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Nov 26

Nov 26

Black Friday Deals on AAA Titles, Blockbuster Movies and More

Chieh Chen's Avatar Posted by Digital Distribution Manager, Sony Network Entertainment

Hi everyone! The biggest shopping day of the year is just a few hours away, but no need to wait to start shopping – PlayStation Store’s Black Friday Flash Sale starts right now. So sleep in, skip the lines, power up the console, and start browsing.

Black Fri 2015 Flash Sale Blog

Save on AAA games like Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, as well as blockbuster movies like Furious 7 and so much more. Check out the full lineup below; these Black Friday deals end Monday, November 30th.

And don’t forget, our 10% Storewide Coupon can be combined with all PS Store sales and offers throughout their promotion windows.

PS Store 10 Percent Off Code

Redeem code FH24P5BDR6 at checkout to receive a 10 percent discount on one total cart purchase. But don’t wait too long – all qualifying purchases must be made by December 1, 2015.

Flash Sale Games

Note: All prices listed below for US PlayStation Store. Outside of the US, please refer to your local PlayStation Store for regional pricing.

Title Platform Sale Price Original Price
Arcania – The Complete Tale PS4 $15.00 $29.99
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate PS4 $35.99 $59.99
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition PS4 $52.19 $89.99
Axiom Verge (Cross-Buy) PS4 $13.99 $19.99
Batman Arkham Knight PS4 $37.49 $49.99
Batman Arkham Knight: Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass PS4 $29.99 $39.99
Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition PS4 $62.99 $89.99
Blood Bowl 2 PS4 $34.99 $49.99
Call Of Duty: Black Ops III – Digital Deluxe Edition PS4 $89.99 $99.99
Capsule Force PS4 $6.00 $14.99
Color Guardians (Cross-Buy) PS4 $6.00 $14.99
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition PS4 $23.99 $29.99
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess PS4 $25.00 $49.99
Destiny: The Taken King PS4 $29.59 $39.99
Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition PS4 $49.59 $79.99
Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition PS4 $39.59 $59.99
Dishonored: Definitive Edition PS4 $15.20 $39.99
Evolve: Evolve Hunting Season 2 (PS4 – Unified Entitlement) PS4 $12.50 $24.99
Extreme Exorcism (Cross-Buy) PS4 $11.69 $12.99
Farming Simulator 15 PS4 $34.99 $49.99
FIFA 16 PS4 $35.99 $59.99
Godzilla PS4 $12.00 $59.99
Grand Theft Auto V PS4 $35.99 $59.99
Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card PS4 $40.00 $79.99
Hatoful Boyfriend (Cross-Buy) PS4 $5.00 $9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3 Way Cross-Buy) PS4 $7.50 $14.99
I Am Bread PS4 $9.74 $12.99
J-stars Victory Vs PS4 $18.00 $59.99
King’s Quest Complete Collection PS4 $29.59 $39.99
Legend Of Kay Anniversary PS4 $15.00 $29.99
Lego Jurassic World PS4 $34.99 $49.99
Mad Max PS4 $44.99 $59.99
Madden NFL 16 PS4 $35.99 $59.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 $44.99 $59.99
Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor – Game Of The Year Edition PS4 $23.99 $39.99
Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Pass (Digital Version) PS4 $18.74 $24.99
N++ PS4 $13.99 $19.99
NBA 2k16 PS4 $47.99 $59.99
NBA 2k16 Michael Jordan Special Edition PS4 $59.99 $79.99
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere Of Influence PS4 $47.99 $59.99
Nova-111 (3-way Cross-Buy) PS4 $7.50 $14.99
Onechanbara Z2: Chaos PS4 $20.00 $39.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PS4 $44.99 $59.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle PS4 $52.49 $69.99
Project Cars PS4 $20.00 $39.99
Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship PS4 $17.99 $19.99
Risen 3 – Enhanced Edition PS4 $23.99 $39.99
Samurai Warriors 4-II PS4 $39.99 $49.99
Skylanders Superchargers Portal Owner’s Pack PS4 $29.49 $49.99
The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 PS4 $10.00 $19.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited PS4 $24.00 $59.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Imperial Edition PS4 $32.00 $79.99
The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Premium Edition PS4 $40.00 $99.99
The Order: 1886 PS4 $10.00 $19.99
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 $25.00 $49.99
Titan Souls (Cross-Buy) PS4 $7.50 $14.99
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 PS4 $29.40 $59.99
Tour De France 2015 PS4 $20.00 $49.99
Toy Soldiers War Chest Hall Of Fame Edition PS4 $15.00 $29.99
Toy Soldiers: War Chest PS4 $8.99 $14.99
Transformers Devastation PS4 $24.50 $49.99
Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition PS4 $16.00 $39.99
Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 $9.00 $59.99
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PS4 $6.60 $19.99
WWE 2k16 PS4 $44.99 $59.99
WWE 2k16 Digital Deluxe Edition PS4 $60.29 $89.99
Yu-gi-oh! Legacy Of The Duelist PS4 $14.99 $19.99
Call Of Duty: Black Ops III PS3 $39.49 $49.99
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess PS3 $25.00 $49.99
Destiny: The Taken King PS3 $29.59 $39.99
Destiny: The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition PS3 $49.59 $79.99
Destiny: The Taken King – Legendary Edition PS3 $39.59 $59.99
EA Sports Fifa 16 PS3 $35.99 $59.99
Extreme Exorcism (Cross-Buy) PS3 $11.69 $12.99
Farming Simulator 15 PS3 $27.99 $39.99
Godzilla PS3 $10.00 $49.99
Grand Theft Auto V PS3 $25.20 $59.99
Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card PS3 $29.60 $79.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3 Way Cross-Buy) PS3 $7.50 $14.99
J-Stars Victory Vs+ PS3 $12.00 $39.99
King’s Quest Complete Collection PS3 $29.59 $39.99
Legend Of Kay Anniversary PS3 $3.75 $24.99
Lego Jurassic World PS3 $27.99 $39.99
Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition PS3 $35.99 $59.99
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS3 $37.49 $49.99
Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1: The Order Of The Stone : Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Pass PS3 $18.74 $24.99
NBA 2k16 PS3 $47.99 $59.99
Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere Of Influence PS3 $39.99 $49.99
Nova-111 (3-way Cross-Buy) PS3 $7.50 $14.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PS3 $37.49 $49.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 20th Anniversary Bundle PS3 $44.99 $59.99
Samurai Warriors 4-II PS3 $31.99 $39.99
Skylanders Superchargers Portal Owner’s Pack PS3 $29.49 $49.99
The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 PS3 $3.00 $19.99
Tour De France 2015 PS3 $16.00 $39.99
Transformers Devastation PS3 $24.50 $49.99
WWE 2k16 PS3 $44.99 $59.99
Amnesia: Memories PS Vita $9.00 $29.99
Color Guardians (Cross-Buy) PS Vita $6.00 $14.99
Hatoful Boyfriend (Cross-Buy) PS Vita $5.00 $9.99
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (3 Way Cross-Buy) PS Vita $7.50 $14.99
Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth3: V Generation PS Vita $12.00 $39.99
Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed PS Vita $12.00 $39.99
J-Stars Victory Vs+ PS Vita $12.00 $39.99
Lego Jurassic World PS Vita $13.99 $19.99
Nova-111 (3-way Cross-Buy) PS Vita $7.50 $14.99
Samurai Warriors 4-II PS Vita $31.99 $39.99
Sword Art Online -Hollow Fragment- PS Vita $10.00 $19.99
Titan Souls (Cross-Buy) PS Vita $7.50 $14.99

Flash Sale Movies

Title SD Original Price SD Sale Price HD Original Price HD Sale Price
22 Jump Street $9.99 $8.99 $13.99 $9.99
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The $9.99 $8.99 $14.99 $9.99
Anchorman 2 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 $6.99
Area 51 $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 $8.99
Batman & Robin $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $6.99
Cartel Land $12.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Chappie $12.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Club Life $12.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Cop Out $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $6.99
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Dear White People $12.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Divergent $14.99 $5.99 $19.99 $5.99
Dope $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Duff, The $13.99 $8.99 $14.99 $8.99
Elysium $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 $8.99
Ender’s Game $17.99 $5.99 $18.99 $5.99
Equalizer, The $13.99 $8.99 $17.99 $9.99
Escape Plan $13.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Exodus: Gods And Kings $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Expendables 3, The $13.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Fault In Our Stars $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 $8.99
Fifty Shades Of Grey $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Furious 7 $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Fury $13.99 $8.99 $17.99 $9.90
G.I. Joe: Retaliation $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 $6.99
Gambler $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 $8.99
Gone Girl $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Hangover, The (unrated) $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Hobbit, The : The Battle Of The Five Armies $14.99 $12.99 $19.99 $12.99
Hobbit, The : The Desolation Of Smaug N/A N/A $17.99 $12.99
Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey N/A N/A $17.99 $12.99
Home $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Horrible Bosses $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
How To Train Your Dragon 2 $19.99 $10.99 $19.99 $10.99
Infini $9.99 $4.99 $12.99 $4.99
Insidious: Chapter 3 $12.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Insurgent $17.99 $10.99 $19.99 $10.99
Interstellar $14.99 $7.99 $19.99 $8.99
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 $6.99
Jimi: All Is By My Side $9.99 $4.99 $11.99 $5.99
John Wick $17.99 $8.99 $19.99 $8.99
Jurassic World $19.99 $16.99 $19.99 $16.99
Kick-Ass $12.99 $5.99 $13.99 $5.99
Killing Season $12.99 $4.99 $17.99 $4.99
Kingsman: The Secret Service $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Left Behind $14.99 $5.99 $16.99 $8.99
Let’s Be Cops $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 $8.99
Lila And Eve $9.99 $4.99 $11.99 $5.99
Live Die Repeat: Edge Of Tomorrow N/A N/A $12.99 $9.99
Man Of Steel N/A N/A $12.99 $8.99
Mortdecai $9.99 $5.99 $12.99 $5.99
Mud $13.99 $5.99 $14.99 $5.99
Night at the Museum: Secret of The Tomb $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Now You See Me $14.99 $5.99 $17.99 $5.99
Outcast $12.99 $4.99 $14.99 $5.99
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 $12.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Penguins Of Madagascar $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Pitch Perfect 2 $19.99 $16.99 $19.99 $16.99
Playing It Cool $9.99 $4.99 $12.99 $4.99
Rio 2 $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99
Santa’s Little Helper $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Selma $12.99 $7.99 $14.99 $8.99
Skin Trade $12.99 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99
Spongebob: Out Of Water $14.99 $7.99 $19.99 $8.99
Spy (unrated) $19.99 $10.99 $19.99 $10.99
Star Trek Into Darkness $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 $6.99
Sucker Punch $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $8.99
Taken 3 $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
Terminator Genisys $14.99 $10.99 $19.99 $10.99
The Cobbler $11.99 $8.99 $12.99 $8.99
The Dead Lands $12.99 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99
TMNT $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 $8.99
Transformers 4 $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 $6.99
Two Night Stand $9.99 $4.99 $11.99 $5.99
Unfinished Business $14.99 $10.99 $14.99 $10.99
V/H/S: Viral $12.99 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99
Watchmen $9.99 $6.99 $12.99 $6.99
Wolf Of Wall Street $12.99 $6.99 $14.99 $6.99
World War Z $9.99 $6.99 $17.99 $6.99
X-Men $14.99 $4.99 $14.99 $4.99
X-Men: Days Of Future Past $14.99 $8.99 $14.99 $8.99
Zombieland (2009) $9.99 $7.99 $12.99 $8.99

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paulogy said:

November 26th, 1:48 pm

There’s some really great deals in here! Hope everyone who’s celebrating Thanksgiving has a great holiday (and everyone else has a great Thursday, too :-)

FlashDrivePrime said:

November 26th, 1:48 pm

Wow, nothing for me :(

    sealum01 said:

    November 27th, 3:12 pm

    I thought similarly but just picked up “The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2” for $10! I’m a fan of puzzles, and point-and-click adventures, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I am enjoying this game! Granted, I *just* started playing, so I can’t comment on the game’s overall quality (the reviews tend to be mixed), but I’m really taken aback by the high production values and the fun atmosphere. The adventure is long enough (~20 hours) to make it a killer value, assuming that I continue to enjoy the gameplay!

    Onward to the holidays! There will certainly be many more sales to be had!

Sub-Zero said:

November 26th, 1:49 pm

Not a bad sale for PSN. Price for that poker game is still way to much though ashame Pure games are so overpriced.

xM3GAxR3DUXx said:

November 26th, 1:54 pm

Please sony, PLEASE make a 128gb memory card for the vita. Or some sort of adapter for micro sd cards. I constantly have to delete games off of my vita to get new ones on, and its getting pretty lame :/

on another note, thanks for the vita sales :3

    MakaiOokami said:

    November 26th, 2:38 pm

    Have you tried backing them up to a PC or a PS3?

    They have a 64GB card, so I’m impressed you have enough games you actively want to play digitally that it’s causing issues for you.

    I have ENOUGH games, but not enough I care about.

    I download games to my PC, and when I upgrade my PS3 HDD to 1.5 TB I might store some on there too.

    viceforce said:

    November 26th, 2:39 pm

    You can just go to and get it off there. Or if you know a store that sells imports get it from there

Fury7 said:

November 26th, 1:58 pm

weren’t we supposed to get that credit from spend $100 get $15? I thought I heard 17th but I got nothin’ :(

    PhilS1990 said:

    November 26th, 2:09 pm

    Did you check to see if you received an email in your inbox? (also check your spam/junk folder just in case the email went in there)
    There’s also a chance that a notification for it would pop up in PS3

    alexin258 said:

    November 26th, 3:17 pm

    contact the chat support service, they can help you. i have not received any email from them, but i contacted em and they gave me the $15

PatricioUSA said:

November 26th, 2:09 pm

Not bad but was expecting better.

pgharavi said:

November 26th, 2:11 pm


JuanMdP said:

November 26th, 2:21 pm

I realize the PSV isn’t a priority at all to Sony but damn, at least throw us some good deals. Compared to the amount of stuff on sale for the PS4 and PS3 we got almost nothing~.

MAUSZX said:

November 26th, 2:22 pm

Ok, between this and the tuesday sale… my wallet was not ready.

ImAPirateSoSueMe said:

November 26th, 2:23 pm

Very disappointing. Literally nothing that I want. Oh well.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 5:42 pm

    I hear ya…

    Gwenwyfar said:

    November 28th, 6:12 pm

    Or maybe you mean “the specific game I wanted wasn’t there”? There was nothing “I wanted” either, I still got some nice games out of it.

guyminsberghe said:

November 26th, 2:27 pm

Disappointed too! I expected a drop for FFX-X2 or monkeyball for vita…

    markshneider said:

    November 27th, 2:43 am

    Well, Final Fantasy X/X-2 is actually 25% off on Vita. Was $39,99 and it’s $29,99 now.

    Gwenwyfar said:

    November 28th, 6:13 pm

    And I hoped there would be something nice from vanillaware, but if you’re going to be expecting something so specific and ignore all the other good stuff you’ll almost always be disappointed. Unfortunately seems to be the case for a lot of the comments here…

Cancerebro said:

November 26th, 2:31 pm

Pathetic sale.

kmtburton said:

November 26th, 2:34 pm

Well now I’m torn. Either TW3 or Wild Run. I’ve already put over 100 hours into both. Going to be The Handsome Collection, BBTOH, F4 Season Pass and either of those. With The Order or Titan Souls being free with the 10% off.

DarkOne_PR said:

November 26th, 2:36 pm

So…. PS plus wont be in offer this year also? wow…. welp… nothing for me here that i wont find cheaper on physical release which is better…

viceforce said:

November 26th, 2:41 pm

Interesting sale. Though I wish Until Dawn was a part of it.

    sealum01 said:

    November 26th, 3:47 pm

    Until Dawn would have been great, but there is still time! This is one of many sales leading up to the Holidays!

    zeebuzzy said:

    November 28th, 9:43 am

    bestbuy has it for 19.99 website and if you’re bestbuy gamers unlocked member you pay 14.99. today is last day black friday at bestbuy website

MakaiOokami said:

November 26th, 2:41 pm

I feel like if Sony had put every game on Playstation down to $5, but only for the first 10 games you purchase, people would STILL complain that there’s nothing they want.

There’s tons of good or interesting games. If there’s nothing you want you already either have a huge backlog, or a closed mind.

    JuanMdP said:

    November 26th, 2:46 pm

    You feel wrong then; the PS4 got 67 games on sale, the PS3 got 30 games on sale. The PSV only got a meager 12 games on sale. That’s 17% of what the PS4 got and 1/3 of what the PS3 got on sale. If you think pointing that out is being closed minded I think you are just too bias towards Sony to see how it neglects a sector of their consumer base [people with a PSV]~.

    Death8u4u said:

    November 26th, 3:49 pm

    JuanMdP, you really need to relax and take a step back. Look at the situation in its entirety instead of just how it impacts you.

    Playstation Vita, while fun, is obsolete. Most of Sony’s money comes from their latest and greatest, not failed attempts at venturing into a niche market. Playstation Vita has very few games in comparison to Playstation 4 and even more so when compared to the library for the Playstation 3. This is not Sony’s fault.

    As I have said, the Vita is a failed attempt at entering a niche market. Most people that actually play games on a mobile platform tend to play them on their phones or tablets, not overpriced devices with a very small selection of games. You can’t blame Sony for people not caring enough about their mobile platform to warrant developer interest. There just isn’t enough money in the Vita world for most developers to bother touching it. Blame your choice in platform, the only target that deserves blame in the matter to be quite blunt.

    And no, this isn’t me being a platform elitist might I add. I own both the PSP and the PSVita, I’m just realistic.

    FeistFan said:

    November 26th, 6:59 pm

    Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I ran up against the $150 limit in a single transaction (after the 20% discount that came with my PS4), so I’m breaking it into 2 purchases (and using the 10% off for this weekend). I’ll have more games than I can play in 2016, probably.

    Now if I can convince the wife to let me leave the PS4 set up, hidden behind the entertainment center, until Christmas – and only play at night after the kids are in bed…we’ll wrap the spare controllers rather than the console itself, and I’ll get started on…Destiny, or AC, or The Order, or even just Driveclub….

    Mutsu_Enmei_Ryuu said:

    November 26th, 7:13 pm

    @Death8u4u I usually don’t bother too often to reply to some comments, but with the amount of nonsense in your post, I couldn’t help it. Nothing personal.

    1) Not Sony’s fault for very few games? How about advertising the Vita when it came out to bring more buyers, which in turn more interest from devs. Barely any people had heard of the Vita’s existence and those who did thought it was a psp with a second joystick. And what about 1st party support for games, where is it? Not Sony?

    2) How can it not be Sony’s fault, and I’m quoting you here “… overpriced devices with a very small selection of games.” Who sets the price for the Vita? You just said yourself it was overpriced.

    Mutsu_Enmei_Ryuu said:

    November 26th, 7:14 pm


    3) “Blame your choice in platform..” if you bought it when it came out, how could you predict it would fail and lack support? You are talking about the choice of the platform with a 3 years’ perspective after its release, so yes, if you bought one today then it might be a bad choice. But how can you say it was a bad choice when it came out? By that reasoning, everybody should buy successful products through their fortune-telling skills.

    At the end of the day, Sony has to take some blame for poorly managing one of its products because it is Sony’s product after all… Marketing, 1st party support, bundles, prices (including proprietary memory cards), promotions etc.

    Mutsu_Enmei_Ryuu said:

    November 26th, 7:15 pm

    Forgot to add, if it’s so niche vs. mobile and tablets, why is the 3DS so successful?

    purse317 said:

    November 26th, 9:42 pm

    I love my Vita but its not selling post some statistics on that. Not the simple stats you posted either give me some real numbers I can draw conclusions with compafe ps4 units sold vs Vita. Draw a normal curve for both that might be asking too much so simply plot out the data.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 5:55 pm

    @JuanMdP : Don’t bother with MakaiOokami. He’s a well known Sony F-boy around these parts…so NOTHING of what he says regarding to Sony worths a crap to anyone with half a brain. -_-

    @Death8u4u : Wow, man…you’re SO WRONG on so many levels. SMH
    Mutsu_Enmei_Ryuu already said most of it…and I agree with pretty much everything he said. So…YEAH, it IS Sony’s fault. Especially when we’re talking about SALES here. You know Sony makes those, right? It’s not like publishers go and beg them to put their games on sale…SONY negotiates those. So if PS3 and/or Vita doesn’t have enough/good games…it’s NOT because those publishers thought “I rather loose all my profits than to put my dead-console’s game for sale”. Take a look at Steam Sales: if they can, I’m sure a multi-billion company like Sony can.
    Problem is…they don’t care anymore, so they put no effort into their deals for PS3/Vita. *sigh*

    Gwenwyfar said:

    November 28th, 6:15 pm

    Agreed. There’s way too much whining on those comments that fit exactly what you’re saying.

RoII_chan said:

November 26th, 2:44 pm

We need more JRPG´s on sale for the black friday =/

    peperapido said:

    November 27th, 6:25 am

    I totally agree, but oh well at least they have the Hyperdimension Neptunia games on sale for the Vita

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 5:56 pm

    We need MORE GAMES for Black Friday. Period. =\

helbertpina said:

November 26th, 2:57 pm

Oh, yeah! And the 10% code is just perfect! Gonna get Syndicate, Wolf, Old Blood and a couple of the Co-Op offers as well! Pretty sweet Black Friday sale this year! :D

dhunter_12 said:

November 26th, 2:59 pm

:( :( :( Store is under maintenance, cannot add funds! I want my DESTINY

    RoII_chan said:

    November 26th, 3:07 pm

    Hey, if you are on PS4, add me for a refer a friend promo code =)

DecadanceFantasy said:

November 26th, 3:01 pm

Happy we got the flash sale. I might get the Witcher 3. Looks fun.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:00 pm

    Do it. It’s AWESOME. ;)

    A lot better than that overhyped Skyrim+CoD hybrid: Fallout 4. SMH

    jeter626 said:

    November 28th, 8:40 am

    Yeah dude, Witcher 3 is very good, about as good as Fallout 4, even though they are both different types of RPGs, but hey, stirring the **** is pretty common on the Internet.

irj0k3r said:

November 26th, 3:11 pm

King’s Quest Complete Collection is on sale now while the first part is one of the free PS4 games next month. How ridiculous! I don’t know which is worse. That the first part is a free game next month which is like a glorified demo *cough* Drive Club Plus Edition *cough* or that it is free after the sale of the complete collection. So we take a chance to buy it now for less or wait for the free part next month and then buy the rest of the parts for more. Be it the complete collection is only a few cents less (on sale) than the season pass. Still, other episodic games have the first episode free as is to promote the series and give players a chance to try a part before they buy the full experience. Is this the future of the Plus igc? Instead of full games it will be single episodes, betas, and demos?? Shame shame Sony. :-/

    FeistFan said:

    November 26th, 6:46 pm

    The complete collection is a few cents LESS than the season pass – *AND* it has the epilogue which is not available in the season pass. And once you get episode 1 next month, if past history is a guide, you’ll probably be banned from buying the complete collection, since you’ll already own episode 1.

    How’s that for a complicated mess?

    duke301 said:

    November 26th, 7:06 pm

    That’s exactly what they did with Seasons one and two of the Walking Dead, if you remember. They give out the first episode for free because they want you to buy the rest. Most of these tools will fall for it hook, line, and sinker too. The thing is that if you buy the complete collection, you get the epilogue which isn’t included if you buy them separately. Also, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they lock you out of the complete collection if you download the first episode for free. After all, this is Sony we’re talking about here. With the sale for Black Friday, as well as the 10% off, you’re better off buying it now. With (I believe) six episodes, do the math. You’re also getting the epilogue. As a long-time fan of the series, I am going to buy the complete collection. I was tempted to buy it when it first came out, but now I’m glad I didn’t.

jchill001 said:

November 26th, 3:12 pm

i would’ve bought some of these tonight but for some reason sony does not allow gift cards on the account, i have a $100 gift card waiting to be used

    Sagat1 said:

    November 26th, 3:46 pm

    Go to and buy digital psn cards. You can buy a $100 card for 99.99. A!so you can’t use gift cards anywhere online unless you go to that gift card company’s website and register your address on the card. Instructions or a link should of came with your card. Or check the back for a link.

    FeistFan said:

    November 26th, 6:48 pm

    Do you have a balance of $50.01 or higher? Your total balance can never exceed $150 – which means if you want $200 of stuff in this sale, you can’t get it in one purchase, so the 10% off won’t apply to all of it.

mthodmn101 said:

November 26th, 3:13 pm

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 and 3, but not 2?

    zeil999 said:

    November 26th, 9:13 pm

    I was thinking the same exact thing!!!

jab__661 said:

November 26th, 3:14 pm

Some good stuff. I picked up J-Stars. I almost bought The Witcher 3, but I decided to buy it physical for $5 more.

PainOfSarrow said:

November 26th, 3:19 pm

What in the…. Lets just get a $1 Flash Sale again. Godzilla got sales fast.

    PainOfSarrow said:

    November 26th, 3:48 pm

    A Edit button will be a nice Feature.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:03 pm

    Flash Sales FTW! =)

fudgenasty21 said:

November 26th, 3:21 pm

lol these deals are sad. i already found better sales on amazon canada

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:04 pm

    Yes, they are…and you can find better deals almost ANYWHERE. SMH

Skeetlejuice said:

November 26th, 3:28 pm

Nice to see lots of ps4 stuff on sale this year, less nice that there are not many objective deals better than most retailers for physical.

Tired of seeing a few prices correct for Canadian customers and most not, this wastes our time verifying and is disappointing. Batman is wrong (inflated) and yet the season pass which was a poor deal is the same as USD this seems intentional, and happens often.

Wolfenstein and its expansion are deals for (79/76 meta rated games) but they are old base especially and have the smell of IGC, and again base game is same CAD expansion is Inflated. What are you trying to push on us?

You did this with Southpark on PS3 when all other Ubisoft games were priced accurately. I passed then and I’m passing now.

    BLAKHOODe said:

    November 26th, 4:41 pm

    The Batman season pass has actually been amazing. I do wish it was cheaper (which I did get it for $10 less), but I have no regrets at all having got it.. and they’re still adding to it.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:06 pm

    @BLAKHOODe : Yeah? No regrets? Seriously? So you’re perfectly fine with buying a game TWICE, huh? =\

Mickuchiha said:

November 26th, 3:28 pm

People beg for AAA sales

AAA games feature a sale

Yet, people still complains

Moral of the story: dont listen to entitled whiners, those kind of people are not good for feedback

    BLAKHOODe said:

    November 26th, 4:39 pm

    People complain, because they know the sale could have been better. People work hard for their money. Are they in the wrong for wanting to get the most out of it? Have you seen Walmart’s BF ad? If Walmart can sale AAA titles that cheap, there is no excuse for Sony to not be able to.

    Mickuchiha said:

    November 26th, 8:36 pm

    And this is what I mean with “entitled whiners”, i was writing a paragraph explaining my point of view, but i realized mid way that it was a waste of time.

    Gwenwyfar said:

    November 28th, 6:19 pm

    Exactly this. It feels like many of the people complaining are hoping they’ll get one specific game they want on the sale, and if its not there, it sucks.

    More psvita games would be nice, but the sales are not bad at all.


November 26th, 3:35 pm

Awesome Sale Playstation!

    BLAKHOODe said:

    November 26th, 4:40 pm

    Not really.

    drd7of14 said:

    November 26th, 5:13 pm

    Actually yes really, it is an awesome sale!

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:07 pm

    Actually not really, it is NOT. -_-

    jeter626 said:

    November 28th, 8:41 am

    Dude if you can get Syndicate down to 40% off, you already reached GMG levels of sales.

Skeetlejuice said:

November 26th, 3:37 pm

As for the vita I’d rebuy persona golden for 9.90 after trading it in last year but I have zero faith in your support of the vita which is basically being left in the back yard to die like a sick dog at this point. So the dismal sales and support of indie cross buy stuff from Kickstarter and steam does not surprise me. I feel bad for those that bought it recently.

I’m trying to finish season two of the walking dead on it so I can move on with my life and sell the thing. Which plays terribly btw and has to be the reason game of thrones isn’t on there. It hurts too since I bought all the accessories and many games in the past, I have to eat a big loss on that thing, just like Sony. Passing on VR for this reason. I’m tired of supporting these “experiments”

Gonna pick up pure poker though it’s an incredible deal on a well made game… Incredibad.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:11 pm

    Good call on the VR crap. Let the F-boys feed Sony’s failed shenanigans.

    Mark my words: VR will be DEAD 1 year after launch. SMH

givingtheguid said:

November 26th, 3:40 pm

What’s with the wacky difference between the PS4 and PS3 versions of Legend of Kay? $3.75 or $15?

nirojan45 said:

November 26th, 3:43 pm

“Wolfenstein: The Old Blood” PS4 is not showing as $6.60. It’s in my cart and it’s priced at $8.25

    Fnord said:

    November 26th, 7:11 pm

    Are you sure you’re looking at The Old Blood and not The New Order?

sealum01 said:

November 26th, 3:51 pm

Outstanding sale! I’m going to be picking up The Order 1886 (which I have been longing to play), and finally dipping my toes into Axiom Verge!

My backlog isn’t going to be happy with me… :D

KuKurakusuKuran said:

November 26th, 4:20 pm

i was expecting FF X X-2 to get a discount so i can buy it for my PS Vita and PS 4, too bad.
i know that theres a BF Deals on amazon, but i want to have a digital version of FF X X-2, well maybe next time.

Astroking112 said:

November 26th, 4:22 pm

It’s so nice that we’re being offered a sale on the game that we’re getting a PS4 demo from PS+ next month. I’m heartened to see that Sony is so caringly looking at our pockets.

realbigexplosion said:

November 26th, 4:22 pm

There’s some solid deals here for PS4, and a few baffling prices (Arkham Knight, I’m looking at you), but I was really hoping for some more Vita love. Note sure if I’ll be using the 10% code. Oh well..

    zeil999 said:

    November 26th, 9:29 pm

    I was thinking the same thing about Arkham Knight. $12 more than all other BF deals at regular stores…. I was also a little disappointed with the Vita selection too. I’ll have to figure something out for the 10% off as there really wasn’t any amazing deals that I just couldn’t pass up.


November 26th, 4:28 pm

Will they add games to this lineup or is this all that they are offering?

sirbflo114 said:

November 26th, 4:36 pm

The Witcher 3 for $22.50 after coupon code is a great deal. Physical disc would be about $5 more after tax. If you are best buy unlocker member, you could get witcher 3 for $19.99 like i did today. Wolfenstein new order is an absolute steal at $8.10 after coupon code. I see it around $15 for black friday sales at walmart and best buy. I said that i wouldnt go digital but i cant pass that great deal.


November 26th, 4:36 pm

Sony sellin’ games like a used car salesman pitchin’ a deal.

TeamGreen615 said:

November 26th, 4:43 pm

Sword Art Online HF with discount at $9 will be mine as soon as I pick up a psn card.

    KnifingGrimace said:

    November 27th, 4:12 am

    Just keep in mind that the English translation for the Vita version is… really, really bad. The PS4 rerelease fixed the translation, but the Vita version still suffers.

TwinDad said:

November 26th, 5:10 pm

Thank you for putting the coupon code into the tex of the article so I can cut and paste.


Orionsangel said:

November 26th, 5:43 pm

Damn! The order is just 10 dollars and all I left after black friday is 3 dollars :(

PolarDad said:

November 26th, 5:55 pm

The Wolfenstein games are a steal at those prices. If you like fps I highly recommend picking them up. I had hopes for a better discount on Mad Max since Gamestop has it for $30 all weekend. Overall, still a great sale, especially when you add the 10% coupon.

Ernesto818 said:

November 26th, 5:57 pm

where are the star wars battlefront deals?????

    REDSLATE said:

    November 27th, 4:20 am

    At Best Buy in conjunction with other purchases.

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:12 pm


Fuhr31 said:

November 26th, 6:08 pm

A few good deals, namely The Witcher and Wolfenstein, but I will buy physical. Plus I still can not checkout of the PS Store on PC, so it doesn’t give me much faith in Playstation digital.

Also, know what you are getting in to if you buy any movies from PlayStation. They are only viewable on PlayStation. There are many other digital movie stores that allow you to watch the movies you purchase when you want and where you want.

Septrelo said:

November 26th, 7:10 pm

Not what I was looking for — wanted things like Second Son and Sleeping Dogs at like $10. But for people new to great games like Destiny they should have a blast. Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving and hopefully see your family everyone!

    Orpheus_Aeons said:

    November 27th, 6:14 pm

    I agree. Games at $10 is what BF is all about.

    And I also agree with the fact that this Sale is only useful for new players. =(

    jeter626 said:

    November 28th, 8:42 am

    No one is selling those types of games for $10. Not even Steam.

Echelen said:

November 26th, 7:14 pm

Every sale I get my hopes up that they might have some substantial Vita deals. I don’t know why.

    Mickuchiha said:

    November 27th, 7:04 am

    Hatoful Boyfriend
    Color Guardians
    J Stars Victory Vs+
    Hyperdimension Neptunia U
    Hyperdimension Re Birth 3

    Are pretty good if you ask me

    Titan Souls and Hollow Fragment for half price are Ok at least


November 26th, 7:21 pm

Tenchu Wrath of heaven for ps2 emulator

sNsKid said:

November 26th, 7:36 pm

These deals definitely aren’t sweet enough. Saving even more money by not spending any. Just gonna wait on those PS Plus titles next month.

ShabanMC said:

November 26th, 8:06 pm

when I go on psn to the deals call of duty is full price and on here it says it’s 40 is there a bug or glitch because I’m thinking of buying it.

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