Gravity Rush 2 Drops Onto PS4 December 2

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Gravity Rush 2 Drops Onto PS4 December 2

Hello, PlayStation fans! Gravity Rush 2 stunned E3 visitors with an action-packed hands-on demo featuring a glimpse at the game’s massive, intricately-detailed environments, and expanded, gravity-defying action.

Today I’m excited to announce that Gravity Rush 2 will be dropping (no pun intended) this year on December 2. Those who pre-order the game from participating retailers will receive alternate white costume DLC for Kat, as well as the Select Soundtrack featuring nine tracks from the game. Pre-Order on PlayStation Store‎ starting August 2 and get an instant reward of 10 PSN avatars from the game.

I’m also happy to announce that prior to the launch of Gravity Rush 2, we will be releasing a brand new anime called Gravity Rush The Animation ~ Overture ~ which bridges the gap between the original Gravity Rush and the sequel. This anime is being produced by Studio Khara, best known for their work on Rebuild of Evangelion. We’ll have more to share about the anime prior to launch.

Gravity Rush 2 marks the return of gravity shifters Kat and Raven (now a powerful ally), ex-cop Syd, and introduces a bevy of new characters. The first new face to join the expansive world of Gravity Rush 2 is the mysterious guardian angel, who shows up to help Kat when she’s in a bind, quickly dispensing of a group of pesky Nevi enemies.

Angel is a superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style, and packs an overwhelming punch to her attacks. She also has a crystallization ability that helps her to regenerate health instantly. Check out Angel’s abilities in the new gameplay trailer!

And in case you missed our chat with Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama at E3, be sure to read the interview here, and stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information!

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  • Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Cannot wait for this game – the first one was such a blast, this one just takes it to a whole new level! I’ve been waiting for a release date, and it’s really here now! =D

  • YESSSSSS! So awesome. Getting Studio Khara to do the anime is huge, too. Talk about pedigree!

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Amen to that, Kaddyshacks! Only the best for our Gravity Kitten!
      Thanks for your support!


    This and The Last Guardian are all I need this year.

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      YAS (Gravity) Queen!
      Can’t wait for you to play it! Make some room in your schedule at the end of the year!
      Thanks for your support!

    • frightwolf2005

      It’s cool how excited I am for Japanese games, and I’m not a purely Japanese or Western guy (bought Uncharted, Ratchet, Witness and Alienation this year).

      But last year, my two favorite games were Bloodborne and Metal Gear Solid V, which is NOT a knock on Witcher 3 or Arkham Knight, which I both loved, especially Witcher 3. It’s nice to look at the holidays, see Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2, and be excited.

  • Justin Massongill
    Justin Massongill
    Justin Massongill


  • Dang, would you look at that Angel

    I’m really looking forward to this game and the animation

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Thank you very much yawnawn, I really appreciate the support!
      Can’t wait to tell you more about the game!

  • Awesome news, the only way you could top that now would be to announce a collector edition.

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Thank you so much for the support!

      We’re only releasing a standard edition of Gravity Rush 2 for North America, but you do get that rockin’ soundtrack and costume for preordering! (So please do!)

  • Come on Sony, where is my collectors edition?

  • Only thing that sucks is when this played during the wait for the E3 presentation at my theater, I was the only one who got hype :(

  • I can’t wait to add another Rush to my system. I played the crap out oof the first and its remaster and will do the same with the sequel!

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Thanks for the support cerozero2! Can’t wait for you to get your hands on the game!

  • Japan is coming strong this Fall. I’ll add Gravity Rush to the list right next to World of Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy XV, and KHII.8.

  • Super excited for this game! Curious as to how angel will fit into this. Along with the overall plot. Night pre-order online for the Avatars but I love physical editions lol Another Platinum incoming!

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      And Kat’s worth Platinum! :)
      You’re going to love it – thanks for your support!

  • I’m so excited but important question will this be a full retail game? if so im happy because i love physical games over digital but thank you PS Blog Sony you guys are the MVP’s of PlayStation.

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Full retail confirmed! You can even preorder right now at Amazon and Gamestop and receive Kat’s White Costume and the Select Soundtrack at launch!

      Thanks for the warm comments – we sincerely appreciate your support!

  • TomatoDragon

    Yeeessss!!! I wasn’t sure if it was gonna make it this year! Day 1!

  • Actually just platinum’d Gravity Rush yesterday after starting it about a week ago, very quickly became a favorite. Can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, laying down my pre-order the second the “participating retailers” pre-order stuff goes live. Any way for people getting the physical version to eventually snag the avatars?

    • Nick Accordino
      Nick Accordino

      Thanks for the support!

      Can’t confirm any details about those 10 avatars other than the fact that you’ll get them from preordering on PSN. (The digital preorder should be live within the next few weeks!)

  • Securing a preorder for this, most definitely. I hope the anime gets a bluray release, and preferably even offered with a bundle with the game at the retailers.

    Got a list of participating retailers yet?

  • YESSSSS!!! I’m a fan of the first game on ps vita and ps4 (have them both), I’ll hope gr 2 on ps4 have special edition with steelcase and artbook (and no statue), I’ll definitly buy that.

    December is still so far away but at least it’s better than february (for horizon zd).

  • JoshDCcomics

    Fell in love with the first one. Now this one looks so much better! Excited for a collector’s edition announcement.

  • TobeyWanFox

    Oh man! It’s finally coming and this year no less! I AM EXCITE!

  • Any idea if the Japanese release will come with English subtitles?!

    (I live in Tokyo, debating between buying the US and Japanese versions)


    Wait so does the digital version also get the select soundtrack or is that retailer only? If it’s retailer only I feel like you guys messed up…
    In fact Digital should should get the full soundtrack IMO since we’re paying extra for convenience and no box costs!

  • Can’t wait to play it eventually. Hopefully, it is the same avatars given away from the E3 Livestream. Soundtrack a physical disk or a download code?

    Also, please eventually put GR Vita dlc on sale……been waiting since 2013.

  • Collector’s Edition for the NA please!!!

  • Yes! New characters, new powers, new city…. December cannot come soon enough! Plus an anime!!

    Hopefully we cam get a Kat statue on the gear store to celebrate. ;)

  • Oh my god :( I’m so happy…

  • KillerBane91

    I can’t wait to play this game! :) But for some reason i feel like this is too soon, there weren’t many public showings of it, and it wasn’t shown during E3. Are you guys showing more of it during the TGS?

  • Does the soundtrack come on a CD, or is it a download code?

  • I’am so happy that we finally got a date for the game and im looking forward to buying it no doubt, BUT once again no love for the North Americans supporters by not giving us a Collectors Edition or at least a Limited Edition of Gravity Rush.

  • KazeEternal

    Please market this better than the vita and the first game. So happy this is coming this year. Last guardian, ff15, tomb raider. Should be a good wayntomend out the year.

  • Tocallo00782

    YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so ready for this and I’m glad is coming this year. I wonder where’s the creator…

  • BlaqMagiq24

    This is Day 1. But I would LOVE a collector’s edition. PLEASE consider one.

  • Sponge-worthy

    Really feel like you missed an opportunity not showing this game better at E3. We still haven’t seen much gameplay at all. Given that God of War is no longer a spectacle brawler, GR2 could have stepped in to full that gap. Yet, I don’t get the sense that SIE is 100% behind this title.

  • Hell yes! Super stoked for this game, looks even BETTER than then 1st, and so glad it is dropping this year at least.

  • awesome! Will there be a bundle with both game on launch? I want to buy the remaster but I might hold on if a bundle is coming :)

  • Man I really want those PSN Avatars but also want a physical copy of the game. Will the Avatars be available for purchase separately from pre-ordering on PSN?

  • Crazymanwalking1

    Oh My God please tell me you guys aren’t joking, i was sort of expecting it to be delayed to 2017

    Please tell me their’s a collector’s edition in the works
    I would love a Kat and/or Raven statue

    Ahhhhh I can’t wait to spend more time with Kat and raven these next few months are gonna drive me crazy

  • frightwolf2005

    I was a little nervous it would be delayed until next year. I mean, it’s nice to start off next year with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5 — recent Q1s have been crazy good — but I was really hoping to add to what has been an eventful year. And now I get it with Gravity Rush 2!


    I always prefer owning physical copies.
    So is there a CE/LE coming along? Also would like to hear about those GR avatars?
    Exclusive to PSN pre-orders or just no extra charge for a pre-order.?

  • whereymyconary

    exciting! its real. I was thinking the games i wanted for December looks a little light, now we have gravity rush!

  • I have been waiting, every day, for this announcement. I’m so pumped! This is the most exciting IP on PS4 right now in my opinion, and I hope everyone will check this out. Go play Gravity Rush Remastered right now if you haven’t already!

    By the way, I pre-ordered from Amazon already but I didn’t see anything in the item description about pre-order bonuses. I can live without the white costume (though I love it), but I do need that soundtrack. The OST from the first GR blew me away. Does anyone know if this will be available through Amazon pre-orders or should I look elsewhere? I’d love to have the physical disc, and the Amazon Prime discount is really nice…

  • bbswarrior_11

    This keeps looking better and better. Can´t wait for it!

  • I really liked the first game on PS Vita, but I’m going to skip this one. I do would buy it if later released for the PS Vita though.

  • Where is the CE already?! O_o

  • fernandoloredop

    Hello. Thank you for bring gravity rush 2 to america.

    Will see again Maid and School outfit for kat in gravity rush 2? or at least in future DLC?

    Any plans to give us a FIGMA With Maid or school costume?

    Collectors edition, Sony cmon bring us a collector edition.


  • Woo-hoo! Do people who pre-order on PSN still get the soundtrack and costume?

  • I hate digital preorder bonuses, are they exclusive to that or will they be available later on? [they should be if they aren’t]

    Can’t wait to play this.

  • Can’t wait to get into this series! ( waiting for a PS4 slim ). The anime sounds great too!

  • Reverseshift

    It doesn’t looks like the devs have improved the combat at all. bah.

  • jcamacho_cr

    DLC bonuses and no collector’s edition? For real? Pretty disappointed. I needed a CE for this game… :(

  • I pre ordered Gravity rush 2 on psn but it saids the white costume is a dlc. Will i be able to purchase this dlc in the game? I need to know!

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