Thumper Slams Onto PS4 Today

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Thumper Slams Onto PS4 Today
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It’s been seven years in the making. Thumper is rhythm violence and available today as a digital download on PlayStation Store.

Thumper’s entire campaign — all nine epic levels — are playable in both psychedelic 1080p on PS4 and dangerously immersive VR on PS VR.

Thumper uses just one analog stick and one button, so it’s simple to pick up and play. But it’s challenging to master — even the best action gamers will spend hours surviving the advanced levels and defeating the terrifying bosses. We’ve also added expert-level moves you’ll need to master to reach high scores and unlock lucrative Trophies (including a Platinum).

Playing in traditional HD is perfect for long play sessions as you lock into the rhythm and perfect your skills. Thumper’s visuals scale up beautifully on large screen displays and the thunderous soundtrack will put the biggest subwoofers to the test!

On PS VR, you’ll scream through Thumper with an overwhelming sense of speed and physicality. The brutal action gameplay is particularly well suited to the high frame-rate and beautiful OLED display. We think it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You can check it out on the PS VR demo disc included with every PS VR sold in North America!

Last but not least, we’re excited to announce Thumper will support PS4 Pro from day one. We’ve worked hard to perfect Thumper’s graphics tech and the extra power lets us push our original vision even further. On PS4 Pro, Thumper will render at up to 4K resolution (With no upscaling!) for the ultimate high-gloss HD experience. PS4 Pro also enhances the VR rendering quality while maintaining the same rock-solid 90 frames-per-second. We’ll have more details on our PS4 Pro support soon!

Thumper is available today in PlayStation Store for $19.99. See you in rhythm hell!

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4 Author Replies

  • sofakingkiller

    hope the game is rad

  • Great price! This looks really cool!

    3 days until I get my PSVR! The wait is killing me!

  • Fireteam_DELTA_

    Finally, been waiting on this game forever ever since I played the Demo. I also can’t wait to pick up my PSVR launch bundle along side almost every launch title :)

  • This has been my most anticipated game since it’s reveal. Loved every anxious second of a demo I played a while back.

  • Not seeing this listed on the store. Is there a set time when this goes live? :(

    • Usually up by 2pm EST. At the latest 4pm currently. In the past sometimes you it would 6 or even 8pm before all updates hit the store.

    • Marc Flury

      It should be up at 3PM PST!

  • Will Thumper use superscaling for 1080p TVs on PS4 Pro? Would be awesome! Thanks!

    • Marc Flury

      That’s not the plan, but the game already uses really high multisampling (8x MSAA) on PS4 so we think the 1080p presentation is just about as good as we can make it already!

  • My backlog is full to the brim… that said i will purchase this game and move it to the front of the list. It just looks so awesome!

  • I’m so looking forward to playing this.

    When you say “Thumper will render at up to 4K resolution (With no upscaling!)” to be clear, are you referring to native 4K or is that using checkboard rendering or something similar?

  • AHHHHHHHHHHH YES! FINALLY!!!! I will melt to this psychedelic ;O

  • Any news on a UK release date for this?

  • It’s 5:36pm est. Where is this game?

  • I liked the simple trophy list. Just like Dyad…probably just as hard.

  • Nice, I’ll be getting this with ps vr world, driveclub vr, and battlezone. Also ps4 pro support is cool :)

  • Loco4FourLoko

    Fun game, simple and challenging. I wanted to pick up a vr game before it drops to see/feel the difference in the game. That said, my eyes are probably going to pop out of my head playing this on vr. Crazy fun visuals!

  • I cant wait to play this it looks like it might put you in a trance! Awesome music, I love the interview with the creator he said they mad it as violent as a rythm game can be which is new and cool!

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