Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Free From December 15-20

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Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Free From December 15-20

If you’ve been itching to try out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we’ve got a special gift for you because ‘Tis the Season! Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific on December 15 through 10:00 AM Pacific December 20, you can download and play the latest Call of Duty experience, with access to all three game modes.

That means you can engage with the storyline in the campaign with “Rising Threat” and “Black Sky,” the first two levels of the game. Plus, you can jump into multiplayer with friends and foes (Level Cap of 15), and try to hold your own against the undead in a zombie infested 1980’s amusement park (Level Cap of 3).

What’s even better is that if you purchase the game, your progress and experience will carry over. You can find all the details below, so get set to enjoy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

How to Participate
Click here to access the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial, or go to the PlayStation Store from your console and search “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,” click the standard edition game and scroll down to the “Demos” category.

PlayStation Plus is required for Multiplayer and Zombies in Spaceland. Please note that the trial is the full game with restricted access, and you will need around 60 GB to download the full experience.

If you decide to purchase the full game, you will not need to download Infinite Warfare again. Availability for the Infinite Warfare trial will vary by territory. Please check your territory’s first party store for availability information.

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  • Great offer — but why no mention of the VR experience? Will I be able to play the VR content during this demo weekend?

    • Jackal Assault VR Experience is already free for everyone, that’s why.

    • Wait, can I play the VR experience with Infinite Warfare? I thought I had to have the base game to play it…

    • Sorry, I meant to ask if I can play the VR experience WITHOUT the actual Infinite Warfare game. I thought you needed the game (digitally or physically) in order to launch the VR experience.

      I’m hoping I can play the VR experience during the trial session (assuming that I need the IW game in order to play it).

    • You’ve never needed Infinite Warfare to play the free standalone VR mission. It’s up in the PSVR section of the store.

    • Thanks Thillhouse!

    • Wie kann man das Game kostenlos testen? Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen?

    • jaheim1lucky


    • Just like mnep99 said the Infinite Warfare VR experience is free. In ps store just go down to VR and it will be there.

    • How is the Jackal Assault VR Experience free

    • sniperzs153



      I can’t even play it. I downloaded it and now it’s saying my trial has expired. How did it expire if today is the first day????

  • They put up limits, but I will still kindly refuse offer, for I know what u guys r trying to do.

    • What are they trying to do?

    • They trying to break my promise which says I won’t support action vision for their dirty moves with microtransactions. I rather support microtransactions free games like bf1 and titanfall, and I bought both. Decided to buy them since ea didn’t add microtransactions to crates and no season pass on titanfall

    • Activision*

    • GodxSlayerx583

      You do know BF1 has buyable crates (or atleast is going to if not yet because the big patch notes said it’s currently in the works)

    • No, this is a psychological marketing tactic. When you let someone demo something for free for an extended period of time, they are more likely to pay for the full thing once their free trial is over. As well, can’t remember if there are currently payable crates in BF1 or not, but it does have a Premium (Season) pass.

    • bf1 has premium season pass, but titanfall doesn’t. They announced that everything that to come for titanfall 2 will be free.

    • GodxSlayerx583

      Yes and ontop of that in Battlefield 1 they’re going to add in buy able battlepacks as seen in one of the patch notes

    • On top of what? At least it’s free right now that’s one. Two, they don’t charge $3-4 for one weapon skin. Or $5 for weapon itself. They don’t add bull sh** stuff for which they put up microtransactions. Wanted to hear that?

    • GodxSlayerx583

      What I’m saying is that you’re acting like all bf1 has is a season pass but no microtransactions and I’m saying ontop of the season pass they’re adding microtransactions in the form of you able to buy battle packs, it’s doing what cod is doing, you can grind (or in bf1s case for normal battle packs rely on rng) for a pack and use the currency you get from the packs (which I believe is called scrap in both funny enough) to get more items in game or in cod buy cod points to buy crates or in bf1 buy the crates outright

    • Right now! In the moment it doesn’t have microtransaction, which says, ea at list gave little S on people’s opinion. Yes there will. E microtransaction, but it’s not exactly clear on what. I used to be fine with COD microtransactions but they overdid it by adding weapons into microtransaction. Which made spender gamers better with better weapons. Also BF gave out dlcs for free after year or two on bf4 and hardline

    • There, new update for bf1 is completely free. Free map and weapons/gadgets. When activision done that for its supporters

  • Can I still get trophies with this version?

    • IB_EviL_GeNiuS

      This good if you only want to play the campaign and don’t want to buy the game! seeing in how you can beat the campaign on veteran in 1 day and, then beat it again on specialist in max 2 days… If you have that kind of time but even if you don’t you can still beat it easily with time to spare in the 5 days…

    • IB_EviL_GeNiuS

      Yes you will still get all your trophies

    • They only give you access to the first 2 levels of the Campaign

  • GaMeR_bOi_83

    Are trophies locked?

    • You earn em but they won’t show up on your profile. Once you buy the game, they will sync to your account.

    • IB_EviL_GeNiuS

      Not after you download the game! There a some hidden ones, but you get most of them by just playing the game, exploring, opening doors and, trying different things (killing enemies). I mean I played it in veteran my first time and I only missed 2 hidden trophies.

    • @ IB_EviL_GeNiuS, you only play 2 levels of the campaign in this free trial!!

  • They should’ve given us access to Modern Warfare Remastered, better offer honestly.

  • US Only? am not seeing the trial in the SG PS Store.. hopefully it will be available

  • OneManArmyAndres

    this game is TRASH

  • jarrodred123

    can i download if im from nz

  • Kniferman200

    They are trying to hard to get people to play their awful game. They might even release the leaderboards on these next five days, to count all the people that played the game, many may not have not even bought it(OBVIOUS).

  • Sween_Dawg32

    What time will it come out for eastern??? Can someone let me know

    • You should be able to access it now, as it became available
      Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific on December 15

  • Global_Wraith

    This offer for IW is decent but i wish it came with MWR demo also.

  • modidodomoham560

    How do I get to download it for free

    • abdulhafiz_b

      I can’t see it too. Can someone help me with the link please?

    • You should be able to access it now, as it became available
      Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific on December 15

      It’s in the PS Store. Search the name, and the free demo should be there.

  • XxL3g1tGam3rHDxX

    When does this start for California people? Can someone plz let me know because it’s 12:16 Am

    • You should be able to access it now, as it became available
      Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific on December 15 – Pacific is Cali time

  • Call of duty@:infinite Warfare

  • bennyblanko56

    Can’t find the free trail

  • bennyblanko56

    Has any one found it yet

  • Happy3545733

    I can’t find it and it’s 11:07

  • Happy3545733

    Couldn’t you guys just put it under free to play

  • DarkTwilightGun

    A bit inaccurate this article is if not misleading. On the psn store, to download the demo you need PS plus. Was just on the store and it said I needed Ps Plus to download it

    • creepergod811

      Not TRUE, have PS4 Plus and it is nowhere to be found. PERIOD. Same issue as everyone else with an active PS4 Plus account here. Can anyone from Playstation let us know whats going on?

  • creepergod811

    For anyone that cant find it, look up Infinite Warfare and the button for the Trial is under the price button. Just found it.

  • Dgrimreaper619

    it can only be downloaded if you have ps plus

  • Ive played the game before making my lvls way beyond lvl cap can i still play?


    Infinity ward you pos

  • SilentSoldier-44

    Nah man this game sucks.

  • malmal_1993

    So I’m getting the physical release for Christmas. Will the data transfer to that or is it just the digital version?

  • If you download the trial and then get legacy edition, will you only need to download MWR?

  • Why cant i get the free trial? I go to search it in the store and it doesn’t come up and when i go to free demos, it says i have to buy it?

  • It’s not allowing me to play Zombies In Space land. When I click onto the zombies tab it says “Trial limit reached”. But I have access to everything else, can anyone help me with this problem?

  • I was hoping to play some multiplayer this weekend with some friends but made the mistake of playing a few games alone on Friday night. Without realising it, I reached level 15 and now I can’t play anymore. This isn’t a free weekend, it’s a glorified demo.

  • What’s a good shooting game that’s a MMO. I would like to here so feed back before I just buy anything.

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