Get Exclusive Gear at PlayStation Experience

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Get Exclusive Gear at PlayStation Experience

PlayStation Experience is less than two weeks away! To celebrate, we are offering up some exclusive PlayStation merchandise for those lucky enough to attend the big show in San Francisco on December 5th and 6th (psst, tickets are still available). The on-site shop will only accept credit cards, so bring ’em with you! Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

We’ll be offering limited edition t-shirts to commemorate the show (and Capcom Cup!), plus hoodies, collectibles, bags, lanyards, hats and more. Take a look at a few of the goodies we’ll have for you:

PlayStation Experience: Lanyard

PlayStation Experience: T-ShirtPlayStation Experience: HoodiePlayStation Experience: Bottle

PlayStation Experience: Lanyard

See you in December!

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  • Sigh man I’d really like some of that stuff. Wish I didn’t live all the way on the other side of the country.

    • nightwing1390

      Right? Can’t get time off work to go to CA all the way from NC, but if they had these up anywhere else I’d snatch ’em up in a heartbeat.

  • alexraptorkiller

    Excitement levels are rising! I’ll definitely be picking up that hoodie and a lanyard. I love my “I Was There” shirt from last year’s PSX, definitely gotta pick myself up a 2015 one!

    • xXThaTruDjangoXx

      I still have my I was there shirt too and I never wore once ! But I will be on the 5th. #PSXVeterans

  • robertjayhawk

    I’d like to get all of those items.

  • You guys should totally do one of these on the east coast sometime ;) ;) ;)

  • stevetherican

    I can’t make it, but if anyone finds anything size small for guys, let me know :)

  • That T-Shirt will be mine! Awesome design for these items guys.

  • Cool stuff, wish I could go but I cant this year. hope the show comes back to las vegas next year.

  • Why not cash?

  • death_nation100

    I’m missing out on the fun this year. hopefully they’ll return back in Las Vegas to offer me anoither best Christmas :) .

  • quickfire123

    Wish those who couldnt attend could purchase them. :/

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    Nice, take my money, just let me play PS VR, Uncharted 4 Online VS others LIVE, and the other awesome surprises there… deal? DEAL! :)

  • Awe man that sweatshirt is a must buy.

  • No american express? :(

  • FonzoEscobar

    It would be cool if y’all sold these in the the PlayStation store on the console and could get them shipped to your home

  • Please please PLEASE have a better line than Twitch did at this convention center. Spend the money for good help. We will pay you back. No one should have to stand in line for 5 hours to get merch.

    • Yes I agree, but i learned my lesson the first time. It’s basically Keynote and then straight to the merch store after that. literally everything else can wait

  • WorkingTavo

    Gonna get all of this stuff!
    Will see you there PS Team!
    I’m so happy : )

  • xXThaTruDjangoXx

    For all of the PSX first timers, I’m excited for you. This is something special for PlayStation fans. You can have fun, Learn something, and get motivated from this experience. PlayStation has been a member of my family for 20years and counting. The PlayStation Experience is like a Family Reunion !!!

  • I swear if this is still a thing next year I am going.

  • bernardblack73

    How about those of us who can’t afford cross country travel at the moment? We love PlayStation too!

  • Can we use debit cards?

  • WildShadow89

    Times like this I wish I didn’t live in Sweden, oh well one day we will experience it am I right? :)

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