Inside the Future of Detroit: Become Human

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Inside the Future of Detroit: Become Human

As you may remember, at E3 earlier this month we debuted brand new footage from Detroit: Become Human — the incredible new adventure from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls developer Quantic Dream.

There was plenty to take in across the clip — not only did it offer your first glimpse of one of the game’s main playable characters, Connor, but it also offered a taste of Detroit’s branching gameplay, where your every action can alter the path the story takes.

Inside the Future of Detroit: Become Human

Following the reveal, we sat down with the game’s creator, David Cage, to gain a little more insight into what players can expect from the upcoming PS4 title.

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  • SeanStrange

    Really can’t wait for this, thanks for such a great showing at E3!

  • by far the best original game of E3.

  • I seriously cannot wait for this game. Quantum Dream is definitely one of my favorite developers and I love how they took the idea of this game from Kara.

  • This seems to be a greatest hits for Cage and his team at Quantic Dreams.

    Everything they are saying and showing looks perfect. There was some uncertainty after Beyond, but I think it’s been all but forgotten.

    Very excited. Dare I say… hyped? Oh, I dare.

  • I’m really glad and excited of how the amazing tech demo, Kara, got developed into this game. Taking that winning sauce and giving it to all the fans that loved it. Greatness!!!!

  • Love the neo-noir setting. Hype.

  • death_nation100

    Wait you only just introduce just two characters ? But if those 2 die thats it . Game Over roll the bad ending……

  • So happy now, I thought the original character “Cara” was removed when I didn’t see her in the E3 trailer.

  • exeggutor35

    I’m so looking forward to this!

  • This game is just single player right?

  • BlueKush_818

    Any bo3 or gta5 gamers add me @BlueKush_818

  • CaptReynolds

    WOOT… :)

  • This game looks totally awesome!!

  • I hope the mediocrity of B2S will fade away in this Cage title. >.<

    Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain are great games especially the latest, which was the reason to buy a PS3 at the time. B2S was a meeh title.



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