PlayStation Exclusive: Watch Gotham Season Premiere Today Only

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PlayStation Exclusive: Watch Gotham Season Premiere Today Only

Hi everyone! Today only, PlayStation Plus members can watch the Season 2 premiere of Gotham: Rise of the Villains for free, a full week before its network debut on September 21st.

Head over to PlayStation Store now to watch “Damned If You Do,” the highly-anticipated first episode of the hit show’s sophomore season, on console or desktop.

Watch it on PlayStation first, but don’t wait too long — this Plus-exclusive expires Tuesday, September 15th at 12:00 PM Pacific.

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  • The link dosent work,how can i get it?

    • What country do you live in? Because if you aren’t in the US you cant access it legally.

  • Only in the US :(

    • It’s super disappointing, i was excited when i saw the announcement :(

  • Naustradamus

    For the love of holy god…

    Would you please … at one point on this blog … start mentioning when things are US only.

    As a Canadian, I’m starting to not be nice, and not wanting to say sorry here >=(

    • That would be open and honest and take a whole half second of extra typing. That’s just not Sony’s style. Misleading advertising looks better. Right Chieh Chen?

    • They should’ve at least included Canada at the very least, now i gotta wait another week :(

    • Same reason I ended up downloading all of “Powers” via torrents. No way for us Canucks to have seen it otherwise.

    • UnholyBlackout

      Is Canada part of the USA? Cuz this is the US ps blog y’know?

    • Naustradamus


      There is no Canada blog, when you search for canadian blog, it directs you back to us blog.

  • My great GREAT grandfather was on one of the first submarines. But instead of a periscope they had a kaleidoscope. He’d look out and say, Oh my God we’re surrounded!

  • Xcaligamer1

    Yay, watching now.

  • I hope to see new the series of Batman 2015 , like the Adam West on the 60s , is a liitle bit Boring to focus just on the Villains and Bruce Stills a Kid, I hope to see the Batman when Bruce is Grown Up and there is Batman is the second season and I guess there will be some new actor for the Batman and release a new cool costume for the series

  • I hope when Batman Appears on the serie should be called ” Gotham the Raise of the Knight “

  • Great idea, and it was a great episode. Little things like this definitely add value to the plus membership!

  • Cool, but what is happening with the serie Powers ? I mean when will it be available in Canada…?

  • Just watched it. Hope to see more stuff like this in future!

  • You know, it’s getting pretty lame that Canadians like myself cannot take advantage of these special offers, but it’s even more insulting that no one at Sony seems to want to address the issue, or at least acknowledge that other territories are left out. At least something official should be said so that readers who don’t qualify don’t get their hopes up for nothing.

  • JeRzYzFyNeSt

    SIckkkkk perfectt

  • The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.

  • i don’t see it.. and my PLUS is still active

  • so what happened to this. link went to an error page and I never could watch it. chatted with customer support but they just said ‘wait until the store updates’ but it had been updated for hours.

    not too many comments, so I guess no one cares. sad.

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