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PS4 Pro: The Ultimate FAQ

Sid Shuman's Avatar Posted by Director, Social Media

PlayStation is introducing a new choice for console gamers with PS4 Pro, a powerful addition to the PS4 family. It’s designed to offer heightened gaming experiences, whether via your existing HDTV or a new 4K TV.

With its increased performance over the standard PS4, PS4 Pro represents a first for PlayStation — and in many ways, for console gaming. We’re excited by this vision, but we know many of you will have questions. That’s why we’ve built our latest Ultimate FAQ below.

This FAQ will serve as a living document, and we’ll continue to add new questions, details, and specifics leading up to launch on November 10 in North America. If you have questions that aren’t addressed, leave them in the comments below and we’ll add ‘em to the list.

In the meantime: it’s time to get to know PS4 Pro!

New questions added Nov. 3, 2017

Q: What type of buttons are on the front of PS4 Pro?
The buttons are mechanical.

Q: Is there anything else I should know if I own both PS VR and PS4 Pro, and a 4K TV?
If you’re playing a normal, non-VR game on your PS4 Pro, PS VR’s Processor Unit will output a 4K signal to a 4K TV — but in the YUV420 format only. The Processor Unit does not support HDR pass-through, so you will need to plug your PS4 Pro directly into your TV (bypassing the Processor Unit) to view HDR content.

Q: Can I use my PS4 Pro as a “second” primary account?
No, you can only choose one PS4 device to be your primary account.

Q: Can I install a new hard drive in my PS4 Pro?
Yes. As with both models of the standard PS4, you can replace PS4 Pro’s stock 1TB, 5400RPM hard drive relatively quickly and easily using just a Phillips head screwdriver. You will need to select a 2.5’’ (laptop PC sized) hard drive that is no more than 9.5mm thick.

Q: Are there any other changes to PS4 Pro’s hard drive interface?
Yes, PS4 Pro supports the faster SATA-III specification.

Q: Do 4K TVs suffer from increased input lag?
Not necessarily, but the phenomenon known as “input latency” or “input lag” may be an important consideration if you are considering buying a new TV to be used with gaming. The amount of latency differs by TV.

Many TVs feature a “Game Mode” or the like in order to reduce this latency as much as possible, but this performance can vary (e.g. by deactivating special features like HDR). If possible, try to test out a new TV before buying it, connecting your PS4 or PS4 Pro to get a sense of its overall gaming performance. In-depth professional reviews or user reviews can also be valuable.

Q: Can I use an external HDD with PS4 Pro?
As with the standard PS4, PS4 Pro does not support external HDDs for storing game files, but you can use it for storing a system backup, media storage, or save files.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support rendering in full, native 4K?
Yes. While PS4 Pro supports outputting a native 4K signal, many developers are leveraging powerful rendering technologies including a process called “checkerboard rendering” to best balance the heightened clarity of a native 4K signal with other rich graphical features and a smooth performance profile.

PS4 Pro: Basic Questions

Q: What is PS4 Pro?
PS4 Pro is a high-end version of PS4 that is capable of outputting 4K graphics, HDR support, smoother and more stable framerates, and 4K video streaming. Upon its launch, PS4 Pro will make supported PS4 games look better and run more smoothly, while giving developers an upgraded toolset to create even richer, more detailed game worlds. How these powerful new tools are used is up to individual developers and the experience they are creating. You may have seen some of these examples during PlayStation Meeting 2016.

It’s important to note that PS4 Pro is not another generation of console. It won’t make your current PS4 games obsolete, and it won’t split the PS4 player base. PS4 Pro is very much a part of the PS4 family.

Q: When will PS4 Pro be available, where, and for how much?
PS4 Pro will launch in the US and Canada on November 10 for a suggested retail price of $399.99 USD ($499.99 CAD).

Q: Will PS4 Pro have separate or exclusive games?
There will not be any PS4 Pro-exclusive games. Because PS4 Pro and the standard PS4 are members of the same family, both systems will be fully compatible with all past, present, and future PS4 titles, including PlayStation VR. All PS4 games are PS4 Pro games, and vice-versa.

Following PS4 Pro’s launch on November 10 in North America, virtually all new PS4 game releases moving forward will be able to take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities on day one, or in some cases shortly after launch via a downloadable update. Some titles previously released will be updated to take advantage of PS4 Pro features, including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous Second Son First Light, Shadow of Mordor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and more.

Q: Will all PS4 games be compatible with PS4 Pro?
Yes, all existing PS4 games are fully compatible with PS4 Pro. Developers are able to add PS4 Pro enhancements to previously released PS4 games via a downloadable update if they choose to.

Q: Will I need to pay to update my existing PS4 game with new PS4 Pro features?

A: While nothing specifically prevents publishers and developers from this, we don’t anticipate it at this time. Software updates enabling PS4 Pro features on any existing first-party title (such as inFamous First Light or Uncharted 4) will be free.

Q: Will SIE continue to sell and support the standard PS4?
Yes. PS4 Pro is an evolution of the PS4 generation platform, which will continue to include the standard PS4 system. PS4 Pro was designed for gamers who want to be at the forefront of gaming innovation. Whether you decide to purchase the new system or continue playing on the standard PS4 system, you’ll enjoy the same games that make PlayStation the best place to play.

Q: Will PS4 Pro require a 4K TV?
No. PS4 Pro can display much higher resolutions than the standard PS4 when using a 4K TV. But if you own an HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p), PS4 Pro can still improve your gaming experience.

Q: What benefits does PS4 Pro provide when played on a non-4K HDTV?
PS4 Pro offers benefits even if you play on a HDTV that isn’t 4K. Depending on how the developer chooses to use the increased processing power, games with PS4 Pro support are able to render higher or more consistent framerates, increased environmental and character model detail, improved overall visual quality, and other related visual enhancements. For a look at how games are using the power of PS4 Pro, watch some of the first game footage on our YouTube page.

Additionally, PS4 games that render below native 1080p (maximum quality for HD TVs) on the standard PS4 can be elevated to render at full native 1080p on an HDTV.

See below for a chart detailing how PS4 Pro will display based on different TV types.

4K content 2K or less than 1080p content
2K TV Optimized to 1080p If less than 1080p,
upscale to 1080p
4K TV If 4K (2160p), display as is Upscale to 4K (2160p)
4K/HDR TV If 4K (2160p), display as is
If content is HDR supported, display in HDR
Upscale to 4K (2160p)
If content is HDR supported, display in HDR

Q: What resolutions does PS4 Pro support?
On 4K TVs, games are capable of running at up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels, also known as “2160p”) resolution. On HDTVs, games will run at 1080p.

Q: Will PS4 Pro be compatible with my existing PS4 downloaded games, saved data, and PlayStation Network Friend lists?
Yes. PS4 Pro exists in the same digital ecosystem as the standard PS4 in all regards; two PS4 console systems, one PlayStation Network, one PS4 community. This means you can start playing a game on your PS4 Pro, upload the saved data to online storage using PS Plus (sold separately), and pick up your progress on a standard PS4 in another room. It also means that all content and saved data that you already own on PS4 are fully compatible with PS4 Pro on day one.

Q: What if I already own a standard PS4? Is there an easy way to transfer my games, saved data, and Share captured content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro?
Yes. You will be able to copy your games, saved data, captured videos and screenshots, system settings, and other content from a standard PS4 to PS4 Pro using a standard Ethernet cable. This process will also work from standard PS4 to standard PS4, PS4 Pro to standard PS4, and PS4 Pro to PS4 Pro provided that both units have system software update 4.00 or higher installed, and the same PSN account is signed into both systems.

Alternatively, you can log-into PSN with your PS4 Pro, access your games and content library, and re-download your previously purchased games and content. Of course, your saved data in online storage will transfer as well.

Q: Will the PS4 Pro system introduce any improvements to DUALSHOCK 4?
The latest version of DUALSHOCK 4 will be included with PS4 Pro, as well as the new slimmer standard PS4. But it does not introduce any significant new functionality. The new DUALSHOCK 4 allows the light from the light bar to emit on the touch pad, making a new luminous line that illuminates in the same color as that of the light bar. It also supports USB communication in addition to Bluetooth communication. Existing DUALSHOCK 4 controllers going back to the launch of PS4 are fully supported on PS4 Pro; the updated DUALSHOCK 4 will, in turn, be fully supported by every PS4 model.

PS4 Pro: Technical Specifications

Q: How does PS4 Pro compare to the standard PS4?
PS4 Pro is significantly more powerful than the standard PS4 model. PS4 Pro’s advanced graphics processor unit incorporates many features from AMD’s latest “Polaris” architecture, as well as some fully custom hardware innovations, and is considerably more powerful than the GPU included in the standard PS4.

All in all, this increase in processing power enables developers to tap into far more demanding visual features for PS4 Pro owners, including smoother or more stable framerates, support for 4K rendering, advanced graphics features, and more.

Q: What video output settings does PS4 Pro support?
At launch, PS4 Pro supports all of the HD video output settings found on the standard PS4. Notably, PS4 Pro introduces 4K output, with settings for both 2160p YUV420 and 2160p RGB (recommended if your TV supports it) at up to 60 frames per second when using a supported 4K TV and Premium High Speed HDMI Cable.

Q: Does PS4 Pro support High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
Yes, PS4 Pro is fully compatible with the HDR10 specification at launch. HDR10 is a widely supported HDR format embraced by major entertainment companies.

Q: What is HDR?
High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is an emerging display standard that allows for massively increased color depth and greater contrast compared to Standard Dynamic Range, the decades-old specification currently employed by traditional HDTVs. In general, HDR-enabled content played on an HDR-compatible TV produces a noticeably fuller, richer image, that’s closer to what the eye naturally sees. That means much deeper black levels that retain finer details; brighter, more dazzling highlights; and a much wider color spectrum than is possible on older HDTV technology.

It’s actually impossible to demonstrate the true benefits of HDR technology here because you need an HDR-enabled screen and content to experience it. You can, however, watch this video from Sony that shows some simulated before-and-after scenes.

Q: Will PS4 Pro include support for Dolby Vision HDR?
There are currently no plans to support Dolby Vision.

Q: Does PS4 Pro require any specialized equipment?
Only if you want to experience 4K and HDR. Otherwise, no. Like the standard PS4, PS4 Pro fully supports existing HD TVs (720p / 1080i / 1080p). PS4 Pro can also output a 4K signal on supported 4K TVs when using a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable (one will be included with PS4 Pro). To enjoy HDR features, you’ll need an HDTV that’s compatible with the HDR10 format, and HDR10-enabled games or content.

Q: Outside of higher gaming performance, 4K TV features, and support for 4K video streaming, are there any other benefits to PS4 Pro?
Yes. PS4 Pro will come standard with a 1TB HDD, faster Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), and a third USB 3.1 Gen.1 port on the rear of the unit. PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can also benefit PlayStation VR games, enhance streaming features such as Share Play and Remote Play, and enable higher resolution output for media captured using the Share button.

In most other ways, PS4 Pro will be very similar to the standard PS4. This includes the user interface and functionality.

Q: Why do I need a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable for using PS4 Pro on my 4K TV?
For maximum quality, you’ll need a PS4 Pro system, a 4K TV with a Premium HDMI input port (often marked in blue), and a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable. Users can of course use the HDMI Cable is included with PS4 Pro, but those who need to purchase a longer cable should remember to get one that meets the Premium High Speed HDMI spec.

The newer Premium High Speed HDMI format can display a 4K signal at up to 60 frames per second (60Hz). When using older High Speed HDMI Cables, users may experience issues such as flickering TV screens or images being displayed incorrectly.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know about PS4 Pro support on my 4K TV?
Given that 4K display standards and HDR features are still cutting edge, we recommend that you carefully consult your 4K TV’s manual and other reference materials to fully understand its capabilities.

Q: Will PS4 Pro support PlayStation VR?
PS4 Pro will fully support PlayStation VR just like the standard PS4. It’s important to note that PlayStation VR’s integrated display tops out at 1920 x 1080; it does not support 4K output. Also, the PS VR headset does not support HDR features.

That said, PS4 Pro’s upgraded processing power will give VR developers the ability to enhance their experiences with higher quality graphics, smoother or more stable framerates, and visual improvements in supported games. Developers can also choose to add PS4 Pro features to PS VR games post launch via a downloadable update.

Q: Which PS VR games will support PS4 Pro features?
As neither PS VR nor PS4 Pro has launched at the time of publication, we’ll wait until closer to PS4 Pro’s launch to begin confirming these titles.

4K Entertainment

Q: Does PS4 Pro support Ultra 4K Blu-ray Discs?
No, PS4 Pro’s internal Blu-ray drive does not support the new Ultra 4K Blu-ray Disc format. It supports the same Blu-ray Disc specs as the standard PS4. The Blu-ray Disc Player application, however, will support high-quality upscaling of DVD and Blu-ray Disc content.

Q: What 4K entertainment options will PS4 Pro support?
4K streaming apps for Netflix and YouTube are in development. Though 4K streaming is still in its early days, other services are likely to offer 4K video content in the future as well.

Q: Will there be any 4K PlayStation Store movies or TV shows?
There are no plans for this at PS4 Pro’s launch, but the PlayStation Network team is looking into it.

Other Questions

Q: How large is PS4 Pro, physically?
PS4 Pro is slightly larger than the original PS4 model introduced in 2013, and will measure approximately 295×55×327 mm (width × height × length).

Q: Will PS4 Pro owners have a performance advantage in online games when competing against standard PS4 players?
Generally, no. Playtesting and balancing is up to each game developer, and while it’s true that PS4 Pro’s more powerful hardware can drive smoother or more stable frame rates in supported titles, developers have many tools and processes they can use to prevent imbalances.

Q: Will there be any changes to Remote Play or Share Play with PS4 Pro?
Yes, PS4 Pro’s increased processing power can offer significant streaming benefits if the internet bandwidth is fast enough. Remote Play users on PC, Mac, or Xperia will be able to stream gameplay from a PS4 Pro system at up to 1080p. Share Play users on a standard PS4 or PS4 Pro will also be able to stream gameplay from a PS4 Pro system at up to 1080p.

With both Remote Play and Share Play, PS4 Pro’s adaptive streaming technology will attempt to optimize streaming quality to make the most of available internet bandwidth. For the best experience, we recommend a 15Mbps or higher connection and using a wired Ethernet connection (not Wi-Fi) whenever possible.

Q: Will the Share button capture higher quality game content with PS4 Pro games?
When playing a game with PS4 Pro features, using DUALSHOCK 4’s Share button will generate higher resolution gameplay clips and screenshots compared to the standard PS4. Specifics will vary by game, but some games will support full 1080p video capture, and screenshots at up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) pixels.

Q: Will I be able to Broadcast my gameplay at higher settings?
Yes. At launch, you will be able to broadcast a YouTube stream at as high as 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Q: Are Sony’s new 4K TVs a good fit for PS4 Pro?
While we won’t provide a specific recommendation for PS4 Pro at this time, Sony has a long history of designing TVs with advanced technology, and that reputation has extended to the 4K TV realm.

Q: What size 4K TV should I get?
We can’t give an official recommendation on TV size due to variables in room size, seating distance, and media types. 4K games and movies can feature up to four times the total resolution of a 1080p signal, so to take full advantage of 4K’s greatly increased fidelity, you’ll want a 4K TV that’s big enough to show it off comfortably.

Unofficially, the staff of PlayStation.Blog has observed good results in average living rooms with 4K TVs sized 60’’ and up. If you’re in the market for a new 4K TV for PS4 Pro, we strongly recommend selecting a model with HDR10 compatibility, which will enable increased image vividness and contrast in HDR10-enabled games and movies.

Q: If I’m using PS4 Pro on a 4K TV, and I’m playing a PS4 game without PS4 Pro features. Will it still output in 4K?
Yes, older PS4 games without dedicated PS4 Pro features will output at 4K when played on PS4 Pro and a supported 4K TV using a Premium High Speed HDMI Cable. You will not, however, see any visual benefits without support for PS4 Pro features.

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hdman720 said:

September 8th, 11:12 am

no UHD Bluray from sony ??? are they out of their minds?!

I know streaming is everywhere but still…

SLEEPYsleep said:

September 8th, 11:14 am

Also I know I’m beating a dead horse butt but I can’t believe there was Zero mention of Vita in the remote play section. I get that they’re not supporting us anymore but to completely leave us out of the family line up when making official PlayStation statements, that stings

    xGoldenDarkness said:

    September 8th, 11:22 am

    what did u want changed ? the vita plays at 60fps doesnt it the vita only does 544p resolution

killbot-xD said:

September 8th, 11:18 am

I’ve never watched a 1080p Bluray disc, so I couldn’t give a monkey’s about a lack of a 4K Bluray drive. In terms of its spec and capability I think the PS4 Pro is the console that both PlayStation and Xbox gamers should’ve got at the start of this generation. Lack of 4K doesn’t bother me to much personally as I’m not ready to go down that road yet, but 1080p as standard and solid framerates above 30fps is the least we should’ve hoped for. That said, to build a console to this spec two years ago would probably cost the consumer a small fortune so I can understand why it went down like it did. I play a lot of videogames and even though I don’t own a 4K TV yet I’m still going to pick up a Pro.

sharkey145 said:

September 8th, 11:21 am

No 4K player means no sale for me might have to get Xbox s instead. Sad day had a PlayStation since day one many years ago.

KeyboardKi11ah said:

September 8th, 11:23 am

I can care less about all this 4k bluray gargarbage everyone is complaining about, only sucksers are going to go for the next physical format, streaming is the future, I already purchase all my content digitally. Not only that my current PS4 is connected to a gaming monitor and I don’t even touch non game content on that monitor, I plan to do the same with the PS pro when I do get it. the specs and lack good hardware in the devices made me lose the excitement for the device. I was hoping it was going to be a premium machine, with all the bells and whistles, I’m honestly disappinted that Sony targeted the casual market with this device. Not only that they’re trying to push it to people without 4K displays. Really Sony? You think people are that dumb? I’ll probably wait for the 1st price drop, when 4k gaming monitors are more common.

    SCoopat said:

    September 8th, 11:58 am

    streaming might be the future, but that future is not here yet!

    4k uhd bluray offers the best picture and audio quality available. Even now, streaming does not.

    A lot of people prefer convenience over quality, but there are also many people who have high end systems in their homes and they want the best possible picture and audio. These people want 4k uhd bluray.

Hulks said:

September 8th, 11:24 am

I was going to pick one up but when I saw it does not come with a 4K Blu Ray player I cancelled my preorder. I could get an Xbox S right now that has one but I will wait until the Scorpio next year. I have the TV and a few HDR discs just need the player. With Sony and Microsoft going down this 2-3 year route I will just update my graphics card in my PC for games. I have been playing on all three systems but it makes more sense for me to play games on my PC and get a Scorpio for my movies (it will be cheaper too). It is just a bonus that I will be able to play exclusive games on the Scorpio. It could have been the PS4 Pro but they did not include the drive. I can still play my PS4 but it will only be for the exclusive games that come out on it, I used to buy the majority of the games on the PS4 but it is time for a change.

    xGoldenDarkness said:

    September 8th, 11:32 am

    so you wanna upgrade your pc save ur money and buy a scorpio when it comes out

    you can upgrade ur PC
    Buy a UHD player for $100
    Scorpio games are gonna be made compatible with pc it was in the presentation if u watched it
    But hey you got the money to blow go for it

sniper3dodds said:

September 8th, 11:24 am

With the increased size of the ps4 pro will the cooling be better than a OG day one ps4 ?

anszbd1 said:

September 8th, 11:24 am

Are there any plan to patch bloodborne, the witcher 3, and gta 5 so it can be played with 60 fps? Or at least more stable framerate?

    Sponge-worthy said:

    September 8th, 11:30 am

    Those games could potentially lock to 30fps (with uninterrupted frame pacing, etc.) on the PS4 Pro, but the hardware simply isn’t enough of an upgrade to get them up to 60fps.

reson8er said:

September 8th, 11:28 am

My LG 4K OLED TV will love this when it comes out. It’s almost as if the upgrades were meant with me in mind. Thanks Sony! (though boo for no 4K UHD Blu-ray support).

A-F-A-Q-U-E said:

September 8th, 11:29 am

I have been a long time PlayStation supporter, but I have a bad feeling that XBONE S (with 4K UHD Blu-ray playback) and Project Scorpio are going to take away all 40 million + PlayStation supporter in one go in the near future. Looks like Microsoft is not giving up this time, they are taking a huge leap of faith by giving customers what they actually want. I think Sony should reconsider adding (4K UHD Blu-ray Drive) while there is still time and make PS4 PRO $499 (if they have to). The PS4 Pro’s new look (design) has the ability to bring anyone closer to it, but no 4K UHD Bluray Drive is simply driving consumers away.

    xGoldenDarkness said:

    September 8th, 11:34 am

    in ur opinion how many do you think care about the UHD player honestly

Demo_The_Great said:

September 8th, 11:44 am

Will we be able to use our current PS4 HDD in the PS4 Pro? (I upgraded to a 2TB HDD a while ago)

Holm459 said:

September 8th, 11:46 am

I want to add to the noise and hopefully get Sony’s attention about the huge mistake it is for Sony not to include a 4k Optical player.

Simple fact is there is a lack of content when it comes to 4k media. Streaming services such as netflix are not true 4K they are compressed and are available on almost every set and device that is 4k capable so there is no need to upgrade there. Downloadable services take forever and are limited to the amount of space available on a hard drive of the device.

From a gaming standpoint. If I were to purchase a PS4 for the first time today I would probably get a pro, however as someone who already has one I can’t justify spending another $399 for the same games I already have. Both my TV and my Receiver upscale in 4k and look great. And though it would be nice to see the games come in from the unit at a native 4k, there is no real justification to purchase the unit. In my opinion VR is a cool niche market that will be fun for a while and lose content support like the move and the ps eye and 3d gaming, but it can be used with the regular ps4. So even for gaming my money would be better spent on an Xbox S to widen my library of games and take advantage of the 4k UHD content.

    Sponge-worthy said:

    September 8th, 12:22 pm

    VR is not looking good, quite frankly. The early adopters have purchased their hardware now, and sales of existing VR sets have dropped to near zero.

mvk15 said:

September 8th, 11:51 am

Can we get a game bundled with this so we can play a game with it (possible one taking advantage of the new features)

please and thank you ? :)

lack of 4k blu ray is a bummer tho

Pacdoggy said:

September 8th, 11:51 am

I am so disappointed. I was literally waiting for this to come out so I could upgrade my current PS4 to the PS4 Pro and would then be buying a Sony 4k TV and new Sony 4k home theater receiver, but without a 4k disc option, I am out. Sorry Sony, you $*&%#$ up on this one! You could have made a nice chunk of change off of me, but now you are not going to make a dime. I have been a die-hard PlayStation man since the beginning, but with this move, I am done. Who made this decision? It was a horrible move and makes no sense other than Sony wanting to try and use it to get people to buy a future released 4k disc player or they literally are just tired of having loyal customers. Shame on you Sony!

Mendicant_Pax said:

September 8th, 11:54 am

I already purchased a 4K player earlier in the year, so I’m thrilled by the gaming advantages for my 4K television. I’ve waited to pull the trigger on a PS4, and after the Neo leaked I decided to hold off longer still, but this will definitely be worth the wait.

hxcmike777 said:

September 8th, 12:02 pm

@Krillinfan it was one of the most searched things when the PS4 was coming out. I am not sure what you are talking about.

Umbasa666 said:

September 8th, 12:03 pm

Does the Pro support SATA III?

NYPUNK88 said:

September 8th, 12:03 pm

Sony, please tell advise devs to take the same route that Crystal Dynamics is taking by giving us different resolution and frame rate options. 4K/30fps, 1080p/60fps, 1080p/30fps with graphics set to maximum. It’ll help to quite down all the b***hing that’s going on right now.

SilentNova said:

September 8th, 12:04 pm

The problem with 4K UHD is it has less than half the adoption rate that 3D did at release. In fact most people stream 4K content and do not in general buy 4K media. This has been a major issue. One of the reasons why Xbox One S has not pushed sales up over the original. In fact more people are jumping on this band wagon for the 4K upscale at 30fps, though Call of Duty Infinite Warfare said upscale plus 60fps.

In general I am more excited about the Playstation VR and no interest in 4K. So I will likely wait.

Those of you that have really high expectations for Scorpio are going to be disappointed. As much as I hope it does well and delivers on a good experience at a decent cost, the problem is this a prelude of that. They likely screamed out the highest spec the console has which is not really impressive and means they are also going the upscale route.

If anything this console will more likely test the market and see if going all aboard on the 4K is even a worthwhile investment.

    Holm459 said:

    September 8th, 12:45 pm

    The reason that there has been little adoption from the consumer side is that there is nothing to buy, Streaming service devices are limited and don’t really work or aren’t apealing. Right now it is a starving category in terms of content and price. However, with films being shot in native 4k+ heading to Blu Ray, and a media player finally being on the market, paired with the prices of 4k TVs dropping into the sub $800 category. That is about to change dramatically

godlybears said:

September 8th, 12:05 pm

Can we get actual specs instead of saying “it’s better”?

Infamy247 said:

September 8th, 12:13 pm

It’s literally outrageous and incomprehensible how pioneers of blu-ray decided to omit 4K UHD blu-ray compatibility from the PS4 Pro. Even the Xbox One S already out can play them. PS3 gambled on the original blu-ray standard and won. Why wouldn’t Sony have the common sense to continue along that path? 4K streaming is cool but most 4K TVs already have apps that stream 4K. 4K UHD Blu-ray should’ve been an obvious MUST for the console. You’ve given people their first legitimate reason to switch to Xbox. And don’t say you thought people wouldn’t care because they’re focused on games when you chose to highlight 4K streaming of Netflix and YouTube. Many people can’t even stream that content yet because of weak network connection. This is mind-boggling. The One S is even $100 cheaper. Sony you’re now like the girl I love, but who can be so stupid sometimes, but I don’t want to leave you for another girl, I just want you to get your act together so I don’t have to. If something isn’t done about this though I’m going to have to stop throwing you my money. FIX THIS.

Killerworld said:

September 8th, 12:14 pm

Should work more on Pro, increase memory more and add the Ultra 4k player. What HDD is it and RPM? Wouldn’t 4k be optimal with a fast hdd or SSD?

chris_tane said:

September 8th, 12:17 pm

I can’t believe you guys are making me seriously consider buying the Xbox One S. Never thought the day would come. But I want a 4K UHD player, damn it. And that is the best way to get one right now.

Lewie730 said:

September 8th, 12:23 pm

Sony, you really dropped the ball here by not including a 4K bluray. I was going to by the pro until I heard that it won’t be included. Guess what I don’t care about my pro doing? Streaming, yeah that’s right, I don’t care if it streams, know why, Sony? My fancy 4K HDR tv streams everything I could possibly want. Know what my tv doesn’t do? That’s right, my tv doesn’t play 4K bluray because I don’t have a player yet. I was counting on the pro for that! Now it doesn’t have t, no sale here. I hope this machine fails miserably. Anyone, and I mean anyone could have told any of you developers that a 4K bluray player would be expected at minimum. Honestly you push streaming like its revolutionary, any tv that would do the pro justice can ALREADY do that. You want us to pay $399 for an upscaler. I could go buy an Xbox one S for $299 and have more capabilities than this. Epic fail, truly epic fail. Wake up Sony. You better have a 4K player version of the pro in the works, then I would buy it immediately. Did you do this Sony just to sell your 4K players that you will be releasing later on? Hmmm.

Amplifier82 said:

September 8th, 12:27 pm


Would you please enlighten us with the ability to change HDD? Does the PS4 Pro allow us to remove the HDD to upgrade?


Nidit said:

September 8th, 12:33 pm

You blew it Sony. No UHD drive means no sale. If you wanted everyone to buy the Scorpio next year then you handled this correctly. You would have been better off putting off the launch until March and including the drive. It your own media anyway. Baffling. I’m not switching to Xbox but I am certainly not buying the Pro. It’s pointless. My Sony 4k tv already streams 4k without the Pro. Bunch of dummies.

AizawaYuuichi said:

September 8th, 12:38 pm

The fact that Microsoft is selling the One S with a UHD drive indicates they are selling it at a huge loss. If you go look at prices on UHD players, NOT 4K upscaling BD players, the current price is sitting around $300 for cheaper models. The One S selling for only $300 and having a UHD drive means that Microsoft is basically giving you an Xbone for free if you buy their UHD drive. Sony has been very careful since the launch of PS4 to sell their hardware at a profit. This fact alone guaranteed there would be no UHD drive in the Pro, as it would have ballooned the consumer cost, since they wouldn’t be eating that extra cost the way they did with the PS3. Anyone who was expecting them to include the UHD drive, rather than more powerful components able to handle 4K output (both gaming and streaming) were deluding themselves. Microsoft is desperate for sales. Sony is not.

    Sponge-worthy said:

    September 8th, 12:43 pm

    Companies should be desperate for our money. That Sony is taking us for granted, deciding it doesn’t need to compete anymore is an all-too hallmark of corporate hubris.

    Amplifier82 said:

    September 8th, 12:54 pm


    Hubris is a word intended for humans not for a corporate entity. They are offering a product for sale to you. There is no sense of pride or “entitlement” because they are a company. They can offer something and not offer something & as a consumer you have the choice of buying or not buying it. Just because this product doesn’t offer a UHD Blu-Ray drive doesn’t make them “hubris” since they are not selling it as something you absolutely will or have to buy. You had expectations because Microsoft set them for you doesn’t mean Sony has to live up to them.

    Tatanka2007 said:

    September 8th, 1:16 pm

    @Amplifier82, Gotta say that you wrote a nicely worded, articulate objection. +1

    Sponge-worthy said:

    September 8th, 1:42 pm


    “Hubris” is often used to describe corporate decision-making. Whether the ancient Greeks originally intended so is very much a moot point of contention.

    Companies offer certain products for a reason: Namely, because they feel that people will want to buy them. Yes, companies may or may not offer things and consumers may or may not choose to buy them. Thank you for that brilliant analysis, Capt. Obvious.

    But let’s be clear: Companies do not make these types of decisions arbitrarily. Likewise, nor should consumers spend their money arbitrarily either. So let’s talk about expectations: Did Microsoft set expectations vis-a-vis UHD BD functionality? Absolutely. That is how competition in the marketplace works. Consumers have expectations, and merchants seek to meet them.

    And frankly, if Sony is going to sell a “4K” console, it follows then that such console should support the de facto 4K home video standard.

    Amplifier82 said:

    September 8th, 7:35 pm

    @ Sponge-worthy

    “Companies offer certain products for a reason: Namely, because they feel that people will want to buy them. Yes, companies may or may not offer things and consumers may or may not choose to buy them. Thank you for that brilliant analysis, Capt. Obvious.”

    Exactly, Sony is offering a gaming console first with an upgraded GPU & slightly upgraded CPU. People complained long & hard when Sony forced Blu-Ray down every purchase of the PS3. Now when they doing something objective to the nature of gaming they are now slaughtered for it. Damned if they do & damned if they don’t. You don’t like their business choice not to include something that you assumed is required to meet your expectations doesn’t mean they are “hubris”.

    Matter of fact your statements towards me insinuate you are actually being hubris.

    Amplifier82 said:

    September 8th, 7:37 pm


    No! Companies do make these decisions objectively. For example, same box (Xbox One albeit a little faster ~7%) with a UHD Blu-Ray for around the same price as the PS4 which is already faster for gaming. PS4 Pro with a substantial upgrade to GPU & slightly faster CPU sans a UHD Blu-Ray drive. The main purpose of these machines is what? Gaming.

    So in order for Sony to keep the cost down for themselves & for the consumer they chose to omit something you expected would be in the box. You are getting exactly what Sony intends, an upgraded PS4 that also supports 4K resolutions with some improved visuals. They didn’t build a multimedia box & they stated this from the beginning with PS4’s design intent. They are creating a gaming box first and foremost with gamers & developers in mind.

    Honestly don’t know what is so hard for you to understand. Do you want an inferior gaming box that also does UHD Blu-Rays or do you what a gaming box that improves gaming performance & graphics? I believe the price point that we are getting PS4 Pro is actually on par with what we are receiving.

SILVER1215 said:

September 8th, 12:44 pm

Will I be able to just back up my files to an external drive from my PS4 and just restore them on the PS4 Pro? it would be more simple than using the Ethernet to connect both PS4s since I’ll be selling my ps4 og before owning the PS4 Pro.

    Amplifier82 said:

    September 8th, 12:48 pm

    Yes, according to everything provided the OS is the exact same one found in every single PS4. Backup & restore options should be exactly the same across all Playstation 4 units.

Amplifier82 said:

September 8th, 12:45 pm

Frankly I could careless if Sony included a UHD Blu-Ray drive because I’m not going to go back, again, rebuying the same damn movie I have already bought 3 times already. VHS, DVD & Blu-Ray…once shame on you, twice shame on me & three times you are absolutely crazy!

My PS4 is for gaming with mostly streaming content as the other entertainment options. That’s it.

I just want one clear & concise answer from Playstation, will we still be able to upgrade the internal HDD?

    xGoldenDarkness said:

    September 8th, 12:51 pm

    on the back u can remove a plate which has a screw to be able to upgrade the HDD

    Amplifier82 said:

    September 8th, 1:07 pm

    What plate are you referring to? The only close to recognizable thing as a plate is the writing of copyrighted material, Dolby, DTS & Playstation symbols.

japanmapji6335 said:

September 8th, 12:52 pm

so games don’t run 4k. blu ray ain’t 4k. wtf is 4k then?
And I wonder how many developers are actually going to the extra work for PS4 pro graphics, textures etc..
unless they do in which case I hope there won’t be even worse performance dips on my ps4 :/

mfpj said:

September 8th, 12:53 pm

It’s possible to upgrade our HDD in PS4 Pro???

zona_booksworth said:

September 8th, 12:56 pm

Will my 2 TB hard drive that I purchased for my standard PlayStation 4 work if I put it in the PlayStation 4 pro?

Tatanka2007 said:

September 8th, 1:11 pm

I see three points, not overlooked by everyone, but still worth repeating.

1. Sony still IS NOT including external HDD support. I like my PS4. It is more powerful than my Xbox one. I have a 4 TB HDD plugged into my X1. Space is not an issue. (And the external drive runs fast and was under $120 on sale). I don’t like having to install and uninstall, so I buy more for my X1.

2. Online game will be affected. If you game at 60 fps on a shooter, and someone is at 30 fps, everything else being equal, you got a big advantage. You really have to experience 60 fps on a PC to understand. If you play a game at 60 fps, then limited it to 30, then you will be like, dang, I now see what they mean.

2. The PS4 Pro will only make past titles run faster/smoother IF developer/publisher go that route. They have a noticeably paltry of games out the starting gate that are doing just that. This doesn’t seem to be the case for MS’s Scorpio, which will at least offer faster framerates for all titles. I don’t expect publishers to rush back and tweak past games with ultimately trivial graphic updates. This is true for MS and Sony consoles. They’d rather make you a buy a remastered copy, right?

Chuckbait said:

September 8th, 1:11 pm

No ultra BR player? Disappointing. First Playstation console to not feature a different disc. Psone had CD, ps2 had DVD, ps3 had Blu-Ray…ps4 had Blu-Ray. That is one of the reasons I thought ps4 came out too soon. Andnow this too only has Blu ray? Pathetic

Arxx said:

September 8th, 1:12 pm

Well i dont think i will bother buying one until my current ps4 blows up or i get some excess money to spend.

ten3ightyHD said:

September 8th, 1:13 pm

Not having a 4k Blu-ray disc drive makes absolutely no sense. That’s definitely not forward thinking. Kind of weird for Sony to not be trying to push 4k Blu-ray Ray with this system.

Chuckbait said:

September 8th, 1:16 pm

I have 2 PS3s and zero PS4s. If I buy a ps4 slim and then buy a ps4 pro down the line, can I have games on both PS4 systems (one in bedroom and one in living room)? Would it have any effect on my PS3s?

    d102499 said:

    September 8th, 2:15 pm

    it should not have an affect on your ps3’s. if you download one game or if by disk on one ps4 and install it in the other all saves should still be accessible given it was uploaded. yeah you can upload your progress to save so you can just sign into your Playstation account and download the save on another ps4 and continue where you left off. should be the same with mvoies and movie apps.

    Chuckbait said:

    September 9th, 6:55 am


tashpool said:

September 8th, 1:20 pm

For a better PSVR experience, this looks great.
What I don’t get is everyone complaining about 4k Blu-Ray movies. Talking with other people interested in movies around me, no one cares about Blu-ray, or any physical format anymore; everyone is streaming.

MOCHIIIx said:

September 8th, 1:22 pm

I think I’ll stick to my PS4 for now.

MakoSOLIDER said:

September 8th, 1:32 pm

Please create a new PlayStation Display like you guys did for 3D but this time have it be 55″ at least and without the Android stuff on smart TVs. Obviously it should have HDR/4K

Saimy69 said:

September 8th, 1:37 pm

Please developers 60 fps for the games you’re working on. Thank you.

Varnark341 said:

September 8th, 1:38 pm

If I have the latest version of the ps4 can I upgrade to this one for free?


September 8th, 1:51 pm

What about PS2 games downloaded from the store? Do they get a native 4K support?

    Heatseeker125 said:

    September 8th, 2:21 pm

    LOL. You can’t be serious???

ace_14_07_aller said:

September 8th, 1:52 pm

This still has not answered my only question,Is there a trade in option?If there is or isn’t will be the difference between getting it or not.I am hoping for 200$ off but I’d take 150$ personally.100$ off would not be worth it because you can get more selling it at gamestop than that.

VJKdotCC said:

September 8th, 1:54 pm

wish it had 4k UHD blu-ray drive, i already have some UHD blu-ray combo-packs and was waiting on the ps4 pro, but now i have to go with the xbox one s

SteveNenA2015 said:

September 8th, 2:00 pm

Will… I’ll be getting the new xbox one s gears of War edition console…

Enthu-Hiryu said:

September 8th, 2:00 pm

Well, I had really hoped and had even assumed this would have a 4K/UHD BD drive. This makes zero sense. I am %100 Sony’s target buyer for this – the person with a 4k TV who enjoys the benefits and is willing to pay the extra for it. My TV already has Netflix and Amazon built into it, but streamed 4K even on my 100Mbps down connection is barely better than a 1080p BD. You blew it Sony. Now I will not buy this. I will keep my existing hardware and buy an XB1 S… which I never thought I would say. I hope there is still time and you pull your collective heads out of wherever they are Sony – The PS4 is NOT only about gaming. I have VUE on my PS4 and use it for all my BD watching with my family as well. Now Deadpool UHD BD will be played in an XB1 S. You disappoint me Playstation.

downtown1982420 said:

September 8th, 2:07 pm

I have a Sony bravia 4k ultra hd tv, will that also support hdr?

d102499 said:

September 8th, 2:08 pm

So first of all SCREW ALL OF YOU WHO ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT 4K BLU-RAY BOOHOO KILL YOURSELF. now i just wanna say awesome… awesome…. i have a 4K TV and screw you i’m not rich i worked to get that TV and to be honest I am disappointed that the original ps4 does not have much difference in the display between a regular plain 1080p And the 2160p the 4K provides. but for ps4 PRO to be able to provide verify they will have that difference made me **** in my pants. if i can blow people up, slice, shoot, crush, etc. on a higher definition display it will be awesome. i have stuck with Playstation for many many years and im not planning on leaving it just because i cant watch Zootopia in 4K although that would be awesome. Thank you

patrickpurser4 said:

September 8th, 2:09 pm

Will this display native 2160p or is it just going to upscale to 4K? With the 4K blu Ray drive I think I might just permanently switch over to the Xbox One S and probably the Scorpio unfortunately. Come on Sony even though not many people care about 4K at the moment and even less care about 4K blu Ray I don’t see how you wouldn’t see not including a 4K blu Ray player would be a bad move.

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