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Feb 16

Feb 16

PlayStation Store Update

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PS4 Games
PS Vita Games
Console Bundle Price
PS4 The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection $29.99
PS4 The Escapists DLC Bundle $9.99
PS3 F1 ‘Best Sellers’ Bundle $114.99
PS3 Grid Autosport Complete Bundle $69.99
PS3 The Codemasters ‘Full Tilt’ Racing Bundle $149.99
PS3 The Ultimate Dirt Showdown Collection $54.99
PS4 Tron Run/r Deluxe Bundle $29.99

PS Plus February 2016


PlayStation Store: See All Weekly DealsPlayStation Store: See All PS Plus Deals

Platform Product Name Sale Price Original Price
PS4 Grand Theft Auto III $8.99 $14.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto V $38.99 $59.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle $47.99 $79.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto V & Whale Shark Cash Card Bundle $60.49 $109.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas $8.99 $14.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy $17.49 $34.99
PS4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City $8.99 $14.99
PS4 Project Root (Cross-Buy) $5.99 $9.99
PS4 Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $5.99 $9.99
PS4 The Escapists $11.99 $19.99
PS4 The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection $23.99 $29.99
PS4 The Escapists DLC Bundle $6.99 $9.99
PS4 The Escapists: Duct Tapes Are Forever $3.59 $4.49
PS4 The Escapists: The Escapists – Escape Team $3.59 $4.49
PS4 The Escapists: The Escapists Alcatraz $2.39 $2.99
PS4 The Escapists: The Walking Dead $17.99 $19.99
PS3 Alawar Farm Frenzy Bundle $4.19 $5.99
PS3 Bully $4.99 $9.99
PS3 Grand Theft Auto IV $3.99 $19.99
PS3 Grand Theft Auto V $25.19 $59.99
PS3 Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card Bundle $27.19 $79.99
PS3 L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition $7.99 $39.99
PS3 Lost Dimension $19.99 $39.99
PS3 Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition $5.99 $29.99
PS3 Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition – Digital $9.99 $19.99
PS3 Red Dead Redemption And Undead Nightmare Collection $7.99 $39.99
PS3 Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $5.99 $9.99
PS3 The Warriors $4.99 $9.99
PS Vita Lost Dimension $19.99 $39.99
PS Vita Persona 4: Dancing All Night $29.99 $49.99
PS Vita Persona 4: Golden $9.89 $29.99
PS Vita Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $5.99 $9.99
PSP Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars $9.99 $19.99
PSP Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories $9.99 $19.99
PSP Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories $9.99 $19.99
PSP Midnight Club: L.A. Remix $9.99 $19.99
PSP The Warriors $7.49 $14.99
PlayStation Plus Sales
Platform Product Name PS Plus Sale Price Original Price
PS4 Grateful Dead – Cyclops Skull Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Dancing Skeleton Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Dave’s Picks Vol. 4 Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Ice Cream Kid Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Skull And Roses Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Space Your Face Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Steal Your Face Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead – Sunshine Daydream Avatar $0.89 $0.99
PS4 Grateful Dead Dynamic Theme $2.99 $3.99
PS4 Grateful Dead Dynamic Theme And Avatar Bundle $5.59 $6.99
PS4 Grateful Dead Ultimate Avatar Bundle $4.79 $5.99
PS4 Project Root (Cross-Buy) $3.99 $9.99
PS4 Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $4.99 $9.99
PS4 The Escapists $9.99 $19.99
PS4 The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection $20.99 $29.99
PS4 The Escapists DLC Bundle $5.99 $9.99
PS4 The Escapists: Duct Tapes Are Forever $3.14 $4.49
PS4 The Escapists: The Escapists – Escape Team $3.14 $4.49
PS4 The Escapists: The Escapists Alcatraz $2.09 $2.99
PS4 The Escapists: The Walking Dead $15.99 $19.99
PS3 Alawar Farm Frenzy Bundle $2.39 $5.99
PS3 Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $4.99 $9.99
PS Vita Retro City Rampage Dx (3-Way Cross-Buy) $4.99 $9.99
Price Changes
Platform Titles Original Price Sale Price
PS4 Far Cry 4 $59.99 $39.99
PS4 Far Cry 4 Gold Edition $89.99 $69.99
PS4 Fat Princess Adventures $19.99 $14.99
PS3 Far Cry 4 $59.99 $39.99
PS3 Far Cry 4 Gold Edition $89.99 $69.99
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PS4 Add-ons

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend

  • Original Costumes 1 ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 2 ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 3 (Cross-Buy) ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 4 (Cross-Buy) ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 5 ($5.99)
  • Wall Papers 1 ($4.99)

Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round

  • Costume Catalog LR24 (Free)
  • Costume Catalog LR25 (Free)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Akira ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Alpha 152 (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Ayane ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Bass ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Bayman ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Brad Wong (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Christie ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Ein ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Eliot (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Gen Fu ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Hayate (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Helena ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Hitomi ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Honoka ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Jacky ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Jann Lee (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Kasumi ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Kokoro ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Leifang ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Leon ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Lisa ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Marie Rose ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Mila ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Momiji ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Nyotengu($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Pai ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Phase 4 ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Rachel ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Raidou ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Rig ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Ryu Hayabusa (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Sarah ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Tina ($2.99)
  • Valentine’s Day Costume – Zack (Free for Season Pass 3) ($1.99)

Fat Princess Adventures

  • Bring The Bling – Gems For All! – 10 Gems ($1.79)
  • Bring The Bling – Gems For All! – 20 Gems ($2.99)
  • Bring The Bling – Gems For All! – 5 Gems ($0.99)
  • Back And Badder Loot Pack ($1.99)

Primal Carnage: Extinction

  • Dilo Pack 1 ($4.99)
  • Dino Bling Pack 1 ($2.49)

Rainbow Moon

  • 270000 Rainbow Coins ($3.99)
  • 35000 Rainbow Coins ($0.99)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Baldren) ($0.49)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Dozeru) ($0.49)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Gorodo) ($0.49)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Serena) ($0.49)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Trisha) ($0.49)
  • 500 Rainbow Pearls (Zelorus) ($0.49)
  • 5000 Rainbow Coins ($0.49)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Baldren) + Black Ring ($1.99)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Dozeru) + Pearl Ring ($1.99)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Gorod) + Fire Ring ($1.99)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Serena) + Pearl Ring ($1.99)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Trisha) + Fire Ring ($1.99)
  • 50000 Rainbow Pearls (Zelorus) + Black Ring ($1.99)
  • Amulet Set (Double) ($1.49)
  • Amulet Set (Single) ($0.99)
  • Amulet Set (Triple) ($1.99)
  • Beginner’s Kit (Free)
  • Starter Pack (Large) ($2.99)
  • Starter Pack (Medium) ($1.99)
  • Starter Pack (Small) ($0.99)

Rock Band 4

  • ‘Figure It Out’ – Royal Blood ($1.99)
  • ‘Got Your Six’ – Five Finger Death Punch ($1.99)
  • ‘Thunder & Lightning’ – Motã–Rhead ($1.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • A Perfect Circle – The Outsider ($2.99)
  • Loverboy – Working For The Weekend ($2.99)
  • Sublime – Badfish ($2.99)
  • The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’ ($2.99)

Street Fighter V

  • Sharefactory Theme 1 (Free)

Tron Run/r

  • 11K Bit Pack ($9.99)
  • 23K Bits ($19.99)
  • Deluxe Edition Upgrade ($14.99)


  • Saryn Prime Access Pack ($79.99)
  • Saryn Prime Accessories Pack ($59.99)
PS3 Add-ons

Arslan: The Warriors Of Legend

  • Original Costumes 1 ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 2 ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 3 (Cross-Buy) ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 4 (Cross-Buy) ($5.99)
  • Original Costumes 5 ($5.99)
  • Wall Papers 1 ($4.99)

Rocksmith 2014

  • A Perfect Circle – The Outsider ($2.99)
  • Loverboy – Working For The Weekend ($2.99)
  • Sublime – Badfish ($2.99)
  • The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’ ($2.99)

Super Mega Baseball

  • Extra Innings Stadium Pack (3-Way Cross Buy) (Free)
  • Super Mega Baseball Trial (3-Way Cross Buy) (Free)
  • Unlock Key ($19.99)
Console Theme Price
PS4 Attack On Titan Slideshow Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Cronos Rising Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Doctor Who Knightmare Ashilda & Leandro Badge Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Looking Out Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 One Piece Luffy New World Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 Polaire Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS Vita Anne Stokes: Blood Moon Theme $2.99
PS Vita Crazy Girlfriend Theme $2.99
Console Avatar Price
PS4 Brawny Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Captain Avatar $0.49
PS4 Evil Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Hairdo Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Hairy Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Islander Avatar $0.49
PS4 Mole Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Naughty Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Neptune Pirate Avatar $0.49
PS4 Potassium Pirate Avatar $0.49

Add Your Own

saab01 said:

February 16th, 2:11 pm


ChrisGrant289 said:

February 16th, 2:14 pm

Where is the last episode for mindcraft story mode? It’s taking forever while the other episodes were released at decent times and dates.

dsanders787 said:

February 16th, 2:17 pm

Is Rainbow Moon Cross Buy?

    glassmusic said:

    February 16th, 2:53 pm

    It sure isn’t. :(

    Sagat1 said:

    February 16th, 4:29 pm

    There’s a ps4 upgrade for $7.49 you can buy if you own the ps3 or vita version.

    Hycotuss said:

    February 16th, 7:01 pm

    Does anyone know if you do the “Upgrade” for $7.49 of Rainbow Moon to the PS4 version, if that includes the cross-save feature?

TheHerbinator75 said:

February 16th, 2:17 pm

Street Fighter V!!!!!!!

eastny73 said:

February 16th, 2:19 pm

The Warriors PSVita for me. Thank u!!!
Been waiting for a price drop for a while

eastny73 said:

February 16th, 2:21 pm

Fighting Street forever. Only some ppl know what im talking about.

Tjoeb123 said:

February 16th, 2:23 pm

Some of these items aren’t yet on the Store.

….And isn’t there supposed to be more Neptunia VII DLC?

JuAnM269 said:

February 16th, 2:28 pm

The Witch And The Hundred Knight Revival Edition – PS4 Demo
This is not showing on the store either on the PS4 or online. Is it a misprint?

    dangarriga said:

    February 16th, 2:38 pm

    I don’t see it either, must be a misprint or it’s not live yet I guess.

dangarriga said:

February 16th, 2:29 pm

Nice update. I’ll pick up Street Fighter V when they add the arcade mode in June. Excited for it though. They finally added Karin again

I know this is the Sony blog, but Fire Emblem Fates 3 more days, FTW!!


February 16th, 2:30 pm

I thought Megadimension Neptunia VII was supposed to have new DLC every week; it’s a shame that they barely released any DLC so far and now didnt release any this week ;-;

TwinDad said:

February 16th, 2:36 pm

Why does price change have “Sale price”. Should that not state “New Price”?

    hypersk_us said:

    February 17th, 7:19 am

    I was thinking the same thing; it is not a sale, it’s supposed to be a “permanent” price drop.

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

February 16th, 2:44 pm

the Division Beta?

FireGuy13 said:

February 16th, 2:45 pm

I too am wondering about the Megadimension Neptunia DLC. A quick google search mentioned something about the Gold Third weapon pack several hours ago, but nothing there.
And the Witch And The Hundred Knight demo still doesn’t work.
And Rainbow Moon. I have the ps3 and vita versions. But it won’t allow me to buy the PS4 discount upgrade. Says I’ve already bought the full game unlock. But the ps4 version still shows full price. Is it supposed to be cross buy?

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

February 16th, 2:47 pm

New Firmware Update info??? its about that damn time Sonyy!!!

Playstation Vue info in new States?!! its about that time Sony!!

why are you guys taking your damn time ???

We want NEWS, we want NEW Features!!! … What are you doing Sonyyy Step your game uppp

glassmusic said:

February 16th, 2:55 pm

Was hoping for a Layers of Fear launch sale. Ahh well, I have too many games to get through anyway. :)

rudetoy said:

February 16th, 2:57 pm

$19.99 for “Layers of Fear”, a game that lasts 1.5 hours, according to howlongtobeat.com. Typically overpriced, though the PC version got good reviews.

HiryuMK said:

February 16th, 3:06 pm

SFV is missing 5 avatars for Laura, FANG, Dhalsim & Zangief.

Will we ever get the Ryu SFV PS4 theme? I don’t want the Chun-Li theme from the Season Pass.

    HiryuMK said:

    February 16th, 3:11 pm

    I mean 4 avatars. Will Capcom ever release them too?

Darth_NODlike said:

February 16th, 3:09 pm

Sweet, a GTA sale. Haven’t had one of those in a month or so.

OneManArmyAndres said:

February 16th, 3:22 pm

Can’t see the demo of The Witch And The Hundred Knight Revival Edition – PS4

OneManArmyAndres said:

February 16th, 3:23 pm

Guys i would like more psp sales, there have been several psp games that are never on sale.

gameman15 said:

February 16th, 3:29 pm

Deadpool is such an awesome movie. I went to the AMC Prime showing of it on the night it came out. The only problem with the showing is that I only got access to the left side of the front row seats, but I got lucky to see the whole movie.

SolidWalker said:

February 16th, 3:47 pm


Billantwon said:

February 16th, 4:26 pm

I’m really happy I went with the xbox one this cycle. I really love my ps3 and think it is the best game system ever made but why in the world would I upgrade to the PS4 console if I have to rebuy everything. It has got to be the most boneheaded way to lose customers. I am talking about this whole concept of reselling digital copies of GTA games, Rainbow Moon, and others. On top of that no backwards compatability. My ipad is bac compat, my android is bac comp, microsoft is going bac compat and future comp with digital for windows 10 and xbox and yet Playstation wants to recharge me for everything. Even your video service doesn’t support ultra violet. That being said playstation did start the concept of monthly free games to which I am enjoying very much on my PS3 and on your competitors console.

    PanTheMan16 said:

    February 17th, 5:37 am

    Can’t say I agree with your comment about the GTA games. These are re-rendered in 1080p and have trophy support. They aren’t just PS2 ports. $17-ish for the full trilogy doesn’t sound bad to me.

VinsanityV21 said:

February 16th, 4:35 pm

Lost Dimension for $20… might pick that up. For PS4, eh, I’m good.

No amount of heavy marketing will make me care about Street Fighter V and the bulbous, overly muscled, grotesque monsters that pass for characters these days. The lack of modes and faulty online currently don’t even play a factor – the way Capcom ran SF into the ground with 8 years of SFIV re-issues and spinoff games did that long ago. The fact that it looks nasty and features a host of forgotten losers from 3 and Alpha (two other series’ that in and of themselves suffered from coming after Capcom’s beating of Street Fighter II to death) is just icing on the cake.

Between Guilty Gear Revelator, Tekken 7 and King of Fighters XIV, 2016 will be great for fighters. Don’t need “Street Fighter: Here’s more of it”. Heck, I’d rather pick up NitroPlus Blasterz than Street Fighter V after Giant Bomb’s Quick Look showed that to be surprisingly fun looking.

ElektroDragon said:

February 16th, 4:57 pm


Splodem said:

February 16th, 5:02 pm

Still waiting to see these on sale:

Wild arms xf
Vanguard bandits
Theme hospital
The sims (any of the psp games)
Armored core (any of the psp games)
Dragoneers aria
Arc the lad
NCAA football (psp)
Gram turismo psp
Mana khemia
Puzzle quest (psp)

    xero_raven said:

    February 17th, 6:39 am

    Why not just pay for Alundra. $5.99 is cheap.

Mando44646 said:

February 16th, 5:34 pm

Let us play PS2 classics on Vita!

dkarlowicz10 said:

February 16th, 5:43 pm

The PSP Rockstar games (GTA, etc.) are really outdated. Vita needs a newer GTA or Rockstar game. If no new Rockstar games, then bring over PS2 classics from PS4 to Vita. I would love to play San Andreas (with trophies) on the Vita. Vita is more than capable of running these games. Please make it happen. Pretty please?

Gokuhan_Z said:

February 16th, 6:52 pm

The lack of communication here is just sad.

ChefDeParrillada said:

February 16th, 7:16 pm

Which games does the F1 bundle include? The description is not good

addntox said:

February 16th, 7:30 pm

I think the pricing model is a bit off on Street Fighter V, to ask for full game price up front for what is available leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you’re going to release in this way that’s fine, and i’m ok with that type of release model but i think Square Enix had the right idea for the model with Hitman, a starter pack and either upgrade to the full experience to get all the content updates or buy it as you want it as they’re released. Or just buy the whole thing up front. The more choices a customer has the better for everyone.

sixgunsam79 said:

February 16th, 8:49 pm

Another sale that leaves a lot to be desired. I guess that in the long run it will be a good thing. It helps me save up towards an Xbox One. I was going to go with a PS4, but the lack of communication here, along with store on the PS3 constantly crashing has kind of put me off.

    zooyork198 said:

    February 16th, 9:08 pm

    I wouldn’t let the store on PS3 deter you from getting a PS4. It’s been trash since they changed the format a few years ago, but it’s buttery smooth on PS4. Not trying to dissuade you from getting an Xbox One (doesn’t matter much to me either way), just throwing in my two cents.

    N3W-JOSH said:

    February 17th, 12:05 am

    PS4 is better on paper but in reality things turns out to be way different. Having both I would totally recommend you going with XBO. I used to game more on PS4 but about a year ago I started to see that ps4’s #4theplayers propaganda was not all that for me. Not turning this into a PS4 bashing post but stating the obvious. By jumping on Xbox you have backwards compatibility at no extra price (for compatible games you own), better incentive on preorders than “exclusive theme x”, recently announced cross-buy between console and PC, basically the same multi-platforms with little difference (if any) in performance plus also great Microsoft exclusives. (You will miss some nice PS ones though)

    N3W-JOSH said:

    February 17th, 12:12 am

    Some people downplay Xbox offerings but they offer real value for your money. They have stated that they will distance themselves from remasters cash-grabs, they seem to listen feedback and as a user I feel I have a voice in shaping the platform (whether this is ultimately true or not.. It feels that way). The platform seems to be constantly evolving and in my opinion they are offering a glimpse of what their position is in relation to past and present software libraries which is not only important now but in future generations – the games we purchase today being in your library in the next console/PC/ perhaps in powerful vita-like smart device in 8 years… All while PS is pushing a re-purchase scheme or rentals to access games you already own and appears not to be listening feedback lately. Worth mentioning that sales were often slightly better on PS than they are on Xbox but that’s not always the case anymore.

Mind_Less said:

February 16th, 9:53 pm

Just a heads-up from someone that played it when it first came out years ago; be wary of Rainbow Moon. It’s a decent tactical RPG, but you’re going to be spending hours looking for random encounters earning “Rainbow pearls” to make further progress in the game, they really want you to fork over cash and just pay for them. It doesn’t respect your time, and that’s disingenuous since there’s already an upfront cost to the game, it’s a good mind trick to have people tell themselves “I already bought this for $15, what’s $10 more?”

    TR0317 said:

    February 17th, 5:48 am

    This is simply not true. If you keep moving forward in the game, you will earn more than enough experience, pearls, money, and gear without having to pay real money for any add-ons. There is a slight jump in difficulty for each new area, but a huge jump in the rewards you receive. I was stupid and spent way too long leveling up in the first area of the game, before realizing how much better it is if you just keep moving forward, spending a little time in each area leveling up, until the level-ups slow down. It’s possible to gain a level every few battles, if not multiple levels in a single battle when fighting in the higher level areas.

Splodem said:

February 16th, 10:59 pm

Hoping for a good Snk or xseed sale next week. Lots of good Snk games I’d buy to play on my vita, if only they’d drop to around $5 each. No psp game should be more than $10 regular price unless it’s something new anyways.

SpooNManX said:

February 17th, 12:28 am

I sometimes wish Sony wasn’t in the lead because then they might be trying harder.
I.E. proper Backwards Compatibility. We need the ability for PSX and PS2 classics played locally on the PS4.
There is also no reason why they can’t detect PSX discs by their SLUS ID ans download a local version to emulate on the PS4.

We also need a better way to sort our purchases than the Library, or at the very least, a way to delete games within it. It’s also the main reason I no longer download demos or betas. I don’t need more undeletable items in there.

Hushed-Massacre said:

February 17th, 12:31 am

Crew can’t climb ladders in Pixel Piracy. Bad bug, makes it nearly unplayable with multi-level ships.

Caio_Shadowman said:

February 17th, 7:54 am


Teflon02 said:

February 17th, 9:21 am

Really want the Cammy preorder DLC for Street Fighter…

sirbflo114 said:

February 17th, 3:37 pm

You all asked for it for many years. Well, you all finally got your wish. Here is the Grand Theft Auto sale! Next week, lets cross our fingers and hope we get a Batman sale. If I got nickel for every time PSN had a Grand Theft Auto sale…

JeanDowell said:

February 19th, 3:41 am

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Leoloin92 said:

February 20th, 2:28 pm

I use could tell which of my friends are online, but now it just have a list of my friends in abc order.

siprahan said:

February 24th, 5:19 pm


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