PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

PlayStation Plus members! Your voices have been heard. Thanks to our Vote to Play campaign — which gave you the ability to vote on a game for our September Plus offering — we’re delighted to reveal your selection, and the first title in next month’s free games lineup: Grow Home on PS4. If you voted for Armello or Zombie Vikings, don’t worry: Plus members will get a 30% discount on both starting on September 1st, all the way through September 15th.

So what can gamers look forward to this September? Grow Home is an adorable game about BUD (Botanical Utility Droid), who is traveling the stars in search of new flora to help his home planet. In Grow Home, players will climb a massive plant that stretches from the planet’s surface all the way to his ship in space. Don’t look down.

PS Plus: Free Games for September 2015

Super Time Force Ultra is a fast-paced action platformer that tasks players with rewinding time and creating “time clones” to clear out levels. In Xeodrifter, players explore strange alien planets and discover valuable secrets to cobble together a way home. Twisted Metal celebrates classic car combat with tons of power-ups and delectable explosions. Teslagrad features beautiful platforming and smart puzzles, and La Mulana EX brings a riddle-filled adventure to challenge-hungry gamers.

These games are free for PS Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of the month! Enjoy.

PS4 PS4, PS Vita PS4, PS Vita
PS3 PS4, PS3 PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Leave us a comment below. If you’re still feeling chatty, join us in our PlayStation Community forums.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • When I think that Plus the list hit rock bottom … you guys prove me yet will most hole to still go down.
    Quando penso que a lista da Plus chegou ao fundo do poço…voces me provam que ainda á muito buraco pra descer ainda.

    • @+ samuelpparaujo – I don’t know if you have special needs with writing in English and Spanish but you have terrible taste.

    • I have tried to report jwunorton09 for trolling this forum, but got no where. Are there any mods paying attention?

    • @kemospear – relax guy, we’re having fun. if you want to cry because someone has a different opinion than you than go elsewhere. the Kleenex’s are on aisle 5.

    • @jwunorton09 : That’s PORTUGUESE, not spanish…you big blob of ignorance! -_-

      ‘Murica, F&%$, yeah… SMH

  • remember when ps+ games were good?

  • A fantastic lineup of games I just hope the Playstation community continues to vote. Remember a gaming community is only as strong as those that speak up.

  • Why no AAA Games for PS4?
    Could you please stop the Vote for Play Indies System?
    It took a PS4 Slot and there was only bad games to choice.

    We want Assassins Creed Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Wolfenstein or Alien Isolation

    2 year old Games like BlackFlag or Rayman

    • @+ RayDonovan_- if you want ass. creed get an xbox and quite crying.

    • So a little education here:
      Now just focusing on the games and NOT counting the other features of PS+ such as online play, uploading saves to online storage, etc. here is what you pay for. (This is going under the assumption of a $50 1 year membership.)
      $50/12 months = $4.16 a month, $4.16/6 games = $0.69 per game a month
      So more simple math shows it would take about 58 MONTHS to pay for a older AAA title costing about $40. Thats almost 5 YEARS!
      Now more complicated math would show that every month you are a playstation + member you are actually paying LESS than $0.69 per game as you are paying to keep ALL other games from the months since you started your subscription. (again, not counting the other perks of PS+). That math would show that in almost an infinite amount of time your subscription would not pay for a $40 AAA game, or even a $20 indie game for that matter.
      So stop being entitiled, your litterally getting games for pennies on the dollar. If you dont like it. Stop subscribing and use that $50 on a older AAA game and loose out on 72 games a year plus all of PS+ other perks. Check your privilege.

    • This haHaHyEnA dude is smoking somiething, the issue isn’t about the math the issue is about the value, I own both systems and while I like my ps4 more I’m paying for the same services on both systems and pay an extra 30 for ea access which Sony said ” our fans WOULDNT like that” of course we would like free AAA games. The reason they don’t give out any good games is they want to sell them and the reason for no BC is they want to sell the crap that is Now. Sony is just not listening to its fans anymore and that sucks. I won’t even download these titles this month.

      Guess I’ll be on the Xbox mostly. If I’m going to spend 60 on every game I buy and pay for plus and continue to support this system they better start doing something right.

    • It’s only 6 games if you spent $800 and have all 3 systems and in that case spend and extra $50 on plus and you damn well should give me AAA games. Also if they give you 12 crap games every month it still doesn’t change the fact that they are crap and won’t be played so your $4.16 a month was spent just to play online (wile also paying for your internet anyway).

  • Been waiting on a PS4 version of Grow Home since it hit PC. The wait not only ends, but thanks to PS+, it’s free!

  • B-b-but Ryan, I wanted Armello to win:(.. This month looks okay. I really wish there was more variety in this lineup though. I don’t know much about them, but it looks like they’re just different variations of platformers (makes me even more sad that Armello didn’t win). Twisted Metal is the only unique title to me since it’s not a platform game.

    Oh well.. MO-BA, MO-BA…DO-TA,DO-TA

  • I checked Europe’s post but STFU mentions PS Vita as well. (And Cross-buy)

    You might get Vita owners mad if you made a typo/forgot one!

  • I have Grow home on Steam and it is great, but it still worked out for me I was hoping Zombie Vikings would lose so I could take advantage of the almost half off sale and not lose it when my minus subscription mercifully ends and I can forget that Sony talked me into a monthly service fee on a service they could hardly deliver.

  • I have to say wholeheartedly that is one of the best months in PlayStation Plus history (at least for myself)

    All of these games that I was planning on picking up or wanted to get, and even having some games free on launch to entice the deal!? It’s Perfect!

    My only gripe is that La-Mulana just was on sale a couple weeks ago, so I already purchased that, but the fact that you are making it readily available to so many more people makes me happy because it’s a phenomenal game!

    I have on question however — Is Super Time Force Ultra cross-buy? If so, do we get the Vita version this month too?

    Thanks Ryan!

  • Seriously? Gamers spend between $300 to $400 USD for a “next gen” gaming console that supposedly is as powerful as a mid range gaming PC and we still keep getting these low rent indie titles? This is embarrassing Sony… Infamous Second Son is already far overdue, as is all the other launch titles. It’s time we start seeing at least one AAA title a month now considering we are paying a premium for your service.

    • LOL at people expecting triple AAA games every month…for a monthly subscription that is pretty much 3-4 dollars a month. Instead of complaining, just cancel your service. If you have a PS4 and need it for online gaming, then stop complaining about the games.

      I rather buy Triple AAA games on a cheap flash sale then wait for it on PS+. Some Indie games are totally worth 3-4 dollar a month subscription.

      Cloud Saving, Premium Discounts ,and mixed bag of games are worth it. It is a steal especially if you have all 3 systems.

      Can’t wait….heard Lu Mulana is excellent, happy about Teslagrad as well( will go for the easy plat but I am hoping the Vita port comes soon)

      Xeodrifter reminds me the old Megaman games….hoping to try that as well.

      Everything else not sure about.

    • if you want a supposed “AAA” game buy it instead of being cheap . fly a kite or something if you want a cheap activity.

    • Wow just wow…hmm you bought a PS4 based on what Plus offers?….hmm did Sony said PS4 games would come out of Plus only?…does games come out of Plus only?…high time you quit your ignorance the AAA games you beg for are out there,just go and buy them….you talk as if the only games available for PS4 were the ones offered on Plus,relying on Plus to play games much?…hmm your complaint is invalid.

    • Great points in the responses above me, but, another thing that the whiners keep overlooking is the fact that contractual agreements are needed to place a game in the IGC.

      Believe me, SCEA WOULD LOVE TO fill the IGC with nothing but “AAA” titles. They really would. But…

      THE PUBLISHERS OF THOSE GAMES WON’T LIKE IT AT ALL, because the decreased profits would hurt their bottom line. And, guess what? They have every right to decline Sony’s offer. It’s their product and they can sell it how they like. If you really want it, buy it.

      You crybabies really need to learn how stuff works before you start blabbing.

    • So a little education here:
      Now just focusing on the games and NOT counting the other features of PS+ such as online play, uploading saves to online storage, etc. here is what you pay for. (This is going under the assumption of a $50 1 year membership.)
      $50/12 months = $4.16 a month, $4.16/6 games = $0.69 per game a month
      So more simple math shows it would take about 58 MONTHS to pay for a older AAA title costing about $40. Thats almost 5 YEARS!
      Now more complicated math would show that every month you are a playstation + member you are actually paying LESS than $0.69 per game as you are paying to keep ALL other games from the months since you started your subscription. (again, not counting the other perks of PS+). That math would show that in almost an infinite amount of time your subscription would not pay for a $40 AAA game, or even a $20 indie game for that matter.
      So stop being entitiled, your litterally getting games for pennies on the dollar. If you dont like it. Stop subscribing and use that $50 on a older AAA game and loose out on 72 games a year plus all of PS+ other perks. Check your privilege.

    • No one bought a ps4 based on what plus offers but don’t promote free games and then give out games no one wants. Most people rather have a two year old game then a crappy new Indy. For example they give me say watch dogs, I trade my copy in and use the money towards a psn card which I would spend on the psn store therefore I have watch dogs and buy a new game Sony wins all around. But all they care is that they are out selling the Xbox so they don’t care what fans want. They sell digital games for 60 no reason for it to be the same price as a disc game yet we still buy them and support the company. How about making fans happy for once.

      And before you go off yelling “buy an Xbox then” I did I own both and pa4 is a better system but Microsoft is listening to its fans and Sony well,

      More Indy games, no backwards support, no EA access, no price change for now, no
      MP3 support, no 3d gaming, my PS3 does more than he ps4 does and it’s not that it can’t it’s that Sony won’t.

  • Super Time Force Ultra….isn’t it crossbuy. I know there is a vita version coming out as well.

  • I could not vote because my ps4 psn store does not recognize I have ps plus. Wonder how many people this is still happening two.

  • This is a great list!

  • What an awesome month! So excited for Grow Home and STFU. Will definitely be using that 30% discount for Armello which I almost voted for. Keep up the good work!

  • The plus has been ok for a while, but this line up (sands TM) is just crap. I can’t believe that the only reason that I have Plus now is so I can play online (TY MS). It has been 2 years (almost) and we have received only a handful of good games, the rest (to me) is shovelware.

    • + kemospear – good to know you have terrible taste. might as well buy an xbox

    • + jwunorton09 what part of “don’t be a jerk” do you not understand?
      I was stating my opinion & I was not trying to be an a$$. You on the other hand are.

    • @ kemospear – I am just clarifying that you have awful taste. it’s OK to disagree tough guy.

    • Look, it is obvious that you are trolling and being an ass. Do you feel better about yourself for saying that they have awful tastes in games, yet when one looks at your list of games, the question of your taste becomes questionable. Yes, I have looked at your list of games & my god what a crap fest of games you play. Granted, you have very few legit games on that list, but for the most part, its all crap. So, as you said, I am just clarifying that you have awful taste. it’s OK to disagree tough guy. Now go play your little tennis games.

    • @kemospear – awww how cute…did you cry to your mommy and daddy telling them, there’s a mean man on the internets. Not only is he a big meanie but he has played a tennis video game LMAO. Walk outside, get some fresh air and quit being a defensive dork.

    • 1. You’re free to buy the games you really want. No one is stopping you. Go ahead.

      2. You should have never expected online play to remain free forever.

      3. You probably haven’t even played the games you’re trashing. Thus, your opinion is worthless.

  • Ha! I always wanted to play Teslagrad! :D

  • Great month! Only downside is the slap that was buying La Mulana in the recent sale. Ouch.

  • Grow Home and Teslagrad look good.

  • I’m glad these AAA or bust people are going to drop their subs so I don’t have to play any games with them online on PS4.

  • Amazing Plus month.

    Three new Day 1 games is always appreciated. Day 1 games are my absolute favorite part of Plus.

    La Mulana and Teslagrad are both great games, hopefully everyone checks them out as well! Personally I can’t wait for STFU!

  • What happened to not putting games on sale that were headed to PS+ in the near future? I just bought La-Mulana ($8 sale price) on the 10th of this month…

  • What an awesome Birthday present! ^_^

  • Can someone please answer me this? Can I still play Destiny on my PS4 if I don’t have a PS+ sub?

  • I can’t even see STFU listed on the PS Store (Canadian store). Not even sure if it’s released yet. If so, don’t unreleased games normally show up but you just can’t buy them?

  • Awesome month for PS+. Lots of good games there.

  • Looks like I’ll be saving space on my PS4 this month.

  • Booo I definitely wanted Armello for free

  • Super Time Force AND Xeodrifter!? Daaaaannnngggg September kicks ass!

  • Excellent month for me…Don’t have any of them and want them all!

  • Wow, best lineup probably ever. Happy PS4, Vita owner here.

  • This latest disappointment made me realize that I’ve never played more than five minutes of a PS+ game. Think I’m finally gonna cancel my subscription. I know this is a common complaint, but the lack of AAA PS+ games on PS4 really is a turn-off.

  • I actually LIKE that we’re not having AAA games thrown at us every month. If I’m looking forward to a big, hyped retail release, odds are I’m buying it day one (or at least as soon as there’s a decent sale). I rely on PS+ for the stuff I haven’t heard of or didn’t take a chance on – and have fallen in love with several games that I probably never would have tried otherwise. I’ll take Thomas Was Alone or Limbo over 90% of the same-old same-old AAA games that get thrust into stores every year.

    If all Sony did was spoon-feed me stuff I already like, I’d feel burned because in all likelihood, I’d already own all of the IGC games before they go free (which happens often enough as it is, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for a sale). I say just relax, and try something new – I know this sounds crazy, but you might like it.

    Anyway, good lineup this month. Keep it up.

    • Well said…you have the right thought over PSPlus.The problem is that people started relying on Plus to play games thats why we got a bunch of whining ignorants every time complaining about PSN games they didn’t even tried.
      PSN games are the best offers for the IGC…you want a big AAA retail game,well stop being lazy and go buy it.Its better to get for free games you wouldn’t waste your money with,not that game you’re dying to play.
      Sony should bring back PS1 classics to the IGC and add PS2 classics too…I also miss free themes and avatars,hell they even had some free DLC once.

  • Wow! That’s quite a nice lineup! Super Time Force, Twisted Metal and and Xeodrifter were all games I never got around to play but now I definitely will! And La Mulana wasn’t on my radar at all, but now I might actually give it a whirl as well. Nice one Sony!

  • Whoa whoa whoa, I thought this vote to play thing was supposed to be IN ADDITION to our normal 6 games.
    This is horrible.
    Grow Home: a game where your objective is literally just to go… up.
    wow, much gameplay, much depth. wow >.> SERIOUSLY?
    This is exactly why the voting system is flawed..
    Armello or Zombie Vikings both would have been the better choice for multiplayer ability alone. You literally pay for PS+ and vote for the only single player only game on the list. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

    • I voted for Zombie Vikings but not everyone cares about brawlers like I do.

    • I know right? What are people thinking, voting for the thing that interests them the most, rather than going by the multiplayer/play-hours/complexity tickboxes. So silly. You’d think that the majority of the Playstation fanbase prefers single-player games or something.

      And no one ever said this was in addition to the 6 IGC games. In fact it was pretty clear from the start that it would be one of the six.

      By the way, I didn’t know anything about any of the games, so I voted based entirely on art style. For Grow Home. You’re welcome.

    • Hmm you expected everybody to follow your MP whor* thought?
      Thankfully not all the PS community has gone MP whor* yet.

    • the point is this 3 party voting system is pretty flawed in that 34% of you can still upset the 66% left over divided between 2 other games. You can gloat all you want about voting on the winning game, the point is, unless that vote was over 51% of the total (it wasn’t) you’re still the minority and disrespecting the majority of Sony’s customers wishes.

    • You’re right, they shouldn’t have given us any of the three games since none of them reached the 51% threshold!

    • Obviously the solution is to reduce the vote to 2 games or make it a 7th game for the month as to not detract from the original value of the PS+ game. That way we don’t wind up with a $7.99 single player game that 60%+ didnt vote on over several $19.99 games with more features. *shrug*

    • Well, Grow Home is the least interesting of the V2P options, but that is why it won. When voting on something like this, the option which appeals to the lowest common denomonator is virtually guaranteed to win. Armello (the one I voted for) and Zombie Vikings are much more interesting, so they had no chance of winning. Because the average person has terrible taste in…EVERYTHING.

  • wamp wamp, gonna get Zombie Vikings for the 30% off I guess and then wait for the vote on October

  • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy wasome set of games. Love grow home. Just wish i had a ps3 for twistted mettal:-(

  • It seems interesting…
    TwistedMetal is like GTA V, I’ll download it.

  • I usually am in defense of the line up each month because it’s still a great deal for about $4 a month, and while my thoughts are remain unchanged on the value proposition, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in the lineup. I feel there’s a lack of diversity this month – 4 pixel shooter/adventure titles and also the lack of a BIG title. In the past we’ve received MGS, Tomb Raider, BioShock, etc. If the selections for this month are so that we can have an awesome October, then I’m all for it.

    Either way, I appreciate that you do this. Thank for your service.

  • Nothing for me this month unfortunately. I voted for something else. I guess it’s good to see a push for indie developers, but lets not forget about the mainstream in the process. It seems like most of all games on Ps plus are becoming indie games. Not that there is anything wrong with that because those guys work hard too. But it does get old if that’s all you see every month.

  • While I definitely want to play Grow Home, it’s listing for $8.99 if I remember correctly, while Armello is listing for $24.99–that would have been the game to pick!

    Still, powerful month next month, thanks!

  • Looks like the blog was updated. Super Time Force Ultra available for PS4, now PS Vita. Super Stoked.

  • Sad that Armello didn’t win, but Grow Home is pretty neat too. I’ll be buying Armello with the 30% off. Pretty solid group of games this month.

  • A quick read of comments and I see my disappointment. “I would’ve bought grow home anyways” that’s my problem…I would have to. Armello was the question marked game in my head. Not sure I’d pay for it so I picked it. Would have bought grow home anyways but now that it’s free, why bother with armello… maybe I need to look more into Armello, a game shouldn’t be overlooked because of pricing, shame on me

    • Armello was the best game on the list. I’ve been looking forward to it for months and am disappointed (but not surprised) that it did not win. Oh well, guess I’ll have to vote with my wallet in September.

  • Woah guys you voted for Grow Thank You . :)

  • As a huge fan of 2-D platformers, this a huge free PS Plus for me, thank you Sony.

  • Oh I’m glad Grow Home won,that shows people still know what is a good game,people still have good taste for games.Anyway great month.I only have Twisted Metal out of those,looking forward to try them all and wow STFU?…haha wasn’t expecting that,great month indeed.

    Thanks Sony.

    • Good taste? Well to each their own. Those who are happy with the selection can express their opinion so let those of us who are not happy express ours. We pay for PS+ just like you!

      It’s just seems that every month (save a few exceptions) all we get are Indy games. Sorry did not get a PS4, PS3, or Vita for Indy games. All these 8 bit or so Indy games and platformers. If I wanted to play 8 bit, I would pull out my NES.

  • Super Time Force Ultra – actually excited for one of the free games for the first time, well done Sony. Next month though how about a some more non 8/16 bit style games for PS4 (your largest market I assume).

  • This month is trash. 5 platformers, two of them with retro graphics. Where’s the diversity in selection? I’m fine with Indie games, just stopping giving us indie platformers, we have enough of those.

    Twisted Metal looks good but I can’t really play my PS3 right now.

  • I know nobody likes a complainer but… to follow up on my gripe about the vote to play thing. It needs to be a 7th title (or 3rd ps4 slot)… The way it is now, We’re sacrificing our 2nd PS4 slot for this voting system and that’s not really fair, you don’t go out to eat and pay the people at the restaurant to point you over to some condiment bar and have people vote on what sandwich you’re going to eat. Not really sure why we’re paying Sony for them to tell 34% of the voters to disappoint the other 66% who split their votes on the titles who didnt win.

    I’d rather only be disappointed once by Sony’s choices than twice by Sony and and the 34% needed to pick a winner each month.

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