves to protect his face from the blood of his victims, and his deadly three-pronged claw ensures he is able to dish out pain from a safe distance away. Learning ninjutsu at a young age from a Japanese acquaintance, Vega quickly shot up the ranks in Shadaloo, eventually becoming one of the four bosses of the criminal organization.

Street Fighter V: Vega

Street Fighter V: VegaStreet Fighter V: Vega

Left: Vega art from Super Street Fighter II
Right: Vega in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Vega returns to Street Fighter V with a brand new look and new tricks up his frilly sleeves. Possessing his trademark speed and quickness, Vega now has access to two distinct fighting modes: with claw and without claw.

Street Fighter V: VegaStreet Fighter V: Vega

That’s right, he now has the ability to sheathe his claw during battle in exchange for new moves, such as a command grab, as well as new attack properties, greatly changing the way he approaches each fight. Knowing when to toggle between the two styles will be the key to success, and it also allows for new combo possibilities. Conversely, Vega will no longer be able to pick up his claw once it’s knocked off, so knowing how to fight without the claw is a must! Players who enjoy tricky movement and the technical challenge of switching between claw/no-claw fighting styles will definitely find the beauty in Vega’s play style.

V-Skill: Matador Turn

Street Fighter V: VegaStreet Fighter V: Vega

  • Vega swiftly dodges the opponent’s incoming attack and chooses whether to launch a quick counterattack that knocks them down or not.

V-Trigger: Bloody Kiss

Street Fighter V: VegaStreet Fighter V: Vega

  • Vega throws a rose at high velocity towards the opponent. If it hits, he charges behind it and delivers a series of brutal slashes that devastate the enemy. The move can be done as an anti-air from crouch or as an air attack when jumping forward, making it an extremely versatile projectile attack, as well as a combo extender.

Fans attending Gamescom this week will be able to experience the character first hand on the show floor at the Sony booth, so be sure to stop by! I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing what players come up with once they get their hands on the character. Till next time!

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  • Mercenary09

    Cool! I always liked Vega so nice to see him back!

  • Not feeling it at all

  • OnesOwnGrief

    100% BUY. I’M ALL IN NOW.

  • always thought he was primarily a Savate fighter, but I guess Capcom would know best. :p

  • With those fingernails, he’s kinda just going overboard with the claws. XD Good to see Vega’s in this one.

  • A welcome addition to the roster, if you ask me. I always enjoyed playing as Vega for a change of pace, and I hope he retains the unique, kinda acrobatic feel from SFII. Jamie Lee Curtis will be so pleased ;-)

  • TomatoDragon

    Use to play Vega all the time. Welcome addition.

  • Wingman_SRK

    I like what they seem to be doing with him in SFV.

  • Vega looks so awesome!

  • rafael_martines

    Cool… how about Ingrid, Karin and Alex?

  • That’s Balrog. Get it right already, after decades.

  • HAHA, Bloody Kiss sounds awesome. A Tuxedo Mask attack. Awesome.

  • Meh, wasn’t really hoping for Vega. That’s another slot down, 7 to go.

  • YorlecmNwahs

    I love new Vega.

  • Tangential, but with that screenshot from SSF2THDR, may I ask, in the spirit of the festivities, to add in the trophies for that game that Xbox players have had since, what, launch? It’d give me reason to revisit it, I tell ya, since I’m more favorable toward SF3TSOE.

  • vovozico needs to make a video about this game too in her channel i guess

  • CyborgGreyFox

    Thank god Capcom is actually redesigning some characters. Mortal Kombat characters are the only ones getting updated since the beginning of their franchise. Even Namco can’t seem to update them and when they do it’s barely noticeable.

  • Capcom needs to fire their art director and re-hire Bengus & Akiman pronto!

  • Nice very nice,always liked Vega he even was ma main the 1st time I played SF…damn the game looks beautiful,I just can’t stop saying that.Anyway what a shame only 16 characters capcom…like always you must keep that old tradition of disappointing with the roster of your fighting games.

    • Forget all that… Been waiting on Sheng Long for over 25 yrs. when are they gonna put him in the game..? That’s the question…

  • Capcom & E.A. Should hire me as a consultant. We could make Billions together. The industry needs fresh ideas… Why not get them from a professional who’s been gaming over 30 yrs…?

  • shaggyfresh

    Vega looks killer!

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