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May 27

May 27

No Man’s Sky Coming to PS4 in August

Sean Murray's Avatar Posted by Founder, Hello Games

No Man’s Sky

Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely hard on our game, No Man’s Sky.

The game really has come together, and it’s such an incredible relief. As we sit an play it now, and as I watch playtesters every day, I can finally let myself get excited. We’re actually doing this.

However, as we approached our final deadlines, we realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.

After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in North America on August 9, in Europe August 10, and in the UK August 12.

Diplo on No Man’s SkyCreature on No Man’s Sky

We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.

The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.

And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well. This is the hardest working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

To the loyal community who’s stuck by our side since the unveiling of No Man’s Sky years ago, we hope you’ll accept our sincere apology and I am humbly asking that you’ll still look forward to exploring our universe despite the slight delay.

Thank you so much,

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crazyboy1357 said:

May 30th, 10:47 am

OK, so I’m just going to say it. Delays are usually a good sign for a game, especially a game as big as this. It means they’re working to make the game as best it can be and not trying to release a broken game. BUT, delaying a game that has this much hype and has been in development for 6 years should not be delayed for something as small as a polish. I mean come on. Something that small can be fixed in an update just like almost every other game does. But, acknowledging the fact that what I say isn’t going to change anything, since the game is delayed I think they should release a demo for all the fans who have been waiting for so long. Not hating, just saying what I think.

    Zampano said:

    May 31st, 9:50 am

    6 years? NMS was first announced at VGX in December of 2013. If you’re counting, that’s exactly two and a half years ago. I’m disappointed with the delay, too, but let’s avoid wild exaggerations.

ExtremeGamer875 said:

May 30th, 10:59 am

I’ve been looking for a great exploration games and finally found the perfect one! I’m a little disappointed that it won’t come out in june though. But by the gameplay i’ve seen, it looks amazing. A game like this needs some time, just please not so much time. We’ve been waiting for this game for quite some time and a little thing i want to add. I know you’re almost finished om the game and all but can you please add like a squad? Where up to 4 friends can see you on the map and find each other! You can call it the “Universal Squad” or something, all on you Sean. At least I’ll get it for my birthday is august! Thanks for thinking and developing this game!

Xerophix said:

May 30th, 3:21 pm

It IS disappointing that we have to wait another month or so, but the reason it’s disappointing is because the game is such an epic concept that we just can’t wait to play it. But, as some of us older gamers say; it’s better to delay and get it right the first time, than to release something before it’s ready.

I KNOW this game is going to be epic, and worth the wait.

bababoey2 said:

May 30th, 7:50 pm

Cancelled my pre order… Not that i lost interest in the game… But i get worried about the quality of a game delayed so many time.

MarkakaJin said:

May 30th, 10:38 pm

I’ve been waiting for this kind of game for a very long time. Even since the days I started playing so many games back then. I kept wondering when is someone out there going to make something so wonderful that will definitely blow our minds to epic space and beyond. No Man’s Sky was the answer. I’m a sucker for sci-fi stuff and this is the kind of game I’ve been looking for. I don’t mind the delay. Heck, Final Fantasy XV fans had to wait for a very long time and it’s finally coming out this year! I’ll wait as long as you guys work on it wholeheartedly. Make it an awesome well polished game. Thank you and I am very much looking forward to playing the game once it finally comes out!

Profiwan said:

May 31st, 3:01 am

I really think everyone needs to chill out! Hello games have been working hard enough on this games without people saying to them things like ” omg cancelled my preorder!”.Just why?? If you think a delayed game is going to be bad then why did you preorder it in the first place!

    bionicleboy32 said:

    May 31st, 6:26 am

    Although, now that there’s an additional two months tacked on to the date, perhaps an open beta is within the realm of possibility.

bionicleboy32 said:

May 31st, 6:24 am

I don’t remember Destiny ever being delayed by Bungie back in 2014, and their team had over 100 people, maybe over 200. The game flopped, content had to be cut, and overall, disappointment ensued across all members of the game.

Please give Hello Games the time they need to avoid becoming another failure. I’d wait two more years for this game if I had to.

DanDizz said:

May 31st, 9:32 am

I remember when people would flip out about delays, now after paying full prices for broken games over the last couple years I think people are starting to be humbled. Take your time to make the best game possible, when you’re ready we’ll be here.

AndoCalrizian said:

May 31st, 9:38 am

This game looks so great! 6 weeks isn’t the worst thing ever, considering I still have a stack of other games to finish anyway, and that’s not going to change any time soon!

<3 U NMS

Bicky62 said:

May 31st, 11:42 pm

Don’t worry sean take your time and get it right. Been wondering for awhile ,in a universe of procedurally generated planets is it possible to have more specifically designed ones ( or even a complete galaxy). I have visions of landing on a ” last of us ” style earth or perhaps a “eso” type where we could watch or join in the endless battles. I don’t know if this is even possible but would be awesome!

    Bicky62 said:

    May 31st, 11:52 pm

    Of course, finding these planets could be tricky

SanDaemon said:

June 1st, 7:42 am

To the H8TRs and other spoiled obnoxious over privileged adult children suffering from acute afluenceza –

To those that made plans around the release date for a game as ambitious as this one –
The passive aggressive “my life is ruined in some way” attack is ridiculous and childish.
Think about Sean’s disappointment and sadness before you decide to pile yours on top of it.

To Sean and the rest of Hello Games (but especially Sean):
Been gaming 30+ years and can’t wait! You deserve a hug, not all this BS, for making sure that happens.
I also do maths for a living and understand how things out of your control can completely ruin any part of anything right before it is released.

My June was double booked before and I placed my Pre-Order anyway knowing it would be July before I could play.
Now I can take days off to explore the universe!
If you need any help fortifying that Pillow fort let me know.

codyAC122592 said:

June 1st, 10:46 am

Although I lost a $20 bet because of this delay, im glad you guys are making the hard choice to wait and do things right verses rushing to your deadline. Only wish you guys had made more explorer editions, those things sold out faster then Metallica.

hammyman3232 said:

June 1st, 2:17 pm

I’d rather play a well polished game later than a rough game earlier.

Lucid_Leaper said:

June 1st, 7:23 pm

I agree that, if feasible, a demo release for PSN subscribers would mitigate some of the heat Hello Games (and avid reporters) have received.

If Sean Murray and his team were to release a short demo on June 21st, this would allow a large player pool to beta test for a short time. It may alert Hello Games to even the most miniscule errors. Please consider this as June 21st was an unveiling the world was looking forward to. A universe that… only 1% will ever be chartered. Let us explore just a tenth of that. The .1% that may never be seen again. Let us prepare for a better space launch in August.


June 1st, 8:36 pm

Hey, i’m just wondering something. I pre ordered the game a month or two back, and the wait has been absolutely agonizing. When i checked to see if the date has updated for the Countdown on PSN, i saw No Man’s Sky wasn’t on the store anymore. i’m just slightly worried, because i don’t know if i’ll have to buy the game again or not. I don’t really have the cash to get it a second time. i just wanna make sure i’ll still be getting it on August 9th.


June 2nd, 2:40 am

Can you guys please release a beta or a demo.

LiftYourVoice said:

June 2nd, 6:22 am

A Demo would be amazeballz. Otherwise, I can totally wait. I’d rather wait and have the mystery until I first play the real game anyhow. On the plus side, the game will now come out the day before my birthday. What a stupendous birthday gift. Hello Games is just too good to me. :)

Admittedly, I was butt hurt for a whole 5 minutes when I first found out about the delay. But then I got on with my life and realized I have plenty of things to do in the meantime. I feel sorry for those who can not survive without this game. If you’re unhappy, get your money back. I’ve been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for probably over 10 years. Funny enough, if this game lives up to its hype, then these trash talkers will forget all about their animosity in 2 months when the game does come out. Those who cancelled will probably buy the game again when the reviews come out. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but man there some unrealistic whiners out there.

For now, I think I’ll keep my avatar the same in support for NMS and HG. I still don’t know how you guys were able to accomplish this incredible task. Are you an alien, Sean? (Dun Dun DUN!!)

mockingbird408 said:

June 2nd, 8:58 am

Well, the fact that I am soooo bummed is simply an expression of how pumped I am. I feel this is the game I’ve wanted for a long time. Best of luck in the final stretch!!!

CallSign_Beast said:

June 2nd, 9:05 am

Thank you Sean for having the resolve to make the best game yall can. I really hope the negative reaction to the delay has just been the loud minority on the internet. I am sad to hear that I have to wait another couple weeks to play, but hey, I’ve waited for over a year now, whats another few weeks?

Can’t wait to play!

DoomSporkGuy said:

June 2nd, 11:47 am


nah I’m just kidding, i am beyond excited to play this game, and more than willing to wait for that polish (that can sometimes mean fix some broken things not just make it prettier)

finding out about the delay was a bit disappointing yes, but then i remembered I’m not 12.

while some people would have preferred a broken release in time than a small delay lets face it, it would get slammed in the reviews for being “unpolished” at best which would only hurt the game in the long run, while despite the delay, a polish game will have a better chance at being seen for its true merits and bringing more people on board… cancelling preorders because of 6 weeks? now that’s just petty and childish…

hang in there Sean! and remember to put all the hot-wheels at the base of the stairwells and tie enough paint buckets on strings, you guys got this!

and i cant wait (well actually yea i can :P ) to get my limited edition delivered on the day it releases, as i will be hanging on to my preorder, because again, I’m not 12 :)
*so pumped to play this*

XxShadowxX525 said:

June 2nd, 6:31 pm

I’m not going to say I’m not a little bit disappointed, but that being said, there are too many games that I feel have been rushed to stores and basically uncompleted. So I hope Hellogames ignores the haters and takes there time.

I’ve waited my whole life for a game like this, I can wait a couple months longer.

Trunks717 said:

June 2nd, 6:35 pm

Its ok. Take your sweet time making the game. This delay is a good thing for me cause i’ll be enjoying 7 days to die on the 28th. And a good thing i didn’t preorder No man sky ” yet” you guy are awesome love you guys for making my dream game aka Masterpiece :) .

xXninjafreakXx said:

June 2nd, 7:33 pm

while I am upset it’s being postponed for a month, as long as the game is indeed getting better I do not mind. But, this needs to be the final release date. I understand wanting to make everything perfect, but that is impossible and the game will never get released. you’ll be losing people already for this, if the release date gets pushed back again, you will lose everyone.

There comes a time when you just need to step back from it and just accept it how it is unless the problems are blaring and game disruptive. if not, deal with it in a patch after the game is released. the longer it’s held off, the higher the standard people will put it and most will be disappointed no matter how great this game ends up being.

I am so excited for this game and will stay excited until it is released because the concept is just to good to give up on. But i implore sean to release whatever you and your studio end up with by august and accept the game for what it is. a game doesn’t have to be perfect to be great!

ardwinn said:

June 3rd, 6:44 am

In my experience as a business owner when I missed or set back a deadline I typically gave my customers a little something extra to compensate them for the delay. I’ll admit I was a bit upset with the delay and how the announcement of it was handled but if you promise to provide a great game without all the endlessly huge release day patches that we are sadly becoming used to then you have my full support. I do however think you owe your customers a little something extra to compensate them (us) for the delay. Also sorry there were a handful of nut jobs that sent you death threats. No game is worth all of that. Obviously these people have lost all sense of reality. I do however commend you on how well you handled these insane rantings. Anyway you have a game to finish so stop reading these replies and get to work. Afterwards I think you all deserve a vacation. Thanks in advance for all your hard work and I certainly hope No Man’s Sky lives up to all the hype. From what little I’ve seen I think it does, but I’ll need to play it to be sure. I’ll let you know.

Ya_Homie_D said:

June 3rd, 8:28 am

Can Pre-Orders for No Man’s Sky Limited Edition go live again due to the delay? Or will content from that pre-order just be included in the game? I want to Pre-Order a Limited Edition.

steve_m32 said:

June 3rd, 8:33 am

I’d rather wait for a polished game, at least it shows you care about the finished product, unlike so many software houses, they would have just sent out the game half done and expect players to download a massive update.

2 months is no time at all, keep up the good work Hello Games.

FearMyKilt said:

June 3rd, 10:32 am

I’ve got to say that I have mixed feelings about this. First, I understand that a game of this magnitude is extremely difficult to build and a delay means that there will be extra polish. But on the other hand a release date should not be announced unless the dev is sure that it can be reached. There are three (four technically) games this year that I’m extremely excited about and this was the first set to be released, the others are around the holidays. I’m just hoping that there are no more delays.

dandepep6 said:

June 3rd, 11:41 am

Keep kicking ass Hello Games!

You all have put a tremendous amount of effort into this piece and it shows just from the small amount of research I’ve done myself. I’m extremely excited about the release of this amazing game.

Please ignore most and forgive some of the seemingly savage whining people who think that they deserve this game more than anyone. Life is undecided and complex, any real human with any amount of empathy can see that.

Peace, love and happiness to you all!

Lost_In_Lucidity said:

June 4th, 10:24 am

What happens to my pre order now that its been taken off the PlayStation store? Is it still in tact?

slinkiest_wizard said:

June 6th, 7:38 pm

Yo ever since I first started playing video games I always told myself if there was ever a game where you could explore spaceand it’s various star systems in a ship that you’d bought or made and could enter and leave a planets atmosphere at will with out a loading screen or cutscene. I would be able to die a happy man and when I saw the first trailer years ago I thought it was a theoretical concept at best but as I researched the game it stoped being a dream and now it has a release date. I am a little bummed it got pushed back but it’s still happening. We just have to wait a little longer… it could’ve ended up like prey 2…. so delay or not Imy happy:) thank you so much Mr. Murray for following your dreams and in doing so made my dream possible… because of you and your amazing team I can die a happy man

TheNoodleSeller said:

June 7th, 12:07 pm

You could possibly give us a beta that last like 3 days and it could be a small portion of the game

Raven_1971 said:

June 7th, 7:31 pm

Although I’m disappointed about the delay, I know Hello Games is really going to deliver. Personally, I’m hoping the delay means VR compatibility :)

ArtistikKB said:

June 8th, 7:55 am

You are delaying the game because it isn’t “polished”? Fair enough, IF the game doesn’t have bugs when it comes out. But what are the chances that the game will be bug-free upon release? I’d say nearly zero, considering the ambition and scale of what you’re attempting. There’s a difference in the definition of polish between “there are still game breaking bugs” and “the lens flare isn’t quite right when the sun rises.” I hope that the polish you’re seeking is to correct the major flaws you still haven’t nailed down, rather than trivial cosmetic polish, because you have the faith of a large number of people hanging on your efforts. If your polish is to tweak tiny inconsequential nicks, and NMS still has game breaking bugs at release, you will have disappointed a massive audience for no reason other than vanity. Remember, a polished turd is still, at it’s core, a turd. Best of luck. We’ll be waiting, eager to judge if the game is worth an additional six week delay.

igniz0289 said:

June 9th, 7:54 am

Hey, so I just saw that NMS was put back up with a timer on Pre-Order in PS Store. The problem is, it has a release date of 12/31/16. Did the release date get pushed further back? is it just a placeholder for if something happens? Freaking out here, again. Lmk pls.

rodcosta said:

June 9th, 12:23 pm

oh man….really????

how can i cancel my pre-order?

banix2 said:

June 9th, 5:06 pm

So just got an email from psn asking if I wanted a refund cause game got pushed back to December 31, 2016 or sooner……I am not at this time asking for refund and am praying PlayStation said Dec 31 to cover their own ass if you push it back again…..if it does get pushed back again even with how great I think this game can be I will ask for refund :(

DinomanNoah said:

June 10th, 11:16 am

I’m kind of disappointed but i can understand why,I just have two questions:how much still needed to be done and why did Sean say a few weeks if it’s been pushed to August?

KustomKulture said:

June 10th, 12:52 pm

While it’s highly likely PS store has the release date 12/31/16 as a precaution or a place holder, regardless the reason that doesn’t show much faith in hello games. I want them to hit their August release date, but after seeing that I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully I’m wrong

PureWarlock said:

June 13th, 3:30 pm

Hellogames, I’ve been on board with you guys for the past 6 years, the delay burns a hole in my heart and brings tears to my eyes, However, Ill still stand strong for this revoloution of a game, just promise us this, either upload videos of the reason as to why its been delayed (So we know what the issue is) OR upload random 20 minuite gameplay videos each day until release, you dont even have to edit them unless they contain spoilers. P.S. I would love to work at hello games in the future, if you guys ever get any spare time I’d really, really really appreciate it. Best of luck… Lewis B

swagger8297 said:

June 14th, 5:43 am

I have to wait 200 days

Volrathism13 said:

June 14th, 8:47 am

At least I didn’t apply for FMLA lol!

Maggut27 said:

June 18th, 6:47 pm

52 more days wish it was only 3 but hey it’ll be awesome

CaptainFlowers24 said:

June 20th, 8:18 am


I shortened my summer trip for this! Now I’m sitting here in a hotel in the desert hundreds of miles from home and I figure out the the 4 hours of sleep last night and the18 hour drive was for nothing?

they’re going to be like duke nukem and delay it forever only for the game to suck, I’m seeing a pattern here.

X-Einhander-X said:

June 20th, 8:59 am

I understand and look forward to the polished game, just sucks my birthday is the 21st and now the only thing I was looking forward to is a month away :(

freezer2423 said:

June 20th, 8:56 pm

Dear Sean & Hello games,
Your game means the world to me. I have been waiting for this type of game since the first time i started playing games which was when i was 7 playing stars battlefront 1. Your game is amazing and should be taking a long time because its so vast and exciting. I am very happy to say you are one of my favorite Inde games company. Take as much time as you need to make this beautiful game released in to our hands!

Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to play your amazing game No mans Sky on 8/9/16!




June 21st, 7:42 am

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I just heard a rumor from my buddy that it is supposed to be delayed (if not already) again and no new release date! He seems to be done with it considering the delays and the fact that you won’t be able to team up with yur friends right away, which is also stupid!

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