Post-apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered Heading to PS4

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Post-apocalyptic Survival Game Sheltered Heading to PS4
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I’m Sonny Meek, co-founder, designer, and artist of Unicube Studios. Unicube is a small, two-man studio comprised of myself and my co-founder Dean. Dean and I are avid gamers, just like you, and I’m here today to tell you all about our debut game Sheltered!

Sheltered on PS4

Before working on Sheltered, myself and Dean had done some stints at university and retail jobs, but now we’re actually making our game development dream come true. Since January 2015, we’ve been working out of Team17’s offices and they’ve been helping support us make Sheltered be the best possible game we imagined.

So what is Sheltered? Well, at its core it’s a post-apocalyptic survival game with some pretty complicated mechanics that we believe bring it snugly into the roguelike arena. In Sheltered you’ll find some familiar mechanics: scavenging for supplies, crafting, building, and maintaining your shelter, but that’s where familiarity ends. Sheltered doesn’t focus on soul survivors, but an average family. Your family.

You start the game with two adults, two children, and a trusty pet. How you customize your family is entirely in your hands — choose their appearance, sex, traits, and name them. It’s this that makes Sheltered stand out so prominently.

Sheltered on PS4Sheltered on PS4

The game has its hardships, and facing them as a family unit brings real emotional bonds and attachment, making every day decisions carry weight and difficulty. How will you cope when a child needs food, but doesn’t have any? Your dog, a loyal and trusty addition to the family is hungry — does he go without for the sake of the rest of the family? Does he… become the main food source himself?

Everyday survival is the main goal in Sheltered, but venturing out is just as important as battening down the hatches. In the wasteland you can find like-minded survivors, or people who are just thirsty for havoc. People can break into your shelter, and you’ll really have to bring out your strategic A-Game, setting traps and creating panic rooms for your family members. At every corner in Sheltered there’s an opportunity to improve your situation, or bring it crashing down like a house of cards!

Sheltered on PS4

Sheltered doesn’t pull any punches. If one of your family members dies then that’s it and you’ll have to find ways for the remaining members to cope. It’s game over when all family members die. How long will you be able to survive?

Thanks for reading! We’re so looking forward to bringing Sheltered to PS4 and we cannot wait to see your own survival plans in action and hear how many days you’re able to survive for when the game launches in the coming months.

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7 Author Replies

  • Supermoon11

    Looks Awesome cant wait, does this have a chance of coming to the Vita?

    • Sonny Meek

      At this moment in time we don’t have any plans for Vita, but we’ll never say never!

  • Release date?

    • Sonny Meek

      We don’t have a specific release date just yet, but it’s coming very soon I can assure you!

  • Looks and sounds great! Can’t wait to see it in action, and to play it as well :)

    • Sonny Meek

      Won’t be too long now, Square. Glad you’re excited to play it!

  • Yes! Backer here, now I can finally play it on my Kinda Funny PS4!!

    Haaai Colin/Greg

    • Sonny Meek

      Thanks for backing the game, Stinkdeken! People like yourself helped bring the game to this point!

  • Been looking forward to this ever since I backed it on Kickstarter. It’s come a long way since then, and it looks great!

  • is this coming to playstation store asia as well?

  • DillSauceAK14

    Looks Awesome!!! I never played a lot of survival games but I will give this game a shot

  • Any idea on how much it’ll cost? Looking forward to it, keep up the great work

    • Sonny Meek

      No solid price yet as yet, peafam. If you look at our current pricing on other platforms you can get a better idea :)

  • LiquifySolid


    • Sonny Meek

      Hey, Liquify. Yes, absolutely there will be trophies! Some really interesting ones, too!

  • You sir, have my interest. i do think think I will be bad at the game if there is an option to choose sex

    • Sonny Meek

      Hey, Ac13, you can indeed choose sex. You can have same-sex couples!

  • I hope you will be able to bring this game to PS Vita in the future.

  • RockBlackstone

    This game would be amazing on Vita. Please make it happen if you can!

  • NickNacca611

    This looks cool. I’ll play it. It’s reminiscent of “This War of Mine.”

  • look interesting! got my attention!

  • fireskullCAMERO

    Umm. Probably a stupid question but when your and if your whole family dies, can you start over?

  • the_slackers-

    Looks and sounds perfect for the vita! Do it, lads.

  • Yep, sounds perfect for the vita!

  • Goddess_Mushu

    So glad to see it’s finally coming to PS4! You guys have come such a long way I can’t wait to see what comes next! :)

    Please be kind with the trophies ;)

  • Wow it does look perfect for the Vita!

  • ChristenaFevelyn

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  • IcedDice777

    Looks interesting. Will buy Day 1.

  • KonietzkyStrain

    Another game I can remove from my Steam WIshlist. I have dropped my list from 80 games down to 10 in the last six months.


    What will be the price for this game and will it be online?

  • plaztiksyke

    Thanks so much for allowing same-sex parents/relationships!!

    What are the inspirations for the resolution and color palette? 256-color VGA, or..?

  • Slimwiggins

    This would be perfect on the Vita. Perhaps I’ll buy the ps4 version in hopes of adding support for Vita. Looks fun.

  • This sounds really interesting. I’m excited! A Vita port would make it a definite purchase for me.

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