Paragon: All Heroes Free, Early Access Begins March 18th

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Paragon: All Heroes Free, Early Access Begins March 18th

Hi PlayStation Nation! Paragon Founder’s Packs go on sale March 14th and unlock Early Access beginning March 18th.

By buying a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to play early, get an awesome value on in-game content, and help shape the future of the game. Your progress will be real, meaning we will not wipe accounts after March 18th. If you’d rather wait, Paragon will be in free Open Beta during the summer.

Paragon is Epic Games’ new MOBA that puts you in the fight with explosive action, direct third-person control, and deep strategic choice. Players choose from an ever-expanding roster of unique Heroes, earn cards to customize their abilities, and lead their teams to victory.

Paragon on PS4

All Heroes Free, All Cards Earned By Playing

Paragon is designed so that all players can compete and win without ever having to spend money. All Heroes are free, and cards can only be earned by playing the game. The game will never be pay-to-win, meaning we will never sell gameplay-affecting items.

We will sell cosmetic items (skins, emotes), boosts, and other convenience items, along with Paid Early Access, in order to make money. We’re taking this approach because we believe that competitive games need to be fair for all players.

Why Early Access and Founder’s Packs?

Paragon is still in development. The game is missing features, and some of the content is placeholder. We don’t yet have a lot of features to make it easier to understand for new players, and some systems (for example: cards and deck building) require a lot of patience.

Paragon on PS4Paragon on PS4

Yet, we really want gamers to be able to opt-in and be here with us from the start, to give feedback and help shape the game. As a way of saying thanks, we’re trying to make Founder’s Packs an insanely good value. If you’re interested in Paragon, buying a Founder’s Pack will get you in-game content at a huge discount from normal prices. During the Early Access Season, we’ll release new (Free!) Heroes every three weeks, hold community events, and offer daily and weekly rewards.

Founder’s Packs will cost $19.99, and include access to the game, skins, boosts, and other cosmetic items you can unlock by playing. Challenger Packs ($59.99) and Master Packs ($99.99) will include a huge number of skins, unlockable items, boosts, a unique skin, and a Founder’s Pack to give to a friend. We’ll be sharing complete details soon.

Paragon on PS4

If you’d like to support Paragon, buy a Founder’s Pack on March 14th and jump in early. If you’d rather wait, Paragon will be in free Open Beta in Summer 2016. If you choose to wait, you can also head over to, sign up for the beta, and have a chance to play in free beta weekends.

Finally, if you want to learn more about Paragon, check out Ryan Clements’ blog post. We hope to see you in the fight!

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  • Cool, this looks like a lot of fun.

  • Hmm warframe approach? Must win and im all in!

  • Sounds interesting, but I’d like more details on what you get in each pack (Founder, Challenger & Master).

    • Valde_zerocool

      Since accounts won’t be wiped will trophy progress be retroactive as Beta content usually won’t contain them?

  • This will make a nice addition to my multiplayer stream games for Friday nights. Looking forward to it.

  • DonnieWullner3

    Will we have all three pack options on March 14? Because I’d to get in early and buy a founders pack but actually want to buy challenge or master pack for the content. Will I have to buy both to get early access and master and challenge content?

  • Can’t wait for this beta

  • sergio651maia

    i have played a few online tests in alpha version,
    Its very fun but has lot of bugs. hopefully they fix on early access and online test 10.

  • gor1llap1mp

    Will there be a campaign?

    • I doubt that there will be a campaign simply because it is a MOBA game. It’s whole main thing is that you play against other people. The game seems to be like a 3 dimensional league of legends.

  • gor1llap1mp

    This looks pretty slick, very much EPIC signature stuff indeed. Slick, Fast and Amazing action! Whats your take on Playstation VR?

  • I love your non-evil approach to making money with this game. It’s rare among free-to-play games. (Heck, even some $60 full price games have microtransactions nowadays.) I hope Paragon is a success so it will set a good example for other developers and publishers.

    • This is a pretty standard approach in the genre… they’re not really doing anything special as far as monetization goes.

  • BrazzKnuckles

    It looks pretty awesome!

  • wanna try this

  • KiwanchMihoglu

    I am not interested in this game.So i won’t play that

  • RaivynLyken

    Biggest question I have about this. Do we buy the founders packs through the PlayStation Store or through the Paragon website? I’ve seen little to no information surface about this. I know, myself, would like to opt into the founder’s pack(s) ASAP as I’ve been watching this game closely since PlayStation Experience 2015. Looks darn good.

  • i’m from Argentina, and i can’t buy the founder pack, i can’t find it in the store… any help?

  • will the founders packs be active for ps4 and pc accounts if they are linked or do you have to buy one for each

  • If anyone has an extra key, I’d be very grateful! This game has been on my list for ages.

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