Leo’s Fortune, a Handcrafted Platformer, Jumps on PS4 September 8th

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Leo’s Fortune, a Handcrafted Platformer, Jumps on PS4 September 8th
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Hi! I’m the game designer on Leo’s Fortune and I’m here to tell you more about our game before it arrives on PS4 September 8th.

We (1337 & Senri) are a small team of three independent game developers from Gothenburg, Sweden. But I haven’t always been indie. Before this I was the lead designer on Battlefield 2 at DICE. The reason I went from AAA blockbusters to making indie games is because I had a desire to make games the way I want to, with the type of creative vision and attention to detail that isn’t possible at a big studio. With each game we make we try to add our innovative spin and personal touch on a genre we love. Leo’s Fortune is our take on the classic platformer.

We took classic platforming elements and put our spin on it by adding physics-based puzzles, painstakingly handcrafted graphics, and an original story with fully voiced cutscenes. In Leo’s Fortune you’ll guide Leopold on a quest to recover his stolen gold fortune and uncover the mystery of who stole it. Along the way you’ll encounter some of Leo’s quirky and suspicious family members like Uncle Sergey and Cousin Victor.

When you play Leo’s Fortune or check out our trailer, we hope you’ll notice the quality and effort we put into the graphics and environments. Most platform games are designed using a set of repeating texture tiles. We chose not to make our lives any easier and did not use a tile system. Instead, each level in Leo’s Fortune is one enormous unique panoramic image, created from scratch. We even developed our own game engine from scratch. This is why we often refer to the game as “handcrafted.” We could’ve made this game more easily using off-the-shelf tools, but we don’t think the result would have been the same.

Leo's Fortune on PS4Leo's Fortune on PS4

Designed to meet the quality of a console game, Leo’s Fortune first released as a mobile game where it helped raise the bar of expectations for what a mobile game can be and won some neat awards in the process. We’re proud to have resolutely decided our game would be 100% premium with no free-to-play elements, a difficult decision in the market today. Now we’re proud to present you with the best version of Leo’s Fortune, gloriously rendered with a 1080p graphical upgrade.

So please enjoy Leo’s Fortune on PS4 when it launches on September 8th, and let us know what you think when you find out who stole his gold. ;)

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8 Author Replies

  • That looks super fun and the characters are so cute :D

    • Anders Hejdenberg
      Anders Hejdenberg

      Take it from me with no bias whatsoever: the game is really fun! ;)

  • Looks tight! Will it have a platinum trophy?

  • A platforming physics based game I will check this out. Playing something different could be fun.

  • Bought it for my Shield Tablet, fun little game. =)

    • Anders Hejdenberg
      Anders Hejdenberg

      Happy to hear! Great to see our fans on multiple platforms :)

  • I am also interested if it will have a platinum, but I would also like to know how much this game will cost? This looks beautiful, but I’m not sure I’d pay over $15-20 for this.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen an indie game that costed more than $20. Well, besides Everybody’s gone to the rapture I think.

    • Anders Hejdenberg
      Anders Hejdenberg

      Good news! It will be $6.99.

  • AirMaxPenny

    I can pin point why I need this game, but I am ready to drop $5 on it. Looks pretty. Hopefully it isn’t any more because I will need the other $10 for beer to make it interesting.

  • is it that android and ios game?

    • Anders Hejdenberg
      Anders Hejdenberg

      One and the same! With upgraded visuals and controller support.

  • kinda reminds me of little big planet to a degree

    • Anders Hejdenberg
      Anders Hejdenberg

      We’re big fans of LBP so that’s quite a compliment! Thank you.

  • Looks gorgeous and fun!

  • This looks really interesting. Will you be planning a Vita release as well?

  • HeroKillerId

    Had fun with this on iOS would play through and purchase it again if it included a plat to hunt.

  • Ha it looks great and fun,right up ma alley.Looking forward to try it out.
    Please release a demo and maybe a Vita version?

  • Looks dope! I’m always in for a new platformer!

  • PainOfSarrow

    Got this for $1 on sale on my kindle fire hd. Best Graphics i seen on a game on my device.

  • Poopookakabumbum

    No disc, no sale.

  • I’m surprised it’s not hitting the Vita. Seems like it’ would be a great fit.

  • Anders Hejdenberg
    Anders Hejdenberg
    Anders Hejdenberg

    Tempting offer…

  • Don’t feed the bots!

  • plaztiksyke

    are the art assets now 1080p native? are the audio assets lossless (or at least 320kbps Ogg)?

    some of the mobile ports to PS4 recently have re-used their same assets and it looks/sounds sub-par on a large screen and home theater system.

    also surprised this isn’t coming to Vita. if it was already running on iOS hardware, and is already being ported to Sony APIs, the Vita should be a small porting effort. it’s possible that Sony isn’t bundling PS4 + Vita with newer deals as they wind down support for Vita hardware, I guess?

  • The character is so cute and fluffy. And the game looks fun indeed. As a fan of platformers and a supporter of indie games, count me in in for release day!

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