Street Fighter V: Introducing Karin and the Capcom Fighters Network

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Street Fighter V: Introducing Karin and the Capcom Fighters Network

Hey everyone! Exciting news coming straight from Tokyo Game Show today! First off, the character that many of you have been waiting for to return to the Street Fighter series is finally back: Karin Kanzuki!

Street Fighter V: Karin

Two years ago, we held a worldwide character popularity poll to find out who the fans liked the most, and Karin came in 7th worldwide (1st when just looking at Japan results), despite having only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Today, we’re happy to reintroduce her to the series with a brand new design and play style.

Karin is the young heiress to the Kanzuki Zaibatsu, a global financial conglomerate that possesses vast wealth and resources. Her regal and pampered upbringing is what led to her high-maintenance attitude and razor-sharp wit. But behind her flowing golden locks lies a true martial artist obsessed with upholding her family motto, “In all things be victorious!” Karin is well versed in numerous martial arts, which she and her family combined to create a unique “Kanzuki style” of fighting.


Above: Karin in Street Fighter Alpha 3

In Street Fighter V, Karin is a well-rounded character, possessing a wide array of strikes and moves at her disposal for any situation. Utilizing her new dash move allows her to close the distance quickly between her opponents and go in for a quick high-low attack or throw.

Street Fighter V: KarinStreet Fighter V: Karin

And just when the opponent thinks they’ve figured out how to deal with the pressure, Karin’s V-Trigger completely changes up her game plan by allowing her to perform her signature Guren Ken multi-string attacks and variations. Players who enjoy attacking with speed and a large variety of tools will find Karin to be extremely satisfying to utilize.

V-Skill: Meioken

Street Fighter V: KarinStreet Fighter V: Karin

Karin lunges forward with a devastating palm strike that dissipates projectiles and knocks down the opponent if it connects, all while helping to build her V-Trigger gauge. By holding down the buttons, players can charge the move for a split second, giving it better hit and block properties.

V-Trigger: Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata

Street Fighter V: KarinStreet Fighter V: Karin

Karin channels her inner Ki to unlock the true potential of the Kanzuki fighting style, giving her access to the Guren Ken attack, which in itself possesses over half a dozen different follow ups and variations. After the initial Guren Ken, she is able to transition immediately into an overhead attack, a low sweep, a flying throw, another quick set of strikes, or even a backdash to bait out counterattacks. This gives her immense flexibility in controlling the flow of the fight, ensuring that she comes out on top.

Karin is playable at Tokyo Game Show, so be sure to stop by the Capcom booth if you are able to!

And if the return of one of the most popular characters in the series wasn’t enough, we have another big announcement: the Capcom Fighters Network!

Street Fighter V

* work-in-progress logo

The Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) is a community building tool that will be directly built into the online infrastructure of Street Fighter V.

Here is a list of some of the things that you’ll be able to do in-game via CFN:

  • See where battles are happening all over the world on a “heat map”
  • View player profiles and detailed match statistics
  • Designate “rivals” throughout the world and monitor their performance
  • Register friends and follow your favorite players
  • Search and watch replay files
  • Send online battle invitations
  • Check out the latest patch and tournament news
  • And much more!

We’ll have more concrete details on all the various CFN features at a later date, but just to whet your appetite, here are some work-in-progress screenshots. The main CFN screen shows the “heat map” and will look something like this:

Street Fighter V
*work-in-progress screen

Each blinking light on the world map represents a pocket of active users that are engaged in online battles. With the heat map, you’ll be able see where all the action is taking place and even be able to drill down to the individual players who are fighting, in order to check out their profile information, past match history, replays, and even send them a fight request.

As Street Fighter V will be at the forefront of our eSports activities upon release, we wanted to make sure that players had access to all the statistical data possible to help analyze their weaknesses and improve their game.

Street Fighter V
*work-in-progress screen

The game tracks not only online win/loss records, but fine detail stats such as “how many light punches did you land,” “how many throws did you tech,” “in what ways did you win the match,” and much, much more. We are confident that players will appreciate this new knowledge and use it to push themselves to the next level and rise above the competition.

Hope you all enjoyed this double dose of SFV news! Stay tuned for the next announcement because we still have a lot of surprises in store. Until next time!

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  • I’m so happy to see Karin back.

    “I’ll show you the divide in our class.”

  • kevintran90

    Very amazing and intersting. I will buy & play it now. Thanks

  • YoraiDragon

    Incredible! Thank you Capcom & Sony <3. The Capcom Fighter's Network sounds amazing! Also Karin & R.Mika were the chars I wanted <3.

  • Devilking-Nikkai

    the CapCom Fighter Network looks amazing! Can you please atleast make a video about it :D ??
    Thanks Capcom and Sony!

  • YES YES YES!!! Now we just need Alex.

  • Scaramanga1983

    For a second, I thought it was Ken. Honestly.

    • Haha, so did I

    • Me too. I think every character is suffering from poor hair quality. I like the animations. Also anyone else feel the effects seem to break the fight rhythm?


    Alex when? Capcom please.

  • So torn. Karin is back, but ugly as sin thanks to Capcom’s current art director… ugh.

  • Keep the character reveals coming! Also, that world heat map is very interesting. I wish more online multiplayer games did this :-)

  • Deathdeliverer

    I’ve been hoping for Karin since Street Fighter 3. She looks awesome, and I can see why her Rekkas have been made a V-trigger with all the added paths. Her CA looks top notch as the animations in this game look silky smooth. My time in the beta was a blast and now my Alpha 3 main has made a triumphant return. With Karin and Nash I’m all set. Thank you Capcom!

  • BlaqMagiq24

    This game is getting better and better! Capcom finally on the right track again!

  • Caio_Shadowman

    YEAH, She1s back <3

    Please Capcom: Haggar, Ingrid, Alex and Urien


    Thank you! Thank you!

    Now i need to figure out what to spend my other two wishes on.

  • Good job Capcom! Bring all my street fight waifus in one game.

  • King of Fighters 14 coming to PS4 in 2016 oh yeah!

    Now if they could just do SNK vs. Capcom 3 (or vise versa) ;)

    • Damn man sign me up for that Capcom vs. SNK 3…boy would I like to see that happen.

  • I know there are licensing issues but add Skullomania and I will purchase day one. Skullo for life!

    • Oh man I would really like to see Skullomania back,one of capcom’s best characters.

  • Hi, i know this is really off-topic but i want to know what is the track used in the reveal trailer of R. Mika. Please???

    • LewyTheFooly

      Very good news. The ending of the blog post has got me even more psyched now. I can’t wait to hear more… may we please see Sean Matsuda again?.. Ya know when he turned down the tournament trophy from Ken and told him that he’d win it himself one day? Please make this a possibility Capcom! Bring him back with him being matured and having a unique moveset. I mean you guys are probably gonna add him later on…hopefully :D

  • GoldenShaka

    Yeah, Karin is back. :)

  • Ha really nice to see her back and her trailer was without doubt the best SF5 trailer yet…if you guys don’t put Juri in the game Karin will be ma main.
    Also capcom listening to their fans…that ain’t something you see every year.
    BTW was the Rashid reveal trailer posted here on the Blog?…I didn’t see it.

    • Forgot to say one thing,her hands look too big,those ain’t woman hands…better look into that capcom.

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