Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Mulitplayer Beta First on PS4

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Mulitplayer Beta First on PS4

Hello from Call of Duty XP here in sunny LA! Everyone here at Activision couldn’t be more thrilled about this morning’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare news and what it means for our dedicated PlayStation fans.

The guys at Infinity Ward have been working tirelessly on the most epic Call of Duty title to date, and can’t wait to share it with you. We just can’t wait to get it in your hands, so we’ve decided to roll out a beta for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The beta will be available FIRST on PlayStation 4, coming October 14th.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Mulitplayer Beta First on PS4

All PS4 owners who pre-order get to play first dibs on the multiplayer Beta coming on October 14th.

That’s all for now! Can’t wait to see you all online in October!

*Beta starts October 14, 2016 on PS4 system. Launch date subject to change. Beta not available on PC. See for more details. Minimum Beta duration is 3 days. Pre-order available at participating retailers. Internet connection required.

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  • Gotta feeling that I’m a be out sick that week ; )

    • Can’t wait to try it out and see what it is like

    • Will it work if I have previously ordered it from game stop

    • I’m looking forward to both games despite the what the haters say about it I’ve been a COD fan since WAW. Ever since I played it is was hooked I’ll never deserted it im a COD fan to the heart so to the haters out there stop hating cause yall know yall gonna be at the launch getting these games to play so stop fooling everybody as well as yourselves give the game a chance PLEASE!!!! The developers have worked hard and closely to bring this game to life if u haters have paid attention it was gonna reach this point either way.

    • Don’t understand why they would only let people that that pre ordered it play the beta if they already bought the game, the beta should be to convince people on why they should buy it and show what they’d be missing if they don’t get it. And for what it looks like guess I’m not gonna be playing that piece of crap ever now.

    • FargenNooggen

      Infiniti Ward… If y’all were smart, you’d let even those who hadn’t pre order the game to have access to the beta!

    • HeroicClient33

      I personally think that instead of just letting the people that pre ordered it it should be every body that is what battlefield did and I have friends say that testing the game made them want to buy it

    • sammy44tboy

      Even though the beta isn’t free, but those of yous who out here talking bout u ain’t gonna get the game. A month after the game pop, all them minds gonna change Nbs.

    • Love to play call of duty hope it look pretty than before!

    • I think that I going to be one of the first one in playing infinity warfare online

    • Hope they have the clan wars cause my clan is rdy to take over

    • Grand_Hustle761

      Hopefully I’ll have another ps4 by October, can’t wait to play this

    • InfinityM30

      I think you passed me your cold. I think I might be out sick that week to.

    • LuciferRonaldo

      can’t wait ❤

    • BR1NG3R0fBL0O0D

      Are Clan wars coming back? Please say yes!

    • FeartheTREMOR

      I preordered the digital deluxe edition on ps4 store when will they send the beta codes I get access to them right?


    Awesome! I know many are skeptical but I think this will help calm the haters down. Although… haters will hate no matter what. After a bit of a break from CoD (even though I have still bought every one), I think this is the perfect year to come back full force. The whole space scene really got me intrigued and obviously I want Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I’ll be pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition as soon as I get paid at the end of the month. Also excited for the early access to the Modern Warfare compaign! I didn’t have internet for a couple of months back in the day and replayed it so many times on Veteran difficulty! Sorry for the long comment. Just excited!

    • NuclearStormNK

      can you still get the beta if you pre-order in stores or do you have to pre-order from the ps4 game store?

    • Valde_zerocool

      Nuclearstorm, in previous years Amazon would send me a code for the beta. I presume it would be the same, however Amazons website has not been updated with the Beta information.

    • Always be excited to get know what’s go on with call of duty!

    • SinisterFURY-187

      No offense but you like a kid who will buy any game that comes out.

  • Would have checked it out, but definitely not pre-ordering the game.

    • thagreybush69

      You could pre order on Amazon then cancel

    • Crazymanwalking1

      It laughable how easy you can cheat this system

      I just preordered about 10 minutes and I got my code
      I looking forward to trying it out, but unless it knocks my socks off I’m probably not gonna buy

      Not exactly a huge fan of CoD

    • I see pre order I favor wait until open!

  • A beta for the latest entry in the series that I always love referring it to as “the Land Before Time sequels of FPS games”? No thanks.

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Ill only get this for MW Remastered which I still think it needs to be sold separately instead of making us buy an expensive copy of IW I’m tired of futuristic and COD shouldn’t be futuristic get rid of the jumping abd I’m good and zombies? Dancing Zombies Infinity Ward? Really?

  • MixedJenesisTv

    PSN is trash that’s why I went to PC

  • I pre ordered my game back in may time how will i get the code for the beta?

    • WordedTurtle91

      Call of Duty will most likely send you a email and have a thing like put in your playstation info, then when it comes out, they will most likely send another email with a code specific lyrics for YOUR account. Then go to the PS store and in redeem codes, plug it in and follow the rest. That is if you got it in the ps store. If u pre-ordered in Game stop or something, idk then

  • I pre ordered the game in may how will i get the code for the beta

  • ElComeTotooo

    I bought infinate warefare on the playstation store will i get the beta ?

    • SinisterFURY-187

      No you will have to wait for beta day then download without a code you’ll automatically get to play just make sure your settings to auto download and turn it to restmode when your not playing

  • is_u_mirin_brah

    I preordered before the beta was announced. I didn’t get a code… why are psn store purchasers being passed over?

  • I pre order my game but the code they game me to unlock the beta just isn’t working since and it’s been over 3 months already

  • Alex_BLiteGaming

    It’s really stupid that yiu have to pre order the game to play the beta, most people only want to play the beta to see if the game is worth buying/pre ordering

    • SinisterFURY-187

      I truly second the emotions, unfortunately you’ll have to preorder, and be forced to return the game or receive store credit

    • BR1NG3R0fBL0O0D

      Pre order in a store and put down $5. Don’t be cheap or lazy.

  • theo_guzman691

    I got a huge penos.


    Cool add mii guys

  • Can’t wait to try it out :)

  • ghosts01883

    Cool cant wait to play looks like bo3 though but still cool

    • SinisterFURY-187

      Bad choice the creators made to follow BO3, I have over 400 psn online friends that just didn’t play it sure they made the mistake of preordering it but sadly didn’t play it common sense should of kicked in when a large portion of SnR fans went on strike at the end of AW but the idiots didn’t take notice of it, they most likely put it off at the expense of oh some new game must’ve dropped

  • BeastOfFaith

    This game is probably going to suck Deez

  • How do I get the beta if I preordered the game on a hard copy

  • Ziyad_Qusay

    We need beta off cod 4

  • gamerboy2015436

    man i have to find all of my receipts from games stop fast

  • Octopussv57

    Why would I have to pre-order it to play the beta? The whole point of one is to play a portion of the game and see how you like it. Not just to buy it and then get to play it. If I was going to buy this game then I would at least want to test it out before purchasing. This is a dumb idea!

  • I would try it out IF it were for everyone, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad after all, but, i guess, i will never find out for sure.

  • ShadowBomb360

    Haven’t pre-ordered but I am definantly going to buy the game once its out. Also I like how they put in the specialist abilitys I think this is a really cool game to get hyped up about. :)

  • SinisterFURY-187

    Played Bo 1,2,3 disappointed with BO3 liked black ops 2. LOVE GHOST 1 & 2. Very much liked AW after all I am the great FURY-187M A.K.A the SEMTEX GRANDMASTER, I spent over $1000 on GHOST. I only spent $60 on Black Ops 3 the game value. It would of been nice to have made c4 or semtex gold like camo for it. But I will say this I have a preorder at gamestop and if the beta comes out without SnR I will return the game unopened, that’s the bundle pack remastered, season pass, and infinite warfare!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xxsofe_ghostx270


  • ivankvasina799

    I pre ordered it on ps store how will i get the beta

    • Same, I preordered on the PlayStation and I’m confused on how to get a beta code. If anyone knows, I would appreciate some assistance!

  • BR1NG3R0fBL0O0D

    Please bring back Clan wars.

  • B1zZare-o_O

    It’s funny how almost everyone was hating on IW when the teaser trailer came out, and then after a couple of gameplay videos people are starting to mellow out.
    Now almost everyone wants to play the beta.

    Ps: I’m probably going to get both Bf1 and IW because I like both series.

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