Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle $249.99 December 11 Through December 31

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Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle $249.99 December 11 Through December 31

Update: Good news! We’re extending this offer until December 31, so you have until the end of 2016 to pick up the Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle for just $249.99. Happy holidays!

Attention, last minute shoppers: we’ve got great news for you. Starting December 11 through December 24, you can pick up the Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 Bundle at participating retailers for $249.99 in the U.S. In Canada, you can pick up the Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 Bundle for $329.99 CAD until December 29th. We first brought you this deal during Black Friday weekend, and it was incredibly successful for PS4 sales so we decided to bring it back this month. You can treat yourself, or pick this up for someone else on your list.

PS4 Holiday Bundle

The Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle includes the slimmer PS4 model with a 500 GB hard drive, a DualShock 4, and the critically acclaimed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The new cooperative and solo mode, Uncharted 4: Survival, launches this month.

The future of gaming truly lives on PlayStation. I hope that all of you have seen this brought to life with the release of new hardware like PlayStation VR and PlayStation Pro, as well as new games like The Last Guardian, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and Watch Dogs 2.There’s so much more to come, including a strong lineup of anticipated games like God of War, Spiderman, Days Gone, and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

We want to give thanks to our PlayStation community for continuing to make PlayStation their top destination for gaming. Here’s to an exciting new year ahead, and happy holidays everyone!

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  • I want this but I do not have any money. And I have a huge backlog on my PS3.

    • so why comment lol? go apply for a job


    • But seriously you’re getting a system for basically less than $200 if you add the price of the game, you should apply for a job

    • I am guess neither one of you guys have a job. I have a job but I still do not have any money. #adulthood

    • blackhawk257

      Ha gohan look into Qvc they have payment plans that how I bought my ps4.

    • loadstone007

      It’s all a matter of prioritization – if you really think you’d enjoy a console, start saving up and give up on other pleasures of life. Also, strive for a salary bump – keep pushing yourself. Good luck!

  • Where is my PSVR deal?

  • The_Anomaly


  • Where is ps vita for $99.? Step your game up Sony!!!

  • I’m from Saudi Arabia Can I get this offer

  • Would be nice to see some other bundles. I already have Uncharted 4 but am considering replacing my jet engine launch PS4.


    Would be nice to see a different game with this “Holiday bundle”. Why not making console only bundle for $199? That would make me want another PS4.

  • My girlfriend picked this up for me (Christmas gift) at Target on cyber Monday, and with the 15% off at checkout, and another 15% off for putting it on her Target card, she got it for 213.99, which included tax. So I’m excited to be upgrading from my PS3, which I have enjoyed for the last 7 years. A great time to move up to the PS4 community.

  • KazeEternal

    Waiting for the next PS4 PRO offer. Core PS4 is dead to me.

  • How about a PS4 Pro + VR Bundle?

  • jackonebadman

    I am so jumpin on this deal. A die hard pc gamer for years I was the trailer for “The Last Of Us 2” and was hooked. I have to be able to play it.

  • Please bring this deal to the UK

  • DarkwingChuck

    I bought one on Black Friday. Got the Kohl’s deal with $75 store credit so it was like only paying $175. It’s my first return to the PlayStation nation since 2012 when I was robbed and all my electronics were stolen.

  • Give us here in Europe a similar offer!.

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