Curses ‘N Chaos Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 18th

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Curses ‘N Chaos Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 18th

Every time we start developing a new game, we remember a powerful experience that we had with video games in our childhood and try capture it and make it part of our game. In the case of Curses ‘N Chaos, it’s about going to an arcade with a friend and joining forces to face that weird, hardcore, single-screen, fantasy, sci-fi mashup action game — and come out victorious!

Well, at Tribute Games we’re in our 30s (We’re pretty old!), so we lived through the golden age of the arcades. Curses ‘N Chaos is a tribute to that era and it’s meant to allow all 21st century boys and girls, as well as older gamers, to have as much fun as we had playing those great games.

Punching ‘N Kicking

At its core, Curses ‘N Chaos plays like a classic arcade game. You pick your character (Lea or Leo), pick a level, and start punching and kicking monsters solo or cooperatively. What’s special about the combat is that in addition to the smooth controls and lightning quick responsiveness, you have a huge arsenal of items at your disposal. In fact, enemies drop tons of items, so no need to hoard them! Use your items liberally, overcome all waves of enemies, and defeat the bosses!

A Recipe for Success

There is, however, a somewhat modern concept present in Curses ‘N Chaos. This “modern” game mechanic is called Alchemy! In between levels, you meet Allison, a young and ambitious alchemist accompanying Lea and Leo on their quest. Give her a bit of gold earned during fights and she’ll combine items for you to create better ones.

Curses 'N Chaos

In Curses ‘N Chaos, cooking items is going to make you stronger and give you better chances of winning. Even though Allison doesn’t make gold (she keeps it all for herself), her alchemy really is a recipe for success.

Want to know more about Allison? Read the Curses ‘N Chaos prologue comic book on our blog!

Break the Curse, End the Chaos!

We’re proud to announce that Curses ‘N Chaos will be available on August 18th! It’s a cross buy title on PS4 and PS Vita, and it features cross play and cross save.

Curses 'N Chaos

We sincerely hope you enjoy Curses ‘N Chaos! Even though it looks like a small game, a lot of craftsmanship went into it. It features top pixel art by Justin Cyr, Stéphane Boutin, and Paul Robertson, and super polished gameplay! If you want to know more, check out the Curses ‘N Chaos website.

If you have questions, I’ll be available to reply in the comments section below!

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  • SaviorMachine

    This looks charming as all hell!

    • yowzagabowza

      Not even remotely interested in this. With the name of the game i thought it was a ghosts n goblins rip off. This is even worse.

      Cant indy devs move past 1987? Cmon!

  • I’m very nostalgic for those old arcade days with co-operative action, before games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat seemed to make versus play so popular. Looks like you captured the feel to me! Really love that art style :-)

    Given you’re launching on Vita (thank you!) are there plans for PSTV support as well? Seems like a perfect fit :-)

  • Mercenary09

    Sounds good guys! Can you give us a price?

  • madness3030

    Consider this game bought!!! Can’t wait to play it.

  • Cat_and_Rabbit

    I wasn’t expecting this to be so animated! It makes me happy just watching it

    Oh I just saw that you had the fantastic Paul Robertson and Stéphane Boutin helping you out. I’ll be buying this for my vita :)

  • Looks amazing! If it launches at a good price or has a sale for early adopters I’m in.

  • Sonicfan11589

    Another game to buy for Playstation on Aug 18th, Resident Evil Revelations 2 Vita and Zombi and now this.

  • Will it have Ad hoc support for Vita? For a co op game like this it would be really nice to have.

  • madmanwithabox12

    No Europe?

  • idlehands1985

    Any plans for a EU release? If so is it the same date or later?

  • I’m going to have to try this

  • Thanks for Merc. Kings and a hearty thanks for this tile as well. Now I only need to decide whether to get this on my PS4 or my Vita; or is Cross Buy supported for this? Keep cranking out the arcade hits.

  • Otaku_Power

    The game looks very cool!

    3 Bières aussi c’est cool, y’a que du bon chez Tribute Games! :)

  • This looks wonderful! I will be there day 1!

  • Help me understand. So is this like Shovel Knight except has co-op play? If so, pending reviewing well, you got yourselves a buyer.

    • PuppetShoJustice

      It looks like it doesn’t actually scroll to either side, it’s just a static screen where enemies swarm in. Very, very much retro arcade game style.

      It looks novel and potentially fun but I kind of wish the studio hadn’t called me old.

    • Cesar-HMeraz

      “Old” is cool when it means we actually remember those arcade games of the 1980s. Or that is what I tell myself, since I was also called old.

  • Is it ok to use the two photos as background for my desktop? I really love the way it looks.

    That being said I really wish I had an arcade stick to really get invested for the feels. XD

  • Played a ton of Wizorb on my PC a couple years ago, and thought Mercenary Kings was absolutely a blast — so I will definitely be picking this up for sure!

  • SaviorMachine

    For ten bucks I can’t *not* buy this

  • Dang the music is bad ass. Any soundtrack info or release in the future?

  • Ind3structoman

    Cursed and chaotic coop?! I’m in.

  • HussamFelimban

    Game looks fantastic. Will definitely be checking it out. Will the Vita version support local multiplayer on PSTV (multiple controllers – single PSTV system)?

  • Do you have planned a special discount for plus members? definitely going to buy it.

  • SLEEPYsleep

    Awesome day one purchase. And Double thanks on the price. And triple thanks on the Vita support!

  • Most definitely getting this!

  • pablikenemy79

    Look Great! Thanks for support the Ps Vita!!

  • I just picked up a Neo Geo MVS Cabinet last week so I’m good to go on retro sprite games so, oh who am I kidding, I cannot wait for this game! Been following it for awhile and love Tribute.

  • Gillium-001

    $10? SOLD!

  • JRPG-Gamer4ever

    You can tell this shares some of the same team behind Mercenary Kings by the art style!

    I’m going to be happy to pick this up day one. I’m sure I will enjoy it and look forward to your next release! Maybe an RPG? :D

  • Are there any plans for physical merch? Like a shirt or print of some of the promo artwork?

  • Cesar-HMeraz

    This looks and sounds great! A good game for my PS Vita.

  • LurchSkywalker

    Looking forward to this!

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