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Feb 01

Feb 01

Vote to Play March 2016: Voting Begins February 9th

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PlayStation Plus Content Partnership Manager

By popular demand, Vote to Play is back and the voting begins on February 9th! The candidates include Action Henk!, Assault Android Cactus, and Broforce. The game that secures the most votes will be added to the March monthly games lineup for PlayStation Plus members.

Vote to Play, March 2016

Action Henk!

Publisher Curve Digital and developer RageSquid have put together a light-hearted racer where you run, jump, and — yes — butt-slide your way through a host of toy room environments with past-their-prime action figures.

It’s a game where timing and momentum are key as you attempt to outdo your opponents as well as your own past performance. How can you not love a game with the tagline “Butt-slide to victory?”

Assault Android Cactus

While the mechanics of this twin stick shooter will be familiar to many, developer Witch Beam has created a unique battery mechanic (in lieu of lives), providing a fresh experience that helps Assault Android Cactus stand out from the crowd.

This one also supports Shareplay, a “virtual couch” that lets a friend join your game for up to an hour at a time, creating an online local co-op experience. According to designer Sanatana Mishra, the goal with Assault Android Cactus was to make a game that he and the rest of the team wanted to play.


While we didn’t know it at the time, Broforce is the game that we always wanted as we cheered beloved 80’s-era action heroes on to victory. Publisher Devolver and developer Free Lives have teamed up to deliver part irreverent spoof and part loving homage to what are now classic movies and classic games.

With its online co-op experience and over-the-top presentation, there’s a really great game here that deserves the heaps of praise it’s already received.

The thread that brings these three games together: fun titles that can connect the Plus community to play together with friends. For me, personally, one of the sweet spots in game design is a title that provides casual fun for almost anyone who picks up the controller, while providing a depth of mastery for those who want to push the game’s mechanics to their limits. We hope that you’ll enjoy learning about each game and the developers behind them before casting your vote.

Starting February 9th, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member and you want to cast your vote, simply log into your PS4 with your PSN account and access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. You can also go to What’s New or visit the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store, where you’ll find details for Vote to Play.

We look forward to seeing your votes!

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Anddo said:

February 1st, 8:36 am

Assault Android Cactus FTW
Everyone needs to vote this

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    February 1st, 8:46 am

    In full agreement! I really want this game!

    CrusaderForever said:

    February 1st, 9:54 am

    Big time! Assault Android Cactus gets my vote hands down! :)

    Nahela said:

    February 1st, 10:04 am

    Definitely agree. Don’t get me wrong, Action Henk and Broforce are both awesome games, but Assault Android Cactus is truly something special to behold. It’s extremely well polished for an indie game, presentation is off the charts.

    gusty81 said:

    February 1st, 12:35 pm

    If you’re a Vita gamer, this is the ONLY choice.

    Hakumen__ said:

    February 1st, 1:05 pm

    @gusty81 Last I heard, Action Henk! was also coming to PS Vita.

    If you are Vita gamer, only Broforce is disqualified by default.

    BlackDragon10199 said:

    February 1st, 1:54 pm

    Me too, PlayStation should do this more often or even always. Because it give us a choice in what we all want to play.

    Big-Boss216 said:

    February 1st, 2:46 pm

    Android cactus seems to be the best game.

    SrN56 said:

    February 1st, 2:58 pm

    Broforce lets do this

    CrisY300 said:

    February 1st, 3:30 pm



    February 1st, 4:02 pm

    Broforce all the way of were gunna get a India game a good one it’s going to be broforce

    Mickuchiha said:

    February 1st, 5:31 pm

    120% agree

    genobreaker1200 said:

    February 1st, 5:41 pm

    Assault Android cactus has my vote,because of couch co-op/share play

    xClayMeow said:

    February 1st, 6:12 pm

    Assault Android Cactus has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam (97% positive reviews out of 602).

    I’d love to play this on my Vita, but sadly don’t have a PS4 to vote on, so hoping all your PS4 gamers make the right choice!

    ThrowinUpBuckz said:

    February 1st, 6:44 pm

    Assault Android Cactus

    Welmosca said:

    February 1st, 10:08 pm

    I’m with you there man.

    DopeDreamz_04 said:

    February 1st, 11:14 pm

    Nah bro force

    SpooNManX said:

    February 2nd, 12:15 am

    Agreed… TwIn Stick Shooters are a safe bet.
    Assault Android Cactus will be my vote as well.

    creativedsign said:

    February 2nd, 7:18 am

    I agree, my vote goes to Assault Android Cactus as well

    hipkitty said:

    February 2nd, 7:22 am

    Broforce deffinatly has my vote for sure!!

    mahala07 said:

    February 2nd, 7:34 am

    Broforce has my vote. I’ve waited a long to for the console release.

    Kliff_Warhazard said:

    February 3rd, 2:55 am

    I agree, Assault Android Cactus gets my vote :)

    thestar4455 said:

    February 3rd, 3:11 am

    Totally agreed, assault android cactus will definitely get my vote

    TAMLES_FO_LIFE said:

    February 7th, 9:32 pm

    Broforce by far the best game

    arielvega1206 said:

    February 9th, 11:35 am

    Bro force!!!!

    slasherzero said:

    February 10th, 4:15 am


    lord_darkner said:

    February 13th, 1:32 pm

    How about a real game?

    Irrumo69 said:

    February 16th, 6:20 pm

    We need broforce!

anbu316 said:

February 1st, 8:36 am


    kingdomkiller3 said:

    February 1st, 10:09 am


    rsoto1125 said:

    February 1st, 10:11 am

    Broforce, the true winner

    Dajmin said:

    February 1st, 10:51 am

    Broforce doesn’t care if you vote for it or not. Broforce ALWAYS WINS! MURKA!

    gideon__1998 said:

    February 1st, 1:11 pm


    Elvis_Llama said:

    February 1st, 3:46 pm


    kapablekid said:

    February 1st, 3:52 pm


    xClayMeow said:

    February 1st, 6:15 pm

    Broforce is too much like STFU, which we already got. Vote Assault Android Cactus!

    mahala07 said:

    February 2nd, 8:09 am

    xClayMeow STFU is nothing like Broforce. Please don’t spread misinformation to influence votes.

    darkray8000 said:

    February 2nd, 1:29 pm


    Jubeidamasta said:

    February 3rd, 2:27 am


CapJSheridan said:

February 1st, 8:40 am

Tough choice and poor Action Henk!

Broforce has been out longer, so I guess I’d prefer Assault Android Cactus

    rsoto1125 said:

    February 1st, 10:07 am

    Only if you’re counting early access

    Sammo21 said:

    February 1st, 10:20 am

    BroForce hasn’t been out for much longer as its been an early access title on PC.

    I also think its pretty stupid to think only new games are better choices for PS+

Mercenary09 said:

February 1st, 8:46 am

Glad to see this back finally. That is a touch choice between AAC and Broforce. Think I’m going to go with Broforce.

    MakaiOokami said:

    February 1st, 10:23 am

    I’ll be glad as long as it’s not a game like last time, which was the cheapest game of the list, (so you could have just bought it yourself for $8) and possibly the worst reviewed of the list, and some of my friends said that the game was so buggy for them it was borderline broken.

    drd7of14 said:

    February 1st, 1:55 pm

    @ MakaiOokami

    B.U.D. was a beautiful game character. So I’ve no beef with the decision on Grow Home being selected. I do prefer this method of voting though. It makes it a little more interesting to see directly what the majority of people who vote on these sorts of things really want vs. the sole members of this blog.

    Curious how many people vote on it after hearing about the vote to play promotion through other outlets, or maybe even directly through the PS Store, which I doubt.

supermoc10 said:

February 1st, 8:46 am

Assault Android Cactus
All day!

SlyCooperFan100 said:

February 1st, 8:48 am

I’m really annoyed at the fact that Assault Android Cactus is up against the likes of Broforce. Same thing happened last time with Armello and Grow Home. Small, mostly unheard of game and game devs get thrown to the wayside because of popularity. It’s basically a popularity contest. AAC is an extremely good game, and it should work beautifully on PlayStation 4 and Vita. I’m really stoked for it, but Broforce is going to win because it’s insanely more popular.

Doesn’t mean I won’t vote, just that I don’t have high hopes for it. :/

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    February 1st, 8:49 am

    That being said, I’m really excited to see it releasing next month regardless :D

    cusman said:

    February 1st, 10:02 am

    I think you get a special PS+ discount on game you voted that didn’t win and become free, so if you are sure some other game is going to be free already (due to higher popularity / votes), vote for the other game you are wanting to get that special discount.

    TheBigBoss87 said:

    February 1st, 1:17 pm

    Of course it’s by popularity. That’s how voting works.

    AizawaYuuichi said:

    February 2nd, 2:44 pm

    Actually, the way it worked last time, both of the games that weren’t chosen got discounts. So no matter what happens, one is free and the other two are discounted. And really, if the one you want doesn’t win, then you get it at a discounted price and it’s not tied to your PS+ sub. So, silver lining…

T3DV0L70L1N4 said:

February 1st, 8:50 am

These choices remind me of the Republican presidential primary.

    SureBigBuster said:

    February 1st, 9:55 am

    Exactly my feeling lol

CraddaPoosta said:

February 1st, 8:51 am

None? How about ‘None of the above’?

How about you start a specific Indie-centric monthly subscription service for the people who can’t get enough of iOS ports and games we can get for under five bucks as part of a Humble Bundle?

This is why I didn’t renew my PS+ subscription. If I want indie garbage, I have an Android for that.

    GBrocc said:

    February 1st, 11:09 am

    Don’t understand why people complain about ps plus. Never was it advertised that AAA were going to be given every month. These games are great and I like taking a break from the bigger titles. Two free games a month and more if you have PS3 and vita. Have an Xbox one and the free games are worse. We even got rocket league and that was one the best games of the year. You don’t like ps plus fine don’t buy it , but stop trolling and convincing others it’s not a good service.

    Carlyle999 said:

    February 1st, 11:11 am

    Complaining about an additional free game being in the lineup. What a baby.

    Sowderman said:

    February 1st, 3:11 pm

    Same here. Don’t let the PS+ bootlickers fool you, a large majority of us can’t stand these indie games every month. The PS4 has a very small digital library outside of iOS ports.

    They still want 59.99 for launch titles…

    MisterWillow said:

    February 1st, 3:38 pm

    @GBrocc – I don’t understand people willing to be pleased with crumbs when they used to get feasts. While they never explicitly said ‘you’re getting AAA games every month (along with indies)’, that was generally the case until mid-2014. Look (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTpi7P8Pokc&list=PLol_ykYs3OQ7WOht3tota9P-EWQmwKdTl&index=3), and I’m only listing non-indie stuff.

    January 2014
    Bioshock Infinite

    February 2014
    Metro: Last Light
    Street Fighter X Tekken
    Remember Me

    March 2014
    Tomb Raider

    April 2014
    Batman Arkham City

    June 2014
    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    …and then there are sporadic peppering of big games (December ’14 we got Injustice Ultimate, January ’15 got InFamous First Light and Prototype 2, etc. etc.), but even that has trailed off.

    In 2013, we got Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, Hitman Absolution, Saints Row the Third, both Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, X-Com, Deus Ex Human Revolution, etc. etc. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Instant_Game_Collection_games_(North_America)). It’s like they slipped back to pre-2012, where it was basically all indies and small games (same link).

    MisterWillow said:

    February 1st, 3:39 pm

    (cont.) If you notice, that’s about half a year after the PS4 launch, and I knew this would happen the moment they announced that PS+ would be required for online play. I just knew that they’d do the bare minimum the moment they no longer had a supplementary reason to attract people to the program. Now you have to have it to play online, so they can throw you a bone simply because 1) they know if they drop the IGC people would rage more than they are now, and 2) Microsoft started a similar program and Sony will look bad by comparison.

    What’s really galling is that there are plenty of games that they could easily put up:
    InFamous Second Son (we got InFamous 2 in 2012, so don’t say that’s unreasonable)
    Metro Redux
    Last of Us Remastered
    Wolfenstein: New Order
    Killzone Shadow Fall
    Middle Earth Shadows of Mordor (came out Sept 2014, pre-Dust an Elysian Tale, which we did get, so it’s old enough)
    Alien Isolation (came out Oct 2014)

    MisterWillow said:

    February 1st, 3:40 pm

    Order 1886
    Shadow Warrior
    The Wolf Among Us
    Guilty Gear Xrd
    Saints Row 4 Re-Elected
    …need I go on? (and please be aware that I own half of those at least, so I didn’t just put games that I want in there, because ‘Give me free stuff!’)

    The point is, they’ve been skimping for a while and too many people are just fine with rolling over and accepting whatever they’re given regardless of past quality. I know that we’ve had some great months (Rocket League, Helldivers), but by and large, judging by the recent offerings, I think I would have let my sub expire a few months ago were it not for the fact that I need it to play games online.

    bajor27 said:

    February 1st, 4:07 pm

    @MisterWillow I own all but 3 of the titles you listed already, and would much rather have Broforce than any of those remaining 3.

    AizawaYuuichi said:

    February 2nd, 2:52 pm

    The difference being of course that because PS+ is required now, anything they give away will be an almost instant and eternal loss of sales for that game. It’s not Sony’s fault. I’m pretty sure none of the AAA developers want to give their games away to 50%+ of the PS4 ownership. Back on PS3, from what we can dig up, less than 20% of PSN users had PS+, so it was easier to negotiate for AAA titles, because you weren’t completely destroying future sales of your title. I mean, sure they could probably get a few more AAA titles at a higher cost, but then you’d see even cheaper and less desireable indies the rest of the time.
    That’s why PS3 still gets more AAA titles. Because less people with PS+ have PS3s, as most of the newer subscribers are only on PS4. It’s fairly simple to figure out if you understand real world issues like supply and demand and the basics of economics.

The1337Ghost said:

February 1st, 8:51 am


I feel like everyone dropped the ball last time by not voting Armello, let’s not do it again people.

    CrimsonNemo said:

    February 1st, 8:57 am

    Broforce all the way.

    ThisGuy005 said:

    February 1st, 9:58 am

    I actually think Grow Home was the worst of the choices last time. I still stand with the only reason why a lot of people chose it was because it had Ubisoft’s name on it.

BeerManMike said:

February 1st, 8:56 am

Assault Android Cactus is the best one of the lot easily, got my vote.

WayneGauvin said:

February 1st, 9:13 am

Don’t you just hate it when the maid doesn’t take out the trash?

Bellalara said:

February 1st, 9:18 am


unbane said:

February 1st, 9:27 am

The best :D!

tylerh1701 said:

February 1st, 9:28 am

Broforce for sure, would love to get that free at launch!

Love Day 1 freebies on Plus, please keep having them in the coming months! The last few months have only had 1 launch title in them from what I remember (Hardware Rivals) so hoping to see a lot more Day 1 titles in future months of Plus!

inFAMOUS-787 said:

February 1st, 9:34 am


    LeandroDiFini said:

    February 1st, 10:20 am

    I think we are the only two going for Action Henk! :)

    DatGamingKid said:

    February 7th, 6:17 am


NMeck702 said:

February 1st, 9:38 am

Action Henk seems alright. Seems like the most unique of the bunch.

    napzackz said:

    February 7th, 6:15 pm

    yay. butt slides

paulogy said:

February 1st, 9:42 am

These all look great, but I’ve been looking forward to BROFORCE the longest, so that gets my vote :-)

(Also, I hope Brohei Broshida, Andrew Brohouse, Scott Brohde, and Adam Broyes are actually playable, secret characters, too :-D

KidGreengene said:

February 1st, 9:43 am

Honestly haven’t heard of the first two at all but I already know I don’t want Bro-Force. So I will vote AAC since everyone else here seems to love it.

    napzackz said:

    February 7th, 6:17 pm

    broforce isnt that fun to be honest

Kishnabe said:

February 1st, 9:45 am

The next vote…can you allow the voting to appear on PC store.

Saving up for a PS4…..I think people who have a PS3/Vita would like to pick their future PS4 games as well.

Make it so that account can vote once….on either platform of choice.

I would vote for Broforce…even though they canned the Vita version.

I might change my mind if the other 2 games are good….and they are still on works on the Vita version too.

    FeistFan said:

    February 1st, 10:04 am

    I got a PS4 for Christmas (yay!), but last time I was in this same situation. Now that I’m on the other side…I still think it’s a good idea. Let all PS+ subscribers vote, no matter what platform(s) they own. If they can’t vote on a PS4 right now (haven’t bought it yet, or in for repairs/upgrade, or in the middle of moving, or whatever) they shouldn’t be locked out of casting a ballot.

    Kharmeister said:

    February 1st, 12:26 pm

    If you have Plus and have a friend who has a PS4 you can login and vote on that. Perhaps they are limiting the vote to PS4 consoles only in order to limit people who don’t own PS4s from logging in on the store website or other platforms and inflating the numbers. These are all PS4 games, after all.

    FeistFan said:

    February 1st, 4:50 pm

    See Kishnabe’s post – just because you don’t own a PS4 today doesn’t mean you’re not interesting in what game will be free for the PS4. When I turned on my PS4 and logged in, there was a year’s worth of free Plus games waiting for me, because each month I went to the web store to activate the free PS4 games for that month. If you’re a Plus member without a PS4, you should be doing that each month, too!

    All that should matter is whether or not you have Plus, not whether or not you have a PS4 – that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking with it.

Curtisio said:

February 1st, 9:47 am

Either Broforce or the Android Cactus

Dreology619 said:

February 1st, 9:50 am

Assault Android Cactus Please I’ve been waiting for this game.

CageFury said:

February 1st, 9:53 am

Doesn’t seem like Action Henk! will get much love, but it seems a bit fresher than the other two imo.

SureBigBuster said:

February 1st, 9:54 am

I’m glad that voting is back (I still don’t know why that option was removed in the first place), but at least give us something worth voting for….geez….trash, trash, and more trash? Ummm

    SiloEyes said:

    February 1st, 10:02 am

    Agreed. I should’ve known I was jinxing it by being happy with Helldivers for this month. Right back to lame offerings per usual next month.

    Marine-Sgt_Blake said:

    February 1st, 10:06 am

    It was never removed. Sony said it themselves it was a one time thing. Learn to read better bruh. If you don’t like the PS Plus games they have to offer, then look at it as a way to pay for the servers of your favorite games that you pay online for on the PS4 and if you don’t play online much, then unsubscribe from PS Plus.

    Marine-Sgt_Blake said:

    February 1st, 10:22 am

    *play online for

    Seluhir said:

    February 1st, 11:08 am

    It kind of sickens me to see people calling things they dislike ‘trash’. The only games that really qualify as ‘trash’ are things like Bound By Flame that are so buggy, poorly written and poorly designed that not even a mother could love them…

    Most of these indy games cater to a specific market and do it fantastically. Just because you are not a part of that audience does not make them ‘trash’ it just makes them not cater to you personally.

    I wish people like you would cut your egos down a peg and start being glad that we have such good variety among the games that exist out there that there CAN be games that appeal to just me, just you, or someone completely different… in stead of complaining every time a game comes out(or is offered free/discounted) that doesn’t appeal to you.

    It’s a really sad attitude.

    WolfyHopeless said:

    February 1st, 3:01 pm

    100% agreed with Seluhir. Improve your attitude guys cuz you come off as entitled snobs not worth listening to.

    bajor27 said:

    February 1st, 4:10 pm

    @Seluhir Where’s the like button? I need to upvote this!

JegBot said:

February 1st, 9:54 am

I’m voting for Assault Android Cactus. I love twin stick shooters. Broforce would be my 2nd choice. Shooting stuff is fun.

jorgelucasds said:

February 1st, 9:55 am

Please, don’t show who is winning until the voting is over.

antibolo said:

February 1st, 9:59 am

Are any of those games going to be cross-buy with Vita? Because that’s what I would vote for.

    cusman said:

    February 1st, 10:03 am

    Smart reasoning

    gusty81 said:

    February 1st, 12:36 pm

    As far as I can tell, only Assault Android Cactus is coming to Vita of the 3.

    DatGamingKid said:

    February 7th, 6:19 am

    Action henk is for all consoles, I think broforce is also

FeistFan said:

February 1st, 10:00 am

I really, really hope you put forward videos of all three games before the voting starts (or I guess I’ll go hunt through YouTube to see what’s there). Descriptions are nice, but a better idea of what we’re going to get than a short paragraph can offer would be nice.

I’m temped to go for AAC just for the SharePlay support, which more games ought to offer.

FeLiPe_MachiN3 said:

February 1st, 10:00 am

Broforce! i played it on pc and it ‘s really good and funny… the other 2 games are not appealing to me.

    darkray8000 said:

    February 2nd, 1:33 pm

    I played broforce on the pc aswell. its a great game People need to vote broforce.

Khaoz76 said:

February 1st, 10:09 am

I have to vote for Assault Android Cactus too.

rsoto1125 said:

February 1st, 10:09 am

Broforce is the obvious winner here

psychobillynight said:

February 1st, 10:10 am

OOOF! This is one helluva Sophie’s choice for me… I love me some Broforce but… i also adore Henk…

american_36 said:

February 1st, 10:13 am

Damn, don’t wanna sound mean, but none of these sound interesting enough for me to vote for them..

    zirocrath said:

    February 1st, 10:31 am

    I’m with you

wintersgoddess said:

February 1st, 10:15 am

I have to go with Assault Android cactus. That game is so much fun. I would love to have it on console.

Blu3bombr said:

February 1st, 10:18 am


krae_man said:

February 1st, 10:19 am

Action Henk looks like Joe Danger on foot.

BroForce all the way!

WolfyHopeless said:

February 1st, 10:27 am

Bro Force all the way. Own it on steam, excellent game would love to actually play with my friends.

Perfect_Legend91 said:

February 1st, 10:29 am

Why are they all indie, you guys never heard for triple A game?

    zirocrath said:

    February 1st, 10:32 am

    AAA is becoming an insult within SONY HQ…

    ThisGuy005 said:

    February 1st, 1:51 pm

    *gives you Tony Hawk: Pro Skate 5*
    What? It’s AAA.

fedoesncare said:

February 1st, 10:29 am


KrakenGreyjoy said:

February 1st, 10:39 am

If Broforce doesn’t win I’ll hunt all of you down

    gusty81 said:

    February 1st, 12:37 pm

    No Vita version equals no vote from me. But I think you’ll probably win anyway.

TufoBR said:

February 1st, 10:40 am

Assault Android Cactus!! YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!

doctorSTRANG said:

February 1st, 10:43 am

Cactus and Broforce are very good. Could be both of them for me.

Cootikus said:

February 1st, 10:45 am

Broforce gotta win, I am just too excited for this game

Skyyplum said:

February 1st, 10:45 am

Think I’m the only one that bought a PS4 at launch while not caring much about indies. I keep renewing my plus membership and if I didn’t need it for online play I wouldn’t. I use to be OK with indies but Sony has made me sick of them.

Reaper527_ said:

February 1st, 10:46 am

and it looks like the choices are just as terrible as last time.

unless the game not tied to voting ends up being a real nice surprise, it looks like another bad ps+ month.

ClinToN said:

February 1st, 10:50 am

Anything that doesn’t look/play “retro” is good to me.

Sorry, so NO Broforce.

Tikire said:

February 1st, 10:53 am


KonietzkyStrain said:

February 1st, 10:56 am

“Assault Android Cactus” for sure… but even “BroForce” looks great.

Sorry… but “Henk” just looks like VERY meh on all aspects. I bet it wins since “Grow Home” which is essentially a half-finish Beta won last time.

I do enjoy Indies but it seems like the PS4 is just a HUUGGEE cluster of Indie games with not many Triple A titles. Shame.

WayneGauvin said:

February 1st, 10:58 am

Cool games. Maybe the next indie games we could get would be the Uncharted Collection or maybe Assassin Creed? I love me some indies

Korahn27 said:

February 1st, 11:00 am

They all seem decent. Though Cactus is yet another twin stick shooter, so I likely wouldn’t vote for that. Action Henk seems to be the most unique of the three. hmm. well, I guess I’ll wait to see what wins before I decide to get plus or not

Budgiecat said:

February 1st, 11:00 am

Why no Japanese games? Is this not a Japanese console? lol

    Seluhir said:

    February 2nd, 4:12 am

    a lot of Japanese developers don’t have much faith in Western markets, and as such convincing them that giving their game away is going to help sales overall is difficult.

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