PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

As we look forward to the New Year, we’re excited to share our January 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup with everyone. This month our PS4 games pay homage to a couple classic, fan-favorite titles, while updating the gameplay and graphics to PS4!

Hardware: Rivals makes its exclusive debut on PlayStation Plus. Get behind the wheel of a powerful tank or mobile attack jeep in this arcade-style, vehicle combat game. Inspired by the PS2 classic Hardware: Online Arena, Hardware: Rivals lets you challenge your friends or enter the online multiplayer arena on your own and experience epic vehicular mayhem with multiple maps, game modes, and special events.

If you need a breather from all the vehicle-on-vehicle combat, you can always turn to the twisted Mexican folklore of Grim Fandango Remastered. As Manny Calavera, travel agent for the Department of Death, you’ll guide poor souls to their eternal rest. Crime. Skeletons. Romance. You’ll experience it all in this update to the beloved adventure game.

These PS4 games are free for PlayStation Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of January, and you can find the full list of PlayStation Plus games below.

Full Lineup:

  • Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
  • Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
  • Hardware: Rivals, PS4
  • Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
  • Nihilumbra, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • All I see here is a collection of whiners and cry babies. These companies don’t have to give you anything for free. Remember when Xbox live cost you money and you didn’t get crap except the ability to play Halo with 8 year old dirtbags. Loosen up play Grim Fandango and just thank the gaming gods you don’t have to put up with Microsoft’s shenanigans.

    • IT’S NOT FREE. We are paying for it, playstation plus never even started out as an online service it only provided the “free games” and the discounts. Just because they call them free games does not make it so…if they called it monthly games this wouldn’t even be an argument. So you can look at it however you want, but the fact is that you’re paying for online, the monthly games, and discounts.

  • Wow, I’ve never seen this many people complain about getting practically free games. Xbox can get away for years by making people pay just for the capability for online play and no one says a thing. Now you have all these people complain about the quality of the games they’re getting for practically free? If I was Sony I would stop giving out these games and watch everybody suffer.

  • To all the people saying that we shouldn’t complain about free games because they are free couldn’t be more wrong. THESE GAMES ARE NOT FREE. Just because they call it a free game doesn’t mean its free, we are paying money each month for these games, an online service, and discounts.
    I’m not going to say all these games are bad, but we have a next-gen console and all we are getting are games that can be played on a PS2. Sony needs to step it up big time, especially because we don’t even get to own these “free” games, we are renting them until our membership expires.

    • Cancel your membership

    • Yeah you obviously didn’t pay attention to the absence of a plus sign next to my name…I guess that just shows you the intelligence of the people arguing for these “free games”.

    • You pay $4.75 a month. Go use that money and get 6 games. I would love to see all the people do this. Then come and complain. The games are basically free. You also get 1 GB storage online and access online. If you don,t like it then sell your ps. Go get xbone.

    • One, you’re not getting six games unless you own and use all three systems, highly unlikely since the vita is tanking and companies are phasing out ps3 games for next gen ones. Two, you do not own these games forever like you would a purchased game. Three, I can go out and by two games of my choosing for 20 dollars, own them permanently, and not be locked in to the 1 year subscription fee of 4.75 a month. And I think you’re mistaking my hate for playstation plus with a hate for the playstation 4. I love the playstation 4 I just hate this service.

  • So PS3 owners get the good stuff while PSVita/PS4 owners get ****.

    It’s a continuing trend. I guess I’ll go buy a PS3 or something..

  • another useless list for PS4… not expecting triple AAA but at least Hotline Miami 2 and Resident Evil HD… Rayman Legend….

  • Yet another month of games I have NO INTEREST IN. This is like 6-7 months in a row of crap. I try them all, some are ok, but not worth playing more than once.

  • I’m very amused when people on here say we’re complaining, that we don’t deserve “free” games.

    1. First of all, once again, the games are NOT FREE. The yearly cost of PS+ is $49.99.

    2. We, as consumers, have EVERY RIGHT to voice our displeasure when we’re presented with junk, month after month….games we’ve never even heard of, mostly. If you pay for a nice meal in a restaurant and your food is undercooked, WOULD YOU SAY ANYTHING TO THE WAITER? To paraphrase Jack Nicholson, “you’re GD right, I would!”. If you PAY for something, you have every right to voice feedback when you’re less than satisfied. In fact, it’s your DUTY to voice displeasure, otherwise nothing would be done. Of course, the fact that Sony DOES do nothing makes matters worse. But we have a right to voice our discontent.

    3. We can scream bloody murder here all day, but ultimately, you speak with your DOLLARS. Cancel your membership. If people cancel in droves, surely Sony would pay more attention.

    4. I’m a hardcore gamer and honestly, most months I have never heard of 75% of the + titles.


    That is all…..goodnight.

    • Have you canceled your membership? Please, lead by example.

    • Codster1027

      Ps4 hasn’t even been around that long and there really isn’t a lot of “older” AAA tittles for it yet. Plus, its not like playstation can just slap any old game for free on there. There is a lot of negotiations and legal issues that take place for there to even be free games like that every month. Im sure the games they put out for free some months were definitely not their first choice.

    • Codster1027

      It would be kind of stupid to cancel your membership just because you aren’t getting the free game you expect. Sony im sure has limited control over the games that go for free. Its up to the developers to decide wether or not they want to. And if you were trying to make a living developing games, why the hell would you want a whole month where it would be free?

  • Either the website is having problems, or the post I just made criticizing PS+ has been deleted.

    CENSORSHIP. Lovely.

  • If you pay for something, you have the right to voice your displeasure if you’re not satisfied. If you pay for a nice meal at a restaurant and the food is undercooked, SHOULD YOU SAY SOMETHING? Of course you should. In fact, if it’s something that could affect others, you almost have an OBLIGATION to say something.

    We have every right to voice our displeasure. The PS PLUS service costs $49.99 a year. Last I heard, geniuses, that’s NOT FREE.

    I invite everyone here who’s dissatisfied to cancel your + membership, as I did. We can criticize Sony all night here but ultimately, we vote with our pocketbooks and our dollars. If enough people cancel, MAYBE Sony will pay attention. I wouldn’t bet money on it, but you never know.

    Just cancel. It’s easy if you try.

  • LittleScumbag

    I miss my xbox :( …Though its never to late to go back

  • damn Sony really? I feel like month after month ps4 players are getting the shaft. Ever since PlayStation Plus has become mandatory for online play , quality of the free games have gone in the trash. Not sure who’s in charge of marketing but it seems like you guys are more focused with keeping the last gen console alive as opposed to building up your current gen console.

  • It’s been 4 month in a row that we received puzzle/adventure/point and click games.
    I think it’s time to change that style a bit.

    See the list
    Broken Age – Walking Dead S2 – King’s Quest – Grim Fandango

    I used to play a lot those game and I think in general they are good but not as played as they used to be years ago. So why to they keep shoving those at us.

  • Sony please when will you learn that we do NOT want these things you call games, There are better games for my old samsung phone, How about giving us an explanation WHY ps4 is not getting Any full ps4 games for us ps plus members that we are forced to be just to play, At least offer us full games now and then and not only indie games or old ps2 games wich i own Alot on discs. Why is ps3 getting DA origins and xbox got not long ago AC black flag. Don’t you have any interest to rival with microsoft anymore? ps plus funds probably goes to maintain psn wich have alot of hiccups. But i think at least 95% of every ps4 owner would be happy to see once in awhile a full game as a plus member. There are alot of older games on the store already that you are trying to get 10-20 euro for, That is not alot but some of them could be put in the free monthly games. Well everyone wants to make profits but i doubt a major company like sony here would suffer losses giving us now and then a Free old ps4 game. But oh well i do not need to bother about this once final fantasy xv horizon zero dawn sword art online hollow realization comes out, Those games will keep me busy for a year.

  • Moe_Lestterr

    i find it kind of ironic that litterally the best game ever made (dragon age origins) is free this month and people still complain lol. i <3 playstation

    • Is free for PS3 owners only. I am a PS4 owner and I would love to see all games on PSN being offered for all platforms.

  • I guess Sony is trying to make PS3 owners happy since most AAA titles are being ported poorly. I do agree the free games for the PS4 are some of the worse I’ve seen in months.

  • Sorry to be straight, but 2015 was a bad bad year for plus members. Look at the poor PS4+vita free games, makes me feel uncomfortable when comparing to Japanese members. Did we pay less membership? Or Sony people are racialists? We paid actual money and just want to be treated same way. Players dont really care if u guys have long term strategy or something, cuz we are only poor plays who pay money but being tortured. Also the ‘vote to play’ thing, it doesnt mean too much. Its like when u are hungry, someone ask u, work or study, which do u prefer. I hoped 2016 could be better, but thanks, thanks for the ‘head start'(Japan has Tokiden and some other AAA games BTW, Sony). I cant take my money back from what I paid, or Ill defenotely cancel the rest of my membership. Farewell Plus, farewell Sony. Thanks for those great offerings and great times. I was here, but I cant wait (or pay) for the greatness anymore. :)

  • People should chill. I, most people, buy PS+ for online multiplayer. The free games are a bonus.
    And why do you people hate indie games? I’ve put nearly the same amount of hours into indie games as I have AAA titles this last year. You guys don’t know what you’re missing or care too much about graphics.

    And all those threatening to get an XBOX1. “Oh, my free bonuses on this service I’d probably pay for anyway aren’t good enough. I’m going to go spend $300+ dollars on a console and $60 a year for very nearly the same thing.”

    What games are “good” is purely a matter of opinion (beauty in the eye of the beholder, and all that) but if you haven’t found an indie gem of a game or a AA title you enjoy every few months than I can’t say anything for your taste. Go play your CoD, you casuals.

  • doctorstewie

    Kinda glad my ps subscription expires at the end of the month. Gona stick with xbox for online and half decent free games every month.

    Still a great console tho, just a pitty sonys just to tight to give a gew AAA’s away

    Love ya xxx

  • witassuperman

    That’s why I’m buying PS Plus subscription ONLY on those months when they relise something good… I hadn’t bought it for months now, completely not worth it. Got PSP, PS Vita, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 but I guess is time to go for XBOX…

  • PS+ shows games to me I normally would never even bat an eyelash at. It’s always worth a try even if it’s a quick delete. This month looks better than some, but nonetheless I’m satisfied.

  • $4 a month so hard to complain but this is a joke for PS4 users. I have all three Sony offerings so I don’t feel I’m getting ripped off but still…

  • $4 / month. Yes, we are paying for the “free games”. We are also paying for online gaming. Four dollars a month…

    As displeased as I am some months, I support them. Most likely if they drop a AAA title for free I have already bought it. So the obscure games are my best chance of getting something I don’t already own.

    ***** or be happy that you are getting something ” for free” in addition to the discount and access to online gaming. I’m way further ahead at $49 a year just in the additional discounts for buying games. Let alone the freebies and online access.

    • clokverkorange

      At least someone has some common sense. I was beginning to worry.

      The first time I used PS+ I got a discount on a game I was buying anyway and I got Injustice: Gods Among Us for free, and this was back when it was still a $29.99 purchase in stores. They could release total crap for the next year and a half and I’ll have still gotten my money’s worth just off of that, but there have also been some other AAA titles released. Wasn’t Mass Effect one of the titles for a month? Christ, people just want to complain. Even for $10 a month, you’re making out like a bandit on the months where they release top quality.

  • bwrthesquirrel

    Sick of this third rate rubbish. I’ve never owned an xbox but I think it’s the only way to go. Ps4 greed will be the instrument of its own demise.

    • lmfao… I’ve only EVERY system since 1989 and if you think an XBOX, in any form, is the way to go then please put down your DualShock.

  • clokverkorange

    If you’re “going out and buying an XBox One” simply because one or two months in a row the COMPLETELY FREE GAMES that Sony gives you aren’t AAA titles, you’re the very definition of an entitled gamer.

  • Wasn’t Hardware: Rivals in the PS Plus lineup a few months ago? I already have it in my library, and I definitely didn’t pay $20 for it. ._.
    All in all, a pretty weak month to kick off the new year. I’m glad more people will get to play Grim Fandango at least!

  • son_of_exodia

    nothing great, but i don’t have a PS4 yet, so….

    Dragon Age: Origins i’ll try out since it’s free, and maybe metal of honor.

  • Okay So I’ve just downloaded the new PS+ games, actually only wanted to play Medal of Honor, for old time sake, to my grand surprise there are still people playing this game. The only issue though is that I can’t play with them, because they constantly play on DLC servers and the DLC’s are NOT as usually included in this F’ING PS+ garbage DEAL, so I’m stuck with a Shooter on single player experience. My wallet will go to Microsoft now, I’m tired of spending money and investing time on a company that doesn’t care about his customers. XBOX ONE has backward compatibility, ffsake, while on PS4 you can RE RE RE BUY the same old PS2 games for 15 $… WOW WHAT A FREAKING DEAL a**hole.

  • + illthreat on January 16th, 2016 at 10:29 am said:
    Have you canceled your membership? Please, lead by example.

    Yes, I canceled my PLUS membership a few months ago.

  • Yet to see a game aimed at people that dont think indie games that look worse than android games are good. **** the price, its the principles. Sony aint even trying. Bet its less than a quarter of people that pay for ps+ that actually download or play this junk. Cant believe people think these games should be pn a ps4, with the pathetic graphics and gameplay. Worse than what u can buy for ps1 but with hd colours lmao angry birds ****s on all so-called free indie games ps+ has offered

    • P.s unless my ps+ subscription goes to rockstar, ubisoft or whoever makes fallout then im paying £35 for these crappy indie games

    • Bethesda makes fallout, they make some amazing games by the way. Excluding elder scrolls online of course.

  • Arianna2468

    I’m not interested in downloading any of these rental games- they’re not free. It’s a good thing I bought games I wanted from those great sales in 2015. Playstation Plus was better than this, before Sony made the PS4. I’m happy that the PS4 is here, but I miss having the usual 12 games for PS3 and 6 games for Ps Vita. Now, we’re down to having 2 rental games a month per game console. We’re lucky to get 3 rental games with cross buys. I haven’t been a member of PS Plus for long. My membership began in January 2014, because I bought a special edition white PS3 and it came with a 1 year PS Plus membership. PS Plus is necessary and worth keeping for some players because it is needed for online multiplayer on PS4, and for 1 gb of online game saves, and automatic updates. After my memberships expires after this year I’m going to let it lapse for a short time, so that I may purchase, and not just rent the games from the IGC that I really want to keep.

    • Arianna2468

      Sorry, I meant *membership,* and not *memberships.* It’s only one membership.

  • TheSuperMrSuper

    Most people on this blog come across as pathetic entitled jerks.
    Big freakin woop these effectively FREE games are not quite up to your standards
    How about wait a month. Or play one of your many other games that you have

  • Guilty-_Verdict

    Everyday i hate my ps4 Even more! I am just gonna trade it in for an xbox 1, what is there to lose the PS4 is just collecting dust.

  • Well i dont like to playing indie games sorry , as i remembered i only download AAA tiles which i hv Injustic God among us, Infamous first light , Rocket League and Metal gear Ground zero.

  • MeekDaSneak21

    This is an extreme case of garbage why not one AAA game and one indie? I pay for ps+ so i can game online but the games you offer in comparison to Xbox 1 are discouraging as well as your voice controls… I own both systems and am a sony fan but I feel as if you have stopped valuing your customers…. How about some increased applications for the playroom or a new map for the ninja run game or something. Get it together i expect so much more from you Sony and you’re disappointing me and countless others

    • Yeah I agree. I’m losing faith in Sony and I’ve always been a big fan. X1 has way better monthly game releases and better deals.

  • This month’s list is mediocre at best. I have grim fandango for PC already and have dragon age for pc as well. MoH Warfighter was so bug ridden when released that it got shelved for an indefinite amount of time. That just leaves the indie games, which I haven’t heard of. Here’s to hoping they’re good games.

  • Another poor poor month for ps4. My ps plus was due for renewal this month and I’m not renewing it. Fed up of PS3 games for a console I paid Sony for 2 years and still waiting for something other than an indie title.
    No more money from me Sony until you start showing some respect and generosity to your loyal customers.

  • WiltedOhio1988

    Already played the first half of Nihilumbra and it’s awesome. Very beautiful and artistic game. DA:O is a must-have for those who never played it. The others I’m still waiting ’till I have some time to play, but very good lineup apparently.

  • Grim Fandango is broken on PS4. I’ve been playing for a while and game crashes on Year 3. It’s a bug reported month ago that hasn’t been fixed. How do you give a broken game on plus? How Double Fine dare to announce more remasters and also start a kickstarter campaign for a new one when they are giving us a broken game? I loved the original game, but this is unacceptable. I demand quick solution. “Start the game from the beggining” is not an answer.

  • omg sony every month we get these crapy bs indie games ofF you. i mean it wouldnt even b that bad if once in a while we got an old aaa title like they get on xbox but no every month we get **** ON . why should i even pay for ps+ when you offer nothing in return ive seen it time and time again and get this half of the games you give us for subscribeing are already on psnow WTF ive been a loyal playstation consumer now for 16 years or so i swear if the next lot of games are just as amazing as usual im selling my ps4,ps3 and any other sony products i own and going to xbox. i will also be creating a boycot sont website and never recomending you or your products to any one ever again

  • Neen disappointed in ps+ games for the last few months xbox is way better. I’m absolutely tired of remasters or Indi games. I have zero issues with Indi games I like them but I wanna play knack or assassins creed even kill zone at this point but yet again it’s a terrible line up. Please give us unraveled in February only game I’m looking forward to.

  • The games offered to the PS4 players are just bad… The PS3 and PS vita offers are better.
    People in the comments are saying that we are ungrateful and that if we don’t like the games to just don’t download them… but the majority of people who don’t like the games like me were just used to better games, i am not saying that the games are all bad, they arent, but i remember being exited for each new month, now it’s just meh… now i dont care for the ps plus anymore, it’s just not wordy to pay and i don’t have a active ps plus subscription anymore.
    Please get better, can’t sony see the number of disappointed people?


      I agree I just got my ps4 last week and the ps4 games are really weak.


    I have a ps4 if I download Dragon Age: Origins, PS3 which is free this month, can I play it on my ps4. and what about the other free games on the other platforms vita and so on thanks

  • Filthy console peasants crying about free games every month, you disgust me.

    • Codster1027

      Exactly. Its free stuff. Why are people complaining about getting free stuff?

    • If I remember correctly I payed for this service. It’s not free at all.

  • So my subscription ended… Won’t be renewing it anytime soon.

  • RayDonovan_-

    Titan Souls, Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami 2, The Escapist, TWD 1, Saints Row, Murdered , Wolf among us, Old Blood, Thief, Armello, Metro Redux, Rayman, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Sherlock Holmes, Tomb Raider 2013, New Order, Unwritten Tales 2, Dishonored, Evolve, Knack, KZ, Infamous, Prototype, Evil Within, Devil May Cry
    Bastion (PS4) The Vanashing of Ethan Carter (PS4) Fat Princess Adventures (PS4)


  • Grim Fandango is ok, but not nearly enough to make up for all the **** they put on PS4 the entire year of 2015. Had I known from the beginning I wouldn’t have bought a 4 yet. If this continues I’m not getting a new ps+ subscription.

    Sony, this is supposed to be a service to players that are willing to pay for it. Not a service that we pay and that you are willing to (not even) satisfy with some left over crumbs. I can get a cheaper cd with 100 arcade games and it would be better than almost everything I’ve seen so far.

    Time to actually work for your paying customers.

  • GuyOverThere

    Pathetic. Really, really pathetic.

    How cheap are you guys, for Christ’s sake? You can’t even offer AT LEAST one AAA title?

    Nice smack in the face to all PS4 owners. Thanks, Sony.

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