PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2016

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for March 2016

Well, you’ve done it again! After an exciting Vote to Play campaign, PlayStation Plus users have selected Broforce as the first title in March’s PS4 free games lineup. You picked it, you got it!

If you’re a fan of the other two games, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Assault Android Cactus and Action Henk will be available for PlayStation Plus members with a 30% discount from March 8th to March 21st.

So what can you expect as a bro in Broforce? You’ll fight evil and rescue bro teammates using fire, napalm, and whatever else you find in the name of freedom. We hope you enjoy this run ‘n’ gun shooter with up to four of your closest bros.

Next up, Galak-Z, a two dimensional sci-fi shooter taken to the next level. Pilot your ship through this physics-driven, procedurally generated world while surviving several enemy factions. Wait, did I mention that your ship can transform into a laser sword-wielding Mech? Can this get any better? (Hint: Stay tuned for exciting news about Galak-Z in the coming weeks.)

Full Lineup

  • Broforce, PS4
  • Flame Over, PS Vita
  • Galak-Z, PS4
  • The Last Guy, PS3
  • Reality Fighters, PS Vita
  • Super Stardust HD, PS3

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Bacon_brother_45

    What is this? What kind of name is Galak-Z? It makes no sense. when i first got my playstation I remember we got good games and we were all happy. Al;l of my friends were bragging about how good the free games were and now, no one even talks or even acknowledges them. Can we please start getting some good games playstation? Please.

  • silly_VT_girl

    Look Sony, I understand these are free games and only one perk of being PS Plus. I have loved the deep discounts and being able to play online. But side scrollers/top down fighting/ most shooters don;t do much for me. It would be nice if at least each month, there was one story driven/open world game. I’ve only been a PS Plus member since Nov 15, but I was happy the first few months when I got Walking Dead 2 and then Grim Fandago. I was hoping to see this pattern repeated, but been disappointed. Just asking for more balance for those of us who don’t just want to mash buttons and shoot stuff.

  • Shadow_Snake721

    I’m sick of all the indie games how about some greatest hits titles?

  • I think it would be nice if sony just started giving away actual games instead of this table top bs every month(ps4)it was done for ps3 last month so my question is why not? Its not theres hasn’t been a few flops since its release and there a multi billion dollar company. I wasnt the biggest fan of ‘the order’ but it’d be better than what we got…

  • Someone in this thread wrote this brilliant point:
    “These chappy little indie games are the same thing just with different art. It’s the kind of games you get on your mobile, or the games we played on a web browser back in 2000. This content is not ‘for the players’. And honestly these games represent a complete lack of effort on the part of Sony.”

    This sums up the failure of PS + in a nutshell. Virtually none of the + games show off what the PS4 can do. If anything, they’re more appropriate for an Apple IIe. Does anyone really want to pay $49.99 per year for this retro garbage? If ya’ll want to pay, go ahead. I did not renew my + membership last year and, by the looks of the last several months, it was one of the better consumer decisions I’ve made.

    Don’t expect anything to change. The PS4 is still selling like hotcakes and Sony doesn’t care ONE BIT about +. They ask for feedback and the feedback is overwhelmingly negative about + and does anything happen?


    Folks, spend your $49.99 elsewhere.

    • How tf can you spend $49.99 elsewhere when you have to pay $50 to play online. I think the problem with PS Plus is members like you who think you are spending $50 a year to get these games. NO. You are spending $50 a year to play online, the games are a bonus. On top of that, 2015 was an amazing year for all the PS plus games released. Go look at the list, including ps3 since a ton of AAA games were released on plus on ps3.

      Cmon now, you guys just all assume Sony is only releasing indie top down games when you don’t account for the amazing games that come along once in a while. And it’s only your fault if you have played all the AAA games ps plus has released; no one is forcing you to drop $60 on release date games.

  • Every month it’s the same junk repackaged for the PS4. I have been playing video games since pong and I am sorry but these Indie games are lame with most of them being lower grade retreads of games that I played 20+ years ago. When a system has been out for over 2 years, yes you can start giving your loyal customers some AAA games even if just one every three months. I cannot remember the last time we got a good game for the vita. Before the PS4 came out we did get some great titles for the PS3 but once the PS4 was released the PS Plus games have been a bit sad. Yes, I would love to have some of my old PS3 titles for the PS4. I personally have a hard time going back to play the PS3 mainly because the controllers now feel so small. Sony, if you want to keep people on your consoles then stop giving us low tier games that we could just as easily play on our phones!

    • One word, Rocket League. Those 2 words alone make your argument void because it wasn’t the same junk repackaged.

  • Not going to lie, I’m not a fan of the voting. That said, excited to play Galak-Z since I would never have explicitly paid for it but I’ve heard good things.

    • Has Persona 4 Golden ever been a free PS+ title? That would be pretty great.

    • FarmFreshEggBoy

      No, it’s gotten down to about $10 on sale, but it’s never been a plus game.

  • xLaBxKisendi

    Edit: After typing all this message I realized that no one cares about my opinion so just carry on…

    Is this it? When are we going to get something for the PS4? I mean no offense but Sony needs to up their game when it comes to “free” games each month. I mean let us be realistic here with things. X1 has backwards compatibility something Sony wont have. Still they get “better/more expensive/mainstream” games while PS4 gets indie games month after month. I know you cannot please everyone but I myself would like something different. For example last year Driveclub was really good. Magicka 2 was also epic. Now? U give your own game ( The Last Guy ) away for ” free “. A game from 2008!!! ( for the ps3 )

    Oh, and You smart people saying that for the £40 a year i should not expect games that are cost 120 million dollars to make! Umm how is that making ANY sense?? An indie game is made from a lot less most of the time with a lot smaller team. So If u even start giving that game away for ” free ” then how are they supposed to get their money back???? See? Your argument is nullified.

    • Can you explain how the games that are on Xbox live this month have already been free for plus members ages ago?


    Galak-Z!!! Just what I been waiting for!!!

  • When is PS4 go no to get something world wild. I would even take some launch titles like Knack and kill zone that I never got around to playing or maybe some old PS3 or PS2 games that have made its way to the 4

  • WTF guys! u serious.
    xbox is giving sherlock crime and punishments as free and here ur shouting about some cheap 2d games.
    give us a real game for once.

    • DonkeyKongKilla

      To be fair they gave us the sherlock Holmes game for free on ps3 months ago

  • well, anyway thanks for the free games. Games which will be added to the Library for my kid. And someday, someday they`d be downloaded, ofc if PS5 is not released yet.

    Sincerely yours,

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    Low budget indie game after low budget indie game after low budget indie game after low budget indie game… what’s for April sony? Another low budget indie game? The ones that doesn’t sell well that you probably had them sign a deal for plus just to be able to sell their awful 1970s project? It’s honestly like yall are saying f the advancements we did on the ps2 and ps3, ps4 we’re just going to start from scratch… let’s invest in these indie developers that can honestly have their game played on a damn game boy, atari, super nintendo…. Now I see why you stopped the BEYOND commercials because yall are taking everything BACKWARDS… Smh, all these years of support to sony products, and on your greatest achievement in the gaming community you hand us turd nuggets…. disappointing…

  • Did u guys replaced stardust with I am alive? Lol so messed up. Not sure where it went wrong haha, but I don’t mind do t have PS3

  • PsychoxSnowman

    I want to play broforce but it dosent show the download button on mine

    • dogstarz117

      There is not a download button on the PS4 or website. I am hoping when I get home from work it will be ready to go.

  • I am alive looks to be replacing super stardusk hd. Thanks for telling us playstation. You folks are really starting to let us down with all of this greatness you promised.

    • dogstarz117

      I was rather excited for Super Stardust HD and then saw I Am Alive, which is a decent game but doesn’t scratch the itch of a space shooter that I was looking forward to.

  • Why is the “free” Reality Fighters game not actually free on the store? It’s listed for $13+

  • You wanted AAA title game for PS3. Sure unplanned but here we go take it. Want AAA title game for ps4? Nah ha not gonna happen; never

    • Dude, Thief was already free…

    • Lol dude what r u talking about? Go take some rest. By the way for YOUR record. Thief was offered for PS3 only. Only AAA title game that was ever offered was injustice.

  • Reality Fighters is Broken.

    There is now Free Option, it just sits with the $13.49 Pricetag on it.

    • Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I’ll check it again tonight or tomorrow and see if they’ve caught the mistake by then. I pinged Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter about it so hopefully he contacts the right people to get it straightened out.

    • Cool, thanks for the Reply. Let me know if it works for you.

      I’ll be trying again when the Store Update is Finished.

    • +Deadlius it appears to have fixed itself for me. So it worked! Might wanna check when you can.

  • Broforce is pretty fun how ever I would like see some older aaa games such as last of us remastered or resogun

    • Resogun is “indie” and was one of the PS4’s first IGC entries. It later came to PS3 and Vita, with cross-buy. If you “purchased” the PS4 version, you have access to the other versions free.

  • Cool, thanks for the Reply. Let me know if it works for you.

    I’ll be trying again when the Store Update is Finished.

  • The PS Plus lineup really suck since PS4 was released… And it appears this will keep going like that for ever since it looks like SONY doesn’t give a rats butt for the players… I’m really disappointed at SONY… Seriously!!!

  • i’m down to try some of these out, but this is… i don’t even know what month in a row, where i am less then enthused about these games

  • third_rail_man

    I believe there is an error on this posting. Stardust wasn’t free BUT I am Alive was free for PLUS members

  • FrostedFlakesMan

    What happened to super stardust hd?

  • Troll-U-Minati

    Yeah, I spend 60 bucks on PS+ each year, we deserve $720 worth of new AAA titles a year! We’re spoiled and we aren’t thankful for anything! Come on PlayStation! Give us more. We deserve so much for just sitting on our asses all day playing games…


    What, your going to drop a few hundred dollars because free games are what you paid for? That’s the most illogical thing I’ve ever heard. Like Xbox will be any better. People playing Xbone are switching to PS4, and vise versa. Obviously people on both sides are stupid because both consoles are the same, just the Xbone has a really ugly UI and isn’t even 1080p. I don’t mean to be “That guy” but if you want free games go get a job and save up for a gaming PC. Plenty of free games there. Now, let’s stop arguing about stupid stuff, and let’s talk about how No Man’s Sky is going to be dank.

  • XtremeZookeeper

    Super stardust HD is on the list, but I see it in the store for $9.99 ? I was able to get all of the other games…

  • reality fighters sux its the worst thing ive seen called a game since e.t. on atari 2600 vcs, seriously garbage like this keeps up n who knows we may be digging up psvitas outta landfills n a few years like ppl did with ataris because of
    this game

  • KingKrimsons

    The line for this month looks really boring. Nothing interests me at all.

  • Indiestation 4 why hasent NA and EU had a single AAA game ye the japanese psn gets better ps plus games… There should be too options free multiplayer or pay $50 for ps plus games, cloud saves.

    Hell i was expecting atleast a ps2 game for ps plus…

    • Heimdali2016

      What about Super Stardust HD playstation ? You said it was going to be free for plus users.

  • Another month of crap games I’ve got no interest in. Let’s see, x box players for there £40 get sherlock holmes, which I’ve played and did enjoy, playstation players get for there £40 is indy games that look fit for playstation 1. You really do rip us off on these so called free games that ain’t free as we pay £40 a year and get worst so call free games then x box. You could even just give us one free ps2 or ps3 game on Ps4 each month? That be better then the crap we get now. I wouldn’t pay for psplus if it wasn’t needed for online playing.

  • Ghostmaker1005

    Oh look another month of indie games, but at least we had the chance to pick between 3 indie games so arn’t we the fortunate ones.

    So another month of games not being downloaded from me. If i want these types of games i will use my wifes smart phone or dig out my old PS1.

    • bro even PS1 games were more better then those garbage games graphics wise, Even NES could run games more better then this

  • LittleDarkOne

    Absolute rubbish… again. Compare this to what XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 owners get and it’s a bloody disgrace. I understand Sony don’t feel obliged to hand out AAA titles every month due to their sales being dominant, but this is rapidly becoming a poor joke and a kick in the teeth to all their loyal customers. I’ve got the Xbox One as well and I have to say it’s been getting a lot more love lately with Tomb Raider exclusive and free AAA games with backwards compatibility for 360 titles as well.

  • I understand that you can’t expect brand new AAA titles on ps plus but surely there are older non indie games (which are more appropriate as mobile games anyway) that song could give us. What about final fantasy 7 or something, it’s a great game and it’s ancient. Also what about bioshock infinite, which was a last gen game? Both of these games are in the same price range as what is being offered anyway. Just a thought really. Just hate that there’s a lack of diversity with the ps plus games, all of which are just wee indie titles mostly lacking in visuals and story.

    • narutoyinyang

      Bioshock infinite was already a PS+ game a year or two ago, but I do agree, before PS4 game out there were constantly good older triple a titles each month, now Ive been happy with maybe 6 of the ps4 ones since launch,

  • DJ_Jackslash

    More crappy side scrollers that belong in the 90’s. Worlds most powerful console…here have some 2D scrollers to compliment it…

  • I remember people also complained about the PS + sale one time. Vanishing of Ethan Carter was on sale, but lots of people said it was a bad sale. The point? People don’t know what the hell these games are, and they don’t realize how amazing they are.

  • narutoyinyang

    Super Stardust isn’t appearing on the free games on the store, When searched it still shows the full price tag.

    Overall still haven’t had too much to be happy about with recent line ups and even the voting turns up **** (not this time specifically)

  • glad i still got my ps2 so i can go down to the public library and pick up a ps2 game for 50 cents instead of wasting time downloading a game thats a wannabe “the last of us “which in itself was just a uncharted clone dont get me wrong it was an enjoyable 6 hr game but 0 replay value and the pvp sucks ass and wont be supported much longer, just so sick of this company and its garbage every month, just glad i waited before buying a ps4, only game i saw worth while was fallout 4 which i got for my pc because pc is almost always better i can use console commands your company no longer has any respect for its self or it’s customers for a company based out of japan you have a surprising lack of honor

  • These low bit games don’t work for me anymore. 30 years ago I loved them. I’m glad some people enjoy them now but there seems to be a saturation in the indie game market in which many of them fall in a ho-hum type quality. I can’t get my kids to spend more than a few minutes on these free games typically and I don’t blame them.

  • Syntaex_Aeror

    Yet another month of low budget trash games that I wouldn’t even download to my phone, let alone a next-gen PS4.


  • This months free games look so uninteresting this is just awkward…

    • Well if you are just another user who had free games staring them in the face and won’t play them just because the way they “look”, I say good riddance

  • Another bad month for “free” games! What about rocket league again or watch dogs for the ps4!!! Make it worth it for us!

  • St0wndWolf2083

    If you were cool like me you would own Psvita,Ps3 & Ps4. I have all the games. No tears from this guy. Your welcome SONY.

    • Tonymontana527

      I have all them consoles aswell still doesn’t take away the fact this games are rubbish.

  • i didn’t buy PS4 to play NES games on it, Sony wake up and give us some good games just like XBOX

    • I think maybe you should wake up and start downloading some of these games and stop worrying about reception (if they are AAA games or not).

      Play the games you noob.

  • can we get an actual good game like what Microsoft does?, they gave out Halo 3, Halo Odst, assasin creed as free games. Don’t get me wrong this indie games are good but I want something really good other than indie games.

    • Do you really want me to spew the massive list from 2015 in which we got great games too?

  • ZachBoden69

    I have an idea .HOW ABOUT YOU QUIT GIVING US CRAPPY INDIE GAMES. Id be more than happy to continue paying for ps plus if you at least gave us real games on ps3 and occasionally ps4. I just hate that your giving us retarded games -_-

  • Tonymontana527

    I pay £15 a month and this is the trash that we get.

  • So…not for nothing, but wasn’t Broforce already a ps+ title on PS4 around launch?

    • And I won’t turn up my nose at free stuff to go along with a sub, but aren’t pixel art games a little overdone lately?

      I’d like to see older retail games offered up for the new console. I won’t claim that Indie games are trash, but a lot of the time they just feel…empty.

      I honestly don’t know why even Knack hasn’t been offered.

  • cameron_w3st

    I’m sorry…what is this CRAP?
    GAMES WITH GOLD Gets 2 AAA titles: Lords of the Fallen AND Borderlands…and…
    we get more indie trash?

    Yep, pretty sure that’s a big non-renewal from me when my subscription is up.

    Pretty sad that SONY can’t even upstage Microsoft

    • Maybe you shouldn’t keep giving up your subscription, because you clearly are missing out on the great games that were released in 2015. If you want good games, stop getting plus for 3 months.

  • Diablo_Del_Toro

    These games are garbage. Every month we get new garbage. These games would be great if they were smart phone apps. We could play centepede and contra decades ago…

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