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Sep 16

Sep 16

30-Player, Free-to-Play World of Tanks Coming to PS4

TJ Wagner's Avatar Posted by Project Lead at Wargaming.net

Hello everyone, this is TJ Wagner, Project Lead at Wargaming.net, responsible for bringing World of Tanks to consoles. We’re all very excited to be bringing this massively multiplayer, action packed, 30-player tank battle sensation to PlayStation 4. World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play and Free-to Win mega hit that’s easy to pick up and a challenge to master. There are over 350 tanks across 7 nations to choose from and collect. There are 5 different classes of tanks to fit the style of play you like best and always hot heavy metal action to be found.

We’re tuning the experience specifically for PlayStation 4, supporting DualShock 4 controllers, Share Play, PS Vita Remote Play, Live Streaming and more. Best of all World of Tanks is Free-to-Play for all PlayStation Account holders from the get go!

World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 will feature first time ever seen content at launch. You’ll get custom maps, custom tanks, custom skins and more. PS Plus members will have access to even more exclusive content and deals. We are also happy to announce that there will be exclusive Girls und Panzer content and themes at launch.

World of Tanks on PS4

World of Tanks on PS4World of Tanks on PS4

I’d like to personally invite you to join the World of Tanks community. We value our players and work to bring a constant flow of new content and features every month for you to explore and play with. I can’t wait to see what the PlayStation community brings with their gameplay and ideas. I’d also like to invite you to be part of the Beta in the coming months, helping us to tune and put the finishing touches on initial launch of the game. That will happen before the end of this year and you’ll receive special Beta awards for participating.

Again, I can’t tell you how excited we are to be bringing World of Tanks to a whole new audience. You can sign up for more information on the game and the upcoming Beta and Release of World of Tanks for PlayStation 4 at: ps4.worldoftanks.com.

See you on the battlefield!

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fireburn95 said:

September 16th, 1:40 am

I’ve wanted to play this since it was on xbox but now I won’t because 2 reasons
1) Yeah it was probably a timed exclusivity deal but you flat out ignored the cries of the PS community on your forums for 2 years
2) So many good games are out, we needed this in those peek months where ps4 had a smaller selection of games.

Thanks anyway

    Mecha-Samurai said:

    September 17th, 6:41 am

    Whining like an entitled brat, that will grab the developers attention. Grow up.

    fireburn95 said:

    September 18th, 6:06 pm

    I am entitled to my own opinion. I am entitled to choose the games I play, and if this game doesn’t fit into my schedule, choose the games I do not play. I don’t get why I would try to ‘grab the devs attention’ I can hardly expect them to turn back time, but I can hope they will consider timing in the future. 2016 is extremely packed with awesome software and I just can’t fit an old f2p into it.

TheTwelve said:

September 16th, 2:00 am

Oh I will thoroughly enjoy this. Thanks for bringing this over and see ya in the beta.

Skater_Ricky said:

September 16th, 2:06 am

The link to sign up for the Beta is broken :(

Error: 404 NOT FOUND
“The requested URL [URL LINK] was not found on this server.”

Guess I got to the party to early.. Should I keep trying?

I really like to give this beta a go. I love Tanks in Battlefield 4. So this game might be my cup of Tea.

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    Shahin Kanafchian said:

    September 16th, 5:08 pm

    Hm – strange. Should definitely be working now – give it a shot: ps4.worldoftanks.com

    hipsmoke187 said:

    September 16th, 3:58 am

    Keep trying, it worked for me

kooulin said:

September 16th, 2:11 am

We dont need more tank games, give us dragons dogma online. It´s not fair that only japan gets it.

wolfsalt said:

September 16th, 2:22 am

Just play War thunder! The tank battles are brilliant and you can fly planes too! All historically accurate.

SergeantMcFlurry said:

September 16th, 2:44 am

Can’t wait for this! Ever since it was on xbox I want WoT to come to playstation, it will certainly be better than war thunder in terms of Variety of tanks and Matchmaking for sure.

Does anyone have problems signing up? I keep getting an error when I do.

Flaffenbam said:

September 16th, 2:53 am

Please, please, please allow us to transfer our 360 account to PS4

hipsmoke187 said:

September 16th, 3:57 am

I wonder if we’ll be able to brink our accounts from Xbox 360 over to the ps4?

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    Shahin Kanafchian said:

    September 17th, 12:04 pm

    We aren’t able to support any migration to the PlayStation at this time.

pkblue4 said:

September 16th, 4:00 am

don’t care. reason, two words…… War Thunder!

AnoyoIkari said:

September 16th, 4:02 am

This is great news. I let my XBL gold expire; a year or so back and have been friending to play some more World of Tanks. So, consider me one of the excited ones. Thanks for bringing WoT to PS4.

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 16th, 12:10 pm

    We welcome you back Anoyolkari!

Amnalehu said:

September 16th, 4:06 am

I’m very happy to see WOT to the Playstation Nation! I have to admit I was a little jealous of all of my XB1 buddies who were enjoying this game. I guess good things come to those that wait!

dulun18 said:

September 16th, 4:21 am

after watching Girls Und Panzer anime and Fury movie

i was looking for this game !

this is very tempting…

with the recent price drop announcement for japan region + a lot of games coming out.. 2016 might be THE YEAR of the PS4..

sMoKiN_dEm_TrEeS said:

September 16th, 5:56 am

I think this is awesome. I always wanted world of tanks on the ps4. Now its finally coming. I do wish the ps4 users could play with PC though like in war thunder.

CiorapMurdar said:

September 16th, 6:33 am

Can we login with our PC accounts? Or will it be just like WarThunder? If not , then shove it…

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    Shahin Kanafchian said:

    September 17th, 12:05 pm

    The PC and Console versions of the game are different (and even made by a different Development studio). While there are definitely similarities, there is no cross-play or migration from the PC version of the game.

TJ Wagner's Avatar

TJ Wagner said:

September 16th, 6:44 am

Good morning everyone. We’re all a bit sleep deprived from watching the press conference here in Chicago. Thanks for the warm welcome!

dkarlowicz10 said:

September 16th, 6:52 am

Yes. This is one game that I always wanted to come to PS4. Can’t wait to play it.

jonnyzombieboy said:

September 16th, 7:30 am

I’ve always hoped this would come to PlayStation; I don’t mind waiting a bit more for it and can’t wait to see it! Also, that Girls und Panzer bonus content sounds awesome. Calendar marked!

GGGGit said:

September 16th, 9:02 am

I saw this at pax east back in March and it looked really good! Looking forward to checking it out. Always wanted my own Tiger tank!

TJ Wagner's Avatar

TJ Wagner said:

September 16th, 9:54 am


I was at PAX East, great fun, great Wargaming booth!

death_nation100 said:

September 16th, 11:51 am

Oh cool I didn’t see that coming I’ll be trying it out.

UrCauseOfDeath said:

September 16th, 1:02 pm

I’m very excited for this I have been wanting this game for anything playstation from the day I played it. I love the game,so much that I still have my xbox 360 just to play this game. If you think I’m exaggerating this I’m not. My xbox gamer tag is literally Xbox4tanksOnly , this brings me to my point that I’ve spent a good amount of money on premium tanks and premium account days and a lot of time gaining experience. I have 6 tier 10s and a few more tanks above tier 8. I would be ecstatic if my tanks and experience can come to my ps4. If not I will not play on ps4 because I Will not accept wasting that time and money on an account I wont be using. Please somehow make a way for me to keep my hard work or i will keep on playing xbox only for this game

    PsychoTank said:

    September 18th, 4:30 pm

    I have the same issue, I love the game but would see myself playing not nearly as much if I couldn’t transfer my 360 account over. I have already dropped well over 100 bucks war gaming. If at all possible please find a way to get our accounts to go through. Miss u guys I any Poppers read this. And really hope you guys over there at war gaming can get this going thanks for all your hard work and dedication thus far.

Kurrrl said:

September 16th, 7:56 pm

I played on PC and stopped playing for certain reasons not related to playing that game. But I am excited that it’s coming out on the PS4. What I am concerned about is that I worked my way up to tier 8 on PC and I really don’t want to start over again on the PS4. The grind is so long. I have a suggestion that you guys can hopefully take into consideration and that is having the PC information transfer over to PS4. But since it might be “overpowering” because of high tiers entering lower tiers, maybe you can lock the higher tiers within the first few weeks? and then every other week you can “unlock” the next highest tier for people to play, so that way the new people are caught up to play in the high tiers. so for example within a month, tier 6 will be unlocked for everyone to play, next week or so tier 7 and it continues up. Hopefully you read this and thank you if you did!

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 17th, 5:08 am

    Hi Kurrl,

    Thanks for the suggestion. PC and console are very different games at this point but I am happy to look into what may be possible.

    Blitzkreig84 said:

    September 30th, 9:57 am

    I like that idea as well since im also a PC tanker wanting to merge to my ps4 I want to see my WT Pz. IV or you know just look at all the players and see what the average tier is on the player accounts that share the same email as the pc client or other console and maybe locking the tiers won’t be too much of a problem.

o4zloiroman said:

September 16th, 9:43 pm

Crossplatform with PC?

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 17th, 5:09 am

    The PC and Console version are very different at this point so cross play is not feasible.

johneboy12345 said:

September 16th, 11:52 pm

Well, I hope I can use my same profile or saving game or account on xbox one… because I don’t wanna waste my money anymore. I waste like 500 or 1000 dallors already. I hope I can use same account from xbox one….

Getnosleep0 said:

September 17th, 12:30 am

I think wargaming need to make it cross platfom like Warthunder did so that not only can i continue my progress from the pc but also play with them, or is that to much for you guys.

PC: WoT NeverBackDown1
top tier 10, with over 80 tanks both premium and regular
player for 3-4 years

kaibernator said:

September 17th, 3:18 am

im so happy about this.iv played it for 2 years now on the xbox and im highly respected due to my gameplay style and high scores..its kaizomb on the xbox….. when is this happening? im currently grinding warthunder but wot is a far better game,cant wait to go seal clubbing on the p4 now be warned people its a steep learning curve..you will love this game

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 17th, 5:21 am

    Beta will be this year so make sure you sign up at ps4.worldoftanks.com to get all the latest news.

rbeaver1 said:

September 17th, 5:11 am

ok that sucks for all who have ps3 why not put it on ps3 ?

    Elitedragon1519 said:

    September 17th, 11:13 pm

    Cuz PS3 system and stand that game it’s too heavy

Flash-Sentry said:

September 17th, 8:02 am

I have been wanting this ever since I got rid of my Xbox for my PS4!! Can’t wait to see the new content and the Girls Und Panzer stuff has me really excited! One of my favorite anime.

Carvagno said:

September 17th, 12:16 pm

I would like this to have the same tanks and credits as the PC version. I’m going to be honest here, I play on my computer more than my PS4. and I only play World of Tanks. I have over 18,300 fights and I have over 80 tanks in my garage, including 12 tier 10s and 39 premium tanks. I probably wouldn’t even download the game if it didn’t keep the progress because some of my tanks I would NEVER be able to get (Unless you sell the M60, and if you do I will stop playing that day) I have put over 1.5k in the PC game and if the cross platform XP gains and things don’t transfer I would not play on the PS4. My World of Tanks name is “Temeriare”.

MYERS700 said:

September 17th, 12:23 pm

Great idea, but now the idea is rather worthless. The whole reason in playing World Of Tanks is for the esports and competitions, the game doesn’t have enough content for anything else, once you hit tier 10 on a console it just sucks. You failed to see the importance of cross-play, why do you think xbox360 version flopped. The exact thing will happen here, better to keep playing this on PC and play WarThunder on PS4!


September 17th, 12:35 pm

Please tell me ill be able to transfer my progress from the xbox 360, and xbox one this is one of my all time favorite games and i really dont feel starting like starting from scratch after all the time and money ive put in on xbox just because my friends switched to playstation this gen of consoles.

SergeantMcFlurry said:

September 17th, 1:32 pm

Does anyone know if you are supposed to receive a confirmation email when signing up? Seems strange that you don’t get one

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 17th, 3:37 pm

    Yes you should have received a confirmation email. How long ago did you register?

    TelevisedFool said:

    September 17th, 6:57 pm

    I never recieved a confirmation Email either after signing up when the website launched.

    SergeantMcFlurry said:

    September 17th, 11:34 pm

    I signed up a few hours after the web lauched, I then signed my email up again a day later and nothing. I tried two different emails and none of them have it. I checked the spam folder and nothing in there

    KraygFree said:

    September 22nd, 3:19 pm

    I too have not recieved a confirmation e-mail, used two different addresses for the last two days.

GertMint said:

September 17th, 2:41 pm

Can’t wait for this The only reason I still got an xbox is because I play this with friends. We need to start seeing games like This play jointly on both platforms Xbox and PS4 players playing together. also have migration of account so I can transfer my xbox tanks to PS4.

TICK2012 said:

September 17th, 3:38 pm

Will it play on PS3

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 17th, 4:10 pm

    There is no PS3 version currently planned.

Nie-Demencji said:

September 17th, 3:58 pm

I would like to know if my progress from the xbox 360 version will be able to transfer over. My boyfriend would also like to know. He has hundreds of hours invested into his game and he does not want to lose it all when switching to the ps4 version. Are you guys going to set up a transfer system much like how rockstar did it with GTA V?

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    Shahin Kanafchian said:

    September 18th, 2:40 pm

    At the moment there is no transfer system currently planned.

Rayelth said:

September 17th, 4:53 pm

Been playing this on the PC since 2011, played it on the 360 when it came out. Too many kids on the 360 hopefully it will be more enjoyable on the 360.

Elitedragon1519 said:

September 17th, 11:09 pm

I was hoping for this game to come to playstation for years!!! This is amazing, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I don’t care If I have to loose my tier X tanks on the PC I’m coming on the PS4!!! I signed up for the beta.

Elitedragon1519 said:

September 17th, 11:17 pm

I signed up for the beta yesterday and got no confirmation email.. Should I get one?

Bulletbill388 said:

September 18th, 10:46 pm

Awesome news, I already enlisted, count me in!!!

damndoitry said:

September 19th, 10:31 am

Tried to sign up for beta, but get Korean registration portal?? Any suggestions?

damndoitry said:

September 19th, 10:35 am

Duh!! Just realised the link was for Korean players and all I had to do was enter my email address in the box to register ☺

smithrancio123 said:

September 19th, 12:19 pm

im so hyped for this mno world of tanks coming to PS4 cant wait in tel its free to play on ps store :)

jakubtichan said:

September 20th, 7:45 am

Will I need psn plus if I want play wot online ? I haven’t got any credit card and I am from Slovakia so I have a big problem with psn plus … sorry for my english… Thx !

    TJ Wagner's Avatar

    TJ Wagner said:

    September 21st, 10:45 am

    Hi jakubtichan,

    No, you do not need PSN Plus to play World of Tanks.

xXEdgierBikeXx said:

September 21st, 12:33 pm

I am happy to hear that Wot is coming to PS4 since I played wot on my xbox360 just can wait it come out I hope there is some sort of way that we can get some of or hard work from the xbox 360 console which we played and experience and money spent. It would be good if there was some cross platform from old console acounts to the new counsels ;-)))

    xXEdgierBikeXx said:

    September 21st, 12:34 pm

    since my xbox name was EdgierBike

DemonMusic10 said:

September 21st, 12:36 pm

I’m absolutely psyched for this but is there any chance of cross play between Xbone and PS4? All my friends play on xbone and as excited as I am to finally get to play this instead of the buggy mess that is War Thunder I’d really like the chance to play with the guys.

Gamer_Edwin said:

September 22nd, 10:32 am

Did anyone received a confirmation email once you have register for the beta???? I i register for the beta like 3 times and have not received anything and i already checked my spam and nothing and i have also tried different emails and still nothing.

Any info on this would be great. thanks

    blackbrunswicker said:

    September 22nd, 6:52 pm

    I never received a confirmation e-mail either. I’d really like to get into the beta, so I hope whatever the problem is gets sorted out.

spacelord_42 said:

September 22nd, 2:39 pm

Just read it will be only 30 fps because of other consoles? First the wait now the cut, what’s next, no full HD thanks to inferior consoles?

DsG_AngryBullbog said:

September 22nd, 4:13 pm

I’m looking forward to this although my wallet will not especially with how much i have spent on the PC version over the years.

Ou812TeaBagers said:

September 24th, 12:54 am

Dudes this rocks!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Devs.. my pc plays at 40fps whats the frame rate going to be like?
i was so stoked to hear the news i told my gf in a text about a paragraph long. lol
shes like great on the pc the 360 my cell
her tablet. now the ps4 sweet. i cant wait for open beta.. bring it TD sniper out

Jeronetj3 said:

September 24th, 2:45 am

I read that PS Plus is not required, but on xbox360 I could only play WoT for 7 days without Gold, will it be the same for PS4?

Also, the website ps4.worldoftanks.com seems to be under maintenance. I would like to apply to the beta, how am I egible to do that atm or should I wait for the website to be fixed?

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