Viking Squad Raids PS4 on October 4

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Viking Squad Raids PS4 on October 4
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Hi, everyone!

We’re proud to announce that Viking Squad arrives on PS4 on October 4!

As a member of Viking Squad, you must put a stop to the wildly mischievous Loki and reopen the gates to Asgard. Work together to take on massive foes and expand your arsenal in this three player co-op brawler.

Choose between four different characters, each specializing in a different weapon and playstyle. Take on enemies from afar as the archer, go on the defensive with the shield, get up in your enemies’ faces as the dual axe berserker, or beat them to a pulp as the hammer maiden. Each weapon gives characters access to special attacks that can be used to mix up their combos and assist allies — experiment with them all to see which suits your tastes.

It wouldn’t be a viking game without some pillaging! Through your adventures, collect treasure to level up, unlock moves, and purchase new equipment to fend off Loki’s corrupt minions. You never know when you’ve found something of value, so get creative and experiment with your haul — it may pay off in the end!

Development on Viking Squad has been a labor of love. The team grew up playing arcade brawlers and wanted to pay homage to one of our favourite genres. Our goal was to make a game that does justice to the beat-em-ups of the 90s while incorporating many of the key pillars that make today’s games so great: tight controls, fast and frenetic gameplay, a difficulty you can test your skills against, and a fun cast of characters drawn by our very own Jesse ‘Jouste’ Turner. We want to meld the difficulty and camaraderie found in those games into something that fits the precision and excitement of modern games.

One of the questions we get most often is “Why the decision for a maximum of three players?” It fit our design so well. First, it cut down on the amount of cheap deaths by streamlining the chaos on screen. With three players, each can focus on a target without having to worry about being sideswiped by incoming attacks from their partners’ foes. It also reduced the amount of network traffic our game requires, allowing for a smoother online experience. Finally, it let us test a lot more thoroughly; since we are a team of three, we could all hop in and test the game throughout its entire development. With that being said, the game can still get pretty hectic at times, especially with three players. You can’t take out all the chaos since that’s half the fun!

We hope you enjoy it! Happy brawling!

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11 Author Replies

  • PaleMemories

    Why haven’t I heard of this? Looks stunning! Bravo to the design team.

    That said, how friendly is this to the solo player?

    • Caley Charchuk
      Caley Charchuk

      Thank you for the kind words!

      The game scales with the number of players. Bosses health is adjusted and the number of enemies you fight is increased. Some of our play testers enjoy playing through the game in single player since they feel they have more control over the enemies.

    • Chino_Gaming

      Based on what I’ve seen so far, it still seems to be slightly skewed towards multi player, since there’s resurrection by players and check points that revive as well. I found it much more enjoyable and a better difficulty overall while playing in a group of 2 or 3

  • I neeeeeed this

  • I was wondering what happened to this game. I got to play it at PS expo last year and loved it! I use the drink coaster you guys gave me at the show like every day. lol

  • Love it! Looks like fun.

  • MisterJumpMan

    Tried this at PAX and really enjoyed what I played. Looking forward to seeing the full release!

  • Adorable walrus mounts?! That just about clinches it for me!

  • How much

  • JVoorhees580

    WOW this looks awesome it truly shows your love of games.

  • Looks stellar guys! Cannot wait!

  • four24twenty

    Looks great, might have to play it with the Wife. Does it have a platinum trophy?

    • Caley Charchuk
      Caley Charchuk

      It has great wife coop but no platinum trophy unfortunately.

    • four24twenty

      Haha “great wife co-op” sounds dirty. No platinum isn’t a deal breaker (Overcooked), still going to check it out. Thank you for the reply.

  • Shades of Streets of Rage and Castle Crashers. I love it. I will be sure to pick it up next week. Viva Indies!

    • I don’t see anything in this game that makes me think of Streets of Rage, which my favorite beat-em-up series of all-time.

      It’s more Castle Crashers meets Golden Axe. Not sure I’m convinced on the game yet, as there’s been a plethora of mediocre beat-em-ups in recent years.

  • death_nation100

    I remembered playing 4 players with these guys at PlayStation Experience 2 years ago . I finally heard from these guys , The game is looking awesome , nice work !!

  • Played and chatted briefly with the devs at pax west (we had the other Jessy)
    Will pick this up for sure.

  • This looks awesome !

  • Any discount for Plus members ?

  • online multiplayer and local co-op at same time?

  • TheChocolateOne

    Looks really pretty! Reminds me of castle crashers so I’m definitely gonna pick this one up. Would you consider a vita port for the future?

    • Caley Charchuk
      Caley Charchuk

      We played it on Vita through remote play and had a blast! If there’s a big enough crowd wanting it we’ll definitely consider it.

  • How have I never heard of this before!!? Looks cool. 2D forever. Day 1

  • WOW, this looks so fun! Sadly, I don’t have a PS4 yet (Waiting on the Pro model), but I will definitely put this on my Buy list! I hope it does really well! :)

  • Another PS4 game that seems perfect for the vita…

  • Chino_Gaming

    Hey guys,

    I’m enjoying the game so far. Feels like Castle Crashers with an obvious theme change. But also you’ve removed the need to jump + button mash juggle the opponents which is what made Castle Crashers get stale a little faster.

    My question to you is about the different large objects you can pick up along the way. (one of which was a golden fish).
    I’m trying to figure out the purpose of some of the objects. Am I supposed to be taking some all the way through the stage and dumping them on the ship orrrr?

    • Caley Charchuk
      Caley Charchuk

      Yeah you can take things like that fish back to your boat for extra treasure. Experiment with different objects to see their value!

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