Invisible, Inc. Console Edition Out Today on PS4

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Invisible, Inc. Console Edition Out Today on PS4
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Hey PlayStation.Blog, Corey from Klei Entertainment to talk about our newest console game Invisible, Inc., which launched today on PS4!

We spent years developing this concept and now we’re very excited to say Invisible, Inc. is available on PS4 and includes the Contingency Plan expansion for even more agents, missions, sneaky augments, and spy tools at your command.

Invisible, Inc. Console Edition, PS4

Without a doubt, Invisible, Inc. was our toughest design challenge yet. We started with a vision of what the game would be: a tight, all killer, no filler spy thriller where every action mattered, and every decision could be your last.

For those unfamiliar, Invisible, Inc. is about leading your team of elite spies to infiltrate the world’s most secure complexes. As the Operator, your job is to pick targets of opportunity, steal from the corporations, and upgrade your agents and programs in order to prepare for the final standoff. The world is completely different every time thanks to procedural generation, and the corporations are constantly adjusting to topple your plans.

Out of all the features Invisible, Inc. offers, the most interesting to many will be the fact that it’s procedurally generated. Most stealth games are incredibly refined with every guard, alarm, and item meticulously hand placed. This often creates a wonderful, balanced, refined stealth experience, but once you play through the game (or even a certain level) you’ll never be able to play it again for the first time. You know where the guards will be, how many there are, or where the best loot is, for example.

Invisible, Inc. Console Edition, PS4Invisible, Inc. Console Edition, PS4

We decided to challenge ourselves to build a system where each level and room feels hand crafted, but gives you a new experience every time you play so that information truly becomes power. The procedural generation allows the game to renew itself every time, and we think that’s incredibly powerful in a stealth game.

As Invisible, Inc.’s design is concentrated around replayability, we also filled out the DLC with more variety of enemies and new events that can show up at any point in the campaign. But we also noted that a lot more people than we expected were playing the endless campaign and not finding the late days as challenging as they could be. A new set of enemy units were created to fill in the gap and a new flavor of enemy “Daemon” programs were created to increase the difficulty gradually, making deep endless runs the challenge they were meant to be.

Invisible, Inc. Console Edition, PS4

With the new agents in Contingency Plan, it was important that they could drastically change how one plays the game. Normally players are trying their hardest to avoid guards; thus, Draco’s special abilities encouraged engagement. Derek’s special teleportation ability allowed for completely new tricks, with its own set of limitations to puzzle through. By making agents with highly unusual abilities, it also changed the value of the previous agents. Players could now look at them again in a fresh light.

We’re really excited to be able to bring Invisible, Inc. to PS4, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did challenging ourselves to make it!

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5 Author Replies

  • What is it now?!

  • Please add a video to your post! Some of us hate reading about something we’re not sure if we are interested in haha. Brb gonna check youtube for videos.

  • Forgot to preorder this for the discount so i will wait for a sale down the line…But this game looks so fun.

  • Where is the link to the store?

  • TrueAssassin86x

    Looks intresting but i think i’ll wait till its free for plus

  • CrownedLion

    Nice. I’ve been waiting for this to hit PS4. Got it downloaded and ready to go. You guys are carving out quite a reputation for solid games. You’ve done action, stealth, survival, now turn-based strategy…I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next.

    • Corey Rollins
      Corey Rollins

      Thanks so much for checking out our games! We really like switching up genres and styles as much as possible. Keeps things interesting!

  • dkarlowicz10

    Please bring Shank 1 and 2 to Vita and PS4. And also, has the exclusivity of Mark of the Ninja expired yet? If yes, it would be awesome to bring it over to Vita and PS4.

    • Corey Rollins
      Corey Rollins

      I’ll be honest, cause I hate when people leave questions like this hanging, but logistically it’s very unlikely Shank 1 or 2 will hit any additional platforms. Mark of the Ninja was the last game we released using a publisher, so it also has unique logistical issues to overcome. That being said, we think there’s more to explore with the world of Mark of the Ninja and while we’re not currently actively working on it, it’s still on our minds.

  • Downloaded and looking forward to playing it. Thanks!

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