The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Hits PS4 March 1st

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The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition Hits PS4 March 1st
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Last year our first 3D Action RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Knight, found its way onto PS3. For those of you who didn’t dip your toes in the swamp, you’ll now have a chance to get down and dirty because this witch is coming to PS4 in The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition on March 1!

If you didn’t spend any time in the swamp last year, this will be the perfect opportunity to get your toes sticky. For those of you who did a little mucking around already, this revival will come jam-packed with new features, shiny new graphics, and of course, the adorable little demon warrior whose name is bound to confuse you at least once, Hundred Knight, all for just $39.99. Now that, my fellow Prinny, is what I call a bargain for a PS4 game.

Oh, you’re curious about the new features I’m talking about? Well, let’s take a quick look!

If you were one of the Prinnies that hopped in and duked it out last year, you’ll be familiar with Metallia. In Revival Edition, you’ll finally be able to take control of the dastardly witch herself and raise Cain in Medea! She has some pretty awesome magic skills to do things like call down lightning, create a vortex to draw in enemies, or summon a massive sword to slice and dice her way through the Tower of Illusion.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition on PS4The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition on PS4

Oh, that’s new too! The Tower of Illusion is a nifty way to challenge yourself and gain some sick loot! To enter it, you’ll have to sacrifice a weapon — the stronger the weapon, the more powerful your foes and the better the loot! It’s almost like you’re battling the weapon you sacrificed… Give up a little stick, and it’ll be easy-peasy, but give up a legendary Spear of Sins with some super strong catalyst upgrades, and you might find yourself a touch outclassed. But that’s the fun of a challenge, right?

Those catalysts I mentioned are new, too. In the Tower of Illusion, you’ll be able to gather catalysts like the Concentrated Mana Pearl, which you can combine in the new Alchemy system to boost the stats of your favorite equipment! You can only use a limited number of catalysts on each item though, so be sure to pick the right ones for your playstyle.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition on PS4

Since the game’s graphics have been revamped for the PS4, all these new features will come with a coat of new paint. And speaking of new paint, we’re giving you a chance to help decide just what color paint the game’s box should have! Swing over to our Facebook page and cast your vote for the game’s cover art right now!

And while you’re waiting for The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition to crawl out of the deepest parts of Medea on March 1, 2016, you can check out our official site for more details about the game! That’s all from me this time, dood! See you in the swamp!

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4 Author Replies

  • Been waiting for this announcement! Woot! Really looking forward to this!

    • Jordan Vincent
      Jordan Vincent

      :D Just a few months, dood!

    • FortyPercent

      I absolutely loved the original game, so much that I’ll probably pick this up too for the new features. Great to see it finally confirmed for western release, and at a good price point.

      I’m in Europe though, and this doesn’t seem to have been posted on the EU blog yet, but hopefully we’ll be getting it too? Either way, thanks for bringing it over to the west. (Also looking forward to getting Disgaea 5 here at the end of the week, the demo was super fun).

    • Already pre-ordered the Limited Edition! I’m so excited!

  • I saw the USK rating for this ages ago ;) Glad to have official confirmation!

  • One comment tha’st the problem know support for these games from the community & then they wonder why this & why that.

  • goldenbird15

    I missed this game when it came out in ps3, Can’t wait to play it when it comes out :)

  • iriihutoR84

    NIS own properties have been really good lately. Just started Disgaea 4 and it’s excellent. Hope you guys can bring over Yomawari and Hero Must Die too because both seem really unique. Looking forward to this one. Keep up the good work, doods!

    • Jordan Vincent
      Jordan Vincent

      Thanks! We’ll do our best to keep bringing over entertaining and awesome games. :D

  • FortyPercent

    Oh, your official site says March 4th for Europe already. You guys are awesome!

  • Nice to see this game getting localized. Hope NISA continues to support PS4.

  • Hi! it will be a physical or digital release or both?

    • Jordan Vincent
      Jordan Vincent

      Let me do a little magic and pull a… both out of my hat! :)

  • I’m very surprised by this. I bought it last year and couldn’t finish it. The game want good and felt like a lot was missing. In surprised at this to say the least

  • Ok, where is my Collector Edition dood!?

  • Really excited for this. keh-keh-keh. ^_^

  • Woot! I never bought this on the PS3 because I just knew it would be on the ps4 sooner or later. Can’t wait for it.

  • i know its unlikely but cross save

  • i wonder if the cnd edition will have a higher price

  • Already pre-ordered the Limited Edition dood! don’t want to wait more!

  • It’s great to see that the PS4 is finally getting some JRPG love.

  • NotTheFace-

    Are you guys gonna introduce any more game breaking issues and not fix them like the crash bug the english version got on PS3?

  • ClawOfTheFallen

    Love ya NIS! ;w;
    Loved Legasista on PS3! It’s one of my favorite games ever!

  • MarkedByAshes

    I know a few gamers that would pick this up faster if it were available on the Vita.

  • bobbydharrell

    Please bring this to the PS Vita, Please!!!!!

  • will be picking the LE up.

  • I am playing right now the demo on the JP Store, the save data will be carried over the moment the game release on US?

  • LostTheMemories

    I wanted to play this game because She was in disgaea 5 and she seemed awesome, so because of disgaea 5 i want to play this game. Glad its coming to ps4, i was thinking of getting it for ps3 but now i have to wait.

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