Free Multiplayer Weekend Starting This Friday on PS4

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Free Multiplayer Weekend Starting This Friday on PS4

We’re back with another free multiplayer weekend in time for the launch of Street Fighter V — the latest chapter of the legendary fighting franchise and a console exclusive on PS4.

Starting this Friday, you’ll be able to access the online multiplayer modes in any PS4 game without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

PlayStation Plus: Free Multiplayer Weekend

This is also a great weekend to check out multiplayer in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, especially because a new DLC pack, Awakening, was recently released on PS4.

Free online multiplayer access begins Friday, February 19th, at 12:01 AM Pacific and runs to Sunday, February 21st, at 11:59 PM Pacific. Hop on to PSN during the free weekend with your favorite multiplayer game — no membership commitment is required during this period.

More info on PlayStation Plus offerings, such as free PlayStation Plus monthly games, exclusive member discounts, online game saves, and more can be found here.


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  • Can I pay somewhere to play Street Fighter 5 with a working server?

    • Hoping the online multiplayer weekend will also have a multiplayer weekend sale. Would love to try different games such as Borderlands or even Ultra street fighter IV while some of us wait for our copy of SF V to come into mail (thanks Amazon for the delayed shipping)

    • Im in australia and its friday the 19th but it wont let me play call of duty black ops 3 online? How do i fix this

    • jamesbuick69

      Huh? Been working fine for me. You may have NAT type issues or sumtn, possibly call your ISP and see?

    • Its still wont let me play online???

    • Henryjarquin1

      Let’s try it!

    • Can’t wait to play

    • iplaysofresh

      Let’s do this #turnup

  • So, if I download one of the games, do I have it forever?

    • only while you have a valid PS+ account. Example – I had the trial of plus and got the free game at the time: Oddworld New and Tasty. Can’t play it now as I’m not plus, but if I subscribe to plus again, I have it again.

    • if you buy it from PSN, then yes

    • Our PS Plus free games are free to download and you can keep the games as long as your PS Plus subscription is active. Thanks!

    • FaZeGaming690

      Yes it will stay

    • KoiNoYokan83

      Lol FREE but have to pay a subscription … Makes sense

    • XxArevalo209xX


  • Free online multiplayer FORVER PLEASE, like PS3.

    • In a perfect world, no? Unfortunately, tying multiplayer to PS+ is a necessary evil. How else would they be able to improve their networking/infrastructure if PS+ was only an optional online service?
      MS charged out of the gate for Xbox, and was able to build an excellent online service for the 360 as a result (compare to server woes on pretty much any PS3 game).

      I think that tying MP to PS+ was a very smart move, and we should appreciate the improvements that the online component has seen as a result (occasional downtime notwithstanding). Definitely a step up from the XBone’s “300,000” imaginary cloud servers.

    • At least ocasional discounts for Memberships, like does MS.

    • I’d be fine with every other weekend, or even 1 weekend a month. I don’t play much MP, but it’d be nice for some trophies

    • NamelessGamer505

      They have to fill their pockets…

    • There were no improvements on PSN since MP became tied to PS+, It still goes down almost once every week.

    • forcing ps4 players to pay for ps+ has in no way improved the servers. Last friday my whole party couldnt connect to psn (let alone the game server) all night and on into sat. Thanks Sony!

    • @MunKy-058

      PSN hasn’t improved and still goes down.
      MP was only tied to PlayStation Plus to force consumers to pay, because Sony knows people want to play online.

      The “server woes” of games on PS3 has nothing to do with PSN. The servers are run by the developers of whatever game was having issues. The MP servers are not payed for by Sony but by the developers, and we pay those developers by purchasing their games and DLC.

      No one should be forced to pay Sony a random fee just to connect to 3rd party servers, especially when almost all games are peer-to-peer. I would rather connect to the game servers through the internet connection of the console, without longing into PSN. Let me use my Origin account to play EA games, my Uplay account to play Ubisoft games and so on.

      We shouldn’t have to pay to play online. Multiplayer shouldn’t be blocked. If anyone should charge for MP it should be the developers. But like I said, we pay them by buying the games and DLC.

    • FaZeGaming690

      Can u guys add me I will make sure to add u back n u will be in one of my videos

  • Cpl_stoudt98

    Does this mean like is it for this weekend only or every weekend?

  • So you’re making a basic feature from the PS3 a special gift for the PS4 users?

    It’s ridiculous. Most game servers are under the 3rd party publishers’ management, why do players have to pay Sony to play online on those servers?

    That’s why a lot of people moved to Steam.

    • That’s why I don’t pay for this. It’s a non-service. You are literally paying a fee to use your PS4. They don’t host the matches on their servers, all they do is allow you to connect to third-party servers. And the free games are absolutely worthless.

  • Only for US, or Europe too?

  • FIFA_DUDE-748

    So, earlier I tried to download the giant on ps store and it said it was for free, when I pressed free it says it can’t be downloaded at this time. When can I download it . Btw I don’t have ps+ is that thereabouts why? Help plzzzzz

  • Does this mean you won’t need ps+ to play the division open beta this weekend?

    • Yep, you don’t need PS Plus to check out the Division open beta this weekend.

  • this is for us only or for everyone who has ps4? EU for example? thx

    • This is the North American Blog, thus its exclusive to NA

    • This free multiplayer weekend event is happening in the US, Canada, and LATAM. Thanks for checking!

  • does this mean the online service isn’t garbage anymore?? are you enticing people to join up to ps+ because we won’t have constant lost connections anymore? i bet it doesn’t..

  • What about EU? This would be a great time to have a free multiplayer weekend for us here too

  • Wow. I feel so lucky to have a PS3. Every weekend free. I’m sure that won’t last forever. I guess when that ends, there’s always Steam.

  • Yay thankyou sony, especially my 1 year plus expired over the weekend and im broke til payday feb 25th

  • tech_boy_103

    What can’t multiplayer be free on ps4 like ps3

  • Could you please add Kenya to your list of countries … Am tired of buying psn cards which are always out of stock

  • i already have my subscription, is there any way to take advantage of this offer ??

  • asadrocks2001

    Is this free psn weekend for all ps4 users or is it restricted to some countries?

  • Will shareplay be possible with these people who don’t have PS+ on this Multiplayer weekend?

  • Skullguns42_

    perfect timing i wanted to play the division beta and i didnt have ps plus and luckily these days are the same days when the beta starts and ends

  • d

  • TallarakkLP

    Can i play the Division beta at the weekend too or do i need a Ps+ membership to download it ?


    Only US? The Free week-end isn’t available in Europe?

  • khaled14789


  • khaled14789

    Would you like to make it every month? ;)

  • TheVengeanceXD

    Really wish they would stop the free multiplayer weekend. Every time they do it all it does is bog down psn servers and make it difficult for paying customers like myself to access the service that they pay for, and I find that unacceptable. I don’t own a Ferrari so does that mean I should be able to go to a Ferrari dealership and take one out for a weekend without paying for it? No, it doesn’t and I feel the same principal applies here.

    • R41N1NG-F1R3

      I still don’t get how PSN being down effects other titles, If you play for multiplayer, donsen’t the dev pay for the servers? All I see PSN do is track a friends list and party chat, which some games having their own versions off chat and friends lists in-game.

    • PSN is available to everyone, even people who don’t own a PlayStation console can create a PSN account. And PSN is payed for by anyone who purchases PlayStation consoles, games and anything else sold on PSN. It’s not our fault Sony isn’t using the money they make to improve PSN.

      The “service” you’re paying for with your PlayStation Plus subscription is cloud saves, instant game collection, share play, discounts, game-trials and multiplayer. So don’t try to act like all of PSN is just for you and anyone else who pays for Plus. You’re paying for the “extras”.

      What the free MP weekend really does is show that Sony is not using the money they make to improve and update their network.
      That’s whats unacceptable, along with charging people to accesses the MP servers that the developers pay for. I mean, the servers we already pay for by purchasing the games and DLC.

  • DA_Harvey_Dent

    So is this available only to North America or can we expect this in the uk ?

  • I’m just wondering, can i play the new dlc for Bo3 on multiplayer weekend? i just wanna try out the new maps before i buy the dlc.

  • Please someone tell me , this is going to work in central america?


    i loaded up gta to see if i can play online and all it said was storymode wat do i do

    • JackSparrow_333

      I still can’t get into GTA O..does it work for you now or anyone else

  • EzEkIEl_SHiVa

    It won’t let me play battlefront online?

    • i cant play battlefront online, even though it said multiplayer is free throughout the weekends. it gives the buy or join playstation plus

  • What do I have to do to get the free weekend

  • me_and_my_44

    Guys it doesn’t start until 00:01 Pacific time, wich is in about 11 minutes

  • spidersid31

    Is this for the world or only USA?

  • Can’t you just leave your black ops 3 in the online multiplayer menu, then as long as you don’t go to the main menu or change game, you have free blops3 online multiplayer

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  • I just logged in and I cant play online ? Its friday already

  • The-Pens123

    Does this also apply to the PS Vita/PS TV?

  • How do I, or can I sign up for the new beta update For PS4 I keep hearing about or is it random selected?

    • It was a few posts below this on the blog. There is a link there in the article on where to go to put your name in the hat for the drawing.


  • I cant access online ?

  • OneAwesomeFella

    Is this in uk or just us plz reply

  • JackSparrow_333

    Its almost Saturday in India and I still can’t get into GTA online.. Do I need to do something to get access of free online or is it only for the US and not forbplaces like india

  • how i can find it?
    when is 12 am in germany?

  • My friend is trying to play Gta online but it says he needs to buy PS plus? isnt free tho…

  • InterianPacho

    This is great :)

  • monkeyman1970

    its not working for me HELP ASAP

  • longshotlevi

    Why it is not working

  • Tynesender1234

    Hi I have a friend that’s wondering if black ops 3 is only gonna be free in sertan country’s. I was also woundering if u could ban someone for a month on his account because I was getting bullied about my dissabilities so I was wondering if u guys could ban evilmonkey131 for me

  • S--A--B--I--L

    Its saturday and i still cant play online!!

  • Love the Poker room in Four Kings Casino, but the damn thing keeps freezing up…anyone else experience this?

  • Is it only for usa or for everyone?

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