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Mar 28

Mar 28

Lithium: Inmate 39 Brings Claustrophobic Horror to PS4

Marlon Cascante's Avatar Posted by Producer, CanuArts

“Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.”

Have you ever felt trapped within a nightmare you can’t wake up from? Well, we have. And that is why we created Lithium: Inmate 39. We are a small team with the idea of creating a game that gamers have been waiting for when it comes to psychological thrillers and challenging puzzles in a 3D world. We are very excited to present this intriguing story which will keep you glued to your seat.

Even though we are experienced with developing games for advertising and games for educational purposes, we decided to develop our first console-focused game this time. Lithium tells the story of a psychiatric patient who must find the way back to his origins, discovering his past and getting answers to understanding what is going on in his mind. So we brought to life a character based on a humanoid lemur which represents how he sees himself due to his many mental issues.

Inmate 39 will need to overcome many perils, traps, and puzzles throughout the different chapters of the game. Each chapter is inspired by and set in Inmate 39’s vision of his world. Different cutscenes will lead you to your own conclusions.

Lithium: Inmate 39 on PS4Lithium: Inmate 39 on PS4

While developing the game we have taken into account elements from classic horror games that we have enjoyed ourselves and that genre fans will recognize when playing. Around 30 different types of enemies and creatures are cleverly designed and each one has a meaningful connection with the main story. Most of them are inspired by drawings created by real psychiatric patients.

We are introducing a game with an unsettling, gloomy, and intriguing atmosphere. It is designed in grey scale colors with vivid blood red being displayed in dangerous and deadly situations. In order to increase the sense of claustrophobia and panic, fixed camera angles have strategically been placed to force the main character to confront his worst nightmares. In moments like this a very powerful ally will be helpful to furiously tear apart and destroy your enemies.

In addition, the music has been carefully designed and selected to perfectly fit each one of the situations depending on the stage.

Lithium: Inmate 39 on PS4

We are pleased to bring to you this game which will be available soon. Additional
DLC will also be available. The game has been created with a lot of passion and effort. We really hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the creative process.

We are looking forward to hearing your comments and opinions, as well as answer any questions you might have!

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jgrizzle358 said:

March 28th, 8:12 am

Looks cool. I love horror games.

It looks like this game is less traditional horror and more along the lines of a dark comedy. I get vibes from Medieval and Oddworld. Not sure if that was intentional but I approve.

I’m used to playing horror games like Outlast and Soma that make the players suffer and keep them on edge and make for great jump scare compilations.

So I have to ask, is this a horror game like that? Or is it more of a fun romp? Or a healthy mix of both? Because I’m already sold on it I just need to know what I’m getting into LOL.

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:13 am

    Even though this is more of a psychological thriller oriented game, we have experienced how funny some situations are. We have made sure genre fans will enjoy the traps/puzzles and the deadly outcome on failing to solve them! So, short answer: yes, you will find both experiences you mention above.

TetsuyaKenshi86 said:

March 28th, 8:13 am

Europe already has the sales, why US no?

MauCamper said:

March 28th, 8:16 am

In recent weeks, we only had bad deals. I was hoping for a good easter sale like Last year, or the one that european psn offered, but we got nothing. NO EASTER SALE. Just a ********* cod sale.

ERC1980 said:

March 28th, 8:40 am


coming next month?


    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:15 am


    The price is yet to be defined.

    It is expected to be available within the next couple of months.

    Yes! There will be trophies indeed.

    Droogie4Ever said:

    March 28th, 9:53 am

    I’ve noticed trophy support on smaller games is starting to be “bare bones.” I was checking out Broforce’s trophy list the other day and was very disappointed. There are so many things they could have challenged you with in that game and the trophy list we ended up with just doesn’t reflect all the creative ways they could have had you playing the game. Indie horror games rarely come with a platinum either (unless it’s Lone Survivor – then it’s the hardest platinum to obtain in the history of video games)! Outlast didn’t have a platinum…I really believe that trophies (despite not being TERRIBLY important to the overall game) do give a game replay value for anyone who wants a challenge.

Droogie4Ever said:

March 28th, 8:44 am

I can tell I’m really gonna like this game. Great job! One question: you said the game is coming soon….any chance you can give us an estimate (i.e. April, May, Summer, Fall, etc). I just want to make sure this game stays on my radar. Thanks for working on something new and interesting!

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:23 am


    Thanks for your feedback! The game is expected to be available within the next couple of months. Please stay tuned.

The_Bunn said:

March 28th, 9:43 am

I hope the devs know what they are doing. It’s very hard to instill a real sense of dread with a stylized main character.
I wish they all the best, and I want all the games to succeed, but a demo would be nice if possible

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:18 am


    Good news! A Demo will be made available soon. Just keep an eye on this game and we’ll deliver the experience for you.

Vyprstryke said:

March 28th, 9:55 am

Sounds quite interesting. Hopefully the fixed camera angle’s don’t hinder the experience.

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:22 am


    Good comment on the fix camera angles. As gamers, we have suffered with that on very famous games before as well. So, we have worked really hard to make sure the purpose of this feature will be to enhance the experience, not to hinder it.


mrsdanikins said:

March 28th, 11:23 am

This sounds awesome! I like the idea that it isn’t just a typical horror game but psychological thriller. Definitely will have to do a review on this for my website when it comes out.

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 11:28 am

    We are glad to hear that!

    Please be our guest and go ahead spread the word. We appreciate your feedback.

SureBigBuster said:

March 28th, 12:02 pm

The more horror the merrier. Looking forward to playing this for sure. Good luck on the launch!

Twisted_Ian said:

March 28th, 1:46 pm

This looks really interesting. I love games with horror elements meshed into them. On your website it says that it will be available for the Vita as well. Is that happening?

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 28th, 2:35 pm

    Correct, it will be available for PS Vita also. It will come out for PS4 first though.

    Twisted_Ian said:

    March 29th, 8:51 pm

    Thanks for the reply, looking forward to it!

Rainwater said:

March 28th, 3:36 pm

Very sharp looking! Definitely interested.

FreshRevenge said:

March 28th, 7:32 pm

Do I hear “Precious” in there somewhere? Looks very intriguing. Will keep it on my radar now.

HellBringer1975 said:

March 28th, 10:17 pm

I wish trophies were regulated as amazing as achievements on xbox are as every game has 1000 achievement points now so its even for all games , not this sony mess of broforce having 5 lame trophies or resident evil 6 port has 76 trophies there is no stability its a mess . what the hell points are better whats a bronze add up when i hit level 14 its not the same when i was 13 if you follow the stats as best you can its very unbalanced .

also if you dont care for trophies thats fine but a lot of us do love them and they add a ton to the game as i hate playing games with out a reason or progression in my mind so to me playing cod MP for year straight is such a waste of accomplishing nothing i want to have a story or a reason to be there as i am trying to achieve that trophy. I wish they made it enforced like xbox having 1000 points sony can make it that a certain amount of bronze silver have to be in every game so you dont get these lazy devs that just throw in any stupid 4 – 6 trophies and thats it

Hakumen__ said:

March 29th, 12:54 am

Looking forward to playing the PS Vita version!

nathanuc1988 said:

March 29th, 5:40 am

Looks really cool. I would love to see this as a PS+ ‘free’ game!

ManchildofPV said:

March 29th, 6:34 am

That just gave me the chills

RoII_chan said:

March 29th, 3:57 pm

The game looks cool and I would buy it but DOBBY? wth? just for that im not gonna buy it.

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 29th, 4:22 pm

    Our main character appearance is based on a aye aye lemur.

Thrill_Kill said:

March 30th, 1:48 am

Stereoscopic 3D Horror, or “flat as paper” 3D Horror?

    Marlon Cascante's Avatar

    Marlon Cascante said:

    March 30th, 12:25 pm

    In this game we use 3D graphics for a three-dimensional representation of the game world. However, we will enable a DLC chapter for VR later on.

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