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Sep 08

Sep 08

Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 Bundle: Launching September 15

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Yesterday, we shared some very special news with the announcements of a new slim PS4, as well as the new, high-end PS4 Pro. There’s never been a better time to join the PlayStation community — today, you’ll be able to pick up a PS4 starting at the new price of $299.99 USD/$379.99 CAD.

We are also extremely proud to announce that we are partnering with our friends at Naughty Dog to launch an exciting bundle featuring the new slim PS4, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and a DualShock 4 — an incredible value at our new price of $299.99/$379.99 CAD. This bundle will be available starting September 15 at all major retailers.

In Canada, we’re also pleased to announce the new NHL 17 PlayStation 4 bundle, featuring the new slim PS4, NHL 17, and a DualShock 4 — all for just $379.99 CAD. This bundle will also be available starting September 15 at all major retailers in Canada for a limited time.

Heading into this holiday season, we will continue to provide the best gameplay experiences at the best value, inspiring many more gamers to make the jump and join the PlayStation Nation. We have an incredible lineup of gaming experiences on the horizon, and can’t wait to see you online!

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TrueAssassin86x said:

September 8th, 10:05 am

No thanks i’ll keep my OG launch fatty . Frankly i see no reason to upgrade enless its known as the Ps5

    Fin1drful said:

    September 8th, 12:57 pm

    I agree. Also why would I buy a 4K tv when nobody offers a 4K signal. Definitely not just for gaming & Netflix. As for Netflix why do I need to watch 80s flicks in ultra 4K. I love my ps4 just give me folders and more great games.

    Salfordladd said:

    September 9th, 7:43 am

    Same. I was even in a place to be enticed by these new consoles, but after seeing the presentation, I’m fine with the one I’ve got. If anything, I might pick up a new 1TB hard drive and just upgrade my current system – a decent 1TB SSHD is only $80 and can boost size and loading times. And it’s not like I’m getting a 4k TV anytime soon to take real advantage of the Pro.

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:34 am


    You don’t need a 4KTV to take advantage of the PS4P…

    CommandingTiger said:

    September 9th, 11:24 am

    Sony needs to listen more to their fans.
    Folders was a request from day 1, glad we’re getting it with the new update.
    People want UHD HDR 4k Blu-Ray Player for movies.
    If people are buying physical disc for their gaming needs, they will do so for their movie needs.
    Remember E3 2013 and the benefits of physical media.
    It’s not all lost, you can make a revision with UHD 4k Blu Ray by next year.

    NIGHTWING1511 said:

    October 4th, 3:09 pm

    I’m going to buy it because my parents won’t get me a new console I have a PS3 and I want to play uncharted 4 and Overwatch
    (I’m 11) plus my birthday is coming up

saiyanknight87 said:

September 8th, 10:06 am

hmm more colors later

    ravenn411 said:

    September 9th, 8:05 am

    yeah, i thought so too and probably, they will announce a less power hungry and slightly lighter Pro after 2 years?

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:09 pm

    Actually, in 2 yrs they will announce PS5, not a new PS4 Pro.

RealGameProphet said:

September 8th, 10:54 am

It makes me upset that Playstation is releasing all these new features next to each other. Makes me wish I waited to get my system. But I’m satisfied anyways so whatever I guess.

    TripleJ400 said:

    September 8th, 1:55 pm

    Same here! I wish I waited as well but with all these games coming out at the end of the year, I’m glad I have a system to play them on!

xDD90x said:

September 8th, 11:13 am

Does the slim feature the exact same hardware as the original ps4, just in a smaller chassis, or are there any other differences?

    SilentNova said:

    September 8th, 11:30 am

    Slim is just a different chasis.

    kerasthimanes said:

    September 8th, 2:45 pm

    There is one difference: the new slim model has no optical audio out. It’s been removed.

    comatosevessel said:

    September 8th, 7:42 pm

    Check out the Comparison Table at the bottom of the page: Of course as stated already the digital optical output is gone. The only difference I see beside less power pull is the ports on the slim have been updated… for example the Networking Port for Ethernet supports the newer formats: 1 IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Bluetooth®v4.0 as opposed to the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR) on the fat.. newer Bluetooth version as well. Input/ Output ports, main difference is the USB ports Super-Speed USB (USB 3.1 Gen1) as opposed to the Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) port on the Fat. Other than that… the Controller has a snazzy light bar on the face of it on the button in the middle… honestly nothing really to jump for unless you don’t have the PS4 already.

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:34 am

    It’s smaller, cooler, and quieter.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:12 pm

    There is more than 1 difference.

    The slim is smaller, lighter, runs quieter, more energy efficient, and it is $299.

cusman said:

September 8th, 11:15 am

Does this mean November will have an Uncharted 4 bundle for the Pro as well?

    whereymyconary said:

    September 8th, 12:12 pm

    I’m betting a COD Bundle considering since most people get the pro probably have a ps4 and don’t need to get uncharted a second time.

    FranklynStreet said:

    September 8th, 9:27 pm

    The Uncharted 4 bundle in September is with the Pro.

    Chuckbait said:

    September 9th, 9:58 am

    @FranklynStreet:. That is hella false

whereymyconary said:

September 8th, 12:12 pm

I just wish it had a larger hard drive to justify to purchase but sadly it doesn’t so looks like I’ll have to mod.

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:36 am

    Changing hard drives is not a mod when they give you the ability to change it.

DarkKhufu said:

September 8th, 1:59 pm

Nice, I gave my old PS4 to my nephew and I’ve been looking to get another PS4.

stevenomes said:

September 8th, 2:23 pm

Original still looks like the best. I remember taking it out of the box and was like “whoa” that thing looked sweet.

Demon666Joker said:

September 8th, 3:49 pm

The PS4 Pro looks like a Ps4 Sandwich…..ill pass cuz i dont have a 4K TV and im digging the look of the slim but i like my original

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:16 pm

    Games will be improved even without a 4K tv on the PS4 Pro. That’s why it’s 4.2 teraflops, if it was just a PS4 with a crumby upscaler it would basically be an xboneS.

    bucktownshootas2 said:

    September 22nd, 4:41 pm

    im getting the pro just for the 1TB. That 500gb n the way with this deleting 2 games im playing just 2 make room 4 a new. y don’t sony make them all 1TB!!!! Hello

dllscowboysfan said:

September 8th, 4:13 pm

All these comments about not going to “upgrade” to the slim. It’s not for you. Its so Sony can manufacture them at a lower cost and do a price cut so they can get more sales from people that have not bought a ps4.

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:37 am

    Yeah it’s the same as every other slim they ever released. It’s for new customers.

phinnv8 said:

September 8th, 6:55 pm

The PS4 Slim looks so much better than the PS4 Pro.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:18 pm

    I love the PS4 and the lightbar placement.

Tinye310 said:

September 8th, 7:53 pm

This will be perfect for my friend who hasn’t gotten a ps4 yet!

cmd1013 said:

September 8th, 8:03 pm

What about us guys who own a headset that uses the optic cable? Since this doesn’t have an opic out how we use our headset, i have the turtlebeach stealth 400.

    screaming_340 said:

    September 8th, 9:03 pm

    Specs and pictures show an optical out.

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:39 am

    Get the original PS4 or get the PS4 Pro, both have optical ports.

    Chuckbait said:

    September 9th, 10:17 am

    #RedFriday. Go Chiefs!!!

Barkus said:

September 8th, 9:10 pm

Makes me feel even better about waiting to make the leap from my ps3. Odd thing is that the process of waiting this long has made me not even want a ps4 any longer. Guess I’ll wait until the ps5 comes out to buy a ps4 on clearance.

    Salfordladd said:

    September 9th, 7:31 am

    As someone who waited a long time to buy a PS3 (didn’t make the leap until 2012!) and also waited two years after the PS4 launch to pick up a PS4, I can safely say that this is an upgrade you’ll want to make, and now is the right time to make it. There are more than enough great games to keep you busy at this point, and this bundle is a fantastic deal – if Uncharted 4 isn’t the PS4’s best game, it’s definitely top 3. If you have the money, I think you’ll adore it, so many wonderful improvements over the PS3. Also, the release of the PS4 Slim and Pro might mean that you can snag a second-hand launch PS4 for under $200 now – something to consider!

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:41 am

    Right now is the perfect time to jump from PS3. Of course just because you buy new hardware doesn’t mean you have to stop playing your older hardware.

Rychy said:

September 8th, 9:13 pm

I’ve been waiting for the slim model, so it’s finally time for me to get a PS4. Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, and Nier: Automata in the coming months. So excited!

ZanFear said:

September 8th, 9:57 pm

Why these are still 500 GB hdds, I’ll never know.

    Salfordladd said:

    September 9th, 7:34 am

    Same. I’m already in a bad spot with my 500 GB model, making hard decisions about deleting games I’ve beaten but am still trying to plat just to make room for new games I want to play. I figured this wouldn’t be a huge issue since I like to buy most AAA titles physical and that worked fine for me on PS3, but the fact that even disc-based games have full-size installs means there’s really no way to manage that size through buying physical. This is the real issue they don’t tell you about the drive size, imho…

    drpepperdude100 said:

    September 9th, 9:43 am

    Because 1TB+ drives are still overpriced and they aimed at selling the console at $299.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:23 pm


    You really expect a PS4, Uncharted 4, and 1-2TB hdd at $299?

    Buy a replacement hdd, they are extremely easy to switch out. Or buy the 1TB CoD PS4, or the 1TB PS4 Pro.

Achire_Achi said:

September 8th, 11:29 pm

Is there a chance that US will get the Persona 5 PS4 Slim bundle that Japanese customers are getting? That would be an instant-buy for me.

    Salfordladd said:

    September 9th, 7:37 am

    Oh man, that would be amazing. If I had to guess, I’d say that Persona 5 likely won’t get a bundle – it seems like the bundles they do are really just for their commercial slam-dunks, and while Persona 5 is a day-one must-buy for me and a lot of other people, I think the fact that the series hasn’t seen a proper console release since PS2 (I personally got into the series with P4 Golden on my Vita, but I accept that most people don’t have a Vita) means it’s more of a second-tier release for them. That said…they do like to have a few bundles each year that highlight their exclusives, and this is definitely one of their bigger 2017 exclusives, so it’s a possibility!

cypherXcross said:

September 8th, 11:59 pm

I want a FFXV + PS4 Pro bundle!


September 9th, 2:54 am

Ya that Pro look ugly sorry but the slim look nice why not add a 1TB for the slim 500GB poop just one game is 60GB

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:25 pm

    The Pro is gorgeous and powerful. I love how it looks, but more so, i love what it can do.

NemoMcGregor said:

September 9th, 3:07 am

The Slim model is for newcomer, not for the people that already have a PS4.
What im looking for is the PS4 Pro. But why not name it PS4K ? It sounds much better imho.
This make me question, can the PS4 Pro really output 4k gaming ???

salman1204 said:

September 9th, 7:21 am

does it support ps4(2013) games?? or i need to buy games separetly for this slim edition??? does it need 4k tv??? or i can use it on my sony hd led tv..

    Salfordladd said:

    September 9th, 7:40 am

    The Slim (and the Pro) will play every single game that has ever been, or will ever be, released for the PS4 generation, so you don’t have to worry about that, fortunately. And all consoles will also output to a standard HD TV just fine.

    If you already have a launch PS4, I don’t know that there’s a real reason to get a Slim, unless you just need an extra console for another room in your house or something. The smaller size is nice, but the hard drive and overall performance are going to be identical to a launch PS4. This is more for people who don’t yet have a PS4.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:30 pm

    The PS4 Pro plays every PS4 game including games from 2013.

    The PS4 Pro works great with or without a 4K TV.

    Your games will still be improved with the Pro on a regular non 4K TV. Games will have improved framerates, lighting, ect.

Rezznak said:

September 9th, 9:57 am

LOL and after I just bought the Uncharted 4 limited console in May. Thanks for screwing me over again, Sony. Oh and I’ll just wait for the inevitable PS4 PRO SLIM out next year, right? That is your new business model, right? #sellouts

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    September 10th, 5:33 pm

    That blue limited edition Uncharted 4 PS4 is gorgeous. You should be proud to own it.

    There won’t ever be a PS4 Pro Slim. In 2-3 yrs the PS5 will release.

EverythingOnFire said:

September 9th, 12:11 pm

Incredible deal for those that haven’t grabbed a PS4 yet. Uncharted 4 is one of the best games this gen.

Oste18262009 said:

September 9th, 2:15 pm

You’d think they would at least add another usb plug in but nope. Just the same old ps4 with the same old everything except the case.

NateNasty777 said:

September 9th, 3:25 pm

Who needs the slim? I just upgraded my fatty with a 2TB drive, I’m not switching!

iamtylerdurden1 said:

September 10th, 5:35 pm

The Slim at $299 is great for new PS4 owners.

The PS4 Pro is so gorgeous, the Horizon demo in 4K is spellbinding.

Slacker77 said:

September 11th, 8:19 pm

How about folders? One for my son’s games (Minecraft icon is annoying to see constantly). One for “indies” one for Dads Only. One for CO-OP. I could go on. F O L D E R S

    Monkey484 said:

    September 12th, 7:07 am

    The next firmware coming out (in support of the Pro I think) has folders. I don’t think they’ve given us a date yet for it though.


September 12th, 6:25 pm

I like it the changes, but now SONY won’t work with Bethesda to offer support for mods in Skyrim Special Edition or Fallout. Very disappointing, SONY!

maxrexpower1 said:

September 12th, 7:58 pm

a question, when will be the next flash sale?

and america will leave the PS4 slim 1tb bundle with COD: IW and COD: MWR? and how much will it cost?

and this is ps4 you can change the hard drive?

sorry for the bad english

skipapotamuss said:

September 14th, 11:40 am

Picking mine up tomorrow. Still on the ps3 seems like a good time to upgrade. Especially with Rise of Iron coming out next week.

Derekuda said:

September 15th, 2:51 pm

Just purchased my PS4 Slim Uncharted Bundle! Amazing System! Thank you so much Sony!!!

eddyshinigami said:

September 21st, 6:20 pm

Yo quiero comprarlo y que me lo traigan a Colombia como lo compro aquí por la página

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