Vote to Play: Broforce is Your PS Plus Selection for March 2016

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Vote to Play: Broforce is Your PS Plus Selection for March 2016

PlayStation Plus members have spoken! The chosen title for March’s free games line up is Broforce.

Also, Plus members will get Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus at a 30% discount starting March 8th through March 21st. Congratulations to all three titles for their entry into our Vote to Play promotion! We also wanted to give a special thanks to all Plus members for their vote. We can’t wait until the games are released.

PS Plus Vote to Play Winner, March 2016

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Hi PS Plus members! Vote to Play voting begins today. Let’s learn about the games, the studios that made them, and how you can vote to include one of these incredible projects in the March PS Plus free games lineup.

Action Henk!

Studio Name: RageSquid
Studio Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Development Time: 18 months

From the Team:
Action Henk is a fast-paced running, jumping, and butt-sliding platformer in a glorious 3D, toy filled world!

We’d love to share Action Henk with the PS Plus players for free, so vote for Henk!

Assault Android Cactus

Studio Name: Witch Beam
Studio Location: Brisbane, Australia
Development Time: 3 years

From the Team:
Assault Android Cactus is a fast-paced, tightly-tuned shoot ’em up that plays like a modern day arcade. It’s exciting to see Cactus make it to PS4, so we hope you’ll vote for it so everyone can get to experience it!


Studio Name: Free Lives
Studio Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Time of Development for the Game: 3 1/2 years. Like liberty, it cannot be measured in a linear time frame.

From the Team:
Broforce fights terror in the name of freedom through the use of excessive force to blast liberty into terrorists. Vote for Broforce because freedom should be free.

To get your vote in, fire up your PS4. Access Vote to Play under the dedicated PlayStation Plus section on the top left corner of your PS4 home screen. Details can also be found under What’s New or the PlayStation Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

Happy voting!

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  • SmokeAdellic

    Action Henk ftw…we got plenty of games like the other two!

  • T3DV0L70L1N4

    Broforce looks like the only slightly entertaining game in the bunch.

  • podcast_lover

    Freedom! USA! USA!

    • It cracks me up that all the “USA!” and “AMERICA!” posts in this thread in support of Broforce are, in fact, supporting a South African company.

      I think it’s mildly interesting that all three games are from non-US companies. Don’t misunderstand – I have nothing against companies from anywhere in the world, and wish all three of these companies the best. The “chanting” just cracks me up.

      I’m probably voting for Assault Android Cactus, but I hope to enjoy whichever of these three we end up with. I do hope there’s a nice AAA title to go with them, though. Probably too much to hope for, but….

    • podcast_lover

      My post was a joke, just like the humor of the game. I am also voting for AAC, because I am slightly interested in the game. I am getting Broforce (paid or ps plus) when it drops.

    • WolfyHopeless

      That WOULD be an astute observation, Feist, if the game itself wasn’t over saturated in satirical “MURICA!!” humor.

  • zSeanGrennaNz

    Action Henk!!!

  • Assault Android Cactus may as well be the only option!

  • oshkoshbagosh1

    i wonder if any of them have a platinum, so far i think ill vote aac

  • I play Broforce on my PC and it’s one of the best games I ever played. So it’s Broforce for sure!!!

  • PickleSideOfTown

    Action Henk! Needs to make it, I’m dyin for more platformers


    Assault Android Cactus looks right up my alley.

  • wow they all look so good its so hard to choose -__-

  • Blitzkrieg_exe


  • Please do the right thing and vote for Assault Android Cactus. You will gain positive karma in untold quantities. Thank you. <3

  • Assault Android Cactus gets my vote.

  • KidGreengene

    I don’t think a comment counts as an official vote.

  • HollowPointSnipe

    I’d rather have BROFORCE for free compared to these other games plus the game has local multiplayer as well which is a win in my books. AMERICA F***K YEAH! COMING IN TO SAVE THE MOTHERF**KING DAY YEAH! AMERICAAAA F**K YEAH! LOL

  • Assault Android Cactus!!

  • I’m having a internal debate as to which I’m going to vote for between AAC & Bro Force. The debate is really which one I think will cost more since I’m going to get both regardless.

    • ps_psychedelic

      Yup, same here. Though choice. But won’t they both be probably $19.99 at the end?
      In any case I may swing to which game would I gladly spend my money on, then get the other “free”, in which case I’d definitely buy Broforce.

  • sofakingkiller

    i wish assault android cactus had online coop instead of the shareplay mode they mentioned, Broforce’s online coop is hard to beat.

  • KidCommando

    Assault Android Cactus!!

    Broforce reminds me too much of Mercenary Kings

    Action Henk! reminds me too much of Joe Danger

    I’m Voting for Assault Android Cactus because twin stick shooters are my jam, jelly, peanuts, and peanut butter.


    Action Henk definitely looks like a good one.

  • How many people actually played Grow Home for more than 5 mins? Broforce is Grow Home Part 2.

    Vote Assault Android Cactus!!

    • Grow home was absolute garbage!!!! Bro force is coop Gold!!! Please for the love of god don’t vote for anything else. Do your research people we definitely do not want another grow home.

    • Android Cactus gets my vote, think me a nd my kids would love it. We like multi-player shoot ‘m ups, and this might be right up our alley.


  • LeandroDiFini

    “Action Henk is the most unique and visually pleasing of the bunch. Vote for Action Henk!” – My name is Leandro DiFini and I approve this message.

  • Broforce

  • jonathan3579

    Bring on the broforce

  • This is like voting for Hillary or Trump, a no win either way. The worst part with all these games is they are generic been there done that.


  • TeamGreen615

    Wonder how many Dudebros will vote for Broforce thinking it’s a Dudebro game?

  • TeensiestTulip9

    Action henk looks like something I will be bored after 30 min. Broforce or assault android cactus looks much more entertaining than some time attack game.

  • ReptileHand

    Assault Android Cactus FTW!

    I want more twin stick shooters to play :D

  • Action henk in my eyes looks like the best let’s make it the winner.

  • I’m going to look up gameplay of all these games, but I’m seeing a lot of hype for Action Henk.

  • Just saw videos for the 3 games and Assault Android Cactus looks so much fun. Twin stick shooters all the way :D

  • ChadPBererra

    Cactus for me: I’ve heard so many awesome things about it.

    I have Broforce on PC (I pre-ordered it, even!) but I didn’t really enjoy it after the first ten minutes of, “heh, that’s funny, good reference”: found the gameplay to be somewhat lacking.

    • Thats the game in a nutshell.

      Its 10 minutes of “ha…i get that reference”. Then thats it.

      I see a lot of people praising it, but i bet most never spent more than a few minutes with it. I was bored very quickly.

      The gameplay is ok, i guess. I dealt with it to see the references, but its not deep or interesting.

      Plus Broforce has been around forever. I was playing it free, online, years ago.

      It will be another vote won by name recognition, and not gameplay.

      I really hate these votes.

  • veryhoudini11

    Downwell was announced by devolver digital to be coming to ps4 and vita so im gonna show them some love and vote for broforce. No matter who lll be picking up these games anyways. Cactus and broforce look amazing.

  • Assault Andriod Cactus

  • Give me Broforce or give me death!

  • how is the broforce? some grindy like mercenary kings or simple shoot ’em up game? i like heavy grind game so if not i’ll go for AAC

  • gotta say, not interested even remotely in any of those. I’d kill to have a strategy title like Armello though

  • also, why are there no trailers here? We’re supposed to have heard of them all already?

  • Broforce is one of the best games of 2015. And with a great couch co-op. It’s just so dawn fun! BROOOFOOOORCE!

  • Brooooooofoooorrrrce!

  • People that never played Broforce, please go watch some gameplay of it. You can play as Stalone, Chuck Norris, Will Smith, Snake, Blade and a lot more. It’s couch co-op is of the best that I played in the last years.

  • Vote for BroForce We need more Multiplayer friendly games besides it got the highest score from Meteoritic out of all the rest, 82/100 Critics, & 8.2/10 from players, the rest got Lower Scores. Be Smart gamers. Lets Go Rambo Together get to the Chopper Bro.

    • VIDEOgameDROME

      Agreed. It’s going to be a multiplayer/co-op game so we can actually put our PS+ to use! We can all dole out democracy with bullets together!

  • Voted for Broforce.

  • Broforce going to win ! Enjoy your nes game folks !

    • Nilocsemliw

      I will, it will be great to finally have a side scroller couch coop that I already enjoy on a modern console. That I actually enjoy!

  • I played Broforce with the developers last GDC and loved it. It gets my vote.

  • FeLiPe_MachiN3

    BROFORCE will be the obvious winner, hopefully this time the best game will win cause i really felt fooled when that silly robot game won the other time we had to vote (don’t even remember the name of that trash)

  • Assault Android Cactus has my vote

  • Broforce is a very fun game (even though I don’t normally like the genre) and will get my vote for sure! GET TO THE CHOPPA :D!!

  • I cant believe we are doing this again.

    These votes are dominated by the game with the most name recognition, regardless of quality, release details, or reviews

    Im calling it now–

    Broforce wins….betcha a million bucks.

    Its been out forever on PC and the only one people have heard of….

    I mean, its fun for about 10 minutes and you probably can still play it for free online somewhere, but we will waste a PS+ game on it.

    I despise these votes.

    • ps_psychedelic

      I’ve never heard of any of those before. And actually the gameplay as shown here is the only one I’ve seen so far.
      Obviously the Broforce video wins hands down but it actually looks kinda cool. I usually despise 2D games on the PS4 but this one looks fun.
      Now, AAC seems pretty decent too.
      Too bad no info on platinums.
      Also Broforce from what I read in the comments sports ONLINE co-op which I’m all down for. In this age the only co-op I play is FIFA when I have a friend over who doesn’t play games at all the rest well, we play online from our places.

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