Life is Strange Episode 1 is Free Starting July 21 on PS4, PS3

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Life is Strange Episode 1 is Free Starting July 21 on PS4, PS3

Hi everyone. It’s been a little while since you heard from us but we wanted to share something special with you today. Starting on July 21 we will be giving away Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis entirely for free on both PS4 and PS3! This offer is available to everyone (regardless of whether you’re a PS Plus subscriber or not) and will run indefinitely.

Life Is Strange follows the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time while saving her best friend Chloe Price. The pair soon finds themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber, uncovering a dark side to life in Arcadia Bay.

Life is Strange has been an incredible success for Square Enix and the response we’ve had from players so far has been incredible. We’ve loved interacting with our wonderful, fast growing and engaged community and have already shared a host of gaming awards including a Peabody and a BAFTA for best story with them. The release of this first episode for free and in turn seeing so many more people begin their journey into Arcadia Bay is something we’ve therefore really been looking forward to.

If you’ve already played Life is Strange, please do consider sharing the love and let a friend know that they can give it a try for free themselves now — no strings attached. And regardless of whether you’re a die-hard fan or have only recently discovered Life is Strange, we’d love to see you around our communities — discussing theories, sharing your Life is Strange related musings, or simply making new friends!

From everyone at Dontnod Entertainment, we want to thank everyone for your on-going and amazing support for Life is Strange and we hope you’ll enjoy your first steps into Arcadia Bay.

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  • Cool. Good way to promote your game, essentially an extended demo of sorts. I’ve been meaning to give this a try, just haven’t had time.

  • DarkSeraphim666

    My first tattoo a month ago was a rendition of Chloe’s arm tattoo. Needless to say, I immediately shared this post on facebook. The more people who play this, the better. Good on you guys for spreading the love. Good luck with Vampyr.

  • Played the demo sometime back and it is an interesting concept. liked what I played. Looking forward to downloading it.

  • DarthSmurfX

    I have sadly neglected every sale this game has had. Now I have no excuse not to at least give it a try.

  • Great to try, but already interested in the whole game.

  • Loved this game was emotional at times and the story was great. Glad to see some people can now give this a try.

  • Starts off a little slow then really picks up and gets good. The last chapter was a big disappointment for me though. The rest of the chapters were great!

  • bbswarrior_11

    Gonna give it a try since I keep hearing tons of praise from people

  • Hope they make a sequel or at least a game that is as good or better than LiS.

  • Still reads $4.99 on the Play Store. Is this for US only?

  • Can’t wait for the season two!

  • Disregard. I have it…the impatience of me…

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