Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta – Everything You Need to Know

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta – Everything You Need to Know
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A quick update to confirm that the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta is starting to roll out now internationally! Surprise! Yes, the Beta launched a little earlier than expected, but it was ready to go and, hey, it’s December 4 in Japan and Australia.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta

Before you dive in, we’ve gotten the full lowdown from Naughty Dog on everything you need to know. You may want to look over the below list of answers to common questions that Naughty Dog put together to prepare you for the Multiplayer Beta.

The Basics

What is the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta?
The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta is an opportunity to test various aspects of Uncharted 4 Multiplayer, including the online infrastructure. The Naughty Dog team is also hoping to get your impressions and feedback, so that you can help shape the final version of Uncharted 4 Multiplayer.

When is the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta?
The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta is available now and will run through to December 13.

Is the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta available worldwide?

How do I get access to the Beta?
By obtaining a physical or digital copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. You will also need PlayStation Plus membership to access the Beta.

Please note: You must have valid application save data from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection saved in system storage in order to access the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta.

How do I download the beta?
Once the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta is available, please follow the instructions below. A voucher is not required to download the Beta.

If you purchased a digital version from the PlayStation Store, please skip to Step 2;

  1. Insert the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection game disc into the PlayStation 4
  2. Highlight the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection game icon
  3. Select ‘Overview’
  4. Select the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta Tile and press the X button to begin your download from the PlayStation Store

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta

Please note: You must have valid application save data from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection saved in system storage in order to access the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta.

What size is the Beta download file?
The download is approximately 7 GB, although in some regions, you may see a larger installed size on your PS4.

Do I need a PS Plus membership to access the Beta?

Will my progress from the Beta carry over to the full game when it launches?

What type of internet connection is required?
The Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta requires a broadband internet connection. We recommend at least a 1Mbps/1Mbps connection.

Will the Beta undergo maintenance at any point?
As this is a technical test, there will most likely be patches deployed, downtimes, restarts, and so forth. Please follow @Naughty_Dog for the most up-to-the-minute updates regarding Beta status. We will also be posting details on the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta forum.

How can I provide feedback and report bugs?
Please visit the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta official forum [] to leave your thoughts, feedback, and bug reports.

A survey will be sent out to certain players after the Beta period has ended, so look out for an email from PlayStation to provide valuable feedback to the team.

New Beta Features

What is a mystical and how do you deploy them?
The Beta includes a loadout item called Mysticals – letting you harness some of the well-known supernatural elements from the Uncharted games to aid your team in attaining victory. There are five Mysticals in the Beta that players can redeem through the Store:

  1. Wrath of El Dorado – When thrown, the El Dorado sarcophagus from Uncharted 1 appears to unleash spirits that track down the enemies near where it is placed, and damage them.
  2. Spirit of Djinn – The Djinn magic from Uncharted 3 imbues the player with the ability to teleport short distances, but they won’t be able to take cover.
  3. Cintamani Stone – Activating this mystical from Uncharted 2 revives Downed allies within its area of effect to full health instantly.
  4. Staff of Ayar Manco – This staff, from the Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth novel, casts a magical force across an entire map revealing where the opposing team is located. It will also show up on the mini-map and can be destroyed.
  5. Indra’s Eternity – From the Uncharted: Eye of Indra motion comic, this Mystical slows down any enemy that enters its visible area of effect.

What are Sidekicks and how do you use them?
Sidekicks are another loadout option, which spawns an NPC ally, each with a unique skill to help you or your teammates along. Players can redeem and spawn Sidekicks from the In-Match store, accessible via the DualShock 4 touch pad. Sidekicks will earn you cash as they fulfill their role. There are four Sidekicks in the Beta, each with a specific function:

  1. Sniper – defends a location with a sniper rifle to take out members of the opposing team
  2. Savior – field medic who will revive Downed players, hand out ammo and help your team replenish their Gear faster
  3. Hunter – when called in, hunts down the nearest enemy and puts them into a hold for the player to KO them
  4. Brute – heavily armored with a lot of fire power but slow moving

What is available in the Uncharted Multiplayer Store?
You are awarded 150 Uncharted Points at your first login during the Beta. These points can be redeemed for a variety of vanity items in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store.
You can also earn Relics by completing Daily Challenges during the Beta, or pick them up during a match. These allow you to unlock Vanity Chests in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store in the Main Menu. Vanity Chests have a chance of giving you a hat, outfit or a taunt (or a taunt with a prop!).

What are Beta points?
Beta Points unlock gameplay items for your Custom Loadout. Points are awarded for reaching certain levels of cash accumulation as you play Matches. The more Beta Points earned, the more gameplay items unlocked.

What is the In-Match Store?
The In-Match Store is accessed via the DualShock 4 touch pad during a match. As you play, you’ll earn in-game cash to deploy your loadout items such as Mysticals, Sidekicks, Heavy Weapons, or upgrade your Gear during a match. Choose wisely as the cost of each item will go up the more you use it during that individual match!

What are Challenges?
Each day during the Beta, Naughty Dog will issue gameplay goals, called Challenges, that players can complete to earn Relics to use in the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Store. Players can redeem Relics for a Vanity Chest. A single Challenge will replenish once per day at 3:00 PM local time for the player. No Challenge will be replenished unless one has been completed.

How do you make a customized loadout?
Players will be given a total of 25 Loadout Points to begin customizing their loadouts. Each item in Custom Loadout is worth a certain number of Loadout Points (LP) and players will be able equip a wide variety of gameplay items in their Custom Loadouts that can then be used during a Match.

Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta

Can I play as a character other than Nathan Drake?
Yes, you can play as a number of your favorite heroes and villains from previous Uncharted games, including Nathan, Sully, Elena, Sam, Katherine Marlow, Lazarevic and more. Each character brings his or her own unique personality and dialogue to the Multiplayer experience.

What game modes will be supported in the Beta?
The Beta will feature Team Deathmatch.

What maps are included in the Beta?
Two maps, including Island, a map influenced by the jungle setting from the PlayStation Experince 2014 demo; and Madagascar City, a map influenced from the settings seen in the E3 2015 demo.

Anything Else?

Members of the Naughty Dog development team will be streaming Uncharted 4 Multiplayer gameplay on our Twitch channel on December 8 and December 11. Keep an eye on @Naughty_Dog on Twitter for more details.

Looking for more? Check out the Naughty Dog stream from December 1 as Robert Cogburn, Erin Daly, and Arne Meyer provide an in-depth preview of the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta.

See you online during the Beta!

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2 Author Replies

  • Sonicfan11589

    Can’t wait, downloading now, hard part it’s this week when Game Awards and PSX take place.

  • I’ll be there! :-D

    (look for the guy wall-hanging, lobbing grenade after grenade at everything that moves ;-)

    • Just curious paulogy do you even own a PS4?

    • Indeed. Tried to stick it out with my Vita & PS3 as long as I could, but the PS4 bundles over Black Friday presented some deals too good to resist. And really, it was long overdue :-)

      So if I seem particularly excited about PS4 games lately, that’s why ;-)

  • The Uncharted 4 beta is available to people who bought The Nathan Drake Collection but not available to those who preordered Uncharted 4?! I find this to be extremely disrespectful to those who preordered.

    • TeamGreen615

      Agree, I have the platinum trophies to every Uncharted game on the PS3 and the one on the Vita. They should have done something for the long time supporters because as much as I love Uncharted I couldn’t justify dropping another $65 on a remaster. So that leaves me out.

    • uh, it’s not like they kept it a secret. Sorry you’re so easily disrespected. God forbid someone ever forgets your ketchup at dinner.

    • My guess(es) for why the beta was released with the trilogy and not preorders

      People can cancel preorders but still have the beta code, so they made it you needed something permanent to access the beta, a game disc and save files
      This reduces traffic on beta servers, making them more stable
      The Uncharted 2 and 3 betas were very exclusive, with players getting awarded vanity items like avatars and dynamic themes, perhaps they tried to replicate the exclusiveness of the beta by only making it available to people who have the trilogy, as anyone can preorder and cancel it but still get the code

      All you had to say was “I’ve played all the games, I don’t want a remaster”; you having the platinum trophies is completely irrelevant, but I suppose you just wanted to make sure everyone knows, you couldn’t miss an opportunity to show off, some ego boost it would seem

    • TeamGreen615

      @Kiwi_Shane Wow! Totally not what I meant by my comment. I was just agreeing with a guy and made an example. Don’t take things personal mate!

    • Agree, that’s bs I’m not paying 65$ for some old games I already played or I could be like most people, pay 65$ for a damn beta! If you pre-ordered the UNCHARTED 4 then you should be able to play UNCHARTED 4 MULTIPLAYER BETA! They want to take our money that’s all…

    • “+ Kiwi_Shane on December 3rd, 2015 at 11:49 am said:

      My guess(es) for why the beta was released with the trilogy and not preorders

      People can cancel preorders but still have the beta code, so they made it you needed something permanent to access the beta, a game disc and save files”

      It’s a 10 day beta period. It’s not like they’re giving away a free game. People who pre-ordered Uncharted 4 should be able to download this. This coming from someone who bought two Uncharted PS4 bundles.

    • I agree and I hope they listen to fans.I own all of them already and always pre-order this game.I dont need the Collection.Why have the game twice?

  • ChopChopGames

    Oh man, I’m so excited for this! Getting ready for an amazing experience (my first beta ever)!

    • porhawj2014

      yeah Uncharted 4 MP play like The last of us like you revive whoever from your team that surprise me

  • porhawj2014

    Hey Sid, will we able to play it after finish download it in USA ? i live in USA but i just want know but today is December 3.. The Witcher 3 gonna win GOTY during PSX this saturday. can’t wait to know good surprises from Sony that whatever they give us

    • Sid Shuman

      Yep! You can start playing when your download completes. Keep in mind that it’s a beta, there may be maintenance periods and so forth. See you at PS Experience!

  • I’m done done downloading in 9 min!!!!!!!!

  • The forum link is broken.

  • Is it just me or is no games being played. Can’t find any matches.

  • Infinite loading saying searching for players

  • muchgaming_wow

    Is it up already? When I go to Overview I just see screenshots uploaded.

    • muchgaming_wow

      Nevermind, the PSN I used was US then my Uncharted collection disc is ASIA. Found it when I signed in to my ASIA account. Silly me.

  • Is Chloe going to be in the full game for multiplayer? I saw her in the trailer, but she isn’t in the beta :(

  • No #Beta for #PSPlus members damnn shame

    • Yeah just another one of Sony lies…like with Plus you can get access to private betas and blah blah blah.Some s*** like that.

    • Who says this will be the only one? The game doesn’t come out until March.

  • SlyCooperFan100

    I keep getting “Error getting ticket.” :(

  • TokageDemon

    So, just started to download and I notice a Single Player beta? What does that Intel exactly? Like a demo of the story mode?

    • Long-time Naughty Dog/Uncharted supporters are getting the shaft here. Trying to force lovers/supporters of this game to shell out more $$ for already purchased material…oh sorry, remastered material…is a bit sketchy. Damn, I already DID that for Last of Us…how many games do I have to repurchase on the PS4 that I already owned on PS1, PS2, & PS3 to get some respect here?? lmao! There should be a way for those of us who bought all the games and available season pass/DLC content throughout the years to partake and give feedback on this beta.

    • sorry TokageDemon…hit reply, instead of comment. apologies.

  • Seidnerz_is_WINS

    Will there be some sort of reward unlocked in the retail release for playing the beta? I remember there were shirt unlocks for playing the uncharted 3 beta and some sort of promotion regarding the consumption of subway sandwiches or 7-11 slurpees. People will have enjoy shooting my in-game character even more if I can dress up like Jared Fogle again.

  • Long-time Naughty Dog/Uncharted supporters are getting the shaft here. Trying to force lovers/supporters of this game to shell out more $$ for already purchased material…oh sorry, remastered material…is a bit sketchy. Damn, I already DID that for Last of Us…how many games do I have to repurchase on the PS4 that I already owned on PS1, PS2, & PS3 to get some respect here?? lmao! There should be a way for those of us who bought all the games and available season pass/DLC content throughout the years to partake and give feedback on this beta.

    • As much as I love ND, I can’t agree more. :(

      Not giving access to players that support them for all their games on PS3 is hard to swallow…for their loyal fans.

      Not a good marketing move, make me really disapointed about ND…

    • Yep thats ND for you.

    • The Nathan Drake Collection is worth every penny, and If you were savy enough you could have snatched it up on the cheap during black Friday. This is really the best solution. Now we don’t have scalpers selling codes. Also, who is to say that there won’t be a public beta closer to release. This from a guy that already had his Uncharted 4 collector’s edition paid for months ago and have bought countless copies of the ps3 games for friends.

      With that out of the way, I would like to say that I’m having a blast with the beta. I am trying really hard to be unbiased, but this game is EVERYTHING Uncharted 3 should have been. I look forward to the next few days. For now back to it.

      Wetsuit Elena for life.

    • In fairness, it probably wasn’t Naughty Dog’s decision and this beta isn’t as big of a deal as you all are making it out to be. You’ll get over it and your lives will go on (hopefully).

  • Quick question – I’m in the US, but I bought the UK version for the collector’s edition steelbook (yes, I’m THAT guy who makes these kinds of decisions, shut up).

    Is that the reason the beta download isn’t showing up for me?

    • DaddyDirection

      You do not gain access to the Beta by purchasing the Collector’s Edition of Uncharted 4. You gain access by purchasing the Nathan Drake Collection.

    • @DaddyDirection – No, I bought the European Collectors Edition of The Nathan Drake Collection.

    • JustCallMeIshy

      I assume so, it’s still a version of The Nathan Drake collection. Just make sure you go to Overview and download right away!

  • Question – Is split screen going to be supported? As of right now I’m unable to add a second local player to my party. It just says the user is playing another game. Or is there something that needs to be done that I might just be missing.

  • Can I play U4 Beta in splitscreen?

  • The In-Match Store is just like the backpack on TLoU and so are the loadouts…ha nice to see that ND took inspiration from TLoU online cuz TLoU online is nearly the best online ever made.
    I’m a bit afraid UC4 online will be a flop because it looks too much like UC3 so far it looks “good” but you never know,I’m really hoping for the best.

    BTW that 3rd pic with Flynn holding the phone….stupid stupid stupid…please ND get real.

    And of course shame on you Sony for trying to force people into buyin your lame recycled games…Plus members,long time ND supporters and hell not even those who pre-ordered UC4 get access to the beta…ha WONDERFUL!!

  • Yo
    just got my PS4 back and about download the BETA add me please need a online crew to have fun and chat with so add me Grand-Pyro

  • iruleworld2

    Hey all, i purchased uncharted 4 The Nathan Drakes collection cd from china about 3 days ago but now am in saudi arabia and the beta isnt showing up at all.i followed all the instructions given but still no beta. Anyone know what could be the problem? Any suggestions to sort this issue?

    P.S my psn account is of saudi arabia

  • snarlylemming

    How do you make a party with friends?

  • will there be an open beta for this game?

  • A big compliment to Naughty Dog. As might be expected, the Beta excellent graphics and was mostly very good.
    – I would hope that the whole game is faster. The players wanted Uncharted Multiplayer in the Uncharted 4 mode as a variant in Uncharted 2. I find that the beta a certain speed is lacking.
    – You can not sprint in beta, so the action is lowered . Pls sprintmode like Uncharted 3.
    -t shooting: In Uncharted 3 the firing of bullets was very well done. 1 vs 1 duel challenged one and it was simply very well done. In Uncharted 4 me again the rapidity missing. It takes up one envisaged very long with the weapon, which makes the game slowly. I would hope that the sighting works faster as it was the case with Uncharted. 3
    -The Crosshair is another point. One had here taken a lesson from Uncharted 2. One would have, for that matter, rather to take an example from Uncharted 3.1 vs 1 battles made more fun. This one has little precision to greater distance, which is why most duels are performed at close range.
    – The precision of long distance is not good, the duels are performed at close range, causing a big mess, so you have little overview of the game.
    Pls more like Uncharted 3, than Uncharted 2
    #google translator :D

  • SuperAwesomeJay

    Anyone able to try the beta. I’m on 1.05 still have not got 1 match to work since Friday. At this point just wasted 8gb to download to look at nothing.

  • cant wait to download it I bought the bundle but there was no disc in it for the beta download. I chatted with sony support and they said something about sending out the disc to people but I think that it would be impossible to physically get the disc out to everyone for the download before the beta time period runs out. I think we only have till the 13th of December. I’m sick and I can only play after work and between treatments.

  • I sucks that you can’t carry over progress. You should be able to considering they limit the leveling up anyway.

  • Pyramida2_1

    – Excellent graphics (visual design), we are happy.
    – Content – content of the game, 100% draws attention, briefly and clearly, thirst is continuing again and again :)
    – Pleased that the players – allies can be treated,
    – Control convenient;
     – If the developers fix flaws I will recommend the game to my friends.
    – Good sound, but not the limit could be glossed over.
    – When only the beta version of the start everything was going fine, but then after a couple of days, the game freezes and ejected from it, because it was impossible to play, everything is constantly frozen, break the connection.
    – The beta version was only two cards; (
    – Damage to the enemy with a single blow, I personally do not clear and I personally do not like
    – The biggest drawback – the unequal, unfair fights !!!! Traced cheating (cheat code, cheat). Where on a variety of shots – the opponents did not die, and the game moved into the speed of light! What is the point of the game? If it is uneven (cheat code) ?? !!! We hate this !!! :( Please correct the errors, and then we’ll buy Uncharted 4

  • Starslayer74

    It kinda stinks that those of us who purchased the bundle for xmas gifts can’t join the beta. Especially since it was one of the selling points that drove me to purchase this bundle instead of the Battlefront bundle…

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